Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Mother of Divine Providence Parish During the Visit of the Pope

  • Posted on: 22 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

via insurrection news

Around 05:00hrs on January 16, 2018, the Mother of Divine Providence Parish located in the commune of Puente Alto suffered an arson attack.

Anonymous attackers managed to break the padlock of the perimeter fence of the religious temple, then set the Vatican and Chilean flags on fire at the the feet of a sculpture of the Virgin, as well as throwing incendiary devices at the doors of the Parish.

The fire began to spread both at the door and inside the Parish before being discovered by priests and security guards who extinguished it. At the scene they would have found anarchist leaflets which were not mentioned by the media, but would have contained slogans against religion and the Pope’s visit to Chile.

GOPE (Special Operations Police Group), Labocar (forensic investigation police) and prosecutors arrived at the scene to investigate the arson attack that adds to the series of incendiary and explosive attacks before the Pope’s visit, the arson attack against a church in Melipilla and the burning of religious temples in Wallmapu.*

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)

*Note from Insurrection News: Mention should also be made of the incendiary/explosive attack against the Apostolistic Movement of Schoenstatt Sanctuary in La Florida, that was claimed by the Anticlerical Incendiary Cell ‘Hortensia Quinio’ FAI-FRI.


On 18th Jan. the Peruvian state banned demonstrations against the Pope's visit following burning of at least 11 Catholic churches in Chile and teargassing of anti-Pope demonstrators "One of the pope’s sharply contested decisions – to appoint a Chilean bishop with close ties to the country’s most notorious pedophile priest – soured many on the visit before it even began. While Francis celebrated Mass on Tuesday at a large park in Santiago, riot police shot tear gas and arrested dozens of protesters as they tried to march on the service....When asked why he defended Bishop Juan Barros, the former protege of the pedophile priest, Francis said there was no proof Barros knew about the abuse and called those accusations against him slanderous." -

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