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We have Warzone back with us today to talk about some recent allegations and criticisms regarding their book fair, the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair.

Links from Warzone: (Baba Yagas project)

DISCLAIMER: Our podcast does NOT condone or support acts of terror or violence. This podcast is meant to serve as an educational platform for political theory, and nothing more. Please do not use these videos as a confirmation for any illegal activity you may take part in. We condemn those who take part in violent and destructive behaviors.

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the gsabf reportback they mentioned poking fun at these "oogles" was in fact a shitpost throwaway comment, a meme for lols, and not a real reportback by anyone who was there. it was bits and parts of this text: , madlibs filled-in the blanks to fit the new topic, plus made-up stuff based of things read and heard of the internet, meant to mock the point of view of the one supposedly writing it looking down on these "oogles", and poking fun at them as well. it was nothing more than topical nonsense with a snooty tone, and not anything really insulting. had not even heard of the term "oogle" before it was being thrown around in the anews comments, and there was much ado about it.

you haven't heard of oogles cuz you're like 12yo or maybe don't think the US is the centre of the cultural universe. whatever

I want people who talk about eco-extremism and the Atassa journals to get actual eco-extremists to talk to and not proxies or people who have just read it or read the critiques of it, there is a lot more than just the Atassa Journals

no u

of ageneralization, but you're kinda right:

"DISCLAIMER: Our podcast does NOT condone or support acts of terror or violence. This podcast is meant to serve as an educational platform for political theory, and nothing more. Please do not use these videos as a confirmation for any illegal activity you may take part in. We condemn those who take part in violent and destructive behaviors."

actual nihilists don't make pre-speech apologies!

it's just a disclaimer that the youtube algorhitm will read and grand them infinite license and permanence in their platform.
likewise you can post any pirated media, or any type content prohibited by youtube guidelines (, but as long as you have the disclaimer, it's monetized, legal and protected by the constitution.

I'll explain what actually went down.

1. Blitz, the head organizer, wasn't even there because he dipped after finding out Baba Yaga was banging his best friend.
2. Warzone knowingly invited people who considered Atassa fascist material, who considered themselves antifa, and this is Warzones scene. They court leftists.
3. These militant vegans couldn't even take care of their own animal friends.
4. There was hostile intent and tons of gossip/shit-talking directed towards Aragorn!/LBC leading up to the event among the participants and organizers.

I invited the people who had problems with Atassa not Warzone. They're my friends, WZ didn't know them. The poly drama was a non issue as far as im concerned. Idk anything about the pets. And final there wasn't much communication between organizers and attendees prior to the event. If there was any shit talking it was amongst individual friends.

you all are totally not (apaprently) getting the concept of social milieus, and being outside of them. individual responsibility is part of what is going on, and hiding behind "I didn't do it" like whoever the fuck bumped into the person who stole the atassas is some hypocritical bullshit. yes, YOU didn't do it. but YOU and the organizers made it OK TO DO IT, laughed about it, including behind the back of those who were impacted (not just aragorn! apparently, which is entirely predictable and also good to know for the future, at least aragrn is being public about what happened since otherwise tablers who don't fit the chosen demographic would show up with no warning about this behavior at all.

This is hilarious! Honestly it hits all of the same parts of me that enjoy watching WWE wrestling. It’s also perfect examples of the worst of the milieu.

i'm in favor of the dangerous space policy, but there's a big problem. the creeps who stole the books and messed with A!'s car didn't confront LBC's table or A! personally, thereby circumventing that policy. they did their interventions away from any possibility of taking responsibility or being held responsible for their actions, and they also deliberately avoided any possibility of making their objections public. their creation of drama was typical junior high school naughtiness, like spray painting a circle-A on the side of a building that can only be seen from an alley. no explanation, no communication, no risk, no consequences, and no courage. fuck those creeps and their anonymous virtue signaling. but A! needs to get a grip and stop whining about being fucked with. there are real-world consequences to publishing controversial material.

and one more thing. the idea that trial by combat is somehow a legitimate method of solving disputes deservedly went out of style in the middle ages. let's keep it there.

