A Request for Funding by FTTP

  • Posted on: 10 January 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

A Request for Funding by FTTP

The content is almost done. It's been a few years since our last issue,
and somehow we have found the motivations to compile a new one. We have
printed and distributed upwards of 60,000 copies of this magazine. That
means we have helped raise the awareness of different struggles across
the world to thousands and thousands of readers. We have also been
circulated in prisons around the world, as we are, and always will be,
free to prisoners (and most people, considering we rarely charge). We
also have been available for free online, where thousands of downloads
have additionally happened, and we hope some folks have printed copies
themselves (we are sure of this in places such as Bulgaria, France,
Germany, UK, Holland, Mexico, and the Phillipines). On top of printing
the magazine itself, our collective has also donated many funds to legal
fees for people both in jail or facing repression. In fact, it's very
possible that our project has donated to someone reading this now. We
have dealt with eery intimidation by the state for our publication for
years. We have been banned in multiple state prisons, being deemed
contraband. We have personally been broke multiple times as a result of
this project ourselves. We have struggled in the past for this project
itself to exist. But amidst our recent attempt to get support from
different anarchist and anti-prison groups, we are starting to ask
ourselves new questions: maybe we do not have your support?

We recently requested a very moderate amount of funds via anarchist
networks, but have had little to no success or support (raising only
$285 out of a $2,000 goal, with the biggest donor being us at 125$ to
get it going). Of course we hope to cater to the most excluded and
frustrated in society, and with this, we do not expect a wealthy
audience, but considering some of the anarchist literary projects that
have recently received considerable funding, we remain shocked and
deeply disappointed by this.

In fact, as soon as this request was posted, personal attacks were made
against alleged editors of this publication. They were quite hilarious,
demonizing us for donating money through unconventional means. They
sounded like the rantings of a rookie informant, or long-term wingnut
against us. But, what was most unfortunate about this, is that we heard
no support whatsoever for us to do this new issue.

We are frequently told by people that they are disappointed that another
issue hasn't come out. Well, put your money where your mouth is.

We have Little Black Cart committed to distributing our publication out
of the Bay Area, if we come up with the funds to print it ourselves. And
since all of us involved work anything but high-paying jobs these days,
we actually need (FOR ONCE!) the help of friends and comrades who
support this project and want to see it continue.

You will not get a t-shirt to your home or ad in the magazine, but we
will gladly send you a stack of copies to distribute for free in your
local area when we print. We will also tell you now that our new issue
will include original interviews and statements with political prisoners
and inspiring comrades that will not be printed otherwise. There is
additionally an incredible array of news and analysis regarding
gentrification, Kobane and the overall Middle East since the “Arab
Spring," the re-emergence of Western fascism, the struggle against
climate change, the struggle of queer Puerto Rican sex workers,
Ferguson (and everything associated with the word), the Quebec student
movement, prisoner resistance, political prisoner repression (&
release!), and much more (seriously).

We want to print a magazine instead of newspaper, because it is
tradition, and less likely to be thrown away after a quick glimpse. We
also do not want to worry about charging people, to increase
distribution. We really could use 3,000 dollars for this instead of the
original 2,000 that was presented as our goal. With 3,000 dollars, we
could print upwards of 5,000 copies (of a 120+ page magazine). We will
hopefully have some money left for postage, but any dollar over 3,000
will without a doubt go directly to postage fees in furtherance of
getting this publication out FOR FREE!

It is now in your hands though. We can accept if we are unsupported, but
if not, please let us know by helping us to raise the requested funds.
This was not an easy thing to write. In many ways it is kind of
embarrassing, but at least now we will know what the deal is, and if we
should go forward from where we stand.

P.S. The one consideration that we certainly have is over the concern of
anarchists who support us donating money through their bank accounts. It
is very easy to go to your local Pharmacy and buy pre-paid debit cards
that you can anonymously donate through. Any questions regarding this
method of donation, or in general regarding the magazine itself, please
email us at: firetotheprisons@riseup.net

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