#S17 Anarchist Action Against Capitalism

  • Posted on: 10 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>This is a call for all NYC anarchists and radicals to mobilize and create a commune.


8 am: Bring your black flags and bloc up at Bowling Green for an anti-capitalist march to the NYSE in solidarity with OWS.

Route: Up Beaver St, turn left at Broad St.
Alternative route: Up Broadway, turn right on Wall St.

10 am: Wall Street convergence ends. Anti-capitalist march will improvise a route to Washington Square Park.

11-12 am: Gather at Washington Square Park.</td><td><img title="war thinking. war solutions." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/drowning.jpg"></td></tr></t...

12-1 pm: Open Assembly:

Take this time out to distribute fliers, coordinate future demonstrations, meet new people, and reach a consensus on what to do from 1 to 5 pm.

5-6 pm: Gather at Bryant Park for a continuation of the anti-capitalist march. At 6, we will improvise a march through the Upper East Side (aka the neighborhood of the ruling class).


Maybe if we keep posting call outs, people will show up.

hahahahahahahahaha losers

what the hell is going on here. yikes.

such a funny game for people who don'treally give a fuck about anyhting except for tricking people--pretty much the definition of fraud.

good words ... from a cop

Yes! If it weren't for our fantasies about cops, where would our sense of self-importance come from?

nope, not a cop. but yes i have sense of justice that u may find annoying. and i don't think it's too cool to create possible "collateral damage" just cos someone gets off on conning people.

Posting your route ahead of time means the pigs know exactly where you're going to go and can prepare as such.

I agree. It is much better if you can sneak up on them pigs without them suspecting nothing of your true intentions.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and child piano prodigy)

I call bullshit on this, why would you take militants away from downtown at night when there is a chance people are going to try to hold space downtown. It just doesnt make any sense to plan this out befoehand. Either you are not thinking this through or for whatever reason purposefully trying to create problems.

And starting a bloc on its own at 8 am south of wall street separated from everyone seems incredibly foolish unless many different groups are committing to that.

I actually have a bit of faith that this action may be inspiring. But, somebody really needs to figure out who nyc direct action is, who bryan young is, if they have any links in common and why the hell they are doing what they are. I'm def sick of this seemingly obvious plot to cause trouble.

Agreed, go look at the currently planned actions. You will see that these "black bloc" actions make no sense logistically. Specifically the night time march that coincides with the "emma goldman" assembly downtown.

I hate to say it but I really hope nyc anarchos release some sort of a general framework to counter this.

nothing nothing nothing will ever happen downtown or in the fidi. it just won't. so it's good that people are finally doing something somewhere else. that said, who gives a shit about ows? why would i be in solidarity with a movement that doesn't and never has represented my interests, class or otherwise?

If you like being in solidarity with things that represent your interests, you'll love electoral politics.

how does it feel to be better than everyone else?

marvelous! how does it feel to be worse than everyone else?

it pretty much feels the same.

Then what's the point of trying to change anything? You already feel a good as you going to.

Do you have any idea what the upper east side is like on a Monday at 7 pm?

Just think about it for a moment, this call asks people to leave downtown an hour before the night time assembly. It will take at least an hour from then to assemble people, get off at times square and then march up 15 or so blocks. It completely guarantees you will have no time to be anywhere near anyone at both places.

It is so obvious a trick that its laughable. Not to mention, there is the same amount of shitty ruling class folks in the wv and fuck, you'd have the support of most in nyc if you went through meatpacking at anytime. Ugh.

- ex nyc resident of 6 years

We're suppose to surround Wall Street. The march will meet with OWS at the NYSE. We'll have both sides of the NYSE surrounded if we march up from Broad St. while OWS marches up Wall St. I like the idea but it's a bi last minute.

I don't fucking get you dumb fuck insurrectionists (i'm not talking to all insurrectionists just the dumb fuck ones) ows is a plural movement with anarchists in the minority but with plenty of kids who are susceptible to anarchist philosophy -- they just haven't heard about it because they grew up in the suburbs and played halo on the weekends. You fucking idiots act like everyone knows what anarchy and capitalism are.. if we could actually test the population to see if they know what capitalism and anarchism are then we'd probably find out the 90% of the population can't define it. Why don't you build structures of resistance (like A-news ^.^) and get your therapy by smashing shit instead of just smashing shit. IMO there's no difference between a passive anarchist waiting for the insurrection and someone who votes for obama; in fact the similarities are abundant.

i am more excited by the impending release of halo 4 than i am about the one year anniversary of occupy wall street

sketchy as all hell

Guess who's going to set up a road-block @ Beaver & Broad streets... Better get your Black Bloc papers in-order for the NYPD Gestapo.

