Seattle May Day is Going to be Stellar

  • Posted on: 13 April 2016
  • By: thecollective

From: Puget Sound Anarchists


For one reason or another folks have decided to start this years Seattle May Day Anticapitalist March in Westlake Park. Tactical concerns aside this May Day could make for a pretty wonderful time. The last several May Days have crafted a tradition of "riotous play" that continues to bring lived revolt against capitalism and the state to the streets of Seattle. If your reading this an wondering why capitalism and the state are undesirable suffice to say that all forms or rulership are undesirable. Capitalism is the rule of capital and the state is a entity who rules. Capitalism—along with its predecessors like mercantilism, different organized religions, feudalism, and so on—has worked in tandem with nation-states and empires to create this hellworld we now occupy. Poverty, in its totality, is not an accident. State violence, in its totality, is not an accident. These are the results of the current ruling order whose main pillars are white supremacy, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, capitalism, and statecraft.

The video at the top of all this is a response to the call out for 2016's Seattle May Day Anticapitalist March. At the end of the video the text reads, “This May Day—whether for communism, the wild, vengeance, or ourselves—let's take steps to destroying our enemies and actualizing our desires!” This call resounds in me and I hoped to answer it as well as extend it's reach.

It also lists several resources as follows: Surveillance Self Defense (

Staying Safe in the Streets (

Fashion Tips for the Brave (

Blocs, Black or otherwise (

Swarming (

How Riot Control Works (

I would like to add the following resources too this list in a similar spirit:

This video showing how a swarm of birds out maneuvers a predator (

This article on situational awareness (

This article on the Observe Orient Decide Act loop (
This VICE article—LOL—on crowd control (

I would also like to add that whether or not you are actually going to break the law often times the state is only looking for actionable information and not accurate intel so doing things like talking about getting a ride to Seattle openly on facebook or over any non-encrypted/non-secure channel whether your intention is to go there and do illegal activity or not may lead to being investigated especially if you're crossing state lines. I say this not to paralyze you into in action, but to take simple and perfectly legal steps to avoid such hassles.

I would like to remind folks of the tactics SPD uses such as pepper-spray, snatching followed by encirclement, and bicycles as weapons, shields, and mobility devices. I would like to remind people that these tactics although new in many ways are based off of Roman tactics. I would like to remind everyone that the police are hierarchical organization that lack the mobility and reaction time of a network. Since their embarrassment during May Day 2012 when their hierarchy fell a apart and rendered them laughable they have taken steps to better themselves in such regards.

I also think that the best if the enemy does not know your hand as much as possible. Surprise is wonderful and so is the potential of autonomous action.

Before I end this I would like to take this time to remind everyone that these systems are rotten to their core. They have their foundations in slavery and death. To get specific SPD has bashed me and countless others for being queer and their membership are well aware of the actions of their comrades and they still have the nerve to put up “SAFE SPACE” stickers with their logo smeared all over them. This hellworld—this leviathan—is poisoning our environment, exploiting us, wounding us, imprisoning us, and killing us. The reasons for fighting back are evident to the extreme.

Down with the state its trappings!

Down with capitalism and the world that produced it!

Hurrah for May Day!

Hurrah for Anarchy!



"These are the results of the current ruling order whose main pillars are white supremacy, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, capitalism, and statecraft."

Hahahaha... Confusing the fruits with the trunk, but let's stay away from the roots, as per liberal leftism, please.

Eternally fighthing the beast at its claws, not veins and nerves and heart means hopeless, endless wasting of energies and ultimate defeat of an insurgency.

Plant metaphor vs building metaphor. Doesn't matter so much about the foundation, hit the pillars and the building falls. _You're_ the one who is using a fruits/trunk/root metaphor. Just saying.

No, no, and... No.

Because unlike buildings, society and its dominant system keeps growing back one generation after another, 'til some people manage to break the wheel... Or cut-off the trunk, if not uproot the whole tree.

Now I know the tree metaphor isn't very tasteful since I love trees, probably you too, but anyways it was all approved by the central bureau the other day.

