RIP: International Socialist Organization (1976-2019)

The ISO, the organization that has bamboozled generations of earnest but naive college students with their Leninist rhetoric, endless numbers of meetings, hierarchical structure, and constant pressure to sell newspapers, is finally dead. The last, and arguably the best, action they ever took was to officially dissolve themselves in the wake of an internal struggle and purported coverup of a rape accusation against one of their members.

For a thoughtful leftist analysis of these events and the trajectory of the organization, I recommend Louis Proyect's article, Notes on the Dissolution of the ISO (

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Good riddance. unfortunately the SWP still alive and well in Ireland!

Political orgs don't die. They're facades used and discarded over better political package deals.

Looks like there's still International Socialists in Canada. Perhaps they should rename themselves "Socialism In One Country"

As far as I heard, Canadian ISO just a bunch of milieu cops who make sure nothing militant-wise goes unhinged outside of their scope. Wouldn't be surprised if they're connected to the RCP from behind (like more or less literally, if you know what I mean.. ;)

We are all just trying our ignore the larger world outside of our adolescent narcissist subcultural grease trap.

Hey, if you can be negative, commenter, I can too! Stick your head in an oven! Cut open your veins and bleed to death! Film your suicide and upload it here so we can all be like, THANK GOODNESS, AT LEAST ONE NEGATIVE NANCY ANEWS COMMENTER FINALLY DID SOMETHING GOOD! Die die die, you piece of worthless trash!

how many years have you been faithfully trolling this site? so easy to identify your posts

There's a lot of yuppies in the mission these days that probably deserve your ire more. Easier to go on and on about the "smell subcultural weenies" though i guess.

The presumption here -- the eternal one in this scene -- is that real world action is the exclusive private property of one or two individuals, and the spuds and duds of the subculture will boldly stand on the sidelines, thumbs resolutely sunk in asses, offering commentary -- the main commentary being the unintended one of their own paralytic incapacity.

Now if we could only get rid of some of these "Anarchist" vanguards, we might make some progress...

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

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