Revolutionary Banner Hang in Downtown Tempe Against the Anarchist Witch Hunt In Support of Matt and Kteeo

  • Posted on: 17 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The Downtown Tempe revolutionary organizations are all reporting that a banner has been hung in support of the Pacific Northwest grand jury resisters. The timing and location of this act coincides with the Washington State VS ASU football military appreciation day match. A local member of the Maple Avenue Brigades said "we support propagandist efforts in an around Tempe that challenge the robber class and their parasitic legions."

It is not clear whether this defiant action is connected with the previous banner launch which propelled all Downtown Tempe militant organizations to new levels of media virality on Christopher Columbus Day. The Farmer Avenue and Wilson street action groups are currently discussing any possible counter revolutionary response from the Downtown Tempe Soviet already on the verge of rebellion after the last successful propaganda situation.

Long Live Matt and Kteeo
Defeat the northwest grand jury
Free all prisoners
Down With the Tempe Soviet</td><td><img title="It is spelled 'which'" src=""></td></tr></ta...

Matt + Kteeo Banner:

Columbus Day Banner:


I wonder if there's a provable connection between poorly hanging banners about political prisoners and the fact that we don't actually free them.

"we"? Maybe you're a cop trying to sow demoralization, dissension.

it has begun...


You are great.

i giggled a bit too

maybe it wouldn't matter since the point would ring true whether made by anarchist or cop...

tempe soviet? maple avenue brigades? uh... this is what anarchists in AZ are doing? ok. strikes me as sort of cryptic though.

Anyway what is the tempe soviet

We got to do more then just hanging signs... they won't listen.


That word. I'm not sure you know what it means.

well to be fair...

soviet = workers council

it just lost all meaning during the near century long USSR rule

Comrade....I am not sure YOU know what the Soviet means

so brave

a bravery unmatched

Down with the tempe soviet! That bastard

The Tempe Soviet will be crushed comrade

The Tooting Popular Front is with you comrades!

There is no point in any of this anymore, we are never going to win nor get what we wan to see no matter how hard we want to think we will... we might as well give up and call it a quits to this all in my opinion... same shit been going on and we've been doing this for a long time now, nothing ever changes, nothing has ever changed... and no one wants to do anything anyways... only few of us want to act, the rest won't because they are scared of what may happen or already gave in to them... we get stopped and jailed and everything as well most of the time... throught the proccess people cry, people die, people trade on you, people give up the fight and hope and people lie... I just don't see the way for no more of this...

yeah yeah but the crazy moments are worth fighting for

is this some sort of a self defeating auto gen script?

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