Running Down The Walls Prisoner Statements and reportback Ontario

  • Posted on: 23 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Running Down the Walls North</a>

Statement Written By Nyki Kish

Hooray for Running Down the Walls! Four women run this year from the maximum-security unit of Grand Valley prison in Ontario. We run in solidarity with each other and with every other strong spirit partaking in this awesome event. Let it show every jailer in every state that they cannot silence and divide us. Let each stride bring light to the deplorable practice that is imprisonment and let each stride be a hand held tightly between every brother and sister behind bars. To remember the Attica uprising, to remember every brave stand taken by every comrade, to support stands not yet taken and to remind our oppressors that our love for the world is stronger than their walls, I am so happy to be running with my sisters in this prison, and our comrades near and far in small cells and city streets alike, to be running down these walls together. Love and revolution!

Participants in the run from Grand Valley Institution

Nyki Kish
Kecia Spade
Ellain Campione
Ann Hansen</td><td><img title="I am a moth Who just wants to share your light I'm just an insect Trying to get out of the night" src=""></td></tr>...

Grand Valley Institution
1575 Homer Watson Blvd,
Kitchener, Ontario
N2P 2C5
Max Unit

Amanda Hiscocks
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin Street
Box 1040
Milton, ON Canada
L9T 5E6

Today I’m Running Down the Walls at Vanier Centre for Women in Milton Ontario, where I’ve been imprisoned since January. During yard, I’ll do 48 laps of the small dirt track, and if we get called in before I am done I’ll finish up in the hallway on our wing.
I’m running because it is not often that we have the opportunity to come together in this way. Prisons are designed to keep inmates from organizing with each other and with folks on the outside. They want us isolated and disengaged.
For example, when I first arrived I was told it was unlikely I would be classified as medium security for quite some time, because I’m a political organizer. Because, and I quote, “We don’t want people banding together up there.” I was held on maximum security for seven and a half months. The jail has also gone to some pretty extreme lengths to keep me away from other G20 related prisoners.
Discussion and solidarity between jails is also discouraged. The prison magazine Cell Count is routinely withheld from people’s mail, and most of the copies of the Peak Dispatches from Ontario Prisons didn’t make it in either. The prison administration and the state are afraid of us coming together to talk, to organize, to resist.
Events like Running Down The Walls help to break the isolation the prison tries to impose on us and remind us of our collective power.
Today I’m running because as someone who has benefited from legal defence and prisoner support funds, i know how important they are.
I’m running because while I’ve had a reasonably easy time in jail, a lot of people don’t. I have a lot of support: I get mail and visits, I’ve never run out of canteen money and people take my collect calls. These things make all the difference and I want all prisoners to have them. Prisoner support funds are essential; nobody should go without phone calls or envelopes or time with friends and family just because they can’t afford them.
I’m running because I appreciate and want to support the amazing work done by the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) to bridge the gulf between the inside and the outside, and to link our struggles.
Finally, I’m running because I’m a settler here. As such, I am complicit in a colonial system that criminalizes indigenous people who defend themselves and their land, and a legal system that is stacked against them from start to finish. I support Six Nations struggles and I’m excited to be able to raise money for the Six Nations Defence Fund.
Thank you to all the participants, sponsors and event organizers. Our solidarity is stronger than their walls!


Great Meadow Correctional Facility
11739 State Route 22
P.O. Box 51
Comstock, New York 12821-0051

The ABCF Warchest Program helps us. Thank you for attending to our basic financial needs. You don’t talk about it, you be about it. Thus I take great pride in and am comforted by your steadfast support of our political prisoners and POWs.
Your consistency in this regard and your social practice in general – “telling no lies and claiming no easy victories, “ is commendable. You teach by example.
Therefore, I strongly support you and the solidarity run. The race goes not to the swiftest but to those who endure.

Your Brother,
Herman Bell


Phillip “Nomas” Ruiz
P.O. Box 2229
Blythe, CA 92226

Solidarity isn’t an abstract idea haphazardly thrown around like craps. Solidarity is a way of consciously living that is explicitly interwoven into an anarchists existence. Such a way of being transcends nation-state borders, prison walls, electric fences, and fascist barricades. Direct action infused in solidarity with us on the inside and you on the outside not only challenges systematic mass incarceration, but it shatters the social relations perpetuated by the prison industrial complex. Although I am behind prison walls in a scorching California desert, I am under the same sky, under the same sun, and am running down the same walls with you in solidarity towards freedom.