As someone who has been involved with the immigrant workers event that takes place on May Day in Seattle I can say that the decision by white suburban neo-anarchist to exploit a event that centered around the elevation of contribution made by Latino workers has resulted in fewer and fewer Latino workers attending the event year by year since white neo-anarchist decided to exploit Latino workers for their own narrow political purposes.

1. May Day didn't start in 2006, inspiring year that it was.

2. "Fewer and fewer latino workers" have been attending May Day events nationally since 2006, when non-profit oriented organizers, such as yourself I suspect, did everything they could to kill that momentum and force energy into vapid policy campaigns. Talk about narrow political purposes!

centering, making space. Anarchists are fucked up because liberal nonprofits invented the idea of a mayday march and anarchists only decided to make that day a riot holiday because of immigration marches and anarchists are racist. white privilege. giving a voice. immigration reform is not a narrow political purpose. healing. telling our stories.

"immigration reform is not a narrow political purpose"

no, it is a broad political purpose. and it is explicitly NOT anarchistic.

We would maybe be friends.

liberals always wanna love may day and talk about how it's about immigrants
liberals never wanna love bomb throwing immigrants (who were also anarchists) who started may day
the ~"real"~ history of may day is fuck working fight cops anarchy and the repression that came from that

Hi. I'm an anarchist in Seattle who has been attending the immigrants' march annually since around 2007. I also sometimes go to the anti-capitalist march. I actually love when people forward this argument you make here, that "white suburban neo-anarchists" are "exploiting" the immigrant march, because it's so patently false on the most basic level that it reveals people who want to marginalize the anti-capitalist march (and thus aid the police in repressing it) can't even be bothered to understand what the event is. THE ANTI-CAPITALIST MARCH, EVERY YEAR, HAS TAKEN PLACE IN A LITERAL DIFFERENT TIME AND PLACE THAN THE IMMIGRANTS' MARCH. This is undoubtedly intentionally designed to PREVENT the different aims of the two events from interfering with each other while also allowing people to attend both. Many anarchists do attend both every year, and when they attend the immigrants' march, they apparently play by the rules there. In my nine or so years of attending the immigrants march, I remember one controversy ever between anarchists and other marchers, and it was over anarchists throwing leaflets in the air (lol.) Saying that the organizers of the anti-capitalist march are "exploiting" the immigrants' march is deceptive, inaccurate, and--ironically--doing harm to the event you don't support by bolstering the city's narrative that the anti-capitalist march deserves whatever violent repression it gets. If the anti-capitalist march were ever a break-away march from the immigrants rally, I would at least understand the debate. Instead, all I see are leftist protest bosses making sure that everyone stays in control and asks politely for reforms that never come--and immigrants losing interest in that strategy for obvious reasons, just like everyone else--and enabling the police to repress anyone who doesn't fall in line by marginalizing other people's efforts. Get your head out of Boca's ass.

The ruling order is global and has been spreading for thousands of years. White supremacy, heteronormativity and cisnormativity are far from being pillars of the ruling order.. First world complainers and identity politicians come off as self absorbed people with a weak analysis. A mile wide perhaps, but only an inch deep.

In the spirit of comradely debate, how about an invitation for others to list what they think are the pillars?

Mine would be: ideology, mass/urban living, myth of progress, private property, politics, economics.

I think speciesism is the most fundamental oppression. because oppresser-humans demarcate between human and animal they justify treating life as hierarchical order

If specieism is the fundamental pillar that props up all other oppression, then why are there so many vegan anti-speciesists who are racist-misogynist-pro-capitalist assholes?

"most fundamental oppression" = fucking alien-speak

The most fundamental oppression is without a doubt spiciesism but allow me to offer a clarifying critique. It's not humans vs non human oppression so much has the invisible (to the sheeple who aren't looking) lizard overlords who control humanity in every way and in turn maintain every subset of spiciesism.

Sigh … oh internet!

hierarchy definitely has a heavy cosmic ingredient to it. the more conscious humanity becomes of its cosmic nature the more we will overthrow the brainwaves broadcasted into us from reptilian moonships.

You're about as funny as a fart in a spacesuit gone Elisabeth! =) )

How is masculinity supposed to bring down a system that protects itself via male masculinity? What are we to do? Fling flowers with floppy wrists and beg the system for freedom or mask up, put on some cahonas and rampage/burn everything? Anarchists are confusing as fuck.

