Reportback: Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair 2019 – Boyceville

The late spring air was still stubbornly clinging to the chill of the Midwest as we pulled up to Blasphemy Cooperative for the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair, an event I had been hotly anticipating since the schedule had been announced, appearing on the frontpage of anews like a valentine from a secret admirer on the 14th of February. Finally, someone is speaking to ME, I thought, as I quickly read, and reread the post. Finally, a bookfair free of local leftists organizers, and their myriad attempts to drain the last bit of vitality from every event they could find a table at to drop a stack of PM press books on. I wheeled around on my office chair, scratching my leg on the small plastic tubing protruding from the casing that usually held the cushion’s form, and bounded into the kitchen to find Landfill. I was almost too excited to get it all out in a coherent sentence, “dangerous spa…” I coughed “you can come, you can come for once!!” A wide grin spread out across Landfill’s pasty features, and he let out a great laugh, his dreads shaking and jostling against his shoulders as the dream of a truly free world, in which every last man would be accepted for who they WERE, and not who they were told to, like, BE, by a bunch of Christians and leftists bloomed in his imagination. 2 full days of tabling! Maybe 3 speakers! A Death in June coverband! Not a queer dance party in sight! It was like the early 2000’s, or like maybe the 90’s, or no, like, the fucking 80’s(!) were back again.

It was a tremendously exciting and dangerous event and although I can’t relate everything that happened at the event for obvious reasons of security, here is a short list:
- Oogle insurrection misread their crewchange guide and ended up in Kansas city. For the best really, since it was one less person to fight over crash space in the organizers house. Also lost most of their badly photocopied zines to dog pee but hey, it still reads fine okay
- Despite neither applying, nor the fair having an exclusion policy in place, Little Black Cart was still banned at the last minute; in keeping with the ‘dangerous’ spaces policy the reasons cited were much less vague then usual but various behaviors, patterns, and decisions cited included, but were not limited to: going overboard on beating misguided anarchists at the Seattle bookfair, being apologists for indentured servitude, and having an annoying superiority complex that is sort of just a general turn off.
- It was fine though, since Viscera just tabled all their stuff anyways
- On Saturday evening, we assembled in a nearby field for a truly dangerous ritual; to carry our wishes for the annihilation of this sick Christian society up to the luminous night, we constructed a massive symbol of that slave religion and set it ablaze while we all stood around it, our torches illuminating our faces, the joy in our hearts surging in an uncontrollable fashion.
- Without any bullshit speakers giving presentations on ‘social’ causes, the three speaker slots were free for truly boundary pushing, cutting edge, explorations of real anarchy. Sadly 2 of the speakers canceled at the last minute, but the one presentation that was given “Men Among the Ruins: The Mighty Individual Contra Society” left a major impact on all who attended. Setting its sights on ‘the age of decline’ that civilization has brought upon us, the speaker sought to instruct us in combating any and all notions of so called ‘progress’, and return us to the sacred principles of the divine masculine and feminine, such that we might be reborn as the highest men, crowned Anarchs of our individual worlds.

A truly dangerous time was had by all, and to my knowledge no credible accounts of wrongdoing were perpetrated by any attendees.
I’d call it a truly dangerous success.
Kudos to Warzone for putting together such a stellar event, I had no idea you could just put nutritional yeast on canned beans and call it a chili.
See you guys next year!

TAGS: reportback, post-left anarchy, green scare anarchist bookfair, anti-civ, Green anarchy, individualism, egoism, nihilism, any more empty signifiers we should add


...why is this even here

Because some people literally have nothing better to do with their lives other than writing about imaginary experiences to fill the void of otherwise terminal uselessness.

Humor, dude... humor.

got em!

sjust a prank bro

So basically this quickly devolved into a cult of SE, with LeWay, Zhachev and the rest of the gang as his cheerleaders.

That shit is funny as fuck

This fanfic needs more butt stuff. 2/5.

*Whispers* Opiod suppositories anyone?


If you didn’t think nootsh+beans=chili then you definitely don’t even remember the 90s

Ok everybody, let’s hear it!!
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