Russian anarchist detonates self at federal security HQ

  • Posted on: 31 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

"A 17-year-old has died of his wounds after detonating explosives in an office of Russia's FSB federal security service in the north-western city of Arkhangelsk, officials say.

Three FSB employees were hurt when the explosives went off just inside the building at around 09:00 (06:00 GMT).

The blast caused serious damage.

A CCTV image of the suspect emerged soon afterwards, along with a message he allegedly posted on social media just before the blast.

Although the authenticity of the message posted on an anarchist chat group has not been confirmed, the user identifies himself as an anarcho-communist and claims the FSB "fabricates cases and tortures people".

Russia's anti-terrorism committee said, according to initial findings, the suspect was a 17-year-old local resident who had gone into the building and pulled out of his bag an "unidentified object that exploded in his hands".

He was later named by local media as Mikhail Zhlobitsky, a student at a local technical college. His grandmother told BBC Russian that she could not understand why he had blown himself up.

Just before the explosion in Archangelsk, a user on the Telegram messaging app named "Valeryan Panov" warned that he was about to bomb the local FSB building. As his device could only be detonated by pressing a button on the top, he said he would "probably die" in the blast.

It's not yet clear who wrote that post in an anarchist chat group. His messages have now been deleted.

But screen shots from Telegram show that in September the same user had posted detailed instructions on how to manufacture explosives. A couple of weeks later he discussed the mass shooting by an 18-year old student at a vocational college in Crimea.

Valeryan Panov" commented then that you could make a "decent explosive device" on a student grant. He was back online on Tuesday, discussing explosives.

According to two of his online friends contacted by BBC Russian, Mikhail Zhlobitsky operated a social media account using the name of a 19th Century Russian revolutionary, Sergei Nechayev. That account was last accessed at 07:32 on the morning of the attack.


The FSB has been behind two controversial cases this year, against groups accused of plotting violent uprisings, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from Moscow.

In both, human rights groups argued the claims were false, while they said statements in one case were extracted under torture."

[Submitter's note: clipped a paragraph the BBC thought was somehow relevant; a reference to a mass shooting at a university in Crimea... Are they trying to depoliticize this attack and chock it up to workaday random mass violence??? If any Russian readers can access his social media account please submit his message before the attack. My guess is that it has something to do with the recent tortures of anti-fascists in Russia.]



The Individualist Hymn

Before dying in the mud on the streets
we would imitate Bresci and Ravachol;
anyone who extends a hand to you, bourgeoisie,
is a person unworthy of looking at the sun.

Grinding machines tear the beggars to pieces
and their wives are forever pale and weeping,
The fields remain fallow, the miners buried
and the workers crushed forever by murder.

And to those who don’t give in, open the tombs,
prepare the bombs, sharpen the knife,
action is the ideal!

France, on the watch with the guillotine,
chops off the head of anyone who wants to punish her.
Cowardly Spain strangles with a garrote and murderous
Italy guns down those who aren’t accustomed to trembling.

Hanged in America, throats cut in Africa,
forever tortured at Montjuich in Spain,
but the individualist still knows how to strike
the sorry breed of gentleman thugs.1

And to those who don’t give in, open the tombs,
prepare the bombs, sharpen the knife,
action is the ideal!

As long as we are a herd it’s appropriate that there’s
a social gang passing laws;
as long as the sun of anarchy doesn’t shine,
we will always see the slaughtering of the populace.

Be very afraid, coppers, when you hear

the dynamite exploding against the oppressors.
We are enemies of all cops and scoundrels,
And one against all, we will scatter them.

And to those who don’t give in, open the tombs,
prepare the bombs, sharpen the knife,
action is the ideal!

Original version (italian)

Punk version (spanish) (Mauricio Morales - R.I.P.)

Punk version (italian)

Hymn of the People's Will

Bravely, friends! Do not lose
Your courage in an uneven battle;
You save Mother Homeland,
Your honor, and freedom.

If you must die
In prisons and damp mines, --
Your work will always resound
In generations of the living.

Let yourselves be planted in prisons,
Let us be tried by fire,
Let them send us to the mines,
Let us pass through all punishments!

If you must die
In prisons and damp mines, --
Your work will always resound
In generations of the living.

The moment of renewal will come --
The people will sing you a hymn;
They will remember us by our kind words;
They will visit us at our graves.

Well, let yourselves have to die
In prisons and damp mines, --
Our work will always resound
In generations of the living.

Revolutionary funeral march

You fell victims in a fatal battle
of selfless love for the people.
You gave away all that you could for it,
for its life, honor, and freedom.

At times you languished in harsh prisons;
their merciless judgement over you
the enemy-executioners already pronounced long ago,
and you went, rattling your shackles.

And the despot feasts in his luxurious palace,
watering discontent with wine,
but menacing letters long ago upon the walls
by the hand of fate have already been drawn.

Arbitrariness will fall, and the people will rise,
great, mighty, and free.
Farewell to you, then, brothers; you passed with honor
along your valorous noble path.

You fell victims in a fatal battle
of selfless love for the people.
You gave away all that you could for it,
for its life, honor, and freedom.