You're certainly confused! We can agree on that.

meant anti masculinity*

Nice! Glad to see it and with the pissed off liberals commenting here you know you are doing something right.

It was basically a critique on anarchists who attack heterosexualism/masculinity on a daily basis yet fail to see the very masculine/heterosexualism projected by their own black bloc actions. The point is embrace sexual diversity of all shades and if you're going to attack someone for being too bro-ish, at least follow through by maintaining a firm stance of pacifism while trying your best to appear feminine. That would at least be more consistent while sending a consistent message. Btw, I support black bloc action. I just don't do hypocrisy very well.

Why is violence masculine and pacifism feminine? Why are you policing what qualifies as a specific gender? Gender doesn't even exist.

That's a troll, fucking with you

Eh, maybe someone who wished they could be considered a troll, but really they can't even troll. Probably because they can't satisfy their girlfriend. LOL! Like they'd have a girlfriend.

Are you triggered? :p

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So you're operated by gas under pressure then. Sounds like you need to fart. I'll Fill you with water and pee and a nice hardon for a trigger and what ever will turn her on! :))

fuck the CAPTCHA on this thing. haha

Don't be triggered. Be consistent!

Black Bloc Bernie Bros with a sense of urban entitlement and logic make me want to eat a vegan big mac and drink a virgin strawberry dacquiri IN CHURCH right now. Dicks.

Block Bloc for Bernie~ not a bad fuckin idea! thanks-

Keep asking why violence is masculine. I love that. :)

Physical violence is a perfected sport better suited for men. Stating the obvious for you. Which is why so many people align violence with masculinity and heterosexualism even within anarchist groups and individuals. There is kind of a divide there. Most anarchists are probably peaceful because they don't want to appear bro-ish and hypocritical which actually makes sense. And this things with "gender does not exist" WTF??? If gender does not exist, then nothing would exist. Human life cannot pro create without a penis fertilizing the inner walls of the vagina. That's not obscene at all but a beautiful thing. How do you think you got here? If it were not for gener, humans wouldn't exist! OWNED!

Hey bro-man-dude,

Gender and sex are not synonymous. Look it up sometime.

The Big Lebowski The Dude Man is in the house to learn you the definition.

the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
"traditional concepts of gender"
synonyms: sex
"variables included age, income, and gender"


"And according to the World Health Organization, "Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women."Oct 21, 2011"

"And this things with "gender does not exist" WTF??? If gender does not exist, then nothing would exist. Human life cannot pro create without a penis fertilizing the inner walls of the vagina."

Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex is biological, gender is the social norms said sexes are supposed to obey (like women are loving and men are violent). Reality? Everyone can be violent, supporting, loving, hating, etc... The trick is to do each when they make sense (violence against aggressors, mutual aid whenever possible, etc).

If gender is just a role having nothing to do with ones sex why don't most people in society use the word in that context? Did the definition just change yesterday? Really? What the hell is going on there? Total societal communication breakdown.

Because there are a lot of people, especially religious ones, who are patriarchs. And 'most people in society' is very vague, most people I know, even the assholes, still get the difference, even when they continue to promote the idea that: all males are violent, muscular leaders and all females are submissive cooks. FUCK THAT. Vested interests.

On a more serious note, there is nothing wrong with violence so long as righteousness is on our side. ;)

So long as it's anti-capitalism. Who cares?

Black Blocs for Bernie Sanders! LOL!

"typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones" who the fuck uses gender typically to describe ones social and cultural differences rather than biological ones though? ALMOST NO ONE ON THE FUCKIN PLANET! That would be like someone asking hay what gender are you and then you respond: oh I'm white and only make 25,000 annual income. That kind of response wouldn't make a any fuckin sense to anybody watching it unfold on the 10 o clock news or in a local bar or anywhere in society. Seriously? WTF???????AHAHAHA

This is really basic and yes, a LOT of people recognize the difference. 15 minutes reading about it online or a high school sociology class will get the point across (I recommend just looking it up online, school sux).

Yeah I get it but it gender is not synonymous with sex then why is it not recognized by most Americans and well accepted? Let me guess. It's a conspiracy by the ruling class to through us off. Is that it?

