Science & Society Accepting Papers on Anarchist: Theory, Practice, Roots, Current Trend

  • Posted on: 25 August 2012
  • By: worker

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Science & Society is planning a special issue on the broad theme of anarchism, as appearing in both past and present-day political movements. While contributors will of course shape the content and perspectives of the issue as it develops, we especially encourage contributions within the following subject areas:

1. The nature of anarchist theory and practice, from the standpoint of historical materialism. Anarchism as a laboratory for the study of the material roots of ideology. Does the existing body of anarchist writing contribute to Marxist understandings of the state? Of the nature of ruling-class hegemony? Of the balance between spontaneity and organization in the struggles of working and oppressed classes and strata? Of transformations in capitalism related to globalization, neoliberalism, financialization, cognitive commodities, creative labor, etc.?</td><td><img title="Marx = poop. Do you understand?" src=""></td></...
2. The classical roots of anarchist thought in the works of Bakunin, Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, and others, especially in relation to the position of Marx and Engels in the International Working Men’s Association and the individual-country working-class movements of the 19th century.

3. The specific features of present-day anarchist thought. Survey of books, journals, websites, blogs. The role of new information technologies in contemporary social and political debate.

4. Anarchism in today’s new social movements: the anti- and counter-globalization protests; the uprising against the WTO, Seattle, 1999; the World Social Forum and its regional and national counterparts; and the present-day Occupy movement, in the United States and internationally. What is the nature of anarchism’s influence, and how has it evolved? How is anarchism conceptualized in today’s Occupy movement, and how do these conceptions differ from classical anarchism?

5. Anarchism and “black shirt” practices on the left, old and new, from the 19th century to the Spanish Civil War, to the 1960s peace movements and up to the present. How central is anarchist theory to these practices? Can it be separated from them?

6. The relation between anarchism and libertarianism. Does anarchist thought transcend the distinction between political right and left? Does anarchism have a distinctive post-capitalist vision?

While we expect contributors to innovate and shape their papers according to specific interests and views, we encourage them to contact the Guest Editors (email parameters provided below), so that completeness of coverage can be achieved, and duplication avoided, to the greatest extent possible.

We are looking for articles in the 7,000-8,000 word range. Projected publication is Spring 2014, so we would like to have manuscripts in hand by January 2013. Discussion about the project overall, and suggestions concerning content, should begin immediately.

The Guest Editors are: Russell Dale; Justin Holt; and John P. Pittman.



Very weird stuff. Science & Society are the most retrograde Stalinist of the old marxist journals.

"Does the existing body of anarchist writing contribute to Marxist understandings of the state?"

Why should anarchists contribute to marxism and marxist intellectuals and snobs?

I say "Less Marx, More Fourier !"

MARX is NOT the be all, end all of humanity. Jesus fucking christ people!
Fuck Marx. Google "smash and grab". Start there.

Yeah, fuck Marx, and his volumes on capitalism, the commodity, primitive accumulation, enclosure, general intellect, etc. Just fuck it, don't read it, mkay?

Well you couldn't be an anarchist with that ignorant fucking trollish attitude. Could YOU critique capitalism beside somethink like,,,

"Duh, fuck da rich fucking 99% duh"


"Ooo, fuck da yuppie they took away my fucking breakfast duh"


" I got pox in my ass cos a capitalist has been there my whole fucking life derrr, whine"

Yes, because we HAVE to read Marx or we're bumbling imbeciles you can't have opinions on capitalism without referencing HIM first!

He is the one and only. Only his critiques count. We are mere mortals and must look to him as a God, and not have any other false idols!


"you can't have opinions on capitalism without referencing HIM first!"


You have to *read* him before you can trash his work.

But that's the problem: y'all can't read Marx. Too busy on the internetz...

no, cant read marx cuz its boring and irrelevant.

How would you know, you haven't read him

All his followers are dumb and authoritarian. That's usually a sign that the author is also dumb.

Not really .. but it's a sign that followers are dumb and authoritarian, which we knew already?

It should be possible to read Marx or other writers inspired by some of his ideas without becoming "a follower" or a "Marxist". As was written here, we should "assess both Marx and Bakunin as Marx and Bakunin themselves had to assess, say, Babeuf or Fourier."

