Seattle's Non-Resisting Resistors

  • Posted on: 3 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>It is entirely evident to the authorities now, that those who supported Leah have ‘opted out’ of supporting her given her ‘release’. They are not unclear as to why. They are smirking in their soup as a matter of fact at the mediocre nature of the responses the ‘new’ day fighters made public. She is now going to feel the disappointment of her comrades, and be shunned. Isolated. Which, is very possible what caused this situation in the first place.

Whatever caused it, it is now clear that authority doesn’t play. This rebellion is not a game. And now it is time to ask yourselves if you are all in or if its time to retreat to a more suitable place to reexamine your purpose. Because those in authority are indeed quite clear that you are just as willing as they are to ‘use’ human beings to gain territory, regardless of what happens to that human being.

Good work kiddies, you have become your parents.</td><td><img title="Too late." src=""></td></tr></tab...

Forgive her for being vulnerable to the prick authorities who have developed methods that you ignore. Forgive her for lurching forward in her ignorance and joining you in something you know nothing about, and have obviously not done your homework. Forgive her for succumbing to the machinations of the well heeled state, and then, forgive yourselves for doing to her exactly what the state does. You barged into a situation you were unprepared for, and callously threw her aside when she buckled.

You had several options. It is hoped that you considered them at the very least. If Leah was unprepared to tolerate the machinations of the state, it is preferred that you gather round her, debrief, and then either send her on her way to have some semblance of a life, or should she choose, use her as disinformation. She could lead these cowboys on a merry chase. If however, the damage done has crushed her soul, it is only humane to send her off to till a garden, pick the fruit so to speak, and prepare to endure the visits of said pricks whenever they need a patsy.

Should you ignore the options and simply plunge on in your ignorance expect the next weak link identified to undergo much the same. Will you ‘disown’ all who find themselves done in by the bastards? How very corporate… you’ve learned well how to cannibalize in the same manner as the state, so tell me now how this makes you different?! Explain this ‘new world’ you wish to fashion in such a manner?

It is evident that some attention needs to be paid to how your actions appear to the authorities. It is evident that you did not consider how it would be seen to ‘disavow’ Leah. Plant or warrior, inexperienced passion or intentional, she was and is now, a tool…. the question is … is she their tool? Or is she yours. Do you ignore her humanity? If you adapt to their standards, then what do you fight for? What is certain is that no one in this has done their homework and we are about to recommit to historical ground.

Our enemy smirks into their soup because they know how you will react to their machinations, their ugly commitment to protecting the business of capitalism. Like good little McLivers you pulled up to the drive up window ordered a large order of ‘grand jury shenanigans’ and then pulled away munching down what you’ve been lead to believe… that there is sustenance in quickly consumed reactionary conduct. There isn’t.

You owed the rebellion more. Undo this. Get down to business. Pay attention to the details the authorities ignore, and try not to embarrass yourselves again. Capitalist gatekeepers are well trained, unapologetic carnivores. You just fed them a lovely meal and her name was Leah. The state watches for the next feeding, starve them, … do not use the ‘media’ as if they serve you in any of this. If that isn’t clear enough, here is an outright piece of advice, tell that committee to shut its damn mouth and stop stepping into a spotlight they don’t control. Don’t use Leah further and call it punishment for ‘disloyalty’ when it was all about money and raising it.

The states soldiers watch for the next weak link, that’s a given. Do your homework. This rebellion belongs to everyone. Some were never meant to stand on the front lines. Some don’t even understand what happens on that front line. So now you know it is time to lose the address, and repair to the darkness of resistance, and don’t get caught. But to put it right out there this ‘group’ of protesters who claim non-cooperation with the corrupt system, cooperated by showing up at all.



This is utter garbage. Why is it not labeled under "wing-nut"?

"She's just a poor little girl! She didn't know what she was doing?"

Pathetic. Fuck Off.