Just because YOU do not understand the difference does not mean that no one else does. There is a world that exists outside of your own head.

If anyone asks you what gender you are...isn't it still your normal knee jerk reaction to reply male if that's how you were born? Isn't this widely accepted use of the word and definition that goes with it? What hell? I really wanted to keep the discussion on point with anti-capitalism but there are so many other facets attached that no going off on a tangent is virtually impossible or so it seems.

So .. you haven't read anything about gender identity? Well a lot of people here have, so you might get called out on being clueless but it's never too late to learn (til you're dead).

If gender and sex are not synonymous shouldn't a majority of people in the press know that? Who cares in the mass media that much to want to keep that a secret or cover it up? wow.

I can bet money that most people out of 250 million would think it was "male or female" when asked what gender they were.

you can get a lot of common sense out of a majority of people. gender is an experience that goes beyond biological sex. the percentage of queerness, what i like to call the queer quotient, fades as you go farhter from the anarchal love hole and into the barren loins of mainstream society. i must say i think the same applies for gender queer.
but becoming more queer does not make a revolution



Maybe a protest to correct societies understanding of gender should be had so the majority will be on par with the minority. I've been on this earth for years and never heard anyone use gender to describe anything but sexual orientation be it on TV or in real life.

I've heard of gender roles switching in society though. Like the mans stays home and takes care of the kid while the woman goes out and makes the dough. But never have I heard anyone interpret that as the woman is now a man by gender and vice versa. lol

You can stop embarrassing yourself and start reading up on the subject any time you like

Why should I be ashamed? Just because it's the well accepted definition in anarchy land doesn't make it so in the rest of society.

Finally! This college kid imposition on the working class is another attempt to paint working people as backwards reactionaries. The real problem is how easy it is for "educated people" to be absorbed by bourgeois jargon. This is some bourgeois ivory tower vangardism masked as anti-oppression.

It is funny how these "educated" people miss how they've been tricked by greedy academics trying to get tenure by turning working people into barbaric others.

I get that some talking monkeys are different from others. What the educated don't get is how their trivial gripes play a role in separating people by ramming progress down working peoples' throats and expecting them to be all into something when it was obscure 5 years ago.

The issue you describe has little to do with semantics. Gender, as described as different than sex, exists (as a spook), whether or not one acknowledges this concept as "gender". If one conflates gender with sex, it does not magically do away with the aforementioned spook concept. Contestations over the word gender are simply a helpful way of articulating the concept.

"Spooks" are false problems created by middle class kids that haven't had their privilege challenged. There is nothing radical about using the term nor can their be anything anarchist that comes out of an analysis that uses this. It is dead in the water and a bad approach to communicating issues.

What I said still stands. What you said is unrelated and handles nothing I relayed.

Nothing radical except that there is no way to end oppression without first ending belief in spooks.

You're the spook.

This is another spook. This is why spookbusting is untenable. There is no proof that this statement could even be remotely true. It is a system of belief you are imposing.

There is no literal 'spook busting' that is required, simple changes in belief away from the abstract. It starts by not taking the constituted abstractions of your opponents for reality and not being enveloped by counter abstractions in the name of anarchy(anarchism). These are the impediments to anarchy.

Your vision of whatever you think freedom is is based on an idealistic and unrealistic point of view. You try to claim desire, not ethics guides you, yet your project requires an embrace of both ideology and ethics. There is a group mentality attached to this game you play. Something that is clearly seen is your constant need for others to agree, the need for claiming the last word, to impose your point of view to create influence, to cause people to change their perspective to yours. This need for people to change how they think, without regard of the present situation, the problems of life and context. It is a perspective that falls in line with all the many mystic and esoteric cults, probably leaning along the left hand path perspective, though they too don't have this same evangelical approach, perhaps you might find the Temple of Satan to be a similar bedfellow?

You don't have good handle on philosophical terms or even basic definitions. I'm actually not prescribing anything anonsense. All of my writing is pretty much if then(proscriptive not prescriptive). I look for some intellectual affinity and intercourse with others but I hardly need people to change their perspective to mine.