Only a small mind can not and will not objectively consider an opposing idea out of fear.

Even if Marx existed it would be necessary to abolish Him.

I think an anarchist critique of the scientific(Western)society must consider the hierarchical structure required for a reproduction of precision and uniformity (ala mechanical totalitarianism), vs the aesthetic of allowing free-flowing creative nuances derived from a spontaneous unhindered FUCK YOU AUTHORITY attitude.

juz defining the direction of alternative methodologies.

that stalin is so hot right now. he's been poised to make a comeback for years

Science and society: two things i hate immensely

These aren't even interesting questions. It's stuff that requires a lot of work and provides little insight.

"The material roots of ideology"? That's funny.

Sooo, ummm, you think that consumerism is some fucking fantasy to laugh at?!?! Try inverting your values, oh no , wait,,,,,101, do you know what reification is? Like,,,are you some kind of giggling nmoron one sees in the mall everyday?>

What part of the commodity as uncircumcised Jew ( From Capital ) do you not understand?

Sieg Heil Xenu-Poop Marx!

Dude, ideology doesn't have roots in the material, it has roots everywhere. That's what's funny. Thinking that ideology (superstrucuture) comes strictly from the base is 19th century gobbledygook.

Cool anti-ideology, bro.

True, I was putting the cart before the donkey. hal.

What is this everywhere which is not material?

you seem to be saying that ideology has its roots in...ideology. truth!

There are no malls where I live.

You is right people. We don't need to read any idols like Marx. We also don't need to make any anarchist into an idol. I think we'd do best in watching Zeitgeist and listen to Alex Jones. Zionists are controlling the world and they blew up the 9/11 buildings in Seattle 1999. Anarchy is freedom not school! Read the anarchist cookbook!

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” - Thomas Jefferson

You are a fucking moron!!

she was clearly just kidding

For real. I don't see why people get so upset. It is like what George Orwell said in his 1984 book "Watership Down" "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."

You couldn't get a Marxist to provide this kind of information. It is like what Sid Vicious, a member of the Clash said when confronted with hostility "I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don't have to be nice anymore."

Anarchy means equality of order and chaos!

Hey you have some details mixed, LOL, George Orwell didn't write "Watership Down" I think you've mixed "Animal Farm" with another animal orientated parody. But your comment still stands up despite this petty mistake. Also, Sid Vicious was Sex Pistols, not the Clash, and your summary, >

"Anarchy means equality of order and chaos!" is an ambiguous contradiction, a totally moronic statement.

I will forgive you if you mail me some of the substances you possess and are obviously under the influence of, they seem potent, unless you be an imbecile?!

what the hell are "black shirt" practices?

They're hoping no one will notice their conflation of black bloc with "black shirt". The latter refers to organized fascist violence. Another cheap shot.

ya i noticed that too....

black shirts???? i think the poster is senile and lived threw germany in ww2

Italy had black shirts. Germany had brown.

and italy took the black shirts from the anarchists (who in turn took it from Garibaldi's Red Shirts) when Mussolini stopped being and anarcho-syndicalist.


Mussolini was an anarcho-syndicalist?!


Mussolini was a socialist syndicalist type but never have read anything indicating Anarcho-Syndicalist. This coming from someone who is downright critical of Anarcho-Syndicalism, since a majority of anarchists I have ever met identify as so and seem soft on a state-less life...Liberals who accidentally read Rudolph Rocker and are extremely confused.

He was a fucking romanticist and aesthetist, he didn't have one political bone in his body, only a meglomaniacal artistic tendency, the reason Hitler adopted him, being another of his kind, Wagner, Julius Caesar! Churchill? Maybe Richard the fucking lion hearted! Stalin!? Possibly Igor the fucking terrible or Vlad the Impaler? Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon? WTF would you besides Machiavellian christian humanism, which is just the same as regards collateral damage, but put thyem ALL together as meglomaniacal destroyers, akin to Attila. Their relationship was based on sentimentalities and dominance and not on empathy and realities.

I would like to contribute an article on the role of Bakunin in the Russian Populist Movement, specifically his relationship to Nechaev and Nechaev as an anarchist prototype. I am an active participant in the Labor Outreach Committee of Occupy Wall Street.

David Berger

I'd like to read that. I am skeptical, but open.

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