I don't think it's calling for a stay of hand.
It seems like it's calling attention to how inept people are without a plan and a rule like don't get caught.
She didn't know what she was doing, but it's not because she is such a nice girl, it's because she was a child playing with a grenade. Woops, the pin fell out and now she's got to suck it up and take the blast.
There's a lot written here in subtext, there's not a specific point or conclusion to come to, it's about thinking about alternatives and what blind and ignorant innocence can cost a rebellion.

Okay Dad, we'll be good next time.

What the hell is wrong with people? Ugh. Go excuse that shit somewhere else.

The only trustable cell is one. That is you. You alone.
You assess your situation and do what you need to do.

You are responsible for your safety. Don't fall off your ass over cute boys or girls who never did their homework, never read many books, never got any solid guidance, never did any kind of real apprenticeship, never traveled, never got burned, never saw up close what it's like to bleed.

Start with a cell of one (ye-self) and move out. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. As Geronimo said, "If necessary I will fight alone." The first order of business is survival.

When you are surrounded on all sides with people holding rifles at your head, the best thing to do is ~not~ reach for your pop gun. That's moronic.

If you don't have the right equipment and preparation, do not try to scale Mt Everest. That's suicidal.

Put your Roddy Piper glasses on and ~look~ at what's in front of you.
Don't call it a powerful, magic, society-bending super-duper hyper-laser when all you've got is a cuddly, little stuffed pooh bear. That's delusional.

You have got to see and you have got to think. So do some self reflection and don't viciously attack the girl. But having said that, the cute one needs to take responsibility as well. Posing is posing. If others are hurt she'll have to carry that internal baggage for a long long time. And when damage is done then she needs to atone and reflect too.

Okay so I put my Roddy Piper glasses on and I saw a bunch of giant mutant frogs

I think this pair is defective???

Now I have John Carpenter style music in my head !

"Start with a cell of one (ye-self) and move out. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. As Geronimo said, "If necessary I will fight alone." The first order of business is survival."

I still could achieve a lot more in a milieu made of supportive people that have some basic respect for me, so I could feel like

True that one'll get to end up being alone, even isolated in the fight he/she is putting, and some go a long distance that way, but the individual is sadly always overrun by a horde of conspirators, or violent organization. Think of Mesrine. Think of every flamboyant, scurvy sea dog of the old days of piracy.

What we need, I believe, is to blur up the gap between the individual and the collective forces, through solidarity, to a point where the difference no longer matters, to a point where we don't give a damn about clandestine, isolated actions or open, collective revolts, and take them on the same level.

all this noise is just that, noise. within the anarchist movements actually concerned with this stuff there isn't much signs of disagreement nationally. ten thousand random articles is not going to change this.

anarchism is not a movement.

there is no way to say it nicely. and there is no bend here. Anarchism is as I see my own anarchism. If we meet in our press to address the annihilation of what we call our "own freedom which does not impede the freedom of another then we do a movement, but when we address corruption... it is rebellion, NOT a movement... this is not an opinion or a perspective. This has lived long before many of us, we can not change that because we 'feel' like it. it is. to do so is to expose the corporate culture you've adapted to. and last... in response

this is freedom of speech to make righteous the attempt to undo the pricks who mean to own you... you wish to call it 'articles' then you are outting yourself, as judge of what one defines for ones self.

Does anyone know who the author of this text is? as well as all the comments that talk of doing one's homework? Seriously, i wonder if i've met them. Don't give me their full legal name and adress obviously but a hint or something would be appreciated. I'm not trying to go beat em up or anything weird, i'm just curious. This shit is fucking bizzare. I picture them as some internet weirdo who doesn't actually know anyone in real life but wouldn't that be weird if you found out it was someone you kind of knew but would never suspect of such wing nuttery

you ask for identification?
no one knows me.
but, if you lookin for a fuckin excuse to put down your fuckin latte and take action

i'll take your action.

i mean... as long as we're fighting for our fuckin lives, ....

