Scripta Manent Trial Statement by Comrade Gioacchino Somma

Originally published in Italian at Croce Nera Anarchica, English translation via AMW.

Two years after the beginning of this trial, which I am facing with my comrades, anarchist brothers and sisters, and after letting the prospecutor speak, with a sick fantasy that does not surprise anyone, today more than ever I reaffirm with even more force the fact that I am an anarchist, an individualist and an insurrectionist.

Having read thousands of pages of court files, written by the different inquisitors of Turin and Naples, has made me even more convinced that it is better to sometimes have problems with justice, rather than for it to agree with you.

I keep my ideas, which you do not like because they aim at the destruction of everything that has to do with your miserable world.

If I could have chosen, I would never have been born, but others chose for me and I was only able to live in this world in my own way. I will never be part of the herd to which you dictate the path of grazing… I am different. I prefer to leave the trails and walk with the wolves.

Guilty or innocent?

No thanks. I leave this dirty little game to you.

I am an anarchist, so your enemy forever!

I am alongside my brothers and sisters, who you keep locked up in your state prisons. I am in solidarity with my comrades Alfredo, Nicola, Alessandro, Danilo, Marco, Anna, Valentina and all anarchists detained for other reasons all over the world… from South America to Greece!

It will not be the threat of the blade of a sentence hanging over my head that keeps me away from them.

It hurt me not to be able to write to them during these two years, but I decided not to throw pearls to the swine… and it is clear that the pigs are not my brothers and sisters in prisons, but those who followed me for six years, those who put a microphone in my room and those who listened to everything going on in this room. Fortunately, I blocked the eye of your dear Agent Elena, this crap that still vegetates today in my computer. I hope to have only offered you material for your “intellectual masturbation” and nothing else…

For me, it is a compliment to be defined as “terrorist” by a state that, through its armed forces, murders in its police stations, in its barracks and in its prisons; that has always been the legal facade of the Mafia, Camorra, ‘Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unita, besides being the author of massacres in squares, trains, planes and that lately has been submerging boats loaded with people who are abandoning the places where they were born because of the wars the West has waged in their countries.

Yes, I want to subvert all that!

As I said at the beginning of this trial, I claim as mine and only mine the project of RadioAzione, on the site of which I published all the texts with which I feel in affinity, complicity and solidarity. I claim the texts signed “RadioAzione” as mine and I confirm that I still think today what I thought at that time. I claim every word said on the radio. I claim the will to translate texts claiming direct actions carried out by anarchist comrades all over the world. Because I am for direct action! I claim the fact of having translated the texts of the anarchist comrades locked up in prisons around the world. I claim to have supported, collaborated and organized meetings for Croce Nera Anarchica. I claim to have always supported fellow prisoners, even with initiatives for their economic support. I claim to be anti-authoritarian, individualistic, for the insurrection, for the destruction of this dirty and foul world and for the destruction of the Capital State!

Always your enemy!

For Anarchy!

Gioacchino Somma

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"I am an anarchist, so your enemy forever!"

"Always your enemy!"


^ absolutely.

"I keep my ideas, which you do not like because they aim at the destruction of everything that has to do with your miserable world."

comrade gioacchino gets it.

Republicans have already identified anarchists (along with monists and any other political views that don't fit with the republic) as their enemies. Rousseau bluntly said these enemies had no rights and must be fought against mercilessly.

Then the farce of democracy came. And do you know.what they say, in commoj wisdom, about the difference between democracy and dictatorship? Where the latter says "stfu", the first says "keep talking".

Of course, the modern States have kept oscillating between dictatorship and a.more democratic liberal order. The societies they produces are roughly the same crap. Where in the end, it's either about subjuguation to the dictates of the consensus ("there's no alternative to capitalism", because that's what the perceived totality of people keep supporting, therefore it is recognized as the hard consensus, that is often equated as "human nature"), or its rejection.

But how do you reject it... By saying you despise its shit society and its crappy utopias? Mass society and its State doesn't care what you're saying. "Nobody cares" is the gold adage. You didn't discover it; it discovered YOU.

Like the podcasts published here, like the Youtube vids that get 45 views, it gets lost in a sea of insignificant bullshit. Pewdiepie and a some youtube chick have a bigger say than you and me. They are the winners of democracy and you/I/we are its losers... as long as you just "say". If someone cuts Pewdiepie's throat and leaves him to die in a lake, on the other hand... that'll be one hell of a game-changer.

lol, what a sad rant rant where the punchline is “some videos gets very much lots of views and some get very little!”

and all that cuz it irks u dat sum fella got beat for being neat?

cuz some fella got caught for havin faught?

cuz some fella got schooled 4 being cool?