Byron Shane “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck  #07909-051
P.O. BOX 1000

My name is Oso Blanco. I am a powerful warrior; good things are going to come to me- big positive things- so I may be set free from fed prison and return to helping others. Before the universe I say, “Let it be so!” I say to the universe and all of you for RDTW – For we are all related and part of the universe, “Rise Up! Make it happen!” The government holds me hostage because of my inner power and I say reverse this with me. Set us all free.
Love Oso Blanco, EZLN supply line warrior.


Eric McDavid 16209-097
PO BOX 3007

My thanks to you all for choosing to participate in an active remembrance of those hidden by the state. in our simplest and smallest acts we can nourish healthy communities and by coming together through intention our reach expands to embrace even those in the belly of the beast who may feel as though they cannot contribute. here’s to the removal of the walls which separate us, and those systems which slow their natural pattern in life = to crumble.
Eric McDavid, ELF PP


FCI Terre Haute
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

Thanks so much for you letter regarding the planned Running Down the Walls. I got it on July 19th. I was afraid, frankly to say, your notice also evaporated as some of my letters do, incoming as well as outgoing. Therefore, I felt happy to know.
Anyhow, we, in FCI Terre Haute population, have organized a solidarity run with Running Down the Walls on the same day, but time is of choosing, forgive us.
The summer is extremely hot in this area, as you might know. I myself am in good condition since I run a little over 5k daily. Thus, I’m ready for the planned run. I hope your planned run is successful.
In Solidarity,
T. Shirosaki
July 22, 2012.

Ontario Reportback

The 3rd annual Running Down The Walls in Guelph, Ontario (and various Ontario prisons) was a great success. Approximately 25-30 people came out to Exhibition Park to bike, run, walk and jog in a collective show of solidarity with our imprisoned comrades on the other side of the wall. This year we were joined for the first time in Ontario, and possibly Canada, by 6 prisoners from 3 different prisons who participated: Ellain Campione, Kecia Spade, Ann Hansen and Nyki Kish from Grand Valley Institution, Mandy Hiscocks from Vanier Centre For Women, and Alex Hundert from Central North Correctional Centre – some of whom ran from their ranges and cells!
A speaker from Six Nations, whose Haudenessaunee name is Flower, gave a speech on the context of struggles at Six Nations, the inherent racism of the Canadian legal and “justice” system, and everything else in between. Various participants who attended this year’s run also read out prisoner statements to emphasize the collective struggles we are involved in which was followed by the 5KM marathon and BBQ to top it all off.

This year we raised almost $3000 to be equally divided between three funds. The Six Nations Defence Fund, The Guelph ABC, and the ABCF Warchest program. Read more about the three funds below and how you can donate to support these funds by following the links below.

The Six Nations Defence Fund
This year a new defence fund was launched to support people facing political repression at Six Nations. The Six Nations Defence Fund to support front line Haudenosaunee people who have been criminalized and targeted by the state. At Six Nations, the last six years have seen harsh criminalization of Haudenosaunee people. Dozens of people have faced criminal charges and several have served substantial time in jail. In Brantford an injunction was passed making it illegal for anyone from Six Nations to be involved in land claims protest within the city. As funds began to be raised for this Legal Defence Fund, various women involved in resistance, protection of Six Nations land came together and decided to expand the fund to support events, accessibility resources (transportation, etc.), actions equipment (banners, flags, food, etc.), and the many more resources needed to continue this land defense/protection. Thus it has become generalized to the Six Nations Defence Fund.

To learn more about the defence fund email or visit the website to donate directly to the Defence Fund

Guelph Anarchist Black Cross
The Guelph ABC has been active since 2009 organizing letter writing nights for political prisoners, speaking engagements, film screenings, raising money for legal defence as well as other various forms of support work for prisoners and social movements facing repression.
For more information about the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross:

ABCF Warchest (Program)
The ABCF Warchest is a program designed to send monthly stipends to political prisoners who have been receiving insufficient financial support during their imprisonment. Prisoners receiving stipends can spend these funds in any way they deem beneficial. There are many Political Prisoners and Prisoners Of War in North America, some of which who have been incarcerated for decades that need monetary support. Visit the LA ABCF website to find out how to get involved in materially supporting long term Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War.
For more information on the ABCF Warchest Program:


solidarity and support to all political prisoners, it's true!

but on another note, there should be more radiohead references in the rollovers, and elsewhere.

is ann hansen in prison again?

sadly, yes...

fuck. can someone explain why? and when? can't seem to find any info online.

As I understand it, she is technically still on parole from her earlier, somewhat famous, charges, and they can basically pull her in whenever they feel like it. I've been given the impression that it's due to having anarchist friends.

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