*shakes head*

"First off, let's look at the facts of the situation. We do not actually need to know what Leah said in the grand jury hearing to find her actions problematic and unprincipled. If she did not talk, then she is refusing to give important information to the two grand jury resisters, Matt & KTEEO, who are still in prison about how they could similarly not cooperate and get out of prison. If she did talk, then it is the responsible thing to own up to what she said so that people that may be targeted or implicated by her statements can appropriately protect themselves. What we know is that she was in prison for less than four days. She capitulated almost immediately. Her time in isolation was about to end and she *requested* an audience with the grand jury because she was terrified of the other prisoners and did not want to have to interact with them (racist and classist much?). She then was released after that grand jury hearing. She did not inform her support network until two days later. At that point everyone absolutely believed the best about Leah. Some of the folks involved in the CAPR decision are close with her personally, an all of them were very invested in her case. They did not expect or want this, and it was a difficult decision. When Leah finally did get back to people, she basically told them to go fuck themselves and, per her usual routine, cast herself as the tragic victim and portrayed them as horrible monsters for daring to ask what happened. Since then Leah has reportedly fled Portland entirely and has gone into hiding. Her rich daddy probably flew her home after playing anarchist got to be a lot less fun.

I find a lot of the discussion around this to be offensively patronizing. I think that many of the dudes defending Leah need to seriously examine their white knight impulses around this. Leah is a grown adult person. She can be accountable for her actions. I think this whole poor, wounded little white-girl schtick to be totally disgusting and manipulative. PTSD is not a valid excuse for acting in profoundly selfish and damaging ways. Lots of people have extensive trauma and are able to act with integrity. This may have been Leah's first run in with state violence, but it is not even comparable to the kinds of state violence people of color face every goddam day. The fact is Leah is 24, has no responsibilities what-so-ever and was facing a *maximum* of 18 months. Compare that to other political prisoners, such as Marie Mason, who is doing 20 years, has two kids, and has not sold anyone out, or Jeremy Hammond who is facing 40-Life plus 1 and has not said a word. I think people need to ask themselves why no one can muster the same level of adoration for KTEEO, who does not fit the patriarchal beauty standard, does not appeal to patriarchal sensibilities by acting helpless and fragile, yet has been amazing this entire time. Granted Leah has a lot more marketing expertise, lets face it, her primary "political work" prior to this was amassing a TUMBLR following as anarcho-barbie. Leah is not a victim here, that is a bullshit method of dodging responsibility. If she wants to be an "anarchist star" you need to do more than post 8 billion cutesy photos of yourself. To me it seems obvious that she is a self-promoting narcissist that when truly tested on her posturing, failed miserably. She is trying as best as possible to have it both ways, maintain her social capital and fame, while cooperating to some degree with a State investigation. The best method she has come up with is the damsel in distress/ avoidance/deflection approach. I can't respect that.

It seems to me that ideas about support in general are getting wildly conflated here. I think it is great if people that are her close friends support her personally, but let's not pretend that is about politics. Stand by your friend when they fuck up, but don't ask people to not point out that it was a fuck up, and a major fuck up at that. Leah can't handle prison, so she shouldn't get involved in radical politics where that is a possibility. People have no reason to work with her politically as she has proven herself to be untrustworthy. Even if that is because of mental heath issues, it is still the case. Also it is absurd that Leah demand that everything be unreasonably on her own terms, her emotional comfort should be the central concern of everyone, and so on. There are a lot of people's lives on the line here. If she can't care about them, why should we care about her? Leah furthermore is not asking for political support. She is asking to be left alone."

You really think nobody should be involved in "radical politics" unless they are prepared to go to prison?

Not a large movement you're looking for, is it?

Should no-one, for instance, organize fund-raisers for the grand jury resisters or donate money to them unless they are prepared to go to prison themselves? That'd be being involved in radical politics after all, and may attract the attention of a grand jury too.