Inherent limitations of "media projects" yo.

Peeeeewdiepie always wins bros! By brainwashing children with a limitless capacity for stupid blather.

i think you need to zoom out to the greater context for why certain mouthpieces cater so well to herding behavior. what about folks like pie makes them appealing?

and also: just because something appears to be popular in a popular forum doesn’t mean the average person has any idea about what it is. youtube’s an amplification of reality, but not reality.

one would do well to understand the model of thought that went into a lot of coding of the internet as we know it: behaviorism. what does it promote? narcissim. there’s a great psychologist helping to understand and dismantle this: sam vaknin.

why look any of this up? it’d be effective to undermine this narcissitic herding behavior.

i wouldn’t doubt, just as pure speculation, that the other popular message to ‘capitalism is all there is’ is ‘the whole world is dying’ and that means that people are going to cling hard to all they know out of fear: the paradigm of the status quo.

the common living space all creatures share is the primary organizing influence, not the human brain. conceptual separations, human ideologies, notions, spooks are not inclusional of the role spatial relations play. nor is economics. it calls all of those influences that can’t be measured ‘externalities.’ the universe is already anarchy, and human attempts to control are delusional.

if the CIA can turn Venezuela dark for a week with cyber, causing 21+ deaths, i've got a lot to answer for

It's definitely covert ground forces too, in all fairness to the nihilist hacker slackers!

hearing something about an EMP device in the upper atmosphere, the people living on space junk might be able to pull it off.

Ever heard the story from a few years back of an old lady who cut off the entire internet in Georgia (the Caucasian country) by simply cutting off an underground cable with a manual saw? Yeah, that happened. Also even less people are aware that most of the city of Calgary, including the whole business district, got in the dark for a week just due to an underground fire that melted HVDC cables together at a crucial intersection point in the grid. If there would be actual anarcho insurrecto networks in NA they could have taken down the whole infrastructure several times over these last few fiery years filled with anger at State/corporate oppression. But instead we had the sheer uncontrollable force of bookfairs and podcasts being unleashed! When will the empire ever recover from it!!! Will this war ever end!?

interesting examples. they may support the assertion that it's easier than it seems, but not that it's hard to understand. in any case, what i referred to as simple to understand was the statement "destroy the internet" as in "internet kaput", not the means by which to achieve it, which you may be correct to label as "hard to understand". since understanding that is a step towards achieving it, i placed it under the part of "hard to achieve".

your point still stands, but i guess both our inverted slogans are silly and inadequate

I'm a slow reader myself. due to some life-long concentration problems, not a lack of reading skills, or cognitive faculties... but if someone can do like 100 books a year, that aren't formulaic fiction or dogmatic crap, then I'd love to be that person. Just like physical exercise, you never do too much brain workout, and I don't see any pitfalls from being too well-read or instructed.

the opportunity cost of "reading", in the abstract, is unquantifiable

a sedentary lifestyle poses health risks, but so does a lot of things

apparently I was being too snarky but anarchy isn't about sitting around, contemplating, IMO.

I'm not against reading obviously but ask me about all the ways the spectacle can capture you.

"I'm a deep thinking, smart person who leads a rich inner life!" This is just another identity.

In the 21st Century humans developed weapons which disabled infrastructure and weapons systems. Rather than killing the enemy they instead brainwashed and indoctrinated them to become their slaves and bolster their own Empire.
An obscure and small opposition group called anarchists launched retalitory propaganda warfare from a suburb in San Francisco called The Bay Area, but were overrun and defeated by a William Gillis and his supports because of their superior weapons. Gillis went on to become President and founded the Galactic Federation of which our spaceships are owned by.

got pwned by willis gillis big time, rip

would like to know how willis beat zuckerborg, musk, and the kurzweilz and nick lands of the shits?

shut up GO3, i'm not asking for ur biased imput, but data's OBJECTIVE AND IMPARTIAL perspective

Obviously by smoking opioid suppositories through a cybernetic fartbong?! Gave him transhumanist powers beyond mortal ken.

Anon 16:54, was that approval, the belief that someone or something is good or acceptable? I am only stating empirical information and don't understand that doing so deserves appreciation.
Willis defeated Zuckerborg, Musk, and the Kurzweilz and Nick Lands because he possessed a monopoly of charisma he stored in his secret invention, the Incredible Charisma Accumulators, which he strategically placed on the outskirts of every North American city with a population greater than one million.
He also invented an Overton Window Dry Wit Generator which, when combined with the Charisma Accumulator, won over 95% of democratic votes in all elections.

sounds legit 100%

thanks, based data

You are welcome, I am here for the crew, however I am thinking of becoming an autonomous cyborg individualist.

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