• Posted on: 23 April 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>SAN FRANCISCO MAY DAY 2005 MARCH

What: May Day March and Rally in Solidarity with Local Labor Struggles and Immigrant Workers.
When/Where: Sunday May 1st.
3PM- March from Jefferson Square Park (Gough/Turk 10 minute walk from Civic Center BART)
5PM- Rally at Dolores Park (18th/Dolores)
7PM- Town-Hall meeting, food, music, film screening at CellSpace (2050 Bryant near 18th St.)</td><td><img src="./files/pictures/anarchistaction.gif"></td></tr></table>

Who: Anarchist Action, Bay Area Anarchist Council, Industrial Workers of
the World- Bay Area Chapter.

May Day is International Workers Day. It was born out of the struggles of
workers here in America in 1886, when general strikes broke out across the
land and were met with bloody repression - including the Haymarket
Massacre in Chicago, followed by the frame-up and state-sanctioned
executions of several anarchist labor organizers.

Since then, it has been observed world-wide as International Workers Day.
This year once again, all over the globe, working people will take to the
streets to celebrate their struggle for workers' rights and opposition to
the capitalist’s wars.

We stand for a world free of bosses and borders. We are fighting and
struggling so that one-day we will abolish them and take back control of
our own lives, workplaces, and communities. This May Day, we will take
back the streets of this city and stand in solidarity with the struggles
of immigrant workers.

We will gather on Sunday May 1st at 3 PM at Jefferson Square Park
(Gough/Turk) and march to Dolores Park in San Francisco’s Mission
district. There we will hold a rally including speakers from recent and
ongoing local labor and immigrant workers struggles with a report-back
from the recent delegation, which went to Arizona protesting the racist
vigilantes Minuteman Project. The march and rally will be followed by
food, music, and a free movie screening at 7PM at Cellspace (2050 Bryant
St). We will also hold a brief town-hall style meeting at Cellspace where
we will discuss plans for fighting back against the proposed cuts and fare
hike of San Francisco’s public transportation system.

Our final organizing meeting will be on Sunday April 24th at New College
in San Francisco (766 Valencia St) Room 11B from 1PM to 3PM.

In Solidarity,

Anarchist Action

Bay Area Anarchist Council

Industrial Workers of the World- Bay Area Branch


uh.. this is 2008 right? this event seems to be from 2005 and other than the IWW neither of these groups are around.

hey, let's all march to Chicago against the Vietnam War.

meet tomorrow at Lincoln Park.

Admin.. you know by ignoring these sorts of postings you don't turn this site into a sect.