> "If the Left continues to be recede into extinction, anarchism will be the only game left in town for radicals. This will open a space in which we can make our case to all who have lost faith in political parties. But are we prepared tofight it out with global capitalism on our own, without allies? Escalating conflict is a gamble: as soon as we attract the attention of the state, we have to play double or nothing, attempting to mobilize enough popular support to outflank the inevitable counterattack. Every riot has to be followed by an even broader outreach campaign, not a retreat into th shadows -- a tall order in the face of backlash and repression. "

--from the latest Rolling Thunder

In real insurgencies, the wars are fought by those who have nothing left to lose. If global warming destroys your home in a hurricane, or the Army murders your family for being Native American, or your land is taken for a tar sands pipeline, then you have nothing left to lose. In that perspective you no longer have "a normal life" to protect, therefore nothing that can be held against you as a hostage. That's what allows insurgents in the Middle East to fight to the death against US troops and drive them out of places like Iraq.

The more people the capitalists evict, the more homes are smashed by the hurricanes and superstorms their fossil fueled lifestyle brews up, the more families are poisoned by their waste,the deeper the Great Recession and Climate Catastrope get, the more people will want to fight and the easier it will be for all insurgents to recruit. Why do you thing George W Bush did not dare to bring back the draft in 2005 for the Iraq War?

At that point, we get a new and different problem: the right wing will also be recruiting (like the Golden Dawn in Greece), selling people bullshit blaming each other for their problems. We might have more trouble staying ahead of them in numbers and equipment than we do with the cops once things really kick off, unless we do our homework NOW with the people.

I can promise you: if the sort of shit that has been happening in the last few years with both the economy and the climate continues, things are going to get REALLY nasty. Think Staten Island combined with Greece everywhere at once. Time to get ready. Get to know your neighbors-and I don't mean at the punk show. Hit the gym, hit the weights and the range.

You are horrifying.
If anarchy is only going to be for the desperate then we should give up now.

Anarchy is for everyone but, not for nothing, revolution/insurrection is for the desperate. Almost nobody who has all the things they need are going to war, don't be an idiot.

not an idiot... just comfortable.

There are a LOT of desperate people right now. With the upcoming climate catastrophe and even the US talking of a global food shortage next year from the summer drought, even more people are going to have little to lose.

Now's the time to prepare, if you are comfortable expect to lose it soon with what the capitalists have done to our planet!

You lost me at your first line... "You really think nobody should be involved in 'radical politics' unless they are prepared to go to prison?"

What was stated in the comment you responded to was this... "Leah can't handle prison, so she shouldn't get involved in radical politics where that is a possibility."

There is a big difference between those two statements. And I was not inclined to read the rest of your comment which appeared to be mostly a quote from another source. Not sure how it could be relevant when it was built upon the premise of a false understanding of what was originally stated.

this is patriarchal and fucking misogynistic and has nothing to do with your primary argument. in fact it almost completely discredits it.

"Granted Leah has a lot more marketing expertise, lets face it, her primary "political work" prior to this was amassing a TUMBLR following as anarcho-barbie. Leah is not a victim here, that is a bullshit method of dodging responsibility. If she wants to be an "anarchist star" you need to do more than post 8 billion cutesy photos of yourself. To me it seems obvious that she is a self-promoting narcissist that when truly tested on her posturing, failed miserably. She is trying as best as possible to have it both ways, maintain her social capital and fame, while cooperating to some degree with a State investigation."

let me sum up your argument for you without being a patriarchal fuck:

it doesn't matter that leah has dealt with ptsd, she wasn't facing as much time as other people in the p.i.c. and probably snitched because of her privileged background.

that i will agree with.

however, claiming this has anything to do with posting pictures of yourself on tumblr, being beautiful and being interested in fashion is so fucking beside the point that after the revolution we will find this particular anon and tie you to a chair and force you to eat every ugly manarchist t-shirt and cargo pants you own at the barrel of a gun. just because leah failed us irrevocably, doesn't mean the army of anarcha-barbies won't rise and destroy every manarchist piece of shit without more than a bat of our eyelashes. because we will motherfucker. we will.

you're so disingenuous.

while you're not busy snitching, i presume? or wait, i thought the anarchafeminist crowd decided that snitching was an ok means to get back at 'manarchists' who are the #1 enemy above cops and capitalists.


