Rojava: Urgent Message from an Anarchist Comrade in Afrin

  • Posted on: 23 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Insurrection News Worldwide

The Erdoganist army and its barbarian allies (namely the Turkish backed Free Syrian Army /TFSA & the so-called Syrian National Army /SNA) invaded 4 outer villages and 4 defensive points in the Afrin region. They are moving really very slow. They have air power and more superior weapons than us but our defense line fuck Erdoganists and their Syrian terrorists’ moral. Erdogan’s fighter jets are bombing blank points. His special operations units are fearful of moving into the Afrin city center. Our last stand defense line can survive at least 4 months. Yes unfortunately, without international support, Erdoganists can invade Afrin. But it will be a great chaos for them. Erdoganist army will be sad!

Comrades, we need your help more than everything. Its a life or death situation. This invasion isnt only about Afrin nor Rojava/Assyria/N. Syria but Erdogan wants to invade also the whole border territory, including Iraq’s Ezidistan (Zoroaster Kurdish lands /Sinjar), Ninewah (Iraqi Assyria), Turkmeneli (Iraqi Shia Turkomans) and Iraqi Kurdistan’s Qandil mountains area (PKK’s HQ and dissidents and opressed people’s refugee villages and camps). Its clearly IMPERIALISM and he wants to destroy everything and massacre every people he just hate.

Another important thing is Turkish and Bakur (Turkish Kurdistan) Kurdish comrades situation. Before the invasion, Erdogan first invaded Turkish Kurdistan and Eastern Turkey to eliminate PKK and her Turkish Marxists allies. Not only guerrillas but also autonomous municipalities were invaded. Erdogan and his fake opposition (Kemalists and Nationalists) are all fascists, they even arrested members of parliament from HDP (pro-Kurdish and Turkish Marxist alliance, 3rd biggest party in parliament). Our comrades in Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan are in HELL.

In Western Turkey (İstanbul, Ankara, Smyrna regions) anarchists are suffering. We even lost contact with lots of groups. For example there has not been any statement from DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Movement) nor Kara-Kızıl (Black-Red). Comrades from Kara Bayrak Otonomu (Autonomous Black Flag) are missing (possibly arrested without legal process). All HDP coalition and anarchists of Turkey paying the “heaviest price” after Afrin.

We need your help. This war is chaotic already and our military power is decreasing day by day, we need to protect our comrades (and their families!) from Erdogan’s revenge and torture dungeons. Without international support, he will kill us one by one. Please make something. We are dying. Please hear us.

Western comrades, your warlord countries made this hell. Especially USA and EU made our “shithole countries” like this, after their Iraqi War and Syrian Civil War. When we ‘fix’ our broken land and defeated the Islamic State, your countries ‘support’ us(!) and saw us as their ‘coalition partner’, when Erdogan started the invasion they all played blind! We are not Barzani, we wont forget! They remember ‘PKK case’ like a miracle? What is chance? ISIS HAS GONE! Your countries SOLD US!

Millions of Kurds, Turks, Arabs, Armenian, Assyrian, Greek peoples are sold by USA, Russia and the International Coalition.

So make them regret this.

If Rojava, Bakur, and we, revolutionaries lose, also YOU will lose. Rojava, like Chiapas, is not only our gain but its part of the anti-neoliberal global revolution.

So all anarchists, anti-authoritarians, revolutionary Marxists and democratic confederalists have to support us and have to do something to stop this war.

(slightly edited for clarity by Insurrection News)



But how da fuck can I support them? I'm just some dude in the West. And even if I manage to convince a bunch of students at my university (that'd be quite miraculous by now) what more can they do than myself? I guess I could punch Robin Yassin-Kassab if he's still around but what else?

Seriously bros I'd gladly send you a few thousand bucks if that'd make a difference but my best contribution is to tell you to think strategically about what you're doing. And a tip: the best for you would be to turn this offensive into a prolonged mess, so that Syria, Russia and the U.S. will see no other choice than to tell the little mustachoed despot to fold back to Turkey. This can happen but only if you know how to dodge and evade.

In close and on the ground, I second the suggestion to turn all areas occupied by Turkey into a hornet's nest of insurgents. Meanwhile, you need our help, and this is our fight too-if we can't defend Rojava, how can we defend ourselves anywhere?

Obviously we are going to have to inflict some real pain in Turkey if Erdogan wants to continue this. Only deep strikes at the very heart of Erdogan's power will get the point across. In conventional war between nations, economics determines the abiity to wage war, and strategic warfare is thus aimed at destroying an enemy's ability to feed and fuel the fight. In the modern world of globalized trade, a rogue state like Turkey can be severely harmed by severing their trading links to the outside world. Also in the modern world, the political, the economic, and the military are a single seamless whole.

You can punish Turkey and Erodgan RIGHT NOW, no matter where you live, with BDS (boycott/divestment/sanctions) campaigns. These can escalate as needed to HLS(Huntingdon Life Sciences) style campaigns to punish anyone in your local area who is doing business with Turkish fascists. When protests at the office are followed by "name and shame" residential protests against recalcitrant corporations, well over half of them will call it quits by the third home visit to a corporate official. Tell the whole block that their neighbor may as well be supporting Daesh(ISIS) by doing business with Erdogan's theocrats. Few will be able to take the heat for long. If in the US, tell them also how Erdogan's security thugs beat and kicked people on US streets as though they were in Turkey for daring to protest on behalf of the Kurdish people on May 16, 2017. Let's torpedo Erdogan's ability to do business anywhere outside his borders!

A nation-state is like a corporation: step on it's air hose and it dies. If a global campaign to force businesses to cut their ties with Turkey was as effective as the campaign against Huntingdon LIfe Sciences was, it would choke off 2/3ds of Turkey's international trade. That would be a greater loss to Turkey than Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare was able to inflict on Britain in WWI or in WWII. It would do serious, serious strategic damage to Turkey and would force Erdogan to quit his war, or risk being thrown down from office after the boycotts, divestments, and sanctions strangle the Turkish economy.

Nobody should be able to sell anything labelled "made in Turkey" while this war continues without fear of repercussions that don't stop at the store or the office. Anyone selling arms to Turkey or voting to sell arms to Turkey is deserving of special attention. Let not a ship, not a plane, not a single dollar get through without a fight.

HLS Veteran,
Thanks for keeping the wingnut dream alive.

The EZLN experiment in Chiapas was neoliberalism and so is this Rojava bullshit.

a funny comical relief is always cool I guess!

>we need to protect our comrades (and their families!) from Erdogan’s revenge and torture dungeons

certainly, as much as you helped protect people in Aleppo from Assad's revenge and torture dungeons. good luck out there guys, remember to keep your heads down

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