Scotland Yard 'eco-spy' Mark Kennedy dragged into French anarchist plot

  • Posted on: 11 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" UK</a> - by Henry Samuel, Paris

<em>A former Scotland Yard officer who infiltrated groups of environmental "terrorists" has been dragged into a high-profile investigation in France over claims he provided "fantasist" information leading to 10 activists' arrest. </em>

Mark Kennedy, 42, who spent seven years posing as "ecowarrior" Mark Stone, was exposed as a police spy in Britain last year following the collapse of a prosecution against environmental activists.

During his undercover life, he visited 11 countries on more than 40 occasions, fielding information to the UK's National Public Order Intelligence Unit, now the National Domestic Extremism Unit.

Since he was unmasked, 20 convictions in cases he was involved in against activists have been quashed in the court of appeal. He was also sued by three female eco-activists for being "duped" into having sexual relations with a policeman.

Now his name has cropped up in the investigation into French activists over an alleged anarchist plot to overthrow the state.</td><td><img title="Fucking piece of shit" src=""></td></tr></ta...

Their lawyers insist that the investigation is unfairly based on information Mr Kennedy allegedly provided to his UK police unit, including claims the activists discussed and "practised" building improvised explosive devices.

The French leftists are under formal investigation for allegedly sabotaging high-speed train lines – seen as a high-profile symbol of the French state – in November 2008, causing massive delays but no injuries. They deny any wrongdoing.

Mr Kennedy's role in the inquiry could see the case quashed.

The so-called "Tarnac affair" erupted in November 2008 when 100 French police raided the tiny rural village of Tarnac, arresting anti-capitalists running a communal farm and village shop.

The government of then President Nicolas Sarkozy alleged they were dangerous "anarcho-terrorists" hoping to overthrow the state.

French sociology graduate Julien Coupat was accused of being the group's "ringleader" and author of a seminal work, The Coming Insurrection.

It has now emerged that British police helped French prosecutors build a case against the campaigners by confirming Mr Coupat's presence at two activists' meetings in France and one in New York. In one of them, it said, "the making of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) was both discussed and practised".

Detective Chief Inspector Richard May, Mr Kennedy's former boss, told the French prosecutors that the "source of this intelligence will never be revealed and no formal statements will be provided".

But William Bourdon, the lawyer representing the French activists, has written to the investigating judge in charge of the case demanding Mr Kennedy's role be clarified. He wants all intelligence reports, which he says were deliberately hidden from the defence, to be declassified.

"Relying on agents like Mark Kennedy is a threat to the rule of law," he told the Daily Telegraph. "If evidence is exchanged, shared, interpreted in a clandestine way by intelligence services then recycled, whitewashed judicially, it opens the door to all types of manipulation."

He said he reserved the right to ask for intelligence officials who drew up the reports and "even Kennedy himself."


now that's interesting.

Apart from that bankrupt bully, the shitty French State, no-one I know calls the Tarnac accused anarchist. Even, and especially themselves. So this is less 'anarchist' news than police - Marxist news?

Youse tell me.

Signed pro2rat

Eh, they always lump the shitty ones with us... Even if said shitty ones would rather not.

shut up man

anyone who is so obsessed with the definition of what counts as anarchist that they refuse to take an interest in one of the most interesting theorists in the past few decades is not my comrade

Say what you will, but the Tarnac 9 are definitely not Marxists.

Definitely not. The ones who visited two years ago argued about this rather strenuously when some Marxists tried to insist that the texts of Tiqqun in general, and The Coming Insurrection in particular are compatible with a Marxist class analysis.

Declaring yourself an anarchist in Europe means something different from what it means in the US and Canada; I would not call myself an anarchist if I lived anywhere in Europe.

What do you mean? What is the difference?

I am also intrigued... Whatya mean?

Take a look at some European anarchist websites (most have bits in English), contact anarchists in Europe, talk to American anarchists who've visited European anarchists. Your own research and conclusions will sit better with you than my partisan opinion. You could do no worse than starting over at

yea, except for having to deal with the bullshit that is libcom.
but definitely an educational experience.

What would you call yourself if you lived in Europe, then?

"What would you call yourself if you lived in Europe, then?"

I'd call myself Mister Grumpy. In France I'd hang out with my friends from Tarnac. In Germany I'd hang out with my friends in the autonomist scene. In Greece and England I'd hang out with my friends from Occupied London.

Ha ha. I should just move away then, so I can just be Mlle Grumpy and be done with it. So sick of this shit.

You do know that Occupied London explicitly self-describes as anarchist, right? Not saying that there's anything wrong with you wanting to disassociate yourself from European anarchy, just weird that you're so keen to go "oh, if I was in Europe I wouldn't have anything to do with the European anarchist scene, I'd just hang out with people from this explicitly anarchist project."