As usual, what you say is utter nonsense. You go on and on about how people should behave, then you pretend you didn't just do that. This inconsistency is not only aggravating, but it is infuriating. You like to pretend you know what you are talking about and make bombastic claims of others, yet when challenged, you can't provide evidence of anything you say. It is all pulled out of your head and is ill informed and often reactionary.

Your response, as usual, gives no challenge to what I said and was a pointless diatribe on your part. Again, my points stand unchallenged.

Anonsense...there is no should(outside of if-then at least) or ought in my approach(which is on the nihilistic side). You would know that if you had some basic intelligence and understanding of terms. Your 'points' don't warrant a challenge. Also this exchange between us has nothing to do with evidence. It's a logical debate not an empirical one to which you fail miserably.

Actually it sounds like you are trapped in a mental prison of your own creation. What nihilistic side? You aren't offering anything from nihilism of any sort. You are so fucking dumb. My points remain unchallenged and will remain so. You are a cultist whose hodge-podge of theories attempts to, on one hand, paint a picture of being true to Stirner, then on the other, deviates from Stirner very strongly. You lie about having ethics, or perhaps (and more likely) you don't even know what they are and how they differ from desire.

From one instance to another, you claim a lack of ideology, then follow through with a strong attempt to turn others to your point of view. Then you claim you aren't doing that. For you, a white supremacist fascist pedophile is a friend and someone worth building a world with. You abuse the concept of child's liberation in regards to pedophilia, by the way, since children aren't the issue with pedophilia, but rather the victim.

I wish you would get a grip and realize you belong on a Nazi web forum where you are the weirdo fringe idiot. It would be so much better if you were gone.

Ahhhhahaha. Keep it up anonsense:)

You are a shallow psychopath that gets off on other people's suffering. Everything about you is wrong. You frequent this website that has nothing to do with you nor your point of view. You post deliberately untrue statements and misuse words (especially "anarch" and "domination") to fit an ideological agenda that supports a liberal conception of freedom, which also denies people in the same ways a national anarchist perspective would, relying on xenophobia and enabling cultural oppression while claiming freedom and equality exist for each equally. You fail to grasp the reason anarchists are for a social analysis that takes in the context of a situation, embracing a more conservative vision that blames others for not being more, then evades responsibility for this moral imposition with a passive-aggressive "I don't care, you can do what you want", which is clearly bullshit and not how people interact.

To everyone else: People! pay attention to me! This friend of child rape and white supremacy is also in communication with the national anarchist movement and feels Aragorn! and Zerzan are too left for him. He keeps saying he's post left, so I hope that Mister Grumpy takes him to task for poisoning the well with his missteps in philosophy, as he is post leftist the same way Hitler was an artist, horrible and should probably fucking stop it.

"You post deliberately untrue statements and misuse words (especially "anarch" and "domination") to fit an ideological agenda that supports a liberal conception of freedom," HAHAHAHAHA OHOHOOHHAHAHA

" which also denies people in the same ways a national anarchist perspective would, relying on xenophobia and enabling cultural oppression while claiming freedom and equality exist for each equally."

AHHHHAHAHAHA...AHHHH....There's quite simply nothing to say after reading that incontinent retardation. Welcome back DZ you lobotobrained loser:)

I should not even have to explain why. Again, if there is no preferential point of perspective or subjective source of enjoyment, it ain't privilege. There is nothing privileged about being a member of the status born middle class. Another ghost busted.

Let's not play with false dualisms. There is an increasing acceptance that sex and gender are different things not because academics need to write dissertations... but because there is long and proud history of glbt-queer people who insist that they get to exist. That their lived experiences are different from what society teaches people.

While those identities run the range of class--- plenty of people paid quite a high price- exile from society- to live they way they felt they must. So let's not create a false line between "working class" people, "educated" people. and those whose gender and sex are not congruent. If you are trying to equate people's struggle for gender liberation with a trivial gripe,,, I mean bless you, its clearly not been a big issue in your life and perhaps you should be thankful.

Okay, while _some_ of the terms for these ideas might come from (college) educated people, the concepts aren't exactly alien to working class people. I could use the commonly known (but somewhat dated) terms 'Tomboy' as an example. This word indicates a female (sex) who likes to engage is activities commonly associated with boys/men (gender). Working class people know this term and understand that a 'tomboy' is not actually male. It is more common for working class females to have to have jobs (and it's been this way for at least a century in the US), because we can't really afford to have only the males work cuz pay is so goddamn shitty.

