SEA - Municipal Court Attacked in Solidarity with Grand Jury Witnesses

  • Posted on: 2 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In the early hours of August 2nd, we attacked a municipal court building in Seattle's bedroom community-Kirkland. In addition to multiple broken windows and doors, fliers were left inside the newly "opened" building indicating that our small act was in response to the latest round of State repression of anarchist activity. We refuse the greatest mechanism of the Grand Jury - fear - and let it be known they cannot quell our joyous rebellion. Get them, wild ones.

Long live anarchy! It's easy to attack!

Anarchists</td><td><img title="Agreed and appreciated" src=""></td></tr></ta...


Solidarity from Oakland.

Fuck the state, and fuck the police.

Reactionary. Falling into the state's script.

Reactionary. Falling into your own.

Reactionary. Replying on @news.

Reactionary. Existing.

Reactionary. Getting up in the morning.

No, no, no, no, no. This kind of simplistic comment is a gross misrepresentation of the substantial issue of reaction which anarchists should pay attention to. Attacking courts is not "falling into the state's script," but building a political program of liberation that takes as its basis the reaction to oppression is falling into a trap. Stupid comments like this degrade the significance of such a critique. If that's your intention, quit trolling, and if not, try thinking.

Exactly. Open revolt not clandestine reaction.

'OPEN REVOLT' cried Anon, and Lo! He was heralded for her his bravery

Stop fetishizing publicity, you annoying fuck.

Lol. Huh? It's not about publicity, it's about spreading rebelliousness not isolating it.

Open revolt generally doesn't take place on a deserted city street at 12 in the mourning and last all of 11 minutes. Solidarity with the action, but who's fetishizing what here.

creating false dichotomies; falling into the state's script.

I think you're trolling me. Just for kicks, go fuck yourself.

keep pretending you know what youre taking about


check out these pictures of cops looking like terrified idiots in front of the courthouse.

trolls: please keep making absurd comments of plans for occupying/attacking the courthouse, keep making these cops look more and more idiotic!!

in reality, don't be reactionary. organize and attack on our own terms and for our own reasons. we are against much more than just grand juries. ACAB.

dont look so terrified to me...

yeah ... those pigs look bored. Somebody needs to pull their head out of anarchy's ass.
desperate spin is desperate.

The *institution* looks terrified, to clarify: many cops, geared up with gas masks, weaponry, etc...

This anarchy or the juggalos?

Its the Anarchy of the Juggalos.

Love that womyn. So inspiring and beautiful and just all around amazing.

Wrong thread, meant to be in response to LeahXVX etc., but yeah, anarchy and stuff...

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