Reminder: Anarchist News Features!

  • Posted on: 28 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>There are a few features of the site that have been updated and a few others that have been underutilized.

<h3>Real Time Chat</h3>

There was a time when IRC, ICQ, and AIM where ways in which communication between individuals and groups was <strong>the</strong> way to chat. Now everything has been centralized to Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. No more! There is now a generalized chat feature that is <strong><em>very</em></strong> easy to use. To see it in action either click Chat (instant) on the sidebar or...

<a href="">click here for general @news chat</a>

This feature does use a self-signed certificate. <a href=" does SSL well</a> and never should have been used for <a href="">verific... in the first place.</td><td><img title="for once a post that is not about comments, let's see how long that lasts..." src=""></td></tr></ta...

<h3>One time pad</h3>

If you have never used a "pirate pad" or ephemeral pad before... I strongly encourage it as a way to collaborate on shared writing projects. @news has pad software installed for just such purposes (it also uses self-signed SSL).

<a href="">Pad sofware on @news</a>


The quarterly server bill is due! Please consider helping out with the server costs of @news.

<a href="">LBC donation link</a>
<a href=" Pal donation link</a>


1st! get pwned manarachists!

chat rooms, innovative, a/s/l? wanna cyber?

The people demand chatroullete

Then I'm gonna have to demand a webcam, cause I don't have one.

Oh shit look at Moxie Marlinspike getting that rep!!

not enough trolls

they're distracted by the chatroom today

All the good comments get deleted by the increasingly uptight mods.

blog about it wombat

8ball, get in here!

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