That's a relief that its not OUR Nechayev, this site is not one to welcome Marxist revolutionary martyrdom as a methodology. Not that he's "OURS" in owning or comraderie, just that I abhor suicidal ressentiment dressed up as honorable duty to a fake revolutionary cause. It gives nihilism a bad name as well!

Away with a talk-show.
Silence, you speakers!
Comrade Mauser,
you have the floor

From Pramen, anarchist website from Belarus:

Russia: 17th-years old anarchist blew himself up in FSB office

News reports of the morning of October, 31th, there was an explosion in the FSB (Russian intelligence service) building. The attacker blew up a self-made bomb. 3 officers wounded, the attacker died.

Few hours again there became known, that in numerous anarchist Telegram-chats a user named “Valerian Panov” left a message saying:

“Comrades, now the terrorist act in a building on FSB will happen. I take a responsibility for it. The reasons are totally clear for you. As FSB stays unaccountable, it tortures people and falsificates the cases, I decided to do that. Most probably I will die because of the explosion, as the bomb will be ignited by me directly by pressing the button, established on a top of the bomb. So that’s my request: spread the info about the terrorist act: who have made it and what are the reasons.

That’s it. i wish you move on to our goal firmly and with no compromise. I wish you bright future anarchist communism!”

Local FSB yet did not comment the situation.

It is a first registered event of anarchist suicide bombing in modern Russia.

During the years 2017-2018 FSB detained more then 10 anarchists and antifascists in Russia, accusing them in participation in a terrorist group “Set’” (“The network”). They were brutally tortured: repeatedly beaten up and stroke by electric teaser in order to make them admit their guilt. Most of them are still in prison. Many were tortured within weeks. Human right defenders and civil society in Russia rpushed back against this falsification and the tortures. FSB asserts “the teaser was used according to the necessity”.

Alleged name of the comrade – Michail Zhlobitskiy


On the Attack against the FSB in Russia
Including the Statement from the Anarchist Who Carried It Out

dont have the crimethinks other references then the autoritarians of the PKK PYD whatever?

The anarchist social revolution is glorious - but nobody has to die for it. Now its very early days here but it seems there may be a connection between the old nihilist criminal Nechaev and modern anarchist-communism. So this propaganda-deed MAY even have nothing to do with anarchism, if you reject hyphenated and redundant descriptions of our ideology. Personally I find most anarcho-communists ( aka ' class-struggle anarchists ' ) indistinguishable from Marxists. But I'll with-hold judgement in this case till more facts are known. Solidarity with all those opposed to CHEKISTS in all their forms. 101 years of THEIR tortures and murders is more than enough!

russian anarchist communism is the good old one that survived, which has nothing to do with leftist half-marxists and similars...
Its the anarchism of the propaganda by the deed, individual autonomy and against property...
Why the fuck it should have nowadays nothing to do with anarchism?
He acts for his own ideas...
Who gives a fuck about your judgement?

Its like ' Anarchist socialism ". Anyone is free to judge what a stupid redundancy is. As for property - Proudhon said " property is freedom ' as well as theft. So you sound like a leftist half-Marxist there sport. For the anarchism of propaganda-of-the-deed myself I take GOD and the State ( religion and nationalism ) as the revolutionary subject ie what we are against. If capital is your main beef I suggest you join some stupid Marxist death cult. Good riddance kpaf.

I mean, I too have contempt for leftists trying to reclaim zombified Marxism by dressing it up anarchism, and find the centering of class struggle and consequent decentering of other forms of authority similarly revolting, but a statement like “If capital is your main beef I suggest you join some stupid Marxist death cult” just reproduces the same myopic perspective you’re criticizing by placing centering “GOD and the State (religion and nationalism)”. It should be obvious by now that you can’t separate these institutions like that: capitalism is one of, if not the primary means through which the state carries out exploitation and domination, just as capitalism depends on the state to defend property and expand markets, and just as both are sanctified in a religious manner by society and reinforced through the religious morality. You can’t say any of these are more/less important or problematic because they are reciprocal and mutually reinforcing.

If only there was any "people's will" I could connect with in NA.... Everywhere I look it's people being fucking snitches and defending Holy Property with their lives, putting their lives on the line for paying a stupid rent. Those are the "people", here. So depressing... No wonder why we got so many insane mass shooters. People are being turned one against another on a daily basis.

why dont you start in the US, where there is all this random shootings, to propagate non random shootings?

Because libertarian socialist platformism is about reaching to the proletariat and building a mass movement of a radical, anticapitalist big union to oppose the forces of...

*suddenly alling asleep and snoring*

I saw some brave young men become cop killers recently in NA. Correlation is not causation but since then it appears less folks are being shot for ' driving while black '. At the very least this shows potential exists for anarchism in NA.

Oh, and total pessimism is indistinguishable from nihilism flava fauv - least thats what they told me in professors school.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

See how the creatures of the online spectacle try and fail with their relentless critique but this is beyond their petty noise. They sense, even as they type, that nobody cares and they don't matter at all.

Have folks checked if this guy was a meth addict on the side, they exhibit the same behavioral profile as religious/political fanatics with suicide by police bullet or bomb fixations? People should regard the meth epidemic as the more pressing form of domestic terror which claims more innocent victims rather than zealous immigrants

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