I support this, but I have some issues with it as well. First off, this complete ignorance of security culture while organizing this shit is pathetic and sketchy. The second thing i wanna bring up is, we should be meeting at 7 AM in the park along with everyone else involved in s17, when everyone else leaves the park we should leave too and take different route onto Wall St., effectively splitting the pig armies of goonberg. Lastly, I'd like to sum up what I think, and give my own call to action.

Everyone who can, bloc up on S17, don't let the state or the ignorance of so called comrades scare you.
Meet at 7 AM at the park with everyone else, take a different route to Wall St. than that of the non bloc (if numbers allow for it)
or collectively decide where and when to go when on the ground.

Now, to those who have been doing all of these call outs and Facebook events, please chill out.
All of us understand where and when things are going down, last minute decisions can also be made
to do actions. Your organizing has been terribly damaged by ignorance of security culture. Also, these actions
tend to separate militants from the rest of the movement, which is the states new policy concerning Occupy "Separate the radicals and militants then proceed to de-fang the movement" which makes me very sketchy of anything to do with you.

All in all, the bloc will be at S17, bad organizing, intentional or not, and state oppression cannot stop us.... And if it does stop us on s17, we've got thousands of other cities, and all the time in the world, you can stop us all...we are the people.

*can't* stop us all.

* can stop us all.

One big fat meetup point = everyone gets kettled first thing in the morning

"we've got thousands of other cities, and all the time in the world, you can stop us all...we are the people."...cant stop laughing...

I read the first line and though, oh cool, let's create a commune. and then I noticed that it was a temporary set up for protesting wall street again. sigh. like I need to sit around with dirty posers that spend all day texting on their pricey machines that they bought from the 1%!


worker, this shit is disinformation and probably a deliberate trap.

why post it?

There is only one conclusion to be drawn.

anarchist new dot org is ran by the cops?

that's MY conclusion

The state does not want a militant black bloc of 3-4 hundred individuals to form on s17 as it did on MayDay.

Their intelligence indicates that ows will be more militant as a whole and try to hold space downtown.

Their intelligence also indicates people may actually be showing up for this event in mass.

What is their response to prevent this? Are they worried about 200 people marching through the ues at 8 pm or are they worried about a propaganda win for us that would inspire many people again?

My intelligence indicates that "their" intelligence is bullshit. Just a bunch of overpaid idiots who only care about maintaining their legitimacy for doing this job.

Right this is why they keep the high paid people in their cushy jobs and contract this work out to other people who at least know how to use the internet.

To organizers: the demise of OWS or its non-radicalism had nothing to do with the relative lack of black flags and anarchist posturing. Think harder, and deeper.


As someone who is participating in a bloc on the same day, this is sketchy, the actual S17 Black Bloc is blocing up at Zucottii park at 7am, be there, bring your friends!

Or just show up in the downtown core when you can in the morning in order to reinforce the numbers trying to hold it.

This whole call is super fucked up i mean, the part where they say "and then after we are done taking back wall street," that just screams to me "and then when we, the police hope they will be done holding wall street."

Fuck these people, they are completely unaccountable, only on the internet, talking about renting a van to go to Albany in another thread, what lol? People should start putting together anything and everything they know about the actual people who may be behind this disinfo.

Smells like liberal youngsters high on MDMA. Or once again, cops!

r u dumb the IAC is completely different then direct action NYC

What does this have to do with IAC? NOTHING. People need to be asking who the fuck all these fake profiles that were all started around the same time (minus a few of them) are that are calling for all this shit. Its coordinated and its easy to see.

Here is the event page for Direct Action NYC that was put up weeks ago that mirrors this call out: http://www.facebook.com/events/367222953348590/

Quit trying to trick people.

Never march up into the hills of the 1% unless you want to be shot. Having a black bloc in the hills is asking to get somebody killed. As if the rich weren't nervous enough about OWS. Why would somebody want a black block in that neighborhood when the only thing the black bloc is good for is destroying property where ever it goes?? Destroying homes with people in it will put you either in the hospital or the grave. Unless you have guns and are planning to use them against the 1%, STAY DOWNTOWN with all the other folks. You want to fuck shit up? Do it where it counts. Do it where the money is. Do it in the metropolitan area like the Greeks! Hope you guys stay safe while. Would be nice to see my people fighting like the Greek people in Athens. Have an organized vicious black bloc for once. Stick together and stick up for yourselves. De-arrest. Work together. Leave no comrade behind. Fight back.

only thing black bloc is good for is destroying???

this guy never seen a bloc irl

blocs have the best chants....

no but seriously they have always protected the non-blocers against the pigs from what ive seen. pigs are obsessed with watching the bloc as a whole. when the riot cops come in and the bloc splits off; ill bet 100 proletariat dallaz that the cops follow the bloc. leaving "light" blocers and "yellow" bloc'ers to militarize themselves on the spot; if they want.

notice how not many people in greek actions actually wear full bloc anymore.