That doesn't soeak for the entire European Anarchist scene. Trust me, European Anarchism is the same as Anarchism anywhere. Get off the internet. Seriously. Do yourself some good.

IF I was an a news anon I would name drop a bunch of hip projects and then adjust my black rain jacket

So, wait, am I reading this wrong, or are you declaring that all anarchists on the continent of Europe are not "real anarchists"? This is a new high/low, even by @news standards.

My guess is this is because European anarchists are still committed to historically Left ideas, whereas Americans flirt with right wing militias, because they've been taught to "have an open mind", and that class doesn't really exist, only born leaders and born followers. And yet, there are no differences, however gaping, that cannot be resolved between those of the same class position. Everything they do is perfect.

I suspect there is One American, somewhere in the North West of The United States, drinking one Coca-Cola, from a single straw, who is a real authentic Anarchist. And this one anarchiste, he has the god given right to decree who is and who is not a real anarchist. Herein, if he were to get into bed with proven neo-fascists who manipulate anarchist rhetoric for bigoted, sociopathic ends, and declare them anarchists, so be it; they are.

People who have been working for decades writing about social justice, who actually care about this shit...they are just throwaway activists. For real. The neo-fascists are fun!!!

It isn't sexist at all. Ask Libcom.

fuuuuck.... AXE 2 GRIND ova heyeah

"So, wait, am I reading this wrong, or are you declaring that all anarchists on the continent of Europe are not "real anarchists"? This is a new high/low, even by @news standards."

So, yes, your are reading this wrong. I'm declaring most anarchists in Europe to be different from most anarchists in the US and Canada. This is a new low in reading comprehension, even by @news anonymous standards.

So what is the difference exactly? It sounds like something terrible enough that you would not even call yourself an anarchist there. Or is there some other reason for being so evasive?

i don't think it's a question of the difference being something "terrible" it's more that it just means something different. so if i say i'm an anarchist in the u.s. it means one thing, and if i say i'm an anarchist in italy it means something different. perhaps what i mean when i say i'm an anarchist is closer to what is referred to as an autonomist, for example. just different histories, different practices, different cultures. nothing terrible.

That's right, there's nothing terrible about the difference. What's terrible is the way that stupid Americans like you think they have a lock on all that is right in the world, and that anything that falls outside of that American superiority is bad. Your philosophical and intellectual sterility is showing.

Anarchists and autonomists/ultraleftist are basically the same thing in Europe. And it has been that way from the beginning. So whats the difference again?

Or rather, autonomists/ultra-leftists and anarchists heavily overlap and are mixed together in Europe. It is almost impossible to tell them apart. It has been that way for twenty-thirthy years.

'European anarchist' here:

You guys are fucking idiots.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?


Well...I'll try to explain.

Many American anarchists have a very poor grasp on the conditions and situations surrounding them and an even more inadequate view of struggles elsewhere. They catch glimpses of things in "Europe"--which seems like some mostly homogenous identity one can make blanket statements about mostly to people who believe in the same bad conception of America at large--and it looks in videos or whatever like the struggle is so much hotter there. This is enticing, but relatively few American anarchists can actually afford--financially or otherwise--to go travel in Europe. Among those who do, some come back with some partial knowledge imparted to them by...who knows who, some "European anarchist" excited at the opportunity to present himself as an authority to some naive American. The American comes back and some anarchists are excited to gather around them and hear about what it's like where the struggle is more real or whatever...this strokes his ego and suddenly he's this authority, spreading dumb misconceptions like "Anarchists and autonomists/ultraleftist are basically the same thing in Europe" or "Greek anarchists don't have a subculture" or "French anarchists don't even like Tiqqun" or whatever. Ooohs and ahhs all around, and maybe our little riot tourist even gets to write an article for some milieu journal and flaunt his knowledge, while those who listened to him are emboldened by the anonymity of internet commenting to go on repeating what they think they know.

* snort *

* facepalm *

* shakeshead *

this isn't the original poster who used the word difference. it is the mentally ill troll.

Why do so many Marxists like Tiqqun and the Coming Insurrection ?

This is a real question. I'm very curious as I'm new to this stuff. I know Marxists who are not fond of the usual marxist political party stuff that really like Tiqqun/TCI type material.

Tiqqun and The Coming Insurrection represent more of anti-state communism or the Insurrectionary tendency. Not quite Anarchist, not quite Marxist.

That's the confusing part of the term "Insurrectionary," its a mixed grab bag of ideas. That's why some Marxists like the Insurrectionary ideas.

Tiqqun is Marxist and The Coming Insurrection is Marxist

that strikes me as an odd characterization of their ideas since they pointedly always talk about spectacle and biopower, leaving out capital. they may be marxists in some senses but they are very strange ones and they have a lot in common with anarchists even though they have critiqued anarchism

I'm not sure if they're marxist, but I don't view them as anarchist. Wolfi Landstreicher had a good piece on them not being anarchist but Communist (the one thing Glenn Beck has said right.)