Ok... I was biting my tongue on this issue for a while before reports of her talking came out. Even getting arrested for seemingly noble reasons is not enough to make me automatically assume the best about someone. I sometimes worry about deep cover and the long con. And when I first heard about her arrest I thought "Plante" was a most unfortunate name for someone in her apparent position.

But more to the point of your comment here... one of the first things I saw written by her after she was released was about her frustration and indignation in regard to people commenting about her appearance in online forums. And while I agree that such comments can certainly be unseemly, distasteful, and generally unfortunate... it's a bit more interesting in the context of her actually cooperating with the grand jury as opposed to actively resisting it. I mean... here we have someone getting morally outraged about people essentially saying things like: "She provides a pretty good face for the anarchist movement." But even when people inevitably posted more vulgar comments on the internet... how does that compare to selling people out and potentially costing them their lives and freedom?! It takes some real gall to get indignant about unseemly compliments when you're selling people down the river.

And, generally, I feel that the sort of identity politics which split hairs over the misuse of gender pronouns or the use of supposedly offensive words like "lame" and "drama" is dubious at best. I often find it to be a divisive distraction when we are talking about much more serious issues of freedom. And while I generally use politically correct speech for the most part, there comes a limit to how much dissection of politically correct speech I can stand. I am always quite skeptical of people who fall to the extremes of either side regarding politically correct language and identity politics. Funny that Leah Plante seems to be one these people.

You wanted Leah not to snitch because Leah snitching means that the 6 targets will be going to prison. Why is it okay for Leah, kteeo and Matt to go to prison but not okay for the 6 targets to "suck it up" and go to prison? Why does Leah owe these targets her freedom?
(and, yes, Leah is a snitch)

Erm, because an anarchist movement based on the idea that it's ok to testify for the State, or that people should turn themselves in to the State when something's being investigated, isn't going to get very far? Do you really need this spelled out for you?

Hopefully if roles were reversed, the people being targeted would refuse to testify.

I think it's important to not read this article looking for one specific meaning or goal. It seems to me like there's a lot said here, referenced, and meant than our traditional "ideology" pieces. You can't sit down and read it like a college paper. If you drew out what all these things meant, I'm not sure how you could have "huh" as the reaction. I mean, seriously. This is an anarchist website. Shouldn't we be looking for spots to engage here and not trying to come up with a solid conclusion to say "ah, okay" and then leave it alone?

I have some of my own thoughts here. It's not going to be brief... I'll try to put a tl;dr at the end if you don't have patience for it.

This isn't really about Leah. This is so much more. Leah happens to be a reference point. Any of us cast into Leah's situation would probably react and do the same things... because Leah's story is like so many others, that's where the value of it really comes into play.

First, we need to take a look at the obvious bit - what non-cooperation really means, or what resistance to a grand jury, or anything for that matter, might look like. If someone cooperates with a subpeona, I think, personally, that that's cooperation. Period. I don't see how you can go to court like that and still say you're a resistor. What are you resisting? You're making the court dates and going to jail just like they ask of you, just like you know what's going to happen. And the minute that you get involved in the court systems, whether a grand-jury, whether you were picked up off the street with molotovs in your backpack, or even if you were just a innocent bystander being witness and subject to the surveillance of the state, the minute you accept a fate of handcuffs and jail cells, you're not in the resistance anymore, you're not some revolutionary anarchist anymore. You're a prisoner. Whether defense or plaintiff, you're now a pawn.