There's going to be multiple blocs. I heard it from a source inside the FBI, and apparently golden dawn from grease is funding this?

Yeah, i also heard Golden Dawn helped the FBI to invent this tactic with the aid of nearby extraterrestrials. It was the aliens. :/

learn the difference between jokes and analogies and complete delusion. pretty sure ur not clear on this.

Why has flash mob technology totally failed us?

I wouldn't blame our inability to hold down an intersection against the cops on the internet. The Greek people post actions online all the time and the police over there still have trouble controlling the crowds. I would blame the anarchist for not fighting back.

It is true. Anarchists in Greece don't give a fuck and will post actions when and where ever they please and carry them out with out fear and kick cops ass. Americans are afraid of everything including them selves. sad

kill the cop in your head.

kill it over and over again until you're purified, heathen!

Maybe american anarchists lack the same amount of testosterone since they heavily politicize their food by eating nothing but vegetables. No wonder they get beat so bad. Notice how small they are and look at the cops. LOL

Is it just me or is America the only country afraid to openly organize militant struggle?

The American police state is really, really good at nipping shit in the bud. Sorry we're not yet where we'll be in like 30 years.

it's like you've never heard of strategy. scary.

It's just you.
- sincerely, someone who lives in another country where not much militant struggle gets openly organised.

It's just me what? The only one between the two of us who can detect slightly nuanced sarcasm? I was saying it's not very strategic to openly organize.

That was meant to be a reply to the comment starting "is it just me, or..." Either THE MAN moved my comment from where it was meant to go, or I'm just a fuckwit. Ho hum.

Yeah! SO true as well...love this comment. ha. Americans need to wake up...and take action! Our ancestors would kick our asses for not kicking their asses in power if they were here today haha.

The whole idea is pretty good and i am liking it but posting the routes on anarchist news is not the best idea...

stupid americans just showing off, keep losing..

Attention Attention, this action has been re-located back to Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square, the time has been moved to 7AM!

UPDATE: BLOCING UP LOCATION MOVED TO 7AM @ZUCCOTTI! This going to be awesome, have faith (not religous faith)



all of this confusion is a strategy durp. all of us up in the NYC know how its really gonna pop off.

oh, u must be a strategical genius [willy wonka face]

Comments on anarchist news serve more as psychological warfare against the enemy rather than a center for strategic planning. Sorry Homeland Security. Might want to look some where else a little harder. Although it would be nice to see people actually carry out what commentators are suggesting I highly doubt they would follow through by taking anyone's advice even if certain war tactics have proven to be successful in the past, especially on other parts of the world; social war that is.

Fear of taking action is not created by publishing plans for radical direct action. Fear of taking actions is created by fear to act and nothing more. For instance, there can be a secret plan to start a riot in Athens on Mayday and I can go public and encourage more actions as a Greek citizen calling for all out social war in 10 other cities all taking place precisely at the same time. No one's going to back down out of fear of state repression. In fact, spreading it and encouraging others to revolt might make things worse for the police than make things easier. This is easy as hell everywhere else but here. After all, we are Americans and Americans do nothing. It is in their DNA to submit and not fight back. The alteration of our biological make-up as a species I mean. What chemicals in the air we breath, food we eat, water we drink? What fear propaganda network? What police state? These things don't have any effect because they don't exist. Not at all. That's just crazy. What exactly do you mean we've become our worst enemy? Please? I don't understand? Maybe instead of begging others to rise up we should start begging them to submit. See if it has the opposite effect since begging people to overthrow has the total opposite effect. And if that fails. Then we're just doomed. Maybe this world wasn't designed for free will and it is our destiny to slave to the death for a small circle of people who send everyone else to war for their luxury and the rest of the world doesn't get it and doesn't want to and is probably happier with it. Maybe none of this is real and you don't even exist. Then none of this really matters and nothing matters at all.

The internet doesn't mean anything and anything that is said on here is useless. The only thing that matters is when people take each other seriously. And that is not possible on anarchistnews, facebook, or the internet. The seriousness of this website is about as serious as "a screen door in a submarine" and "about as funny as fart in a spacesuit". :)

I stopped reading at "sorry homeland security". good luck.

yeah, don't bother- it was another variation of the internet means nothing is real and that's why it's okay for me to be a horrible person.

"That's" why it's okay to be a horrible person". That is a total misquote. How disingenuous can you be? Not that it matters anyway that you are the horrible person which you condemn.

yeah yeah yeah... ok boring poison troll. guess what? u r more often than not 'authenticated' as being the vessel of your particular 'self'. How do? because of your retarded ideas, pretentious writing, obscenely inaccurate self-importance, and boring sadistic tendencies. you have also been 'authenticated' as a completely horrible human being. ciao.

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