You sit in the far left aisle, and you are in denial.

"fantasist" lol

The Tarnac 9 are definitely not marxists but rather anarchists. This is self-evident by just reading the first paragraphs of The Coming Insurrection! These words say it all >

"The sphere of political representation has come to a close.From left to right, it's the same nothingness striking the pose of an emperor or savior, the same sales assistants adjusting their discourse according to the findings of the latest survey."

the ultra-left defined the menace that is neo-liberalism. learn to read.

neo-liberalism!? Is that fetishing lattés? Metaphors aren't read, they're interpretted.

no, it goes much deeper than a nytimes article about hipsters. learn to read.

wait! to find context in what appears to be looming troll nauseatic, how do see the tarnac 9?

how is commune formed?

that wasn't a commune, there was no hierarchy, there wasn't even any official itinerary for majority consensus. what does that tell you? learn to think!

do communes have to have hierarchy and official itinerary for majority consensus? that's news to me.

wait! Tarnac wasn't a commune, it was an informal association, there's a big difference. Most communes, even hippy ones, just to illustrate the diversity of forms which communes take, which you seem to be unaware of [read more about it], they all degenerate into instinctually driven power systems which ultimately reify as hierarchical relationships, gender, knowledge and physical dominance being the main ingredients. Surely you knew that, and are, as I predicted, being nauseatingly trollish?

I think they were saying that everything that's called a commune isn't as formal as the proverbial commune, not that Tarnac was a commune.
I also wouldn't use the word commune, but again it's a word that has a very ambiguous common use meaning.

They inspired a lot of anarchists, the action they were arrested for was anarchist, and there are anarchist ideas in their work - but no, I don't think they are Anarchists Proper. Or Anything TM Proper. I think that was part of the whole point (which makes them, incidentally, more theoretically anarchist than many anarchists). Their work is an evasive hodge podge of philosophies to best serve showing contempt for the time. It's a work of literature, not a political program. I don't think they are confused about this.

It's not a work of fiction or of literature in the artistic sense, and I don't know how you could describe it as an evasive hodge-podge of philosophies. That's absurd! What the hell is an Anarchist Proper? If you're the poster who suggested I learn to read, well, you are getting deeper into the shit

You're an idiot.

I came to the same decision about you. Can this be fixed?

No, because you're just a common troll with no interest in having a conversation.

That's not true, you were insulting, I merely offered opinions. But yes, I am finished with you, that's not trolling

showing contempt for the times = showing contempt for capitalism. have some imagination, admit that the carnat 9 are anarchists, improper according to YOUR definition, but living a form of anarchy similar to the USA style

I'm sorry that you're a troll :'( It's not my fault, really. First God made you a troll, and then Society made you a troll, and so you are.

OK, to inflate your ego and make you feel all warm and euphoric inside,,,yes, I'm a proud anarchist troll who has been caught out! *holds back tear*. Good luck with your internet campaign

also how do you see TCI?

tiqqun, though a collection of differing individuals, says they are not marxists, the same way marx said he wasnt a marxist, so take that for what it is

umm, there isn't anything inherently anarchist in that sentence.....but...who cares? why don't we just read what inspires us instead of frothing at the mouth over some ideological nitpickery?

well I don't much care whether or not they count as anarchists. I mostly don't read anarchist writers

but not many non-anarchists would have written that explicit and complete rejection of political representation... if someone wants to call them an anarchist based on that it doesn't seem like a huge stretch to me

because then we wouldn't be armchair, keyboard anarchists who DO nothing but flame wars over narrow definitions of who counts. "I count, I count, and you all don't count. look at me; all attention on me; I count." seems a little like someone who grew up on bourgeois individualism and a shit load of tv advertising. uhhhhhhhh, sounds like a-news "anarchists."

Tarnac anarchists are anarchists with some Marxist affinities (kind of like all anarchists insofar as they include in their analysis a Marxian oriented dimension of class). get over it.

they reject class as a terrain struggle.

Take Marxist ideas and translate it into Insurrectionary linguistics and you somehow have Anarchism....its amazing.

for causing such widespread reactions in this scene, the authors of tiqqun and the coming insurrection have not been understood properly by anarchist, or marxists for that matter, of which they are neither. they are CRITICAL METAPHYSICIANS. anyone who has looked into their work at more than a superficial level will realize that the shit they are on is much more radical than that.

They are French, with that penchant for stilted rhetoric.
The time will come when all must put their cards on the table:
What do you wish preserved, and what do you wish to go away?
A simple, basic question, not answered by rhetorical flourishes.

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