The Resistance Research Collective Announces The RNC Intel Project

  • Posted on: 19 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">RNC Intel</a>

RNC Intel, a project of the Resistance Research Collective, is a project dedicated to the compilation and distribution of information pertinent to those that are engaging in material struggle against the state and capital, with specific focus on the tactical dynamics on the ground in Tampa, site of the 2012 RNC. The project, a result of over 6 months of intensive research through a variety of media (and other means), is broken down into a series of sections, all accessible on

There are 4 main reports, as well as a series of maps and lists that contain other useful information. The Host Committee section deals specifically with the Tampa Host Committee, the group directly responsible for the arrangements being made by Tampa itself; their primary goal is to "sell Tampa", to make this into a money-making operation for the city, as well as book hotels, organize outside events, set up press housing and arrangements, security and so on. The Host Committee Report discusses the backgrounds of the Host Committee members, their political connections as well as other "personal information". The Pigs Report primarily focuses on the Tampa Police and their hierarchy, the background and training of command structure personnel, "personal details" and their roles during the convention. </td><td><img title="Is the struggle against the RNC a material struggle against state and capital? Against a political party? Against a spectacle wrapped in a flag? Against our own capacity?" src=""></td></tr>...

The Tampa Terrain Analysis Report is a long, detailed report about the tactical terrain on the ground in Tampa. this report goes over the neighborhood breakdowns, road structures, traffic concentrations at various parts of the day, the location of venues and travel hubs, as well as a detailed analysis of Tampa police and their operational methodology and more. Finally, there is a Tutorials section that contains a two-part report about the methodology of the study and techniques that can be used to replicate the compilation of detailed tactical information about a space using completely legal means. Also on the site are lists of hotels that delegates are confirmed to be staying at, a breakdown of the payroll for the Committee on Arrangements (the Republican Party affiliated committee who organizes the logistics of the convention itself), a list of contractors and vendors that are providing services to the convention as well as a series of maps that are formatted for secure download (remember, Google maps logs IP addresses and keeps these logs for indefinite periods of time).

This is a project that is not based in ideology, or abstract visions of the “world” “after the revolution”. Here, we have one goal and one goal only, to develop a form of grassroots intelligence gathering and distribution that can contribute to the effectiveness of material struggle. With this in mind this site aims to accomplish three goals. Firstly, we will be providing a detailed tactical terrain report on the Greater Tampa area, for those that may find this useful, and will, most likely, continue to contribute to analysis of tactical terrain in the lead up to summits and other major actions. Secondly, through the development of this report and the adjoined how-to guides we hope to provide useful examples and tools to aid others in compiling this sort of terrain intel. Thirdly, this project, as it evolves, will attempt to develop a secure means to share information about the spaces we live/fight in (anonymously of course), a space to share this information through and a space to find the information others have gathered to aid our own research. Revolution is an immediate and material dynamic of actions, and thus engages on a tactical level of effectiveness; the more we understand about our space and the operational spatialization and methodology of the pigs, the more effective we can be.

Always Plan, Never Get Caught

Resistance Research Collective



Thanks FBI! You sure are desperate to get anarchists to go to Tampa so you don't get in trouble for wasting all that money on your new toys, guns, and plans and all your fear mongering lies.

Unfortunately this reads too much like it was written by cops to fool anyone. Nice try though!

Yeah ! Finally , someone sees the light >>>>

Fuck the Police for all they are , fucking government bitches >

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha >

What are you talking about? No it doesn't. Just because you're not into that kind of thing doesn't mean that it's impossible that legit people could be.

For an example of something that was actually written by cops, look here:

Right because they would "get in trouble" if not enough people showed up...sure.

they're jobs might seem less necessary and therefore their funding might be in jeopardy.

they want to send their kids to college using the fear they can create of riotous hoards.

we should only abide them when we will be strong and have the upper hand. the asshole of florida in the middle of summer is not that place or that time.

Because I'm sure that the FBI is interested in having the local po-po's addresses and the addresses of RNC donors published on the internet shortly before the convention. I'm not saying that I'm going to Tampa or that I think it's a good idea but your attempt at snitchjacketing is weak as fuck. Nice try though!

To all the folks who scream everything is a trap, Wtf? Every time anything big is going down, tons flood the post and claim it's a trap. I'm just curious as to what evidence you have, etc..

it's a trap.

A hundred motherfuckers can't tell me nothing.

LOL. 'Sright!

absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

You must be really far behind on the trend curve. Anarchists have given up opposing government. We're kind of like anarcho-capitalists.

there is no one to blame maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. get yours!

shame that this is occurring in relation to the tampa rnc, which i don't think many people should go to (or plan to go to), but it *does* serve as a good example of the kind of pre-summit analysis that is possible.

it doesn't always make sense to participate in mass actions of this kind (conventions, imf, g20 type stuff, etc), but when it does, this kind of analysis can be really useful. i'm glad somebody's giving it a shot.

