Rolling Thunder #10 Is Finally Available

  • Posted on: 27 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="

At long last, <a href=""><em>Rolling Thunder</em> #10</a> is back from the printers! The past two years have been a real roller coaster, so this one is packed.</p>
<p>We begin the issue with a reappraisal of the anarchist project in today’s context of crisis and technological transformation. From there, we chart the global trajectory of momentum: the student movements in the <a href=" and <a href="">UK</a>—the insurrections in Tunisia, <a href=", and beyond—the occupation movements in <a href="">Spain</a>, Greece, and finally the USA, from its awkward beginnings in <a href=" to its aftereffects in <a href="">O.... For case studies, we focus in on the anti-police struggles that catalyzed the rise of confrontational anarchism in Seattle, and scrutinize how US immigration policy is applied on the ground at the border to explain how its actual objectives differ from its ostensible purpose. The issue concludes with a historical review of Canadian anarchism, following it from its origins through the <a href="">Olympics</a> and <a href="">G20</a> riots of 2010 and up to the present day.</p>
<p><em>Rolling Thunder</em> #10 also features a graphic history from Argentine anarchism—24 pages in full color—and all the other bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from us times two. It was a long time coming, but the extra attention has only improved the final result.</p></td><td><img title="Sometimes when other orbital platforms come into range, I just shoot at them... and laugh" src=""></td>...
><a href="" rel="lightbox[mrpa]"><img src="" /></a><span class="invisible">

<p>This issue is funded in part by a <a href="">legal settlement</a>, the legacy of an earlier cycle of struggle. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who helped us get it published despite the usual host of challenges. Thank you for your faith in us. Everything you entrust we will return twofold to the struggle.</p>

<p><a href="" rel="lightbox[mrpa]"><img src="" /></a><span class="invisible">-</span><br />
We won&#8217;t mince words, this issue of <a href=""><em>Rolling Thunder</em></a> is very, <em>very</em> late. All we can offer is our sincere apology, and an assurance that it was not due to negligence—in the past year we&#8217;ve had both a death and a birth here at Far East HQ as well as truly dark times in our personal lives, and our operation, already pushed to the limits of human capacity, suffered greatly. While we&#8217;ve managed to keep on top of mailorder and the website, other projects like <em>Rolling Thunder</em>, <a href="">the <em>Recipes for Disaster</em> redesign and reprint</a>, and others yet to be revealed, have suffered setbacks and delays. Throughout it all, y&#8217;all have been very patient and understanding, and for that you have our true gratitude—it made a trying situation more bearable. Thank you.</p>
<p>We&#8217;ve struggled to find an equilibrium and while not there yet, the thread is in our grasp. We&#8217;re beginning to catch up and we can promise an action-packed last third of 2012 beginning now. To begin, we are releasing <em>Rolling Thunder</em> #10 today, which you can read about above. As a token of appreciation and thanks to all of those who subscribed to <em>Rolling Thunder</em>, we are sending this issue <strong>free</strong> to all current subscribers; in other words, if you subscribed to <em>Rolling Thunder</em> before today, your <em>four</em> issue subscription has just turned into a <em>five</em> issue subscription. It&#8217;s the least we could do to reward you for your support in light of the delay.</p>


This sounds exciting. I'm glad crimethinc is growing and transforming to remain relevant to anarchism in the us.

Rolling thunder continues to be one of their best projects to date.


Was kinda weirded out by the price increase (CrimethInc is finally selling out for real this time!!!!) but apparently that's due to increased printing-cost-per-magazine from scaling back their production by about 33%.

Yeah, you can be sure no one is making money on that project. Even the new price has gotta be barely break-even for what they're doing. It's crazy those people have been able to keep up all that work now that they're presumably grownups without copy scams or whatever.

cool beans

What's with the pay for content eh? Makes me feel all microsofty and mcdonalds-like. I have a printer, dudes. If you send me the files, I can make my own copies. Like, did you think that I actually have money? Sorry. I just don't understand how those Tides of Flame folks can put their work out for free, while the good old crimethinc boys have us dropping change in the jar just like at Starbucks. I don't give a flat dam about how close to production this operation costs. Which part of whores for money do you not understand?

Pass. To the Booj Trolls, please continue your happy life in the materialist utopia. Thanks

he doesn't make nothing so he just hates something.

oops double negative. *he makes nothing

You have a printer, but no money? College student. Somebody has money in the equation here.

you have obviously never made something in bulk that costs a good amount of money. Rolling thunder is a high quality magazine and it definitely costs quite a bit to print out. Plus giving shit like that out for free sucks sometimes because a lot of people will just take it cause it's free and then never look at it again

your second point makes you sound like a trot.

"we charge $1 so they value it and want to read it!"

It doesn't matter if they 'sound like a trot.' It is still true.

well then, we'd better make sure we have dollar bills in the new world.