Leah, Matt, Maddy, and Kteeo are all pawns. I don't mean that as an insult, I know it sounds like one, but this isn't personal. Right now, none of these people can just go out into the street and make total anarchy. It's not possible. Either because they're apprehended, because they now have a paper trail and registration of their anarchist ways... they would be snatched up and made an example of. They would lose what freedom they have left, and wallow in it. It's got to be isolating. None of these people chose the life they now live. But the choice they did make... was to go to the courthouse like outstanding citizens. Isn't that what we're fighting? They made a choice - between running and appearing. They chose to appear. If they had run, obviously the state would be trying to hunt them down like dogs. But... we're already hunted down like dogs. The black scare doesn't start and end with this grand jury. It's ongoing. Has been particularly here since the Haymarket riots.

Going underground is a difficult thing to do. But once you're there, it's so much more freeing. Now, please do not consider the underground as a thing, rather, an expression of active identity. While it is nice to have dating profiles, text your friends, walk around the mall and have fun, it is a danger. Anyone guilty of crimethink is a target - and if they keep a active and obvious lifestyle, security culture is a joke. You can't drive up from Portland, text your friends about making black flags to smash windows, and then go on your merry way as if nobody was following you or reading those texts. It would be nice, but that's not a luxury afforded to us. Honestly, the underground is just a lifestyle. And sometimes you have to come out, and sometimes you have to rush in. There's no grand legion of revolutionaries like Hollywood preaches in films... things are sporadic, there's more defeat and distrust, and while sometimes such motion-picture magical things do happen, they're extremely brief and not so glamorous. We shouldn't be glamorizing resistance. That leads us into thinking we should sell resistance like a new car on T.V., or perhaps like thinking we can sign up for some riseup list for armed rebellion. That's not how it worked in Egypt, that's not how it works in Syria, and it wasn't how it worked for the Zapatistas. The Zapatistas were poor, dirty farmers who had enough. Ya Basta, right? Not "I just registered for an army!". We don't recruit like the Army does... we don't have catchy slogans like "accelerate your life" and "army of one". We do have fun phrases like "make total smashy-smashy" or "poop on cops", but I think the majority of people who actually do those things also understand that there is a very vital seriousness involved with resistance, guerilla and black bloc tactics.

What the PNW Resistors are facing right now is the seriousness of rebellion. Unfortunately, we do not have a visible group of armed freedom fighters who can break people out of jail or do prisoner extraction. I would definitely like that. I would definitely do it! But, who's with me?

We have an inherent fear of initiation. Whether we're talking about who's going to lean into their first kiss, or whether we're talking about who's going to throw the first molotov on US soil, nobody wants to be the "crazy terrorist" who starts it, doesn't get backed up, and goes to jail for the rest of their lives. It usually feels like an irrational fear. In fact, Nike likes to quote what we shout at ourselves internally... "just do it". And yet, we pull back. We in a black bloc smash windows, but we aren't clubbing cops. We're pushing, but we're not stabbing. We're running, but usually running away. We go and watch riot porn like the video to "No Church in the Wild", or the RNC Welcoming Committee's 2008 trailers and then NOT DOING ANY OF IT. For armchair politicians, this is really, really annoying. For Preppers and Survivalists, it's super, super annoying. Why? Because so many of us want rebellion so bad, envision ourselves in "days of war, nights of love", but we don't want to get our hands dirty until we know there's someone else to share the foxhole with. To those of us who've been on the streets long enough to be jaded or to claim some measure of personal experience, perhaps we tend to say "when the time comes" and leave it there. Is the time come? I don't know. Who does? If I was a Syrian right now, would I join the loyalists or the FSA? I think the FSA. For sure. But then again, that takes away the key element here - that to ask this question assumes that the fear of initiation is quelled. It's easy to put myself in those positions abroad, mentally, because that stuff is already happening. It's so much harder to take the 2 minutes necessary to build a bomb and throw it at a row of riot cops. That's the rub.

But when it comes to this...