When GS says they are instituting a dangerous space policy, they are inviting a competitive behavior that contributes to people into radical politics being shitty: the show of legitimacy and rebelliousness. We are all illegitimate in the eyes of power, let's just keep it that way.

And as an anal adendum... solving disputes through violence still hasn't gone out of style, it's just now theres very little chance of getting away with it.

Yep, sometimes the only way to get an ideology spouting caffeine swilling moron to STFU is a good spontaneous backhand, its the only language they understand, that's what real nihilists do anyway!!

None of you are real nihilists like me. I'm not a slave to cultural norms, I've even foregone (a true nihilistic term) breakfast, coffee or tea, the capitalist caffeine hit before flocking and going to wage slavery work. I sleep in like true nihilists or anarch individualists. I don't own anything. What is thing called argument in good faith. WTF is good faith I ask you you false nihilists?.,.

oh ye.,.thou hast forgone what has been bequeathed to thee by thyne Lorde.,.In good Faith thou art worthy to sustaine the most extreame misery and calamity, and labour.,.

is the one who doesn't eat breakfast

R u by aney chance this guy I saw yelling like REAL loud some incoherent blabber to his imaginary friends down the street yesterday? Dude that guy was intense, and also unhinged and WILD!

Real nihilist here, sounds like blabbering guy was unhinged, not "also unhinged" which infers that I am unhinged. I saw what you tried to do then.
"Friends" what are FRIENDS, but symptoms of flocking within a cultural commonality.
DON'T DISCUSS NIHILISM, you obviously have noooo idea what it disocciates the practitioner from.
I am not INTENSE, I melt into the background, I am invisible, I am nothing *sighs and chuckles to himself*

"... I melt into the background, I am invisible, I am nothing"

wish that was true of your comments as well.

if they were true green anarchists, they wouldn't post on youtube, and make everyone stream from a video platform to listen to audio. how rude.

this is whats up. green anarchy necessitates the negation of bandwidth consumed by listening to audio on youtube.

The train hopper romanticism is so bad. When so was hopping trains it was fun but I wouldn’t call the oogles I know great examples of nihlist anarchism. They were mostly sloppy annoying punks carrying the worst of macho bro society with them. It’s also hard for me to listen to this without picturing all of these people as juggalos in my head. Wooo woop

crimethinc's edgy and dangerous ideas, juggalos are not that self righteous at least.

I liked the fact that LBC's texts are more dry and intellectual, however they will only rarely talk about the things they publish! I now for a fact that they mostly rely on Aragorn! to do this.

Ah yeah... nothing like the endless boredom of sitting in a car on a highway across NA, on the other hand. Also pay to get anywhere, you lame chump.

Nothing like sitting at the hop out for hours waiting for a train that may not come in the rain. While eating snacks bought with food stamps and talking about anarchy. With the amount of times I entered other anarchists spaces with my enormous backpack and my friends dogs it’s a wonder people still let me do anything. Being an oogle is all about having the time to wait around for a train and spending the rest of your time inconveniencing others lol.

Nothing noble or cool about it. Congratulations you participate in an alternative form of traveling based on an industrialized system. It’s not even that fun

Not a fan of train-hopping neither, yet driving cars on highways for hours makes you miserable cattle trapped inside a bubble of glass and metal where you're disconnected from the surrounding environment and have scarce space and time for interaction with those living around. Alienating relationship with the living as a form of enslavement to the technological social infrastructure... only a moral conformist (like you?) would root for this, even tho of course many of us do it by compromise.

Anything else not normative for you to spit your reactionary venom at? Hitchhiking? Gays? Beggars? Cyclists? Aaaaahh oohhh yeeeaaaeah these DAMN cyclists who just won't submit to car domination!!!

