San Francisco Yuppies Attacked In Solidarity With Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters

  • Posted on: 22 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In the early morning of August 22 in San Francisco's Mission District, we joyfully attacked all presence of gentrification and yuppie windows we could find. These malicious acts were done in solidarity with those in the Pacific Northwest resiting Grand Jury's. New and old condos, cafes, BMW's, Porsches, Mercedes, antique stores, fine restaurants, modern furniture stores, among many others, had their windows permanently etched with (A), DIE, Die Yuppie Scum, Fuck Off Yuppies, Yuppies Out!, and a variety of other obscenities.

To our companions currently facing or who do face Grand Jury's in the future: SAY NOTHING! You have waves of invisibles behind you ready to coalesce from the woodwork and attack at the ready. </td><td><img title="mal·ice noun /ˈmaləs/ 1. The intention or desire to do evil; ill will" src=""></td></t...

The people and businesses we attacked, with smiles and laughs, have for decades and still continue to actively displace and destroy the generations of families in The Mission while continuing the project of capital by commodifying and compartmentalizing all modes of existence and ways of being. This project of capital is enforced and backed-up in every regard with the constant harassment, beatings and murders of the San Francisco Police Department. In this regard we send our fiercest love to those who recently rendered unusable SFPD and OPD vehicles - We see your actions, are inspired and continue the attack. It's so easy!

We also send our revolutionary fire to the Tinley Park 5, The Cleveland 4, Cece Mcdonald, Eric McDavid, Marie Mason and all others who attack the existent.


yay, just what we need - more tourists.

are you really promoting violence against me again? maybe think it over. it's really fucking pathetic.

-not a yuppie

In b4 Keating.

ummm. i cant find any proof of this.

Because you need the media to validate the truth for you?

this is what happened: an bonkers twit wrote this to promote violence against their perceived enemies. and then the obnoxious twit who runs this site posted it.

now all the people who are validated by the media can feel smug, and the threat of truth will have been bullied away.

if you jack off to a cartoon, is it real?

it looks like it was posted on indybay first actually, then reposted here

Yeah, does not seemed to have happened at all

see below

I supported the real anarchists who hit the police station last April. I'll support real action. not symbolic, petty, reactionary nonsense that's *not even good*.

I doubt the folks responsible for this care if anon supports them or not. And I think it's awesome. Funniest part of the linked article? Where they claim that anarchists are confused, because yuppie pieces of shit dress down and style themselves as bohemians. Oh, wait, you mean they bought their clothes at a designer vintage store? Sorry about those broken windows then...

the article isn't funny, and neither are you.

Funny in an ironic way, but I suppose humor is a matter of taste. You should really hear some of my prepared material before rushing to judgement though.

no, trust me, i have a very comprehensive understanding of irony and sarcasm.

oh we trust you anon AND your judgement

first of all, that was irony. second of all, oh no hey i've got an idea trust the judgment of your favorite comrades! it has been just great, fucking GREAT. top-notch judgment.

End of the day, it's a start. It's more than you did with your keystrokes of negativity. It's likely more than you've ever done for this human race, for this planet, or for yourself. Rather than escalate, emulate, and push FURTHER, you choose to sit in the background like some kind of fucking agent provocateur. For that, fuck you very much, my brother, and best of luck in your lack of travels.


chalk one up for mental illness

our mental illness is only a reflection of the mentally ill society we live in, much like the mutated butterfly in chernobyl with 3 wings.

keep romanticising been sick, empty, and without ethics..

i blame you.

no shit. you need a scapegoat and a strawman, because you are a small mean person.

it's not a matter of opinion that our society produces individuals who regularly slaughter random people, nor that the US operates the largest prison system in the world. these are the facts, the factual outcomes of a society that is insane.

yes that's all very factual, but not in the insane context you are implying, and in which you thrive.

what context is that?

i'm done with u now.

No, you're being done.



I'd like to reply to this if it was even intelligible, but seemingly you can't even write a damn readable one-liner. But perhaps you're just a 12 year-old dork, or perhaps you didn't manage to read that far.

But I'll try my best...

"sick, empty and without ethics"... you were referring to society here? Yeah, it's just like that.


<3 from one of the seattle @'s. Keep it real comrades, keep it real.

"You have waves of invisibles behind you ready to coalesce from the woodwork and attack at the ready."

No, you don't.

Yay!! <3 from one of the Portland anarchists.

The insane clown posse led by Kevin Keating comes to our neighborhood to get the yuppies riled up about the scary dark people lurking in the corners who want to spill wine on their midcentury couches...Gay cops who do nothing but ride bycycles around all day and drink lattes are almost preferable.



This is what happens when you take young weak minded people and give them an old leftist political theory to work with and market it as "anarchy." Idiots.

i'm so angryyyyyyyy!!!! yaaargh!!!!! urghh!!!!

Did this event actually happen, or not? The bourgeois media doesn't appear to be covering it, althought that isn't necessarily proof that it didn't happen.

Analysis of earlier effort to fight the gentrification of SF's Mission District:

Thanks for making my daily walk a little prettier!

instagram or it didn't happen

LOL Die, yuppie scum!

Yuppies out of San Francisco or anarchists out of San Francisco? Which sounds more appealing? Or, subtitled, should we send yuppies to the woods while we dwell in squalor? Yuppies of of where! It's SAN FRANCISCO, their bread and butter. Damnit! Stop fighting over dead ground for pipin.

Wow! People ready to fight over these corporations who don't give a fuck about them and ready to fight over all of these worthless "material" things, and not themself and their freedoms being taken away?!?!?! What the fuck!?!??! It's a mad world we live in no doubt.

I'm with you guys, I got you're back forget these fake fucks on here who dissagree with this, for all we know these are Cops or more brainwash simple minded yuppies who found their way onto here from google or some source out of curiousity finding who did this.


(A)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RISE UP AND FIGHT BACK!

Cover you're face well good out their all you comrades on here!
They got the cameras watching everywhere when you go out doing these things. POLICE ARE USING FACIAL RECOGNITIONS TO CATCH YOU AND DON'T CARE HOW MUCH WORK TO GO THROUGH TO GET YOU! As you should already know. Cover you're face and eyes! Trust me. They're trying to put us all down. Cover up big brother is watching. Thats all I have to say.



oh the my god this atmosphere of Absolute Terror and Fear. I so scared.

hahahahahahahaha...not terror or fear...but being smart and keeping the pigs off you're back. A jail revolutionary is a useless revolutionary. If I answered this right.

cool himmler

Fuck you! And fuck that Nazi scum!

No jailed revolutionnaries are "useless". They are our friends and comrades.

Of course it's much wiser to be careful not to get caught, but the point is that society of control has to be brought down, and that is partly from inside the jails that it must. Solidarity cannot be controlled.

Why shouldn't we attack yuppies who amount to settlers stealing our neighborhoods? My ancestors from the Native American side of the family had to fight settlers with bow and tomahawk, and didn't fool around when it came to defending the land.

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