Sabotage of BiciMad electric bikes in solidarity

  • Posted on: 18 June 2019
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

Dozens of electric bikes of the BiciMad company sabotaged during the month of May.

Dozens of electric bikes of the BiciMad company were sabotaged in the centre of Madrid throughout the whole month of May. Not much to it, by cutting the electric cable the bike is put out of use. Sabotage against the structure of the city is quite simple.

The pacified, ordered, commodified, big data city of control, raids, the smart-city, city of exploitation and misery, the city as centre of accumulation of power… is vulnerable! Its infrastructures and transport networks also!

Whoever governs, the struggle continues!

Love for the comrades affected by the latest antiterrorist operation against anarchism in Madrid!

Strength and courage to Anna, Silvia, Salvatore, Giovanni, Alfredo, Marco, Luca and Leonardo, on hunger strike in various Italian prisons!

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Translated by Act for freedom now!


Ah yes, good old sabotage of the city by destroying... bikes?

Snark aside, for someone outside of the Spanish context, what is the reason we're opposed to these?

They used to break peoples toes in the olden days duh!

Oh what a working class hero! How brave! How daring!. Just a pity about the 100's of diesel SUVs belching poison on the same streets. And a bit sad that thousands of working class comrades, including myself, are slowly dying from pollution related diseases. But never mind the BMWs and Rolls Royces, our glorious anti capitalist activist has amazingly CUT THE CABLES on evil electric bikes, and been REBLOGGED around the world by glorious radicals like Anarchist News . org (without even correcting the machine translation).

they didn't say fuck all about the working class, you dolt, they ruined some bikes for their friends in prison. corporate bikes (scooters, etc.) are ugly and they take up the sidewalks that so many of your poor working class schlebs walk on because they're too poor to rent one of these things. good on them.

But please, feel free to translate yourself from the original Spanish - maybe you'll actually read the article that way so you can better trash on some people halfway around the world who think they have better things to do than save the working class driving those same polluting cars that are killing you.

Just popping in to remind everyone that I’m still often lurking around the comment section. If anyone needs a Spanish-English or English-Spanish translation of a short article or communiqué (or maybe even a zine). Just post the link on the comments or forum section, and I’ll reply with the translation when I can. If for any reason, I’m unavailable, surely someone else will.

Thanks for sticking around, translator.

I'd sure dream of having Chinese translators too, but Spanish is always a must.

Those are lazy-ass e-bikes, not bicycles. They represent always more demand for electric power... Not like that smoky not-too-distant past of Euro cities filled with gas scooters and cars was any cooler, but just a nicer ethical niche for a despicable crowd of soulless urban yuppies.

I call it wreckssentiment. At a psychological level, venting can be healthy, socially in the modern capitalist culture, sport, sex and work are all expressions and activities which fall into the same group of preoccupations, but regulated more with rules. Ýou don't beat up the umpire, your wife or your boss, so instead, after work, or if you're unemployed and angry cos you're bored, you smash some shit up randomly, usually stuff that belongs to happy smug type of folk, yeah, yuppies, or X-tians in rich suburbs mostly, not in poor neighbourhoods or you could die fòr trashing an e-bike.
PS How does one log- off @news?

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