And I never heard a train-hopper glorifying the noble or romantic qualities of the practice. That's what liberals would get from reading Kerouac. To them it's just a pretty free way to travel over vast distances. And there's an adventurous quality to it that you totally lose with automated means of travel like cars or airplanes. Also allows more liberties than cars to get around as you're on foot.

I guess you didn’t listen to the podcast where they talk about how being a trainhopper means you’re living individualist nihlist anarchy. Having rode trains I will tell you that it’s fun but it doesn’t make anyone a great anarchist. Most oogles I’ve rolled with still have the worst politics. Somewhere between GG Allen and knowing that kropotkin was an anarchist.

After hearing how inarticulate and clueless Flower Bomb sounds on this, I am convinced that they get somebody else to write their texts for them. Truly godawful podcast, cringe upon cringe.

well, you know there's a difference between writing and talking. or maybe you hadn't noticed. but it's true that Flower Bomb came off pretty lame here. in fact the entire green scare anarchist book fair sounds pretty lame. too bad, it was such a nice idea.

So with all this drama about Aragorn's weird communication antics, yet still no word about Zachev or hurricanes?

Maybe Z was the one who stole the books, pepper sprayed the tent and fucked up the car

Maybe you're obsessed and paranoid about a troll who hasn't participated in this scene for at least six months? Zhachev was asked by the GS organizers to come in peace or not to come, and he did not show. Aragorn! himself can confirm this. According to WZ people and associates, he's quit anarchism altogether and isn't friends with WZ any longer.

and their dramas, but like all human interactions, appears to be incredibly strange! I don't even know why people talk about Zachez so much, i don't even have any reason to believe what you just said about him...

oh well, it's actually true, curiosity is dangerous, if you get too curious, then people will get all defensive, the anarchists will call you a cop it seems sometimes

Commander Z hasn't quit anarchism. He has simply gone undercover with the enemy to master their wild organisation tactics and will employ them to "shoot anyone associated with Anews who shows up the the GSABF" with his .22 caliber pistol that he slaughtered countless electrical transformers with. He is a superior marksman, master of disguise, and feral lord of IP obfuscation. SO to WZ for the dangerousu space policy. Drop your fartbongs and expect the danger of the feral Hurricane!

- Hurricane Goon Squad - Operative 13

with anarchists and anarchism for a while, and who actually uses anarchist ideology as a means to perpetuate racist authoritarianism, I've kinda gleamed that Z is just a totally crazy person, who pretends to have a girlfriend and randomly insinuates that they hate "niggers" and all of that as a "joke" in the IRC...clearly likes guns...lives in North Carolina, what the hell is this person? Sounds kinda like a scary idiot like a good percentage of the American population...but still interesting! Has he/she/it done any essays? What i've seen him type so far is mostly pretty vague, the name just seems to pop up in random locations through an internet source, fairly popular on

yup puts his name on the internet and mystifies me without a trace! Woooo!

They seem to be assuming that there are no trust-fund oogles and that criticizing them is elitist and classist. Also the exaggerated oogles vs academics is just totally insulting wack discourse, not to mention A! is no academic.

and LBC. Much applause. Both take to the stage. Kissy kissy and hugs. Shouts of 'SPEECH! SPEECH! Then there is a hush. Anticipation. You can hear a pin drop. What next? I don't what happened next as I had to go out. Does anyone know what happened next?

LBC is gonna go to GSAB and fuck shit up. Theyre gonna burn the wartzone church to the ground and leave crying gay oogles in their wake.

"the goal is to create a life you do not need a vacation from"

that is a quote (probably paraphrased) i have seen, completely unrelated to anarchist thought or action. yet, it applies to this discussion of how so-called anarchists travel around. you all can argue all you want about how anarcho-nihilist-whateverthefuck is train-hopping vs driving or any other form of transportation that involves technological infrastructure.

my question is: why do you feel the need/desire to travel such distances? in a world without that tech infrastructure, would you still be so inclined?

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