If you're actually curious, READ. Otherwise, what's your motivation for crying about this at all? I'm a working class, cisgendered thug who decided I wanted to know what people were talking about, so I did the reading. It's fucking easy.

You don't go to an engineering conference and start bitching at the engineers because they understand stuff that you don't. You either accept that their knowledge exceeds your own, or you hit the books.

One of the best posts in terms of esoteric trolling in a long time.

Black Bloc Bernie Bros educating mass society in regards to gender roles protest

Is there actually a Black Bloc for Bernie organization and if so where can I sign up?
Why is anarchy have to be such a nerd cult?
Why is everyone trying so hard to sound like their college English teacher?
Why the need for nerd culture?

Sometimes I can't tell if we're trying to foment ways to bring about resistance to the system or if we're competing for the spelling b.

Why does anarchy have to be a cult when you you can do the same thing if not better by walking and talking and acting more or less the same on a level that the mass public can understand?

What do you want more, a cult or mass insurrection? What is more important to you? We can use the masses for muscle power or we can exclude them and be a fringe on society.

Talk normal for christ sake.

Oh and on everyone knowing what a Tomboy is but not knowing the difference between gender and sex. It's pretty fuckin obvious why that it? Don't you think? Common sense says if you were born in this country and went to school, you will remember there was always one or 2 tomboys who pushed actual BOYZ into the lockers at school and got away with it. Who can forget that and who doesn't still know what that is? You learn that at a very early age in America. It's ingrained into your skull at an early age.

The difference between sex and gender on the other hand is not something that is burned into ones memory at an early age or taught in elementary school otherwise it would be just as well known as what a Tomboy is. There wouldn't even be an argument in the first place here if everyone know what the fuck the difference was in all honesty. I was born in this country. I know. Still lookin to sign up for that Bernie Black Bloc group you guys are talking about. Where is it? I'll be the first to show up at the rally with black flags. That would actually be something tangible with a platform of ideas that everyone could either support or no as opposed to cluster fuck like occupy. It would actually make some fuckin sense for once.

Mayday! Fuck shit up!

sure- the difference between sex and gender may not be burned into your memory---- it seems like the two fit pretty well together for you and the difference seems like an esoteric indulgence (incidentally that's called power/luck when you get to ignore something that others cannot ignore.)

promise there are plenty of people who learned the difference between sex and gender in elementary school, though... stop treating queers like we're something you discover getting a degree- jesus fucking christ. also, anarchism has a long history of diy intellectualism- and the idea that the only thing between total social upheaval and our small subculture is language choice is laughable.

belief in social values is something you have to unlearn. you don't have to be so dismissive about the way that others try to do that. you're not too proll to spend time being antagonistic on anarchist news. why not spend some of those hours reading about queer liberation and you'll start to understand why your comments aren't being well received.

With queer and anarchy groups being the only exception, there is no difference between gender and sex in American society.

The mainstream discussion of trans identity would say otherwise. Gender norms affect everyone, just in different ways. Why do you think Republicans care to pass laws about bathroom use? Why are you so afraid of just admitting you're not in the know? There's nothing wrong with it. All new insight start with an openess towards learning more.

Wow, are you the same person who's been freaking out about this for days? Get a grip and maybe get in touch with yourself. Something is clearly deeply bothering you about this. Maybe stop blabbering and ask yourself what it is.

I thought Tom Boy was a phase, like pissing yourself. Now its a gender? This is some ivory tower hosh posh going on. Bah humbug and good night!

There is nothing white, educated or anarchist about being queer or trans. People are born every day in every kind of class or culture who experience their identity, desires, etc. outside of the binary categories imposed by capitalism. Many indigenous cultures have long traditions recognizing the existence of "two-spirit" people who often have important cultural roles. This is not something one needs to be educated or elitist to recognize or talk about. Gender and sexual "issues" don't exist in some vacuum separate from the rest of life and politics. I kinda think we're being trolled or someone is just hollering at us because this subject makes him uncomfortable for whatever reason. I for one would like to see the undoing of all binaries of western culture, might even be inclined summarize my overall project thusly. For this reason I'm also critical of the "laundry list of oppressions" style which appears in the OP. Het/cisnormativity is a contingent not an essential configuration of power, but still a very important one.

