Sad news: Sam Mbah has died

  • Posted on: 18 November 2014
  • By: worker

From Sam Mbah blog

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that Sam Mbah has died. He died on November 6 2014, of complications arising from his heart condition. His recovery had appeared to be going well, but then a crisis arose and he was rushed to hospital. He died a short time later.

I am very upset to hear of Sam’s death. He was a great human and comrade. I only knew him for a few years, but he made a big impression on me. He was kind and thoughtful, and had a brilliant mind. The world is worse without him. Many, many comrades and activists around the globe will be saddened to hear of this loss. Our thoughts are with Sam’s family and friends. We send our sympathy and condolences.

– Jeremy, blog administrator


I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I have never heard of this person before. How is this person significant?

You don't mean to be disprespectful, but you are. There's a link to a website where in 30 seconds or less you could find out who this person was. You could google it just as fast. Put in a minimal effort to understand or click on something else without comment.

So piss poor news? If you wanna know Google it?

lol we get better info from mainstream media.

Be self righteous about it though.

Why is asking more disrespectful than googling it? Remember before google existed and we all had to actually talk to each other about things? Learn from each other?

it's not. it's BETTER to ask real people for answers than some Google robot. wtf!

I felt the same way. Anarchist media is seriously sub par. Any other report would have included something about the man's life and his contributions while this is totally void of any of that sort of information.

As if they expect we're superhackers who're supposed to know everything already... I know. I would have like to learn of his existence in 2012, especially.

African Anarchism: The history of a movement on See Sharp in 1997.


And what a battle for Sam it must have been, to tackle the fortress of traditional superstition, to ward off the neo-colonialist legacy of political duplicity. RIP

Wrong picture posted, that is a pic of Tracey Morgan

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