Relaunching Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology

  • Posted on: 11 March 2019
  • By: anon (not verified)

From Social Ecology

A harbinger is a messenger, or a sign indicating that a major event or change is coming. In recent years the Institute has been energized by a global resurgence of interest in social ecology, municipalism, democratic confederalism, and communalism emanating from a multiplicity of movements. Our programs continue to grow and connect people across the globe, and our comrades have launched exciting new organizations and political initiatives based on these shared ideas. At a moment when resistance to capitalism, ecocide, representative democracy, and social domination is evident everywhere, we need forums where we can sharpen the analysis, strategy, and political vision necessary to create a radically democratic and ecological society.

Harbinger seeks to fill this role, providing a dedicated space where we can engage in sustained analysis and exploration of a variety of practical and theoretical questions relevant to social ecology.

We are currently seeking submissions encompassing a wide range of topics and formats, such as strategic reflections on current organizing projects, artistic interventions, well-crafted polemics, book/film/tv/performance reviews, or theoretical and philosophical interrogations of capitalism, ecology, race, gender, the state, nationalism, culture, and beyond. A primary aim is to provide a platform for generating uniquely social ecological perspectives on contemporary political and theoretical issues and debates.

This is the role Harbinger has played since its first publication in the 1980s to its last reincarnation in the early 2000s. We are excited to continue this legacy of collective reflection on the struggle to create a free and ecological society, and we hope you will join us. We will initially aim to publish twice a year, with the first issue appearing in fall of 2019. Please send your article pitches, abstracts, art, and ideas to


Glad to see Crimethinc going back to their roots.

Ugh it's the wrong Harbinger. Damn!

social ecology is garbage. not deep enough.

Deep ecology is a little too deep for me. You want to go beyond fetishing either the human or the biosphere.

Hope you're not holding your breath then! I'd settle for some social ecology compared to guaranteed ecocide within decades! Gabba Gabba hey!

I wish ecocide meant that all humans die

Bless your heart! But no, the plague of humankind will cling to the world they've ruined, long after most of the ecocide plays out for everyone and thing else. We're very consistent that way!

The noble individualist's consciousness will rise above the anthropocentric wreckage and ashes murmuring " The fools "

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IGTT 9.5/10

Partial point deduction for failing to mention opioid suppositories!!! >:(

*whispers* Mommy dearest, KY jelly helps your opioid suppositories hit home.

lets hope this journal crashes during its launch just like the Challenger mission

such bad vibes...i'll do a cleansing ritual to cleanse this site from them.
you should take better care of your karma

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