RNC Convention: No Masks or Rope, Bring On the Guns

  • Posted on: 4 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://commondreams.org">commondreams.org</a> - by Abby Zimet

Banned in Tampa

Go Figure Dept: Hoping to fend off wild-eyed anarchists and other unruly types, Tampa officials prepping for this summer's Republican convention want to set up a "clean zone" where protesters will be forbidden to wield water or air pistols, plastic or metal pipe, or wood longer than a ruler - but guns, thanks to Florida's loopy laws, are fine by them. The dichotomy, note gun control advocates, is not just dumb, but counter-intuitive.

"I don't think many of the people at that end of the spectrum carry guns anyway. This is a Republican thing." - gun-control advocate Arthur Hayhoe.</td><td><img title="Attack?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2008/super-tiny-gun.jpg"></td></...


About fucking time.

how is this news? guns are an anarchists friend, dont be stupid lib-coms

absolutely agree...an EMPTY .38 put off an asshole that pulled a knife on me...i believe with more armed civilians comes a larger incentive to not try something

It also leads to a lot of dead children. First you change peoples paradigms, then you get your glocks. Until then rhetoric like this is as empty as liberals anti gun stance and sounds like Sarah Palins 'lock and load." Remarks. Im against socially prescribed gun control but detest guns and people who mindlessly blather about being 'pro gun or anti gun.' Outside of you there isnt a person on this website whos ever used a gun for anything other than recreational purposes. Its more of a mindless culture war.

once they take our guns away we'll never get them back.

True, but you dont have to glorify guns and participate in a culture war that represents, at least as an anarchist, everything I hate in american culture. Its funny, because in this debate I find myself relating with liberals culturally, while referencing the second ammendment. You actually have a legal case that vindicates your belief. I dont believe in gun control, but I also cant glorify a culture that perpetuates the attitudes in an individual that usually more often than not ends up in law enforcement culture, or military culture. Not us. Most of the people who we're mimicking here would say the same things as rationals for seeing us dead. That being said I believe in self defense and various abstract interpretations of it.

Anyone who uses the words 'guns and friends' in the same sentence is a fucking moron. Im against 'gun control,' but just as against this unenlightened, void of any ideological character, shit for brains statements like this. Grow up. Just a couple of weeks ago there was another case of some d.f. kid shooting himself in the chest accidetally with pops magnum. If you associate guns with Anarchism, maybe you justify people like Chris Hedges in their criticisms of us. If you like guns, fine. But what you just said, while unjustifiably associating me with guns, (im an anachist, I detest guns), is the dumbest thing Ive heard today.


Does napalm qualify as a tool? What about white phospherous, tear gas?

I'd tell you tell to gtfo and find a dictionary but: I DON'T LIKE TOOLS!

I dont like disingenuous white kids who get spun out on the prospect of violence before theyve ever been faced with the real thing. I dont hate tools, unless you mean the abstract 'I like to speak in slang that makes me sound like I adhere to an ideology thats based off of me hating my parents' definition as you do, but no tool, no object is going to be something to venerate, glorify, especially ones that carry the prospect of violence. If I were to need to use one, Id have the ethical standard to treat it like a tool. Its the difference between an o.g. and Jay Z. Youre J. And you aint got the nerve son.


the family is the first terrible community, dick bag

Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks...

Glock bloc or GTFO.

Gun control = Social War!

LOL they think anarchists are averse to guns. Dumbasses. They think we're Democrats.


Health is in you comrades!

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