Cool dichotomy, brah.

printer here

rolling thunder would be expensive as fuck to print in our shop, and we heavily discount radical projects. even if we did it at cost, with labor donated, depending on how big the run was it would still cost CT in the thousands of dollars depending on the process.

can't wait to see the new issue. the spot glossing they have been doing is DOPE and I wish I had machinery capable of it.

it would cost more for you to print a 114 page magazine off your printer than to buy these in bulk. It will take up all your ink for like 1-2 magazines and ink is expensive as fuck

No graphics capabilities, but you can actually buy new dot-matrix printers that should make any and all plain text printing much more affordable. Fucking NOBODY that I know ever has a working inkject or laser printer, they're always either broken or out of ink. ALWAYS!!! What's the point of even having the fucking things?

Dot matrix printers are basically like super reliable typewriters that you connect to a computer. They use $10 (average) ink ribbons that last a loooooong time.

And you just so happen to have one to sell us, amirite?

crimethinc made free xerox stuff back in the 90s. they still do. you can download and print out more stuff from their website than you could ever read, with new stuff there all the time.

smear agenda here, that's all.

Yes, let us pit these two projects against each other. Clearly they are exactly the same thing.

i'm pretty much stoked about all the content.

-member of THE platformist group

is there a PDF file of this?

don't worry, there will be

This is awesome, and I love what CrimethInc continues to do AND I love all the quality that goes into their magazine. That being said, pdf's would be nice too. I'm from the midwest, but it's my understanding that stuff gets circulated at least 10 times more if people can print it out and share it, as opposed to buying a magazine, in bulk or individually.
I do know that your other past issues are in pdf form now. I'm really not trying to give you shit, I appreciate all you do. I just want others to be reading this shit too.

~someone who prints shit for free from a friends university.

Jesus folks, the magazine JUST CAME OUT. i'm sure PDFs will be available sooner or later, have some patience for folks working for free, you are not entitled to free PDFs the moment a project that demands a huge amount of capital to exist is released.

come now bro, why you hate on online dumpster divers wanting the newest merch?

Here are a bunch of Rolling Thunder PDFs:

Also, back in the day we used to get the print version of something and then xerox it.

If photocopiers have been abolished where you live, you could SCAN the pages you want, and then print them.

no one said they were entitled to the PDFs but simply wondering if there is a PDF version of it

Fair enough!

Seriously now, what model makes sense today for serious anarchist publishing? If it's only on the internet, not everyone will see it, and those who do will tl;dr it. If it's only in print, other people won't see it. If it's in both, lots of people will download it and not read it who might have read it otherwise, and the print versions won't sell, and people will be less likely to stumble across them randomly.

What's the answer?

For a distro that doesn't have many funds, print without offsets or perfect binding. Nice color covers that you pay back through voluntary donations, with photocopied contents. It's nice that there are publications as pretty as RT, but it's not sustainable for everything. The key is figuring out a way where you don't have to sell the print versions.

I think PDFs should always be an afterthought. If it's not in print, it's barely going to make an impact.

f it's not in print, it's barely going to make an impact.


What I see usually happen is: @news, or a certain blog or radical website announces a new zine/publication is out.
People print it out, read it, if they LOVE it, they'll distribute the hell out of it, if they like it, they'll keep a copy around, if they hate it, it won't get much distribution in that area.
It has usually kept the actual creators of the material free from having to make many copies, besides for their own home towns.

Look, I'm not trying to make some false dichotomy: PDF OR CHARGE!
I'm saying, why not use ALL available avenues to get these brilliant ideas out?
I mean, CrimethInc is one of the ONLY consistent groups putting out relevant material. I AM glad people know who they are, but I want this shit to be read even further than our reaches, and so do they. Maybe I'm wrong, (it's happened before!), but I think using BOTH charging for well done publications AND putting out a PDF for wider distribution would be awesome.

But, I hope I'm not making more about this than need be either, I sincerely don't want to give those fine folks a headache.
Cheers to them!

"Underground presses cannot survive within capitalist society... they are created only IN ORDER TO DESTROY capitalist relations." - Fredy Perlman

Awesome with the Perlman quote.

I think there may be a crowd somewhere outside the immediate anarchist milieu that will read something glossy like RT but won't encounter or pick up photocopied pamphlets. Myself, I can usually only afford the photocopied pamphlets, so I'm sympathetic to the idea that everything should be in PDF form. But I think only printing enough copies for the former crowd would make them so expensive that no one would get them. I dunno. It's the perennial problem of people who haven't destroyed capitalism yet.

more like Rolling Blunder, am I right?

oh, I think it's THUNDER, spelled with a T-H. Like with lightening.


Anarchists do not need a glossy magazine to pat themselves on the back or tell them what to do. Anarchist need responsibility not idol worship. Crimethinc will have barcodes soon...How does that separate from the capitalist society?

what idols, exactly? the same Anonymous we "idolize" here? should I stop telling you what to do, too?

and are you really accusing them of being capitalist for something they haven't done in 15 years?

and are we trying to be "separate" from capitalist society, really? In grind you crust, eh?

Where the fuck is the meaning and intent in this statement? What are you trying to say? What are you suggesting? This is all vague claims and assumptions.

uh, yall got trolled.

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