Will you guys leave the wealthy alone! Let them gather in peace! We've had more of a decade of unrest every time the wealthy have tried to gather, ANYWHERE! Can you guys just chill out and leave them alone? MMMMMKAY? Thanks!
Revolutionary rupture will happen when the wealthy are left alone.

by now the party conventions are an obvious trap. we lost hard at all 6 out of the last 6 (philly, LA, boston, NYC, denver, st paul), and if you lay them out end to end based on how much small shit we did accomplish under which conditions, tampa looks worse than any of those.

if liberals/whoever are already organizing a HUGE protest, for some reason, then i could see using the cover and confusion to accomplish something on the side. but that's not happening, and repression has taken a sharp step up in the last 1-2 years.

no amount of sarcasm is going to change how stupid you look trying to taunt people into following you into this trap. protip: if you find yourself defending your strategy by bitterly claiming everybody who isn't adopting it has surrendered to the enemy, your strategy probably sucks.

Said it before will say it again, there is no real reason why people with the economic ability and within short distance shouldn't attend these events. Obviously, there are points of intervention that call for mass mobilization. This would probably not be it. But that doesn't mean our brothers and sisters who are working to make this event rad shouldn't be doing it. I live in one of the cities that was floated for the RNC this year, I am thankful that we were skipped over.

Yeah, the only thing would be that you maybe have a more secure channel for distribution so you don't just level the playing field for the pigs.
Sure, they may already have their own tactical analyses prepared, but often times they are off base and ill-prepared (private agencies are maybe more accurate because of impartiality); AND the fact remains true that any and all policing strategies are developed only subsequent to civil action/demonstration. Keep your hand hidden, and maybe feed em a bum line.

Overall, I think I am fairly disappointed in how little folks advocate for a broader security culture and exploration of defensive practices such as knowing your rights and being familiar with judicial processes. I wonder if some people are dismayed that these things don't provide a surety against repression, and so dismiss such efforts, or if it's simply a conversation that is not reaching enough people.

go to tampa! get FUCKED by the police state for no good reason! experience demoralizing failure first hand!

I really wish one of these big conferences happened in the bay, so we could have fun in Oakland. Like, even if the event was in San Jose or something, just go ahead and throw down in Oakland while all the mutual aid cops are in the south bay.

Or Seattle, that'd be cool too. But I don't expect that to happen after the whole '99 thing. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I can guess why those types of events are never held near our strong holds any more...

Yep, obviously they picked the most backwards tactically fucked up place for a reason.

You think that's obvious, I hear next year they're actually hosting it inside Supermax.

I am become giggling

well at least there we have allies

careful what you wish for. with a summit comes a massive influx of money and resources for the state security apparatus. all those fancy crowd control devices and hi-tech intelligence gathering tools don't disappear after the summit is over. i wouldn't consider it ridiculous for summit locations to be targeted to places where the local police force needs some new toys and can't get local funding.

OPD can't get federal funding right now, they're on probation because of all the brutality complaints and failing to make some organizational changes the federal government demand they make.

watch how quickly that would change if a convention or major economic summit appeared

The way this is written is absurd and sketchy as fuck. I guarantee you if you go to their website, you'll be put on a watch list for the rnc convention.

This thing reads like cops wrote it so fucking much.

or hyper-academic radicals who don't know how to speak any language other than ivory tower

how doest i tor?
Seriously, if you browse/post on @news without some kind of proxy, you're already on every list there is (and even then, I would recommend using tor to post, just to make it more difficult to profile the development of your opinions).

i never change my proxy because i don't give a fuck what list they put me on. i'm an isolate armchair anarchist in the midwest.

I'd hoped there was at least 2 of you ... sigh.

Yeah, radicals lose at summits because they gave up planning for victory. I mean, figuring out how to work out summit protests into a national strategy to overthrow the state would be intelligent. But,American radicals are allergic to the idea of being part of social movement because everyone in the movement won't agree with everything they say at all times. So, instead they do "other stuff" that has no chance of leading to long term success, and eventually drop out of "The Movement" because of it's lack of strategy and success.

i prefer the geist to your tired ass activist mentality.

Yeah, geez, I'm into achieving long-term goals and therefore I have an "activist mentality." I can see Anarchist intelligence is at an all time high.

I find it interesting that whenever anyone in the anarchist 'movement' decides to put together any sort of detailed pre-action analysis, writes anything about policing operations, attempts to, in any way, discuss action without directly prescribing the actions that should be taken, they are snitch jacketed. I personally know the people that did this report, know of the months of research that went into the report, know their feeling about going to Tampa (they aren't), and know how completely frustrated they are at all the apathetic apologetics for non-action that get spewed on this site by pseudo-intellectual do-nothings. The report does not imply any form of action, it does not even imply that anyone goes to Tampa. As it says in the introduction to the report, which would be clear if any one decided to actually read the thing before posting snarky content-less comments on internet chat boards, this is meant as more of an examaple of what sort of research is possible, and a discussion of ways that this can be adapted to everyday contexts in our own cities. The really sad thing is that whenever a group of experienced organizers, who have been involved in numerous campaigns for over a decade, decide to actually write anything of substance it is met with a constant barrage of bullshit.

True! But hopefully this group of experienced organizers has developed a sense of humour in 10+ years and can brush off the gibbering nonsense from the bowels of the internet. Also, I really enjoyed *apathetic apologetics spewed by pseudo-intellectual do-nothings*

Nice try Democrats. I rarely see anybody from the Left protesting at Democrat conventions.

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