There is a certain level to it that is probably based on internalized habitual biological resonances. If you got rid of all social pressures(good luck) it would probably still persist as a resonance continuum. At this point some of that Butlerian stuff(which I mostly agree with) is getting a little to orthodox.

The real issue is sublimated identity proliferation.

But those biological resonances would necessarily be different for each person, no? It's certainly impossible to know where the line is, and there may be some individuals where it hardly occurs at all.

Verily so. Nice to read comments acknowledging Jungian theory and the sublimation of instinctual impulses into the pressure cooker which is cultural conformity and the identity archetypes plaguing individual psychic prosperity.

While Jung might not be called scientific, as well as being a pariah for many in the non open minded sphere of academic thinking, I think he was more then on to something. I think there are as much internalizations as there are externalizations, not everything is externalized pressure. Culture and conformity persist also through a sort of wide scale Stockholm Syndrome. Purely unique naked apes do not remain this way for very long in any world of culture. Culture is not an individuals friend(as Mckenna would say) outside of any kind of preference or affinity. As Bob Black points out, cultural appropriation is what makes culture tolerable, for individuated tastes especially.

I was thinking of a more spiritual cure for the jungian nihilist, beyond Gods, and it does involve uniting the anima and animus in an individual's consciousness. Its a journey wrought with dangers and wonders. Even the transexuals fail to understand the quintessential qualities which define anima and animus and thus become self parodies of their own binary comprehension, cross-dressing to simulate gender and conforming to the culture's rules, especially in Rio as an example, the capitalist version of homosexual spectacle. But I digress.
I think only artists can ever completely appropriate a culture.

Just get rid of capitalism and everything will be fine.

Cool with me but how I'm gonna pay the rent?

I'll pay the rent. You can stay home and do the dishes. :p

Just reading the comments solidify the view held by most working class folks that "anarchist" use May Day in Seattle to promote and perpetuate a suburban, white, non working class agenda by engaging in hegemonistic stratagies that ultimately damage the working class.

True working class issues are not adressed by "anarchist" while gender identity issues come front and center for "anarchist". This just shows how distant these privledged white upper middle class folks clad in black are from the working class. In a few years they will take over their parents businesses and they will no longer believe they must hide their contempt for the average blue collar American worker behind a black mask.

Just wished you had picked another day to impose your upper middle class white privledge on the working class . These "anarchist" have effectively minimized the issue of imigration workers rights and made their amateurish attempt to break tempered glass windows the story, BTW just use a center punch as they are cheap and actually work.

Hey there! I'm a working-class anarchist and you're a shithead troll. Fuck right off, k sweetheart?

Sure you are, another privledged white umc revolutionary deconstructing the meaning of class identifiers so they won't have to admit their position of privledge. I would bet the only calluses on your hands are from jacking off.

I'm not even American, let alone any of the other stupid strawmen, feels like you're barely even trying TBH

I saw that and assumed you were from the UK or some other British colony.

In the end my opinion is just that, my opinion and if the sons and daughters from white upper middle class neighborhoods want to come to the city dressed in black, imitating Europeon anarchist there isn't much I can or effectivly would do to discourage it.

I just know that many of the people and families witch had participated in the immigrant and workers rights march no longer do so in part due to fears of being caught up in a conflict between police and "anarchist" and in turn face deportation and loss of employment that is the primary reason why they are in the U.S.. Some simply don't attend any longer due to the belief that their issues are now sidelined by those whose issues surround building a new economic and political order that will also marginalize their issues.

Many "anarchist" Fail to compleatly understand when they openly attack the leadership of El Comite and Labor that it drives workers away from their cause. The reaction by "anacrhist" when this happens is to ratchet up attacks on the working class and their leadership. The "anarchist" which seek to use the immigrant and workers rights event in Seattle do not have any connection with the working class like the CNT or FAI did. Seattle "anarchist" are best described as white suburban nihilist, or at least come across as such.

But, hey, just my opinion and it really doesn't mean shit.

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