The Return of Anokchan

  • Posted on: 7 November 2018
  • By: Papa Smurf

Anokchan has returned as

For Anarchist News old dandies, they may remember way back in the stone ages when Anokchan first came around as a response to images being removed from comments here, just as images were becoming an interest to anarchist meme creation. The ups and downs of getting the imageboard going eventually had to yield to the overflow of spam, which pretty much forced the site to be put down as it was.

Today, time has passed and things are different. Some of the administration after the fall of Anokchan moved efforts into Facebook groups and pages, which were successful enough to now expand out of Facebook and back onto the real web with new alliances, new efforts and new intentions.

In addition to Anokchan, our project also includes The Society Dispatch, a web community portal for eco-extreme nihilist anarchy, posting original content as well as linking to various articles, essays, thoughts and media from like minded sources that are often difficult to find on the internet.

Interested in talking to us? You can find us regularly at #anokchan or come on by the Anarchy Planet lounge and chat it up with the regulars at #anarchyplanet.

We are interested in helping you create with us. If we seem to be your flavor of anarchy, test your image manipulation skills out at Anokchan, write a rant for The Society Dispatch or just swing on in our IRC and spout off your latest ideas. We are interested.



>The certificate is only valid for
Fucking what

...this is what you decided to do?

fuck your "social" media bullshit. i realize that anyone under the age of 45 probably isn't capable of a full life without digital technology, but facebook? seriously? fuck i feel like a dinosaur, and i know it is only a matter of time before we are extinct. i look forward to NOT being around when tech is the ONLY means of communication and interaction.

Might help to make it more user-friendly. At the moment you have to log in to post, even if it's as "Anon". And then (on my browser anyway) the images disappear.

With a few tweaks, it'd work well as an image repository like Imgur if stuff doesn't get auto-deleted. Actually it would be very useful to have somewhere we could go to download a whole bunch of ACAB, no borders, etc graphics, old stickers from anarchist groups and riot porn through time, that would be a great movement resource. Otherwise, go back to the old chan format please.

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