Reaction, Not Resistance

  • Posted on: 7 October 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Post Insurrectionary Revengism

I generally refuse to debate to which degree our collective future is set in stone. Placing hypothetical situations at the forefront of political thought seems foolish to me, as none of us are clairvoyant. Hypothetically, if all fossil fuels were left in the ground, and no more were burned as of tomorrow, we might have a chance of survival as a species. Hypothetically, a solar storm could knock the grid offline, saving the natural world from further extirpation. Hypothetically, the powerful could adopt humane policies to reduce human suffering during ecological and industrial collapse. We know, however, that these are sordid fantasies. They are sordid because they detract from real suffering being visited upon the natural world everyday, and the suffering of those humans to which the apocalypse is not a distant future event, or a clever metaphor. For many people, the end of the world has arrived, in all of it's painful indifference to life, love, and any sense of fairness or equality. To paraphrase Orwell, if you want a vision of the future, look at the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I've taken this to mean that our politics must necessarily be reaction based. There will be no better tomorrow, no salvation, no retribution or justice. There will be pain, a pain that we will not be able to alleviate, only react to in the interim, before our inevitable untimely deaths. For these reasons I consider political philosophies that seek to create a better world outdated, and I feel we are forced to adopt a reaction based politic.

Reactive politics do not have constraints, they do not adhere to a specific goal, they are unique to the individual, and are therefore indomitable. For each individual with a reactive politics, there is the potential for action. Reactive politics can not be defeated, for it has no desire to win, indeed, winning is seen as impossible, and abstract to the point of protecting civilization from it's enemies. Revolt, for the reactive individual, is for it's own sake. Reactive politics cannot be coopted, they exist only in the moment of action. When wild animals, and wild humans kill civilization's emissaries, they are engaging in reactive politics. The killing is not meant to culminate into a revolution, nor is it based in an ideology, but is a reaction to an immediate threat. Humans engage in reactive politics even when all hope is lost, as was the case during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. They chose to die in their own terms, despite the knowledge that their deaths were certain. Over this century, as more and more communities come to see that hope is lost to head off climate change, reactivity will become a common form of radical politics, and the powerful will have much more to fear.



yes to reactive resistance!!! (fuck politics) yes to a non-goal-based, non-mass-movement, non-ideological, self-centered reaction to the destruction of whatever one loves!!!!

but the article title sounds misleading...

Its because the person submitting it reversed the title. The title is supposed to read: "Reaction not Resistance: My Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice"

whoops sorry about that was very tired when I submitted this..any chance of fixing the title please mods?

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I have my real name and face up because I am a coward, meaning any gov't types doing their job half well can see I'm a joke who won't get any further than writing a blog. Cool story though.

dude is an IP employing insurrecto language, full stop.

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I particularly like the article where he declares that holding a Rainbow Gathering in the Black Hills constitutes "rape" and "genocide".

War criminals should be made accountable. The bombing in Kunduz of a hospital is abhorrent, collateral accident is just not good enough an excuse by a dominant industrial war machine with the most updated surveillance technology. This is an example of the paradoxical logic of participants in any binary Manichean debacle. Self-defense is the only pardonable reason for any taking of life.

It was because of Assad and PUTIN!!!

Reaction-based politics is a dead-end, other than giving an individual a fleeting and transient feeling of satisfaction. Much of our nihilism and hopelessness is itself rooted in how radicals have always tended to engage in reactive politics, rather than proactive resistance and rebellion--but this just means that capitalism and imperialism are always one step ahead of us, expanding and deepening their power and hegemony while we scramble to keep up.

Calling for an explicitly reactive-based politics is just a deepening of the very strategies that make people feel hopeless in the first place. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy. As such, nobody serious about resistance, struggle, and social change should see reactive politics as positive.

Well yes, as anarchs it is our prerogative to rule ourselves. To react to external politics is equivalent to being complicit in supporting the systemic validity of government rule.

Yes! 2 + 2 = 5 and freedom is slavery. Thanks to remind us your "logic", fucktard.

Perhaps, but there's always a way to catch up to it and make him some tcha-tcha-tcha...

Of course, as usual... that all depends on whether we stay in the petty politics or comfort of our milieu, or decide to "think ahead" and act beyond time and space, where lies the true monopoly of the State.

And it's rather vast and well-spread around here.

lmfao. if the world ends who gives a fuck.

protests work in low value situations, like community protests to have a new stop sign, so your sweeping statement is wrong but i dont think you care about that.

if we want to change the world we must change our perspectives, which reshape our relationships, which reshape institutional ideals, which reshape organizations, which reshape relations, which reshape perspectives.

it's cool to be a nihilist, but not a self defeatist black hole. kill your self.