Reportback on Denver's N16 Grand Jury Resistance Solidarity Action

  • Posted on: 18 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>It was a cold grey night at Civic Center Park when the comrades of grand jury resisters gathered at the ampitheatre. Numbers came in a slow trickle as letters to the resisters and other anarchist political prisoners were written and music was played off a city power outlet. Once most of our people had arrived anti-police, anti-legal system, prisoner solidarity and anarchist messages were chalked all over the park, along with the addresses of these and other prisoners.

Once we numbered around 25, we made our way toward the 16th Street Mall, carrying black flags, bucket drums, pots, pans and a boombike blaring hip hop. On the way, and through the night, statements of grand jury resisters and other words of support were shared via megaphone to the spectators downtown this Friday night. Noise was made, mall scenery was banged on, and nearly a thousand leaflets were passed out to fellow snitch-haters both outside and inside of businesses, in outright defiance of the Downtown Denver Partnership's no flyering without a permit ordinance.</td><td><img title="25" src=""></td></tr></...

We hit turbulence when a civilian wannabe-cop approached us to shit-talk and argue, without disclosing that he was secretly taping the whole interaction. After being exposed he hid his iPad from view till being mobbed by an intimidating, noisy and pissed off masked crowd caused him to turn his camera the fuck off and hurry away to the safety of shopping.
We concluded with an amplified re-enactment of Maddy Pfeiffers court testimony outside the movie theatre on the Mall, to moviegoers entering and leaving opening day showings of the new Twilight movie. This was Denver's second grand jury resistance solidarity event. The previous one consisted of roving outreach of a similar kind on the Santa Fe artwalk, with resister's statements also guerilla projected on the walls of galleries and warehouses.


a warm embrace of solidaridad 4 your cold denver nite.

many revolutionary salutes from the heartland

This is awesome. there was also a secret cafe in Oakland tonight that raised several hundred dollars for the resisters commissary.

that's what it's all about, gettin' together as a counter-power.

Anyone been shot yet? Just saying...

WTF11!yosd fuckin cop pihg peacve of sdhiyt fujcvk yuop!!1,.,.8ball

This is awesome. Maybe not as flashy as some other actions, but probably effective in its goal of spreading information about the grand jury. One thousand flyers? That's great.

It's kinda nice to see a small action getting a positive response on here. I'd almost given up hope....

We have enough schemes for the day ten thousand folks show up. Occupy, M15 and others like it set totally unrealistic expectations for the scale/frequency of actions - it's set standards we can't possibly sustain and given the illusion that these things just "happen" without any groundwork. What we need are plans that don't require many people, a major summit or a bunch of high-profile arrests to make an impact.

There are small groups of @s all over....what is there for them to do other than sit around and wait for the revolution?

m15...? sorry i'm not embroiled enough in the subculture to know what you are talking about

flyering without a permit = DEATHBLOW!!!

yo, did you throw newspaper boxes into the streets?

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