The decision was made to follow the grand jury's instructions. The decision cannot be taken back - so I think the original writer here and I share the idea that attacking people for decisions now in the past is ridiculous. I don't think this article assumes that Leah snitched. I think that if the grand jury was convened to chill uprising, it is doing its job. I think if Leah was released to snitch-jacket, then that's also true, although I am thankful for the people who are directly referencing snitch-jacketing, otherwise as per the motto "snitches get stitches" Leah might already have been attacked without proof that she was what the claim was. The destructive force here, that we have proof of, is not what Leah might have done. It's what the CAPR did. The CAPR has been operating like a 501(c)3 organization, collecting and spreading money, making executive decisions just like the Sirra club, just like MoveOn, etc. They might not be so organized, but they seem organized. And while the money runs through their fingers, we're lending ourselves back into the liberal ideology that so often we are at ends with. I think we're not so opposed to liberalism for the principle, as it is because we have to constantly battle ourselves for our anarchist or our own identity in some internal struggle to avoid liberalism. We may be anarchists, but so many of us still buy and eat GMO's, still go to McDonalds and others, still sip lattes and discuss highlights of the EZLN, and then go home (to a real home) and troll conservatives until we get to do it all again the next day. And perhaps some of us still have jobs, even though there have been presented very real alternatives to wage slavery, and very compelling reasons not to sell your labor (for a summary, look at CrimethInc. but please do not assume that is a be-all-end-all for labor). And then maybe some people are anarcho-syndicalists and contribute to the latest gaffe of hurricane Sandy, where only unionized volunteers are allowed to participate in New Jersey.

I think this was an essential portion of the article. It's not so much Leah, as it's a reckoning of our own contradictions, and our support for organizations as if that was the best thing in the world. Those things... are important.

Perhaps the most dire thing of all here though, is this whole deal about the legal system. We're breaking laws right? A bunch of us here probably deserve death by firing squad if we itemized our list of crimes against the state. So why don't we line up? Because we break laws we believe are unjust. And rightly so - I didn't vote on these laws, I didn't consent to them - they have been inherited by order of birth and citizenship. That's no bueno. That's a shit deal. I never voted to persecute the gays, to quarantine the First Nations, or to elect whoever is the most eloquent to vote in my stead for the country (read: representatives). As such, I feel a blissful obligation to break those laws until it is asked of me "what can we do together?". I don't expect that question to be answered, and so I must be willing to fight for my freedom. We are only granted the freedom to die. I fight for the freedom to live. Don't we all? Why then would we throw it all away and walk into court? Why then would we walk into our jail cell and sit day after day? No - non-cooperation means not cooperating at all. At all. At all. This means shredding the subpeona, and running. Nothing is more important than your freedom, and if the state so chooses, it can take your freedom to die and put you in a padded cell where not even the right to suicide is afforded to you. By running, sure, the state will hunt you. But that is not because you have broken the law... It's because you are evading the law. The two are different. To break the law is to awknowledge you have broken something, to awknowledge you have sinned. To evade the law is to vomit upon the RCW book, and render it irrelevant. If everybody rendered the lawbooks irrelevant, we would be free, wouldn't we? Perhaps we'd fight to be free? The urgency with which the state hunts law evaders is not because the person is a fugitive, rather, it is because if evading the law caught on as quickly as "Gangam Style", then suddenly the most relevant question on our minds would be "Why do we even need this government?". And then, of course, all hell would break loose. Seeing as our public services are taking a massive, diahreatic shit, a lot of people are starting to ask that question. The power of a grand jury is not in who it persecutes, but the power of a stage of oppression. There are few better stages than a grand jury. And that is why I would wish that anyone served a subpeona would run rather than consent. That people would rescue prisoners instead of wave to them. That people would discredit the grand jury, rather than sensationalize it. That people would take matters into their own hands, rather than form a committee about it. And leave money the FUCK out of it. Isn't is said that money is the root of all evil? That's not an anarchist coined phrase. I believe it was Jesus, wasn't it? The one that went smashy-smashy on all the vendors at the temple? Property destruction is biblically beautiful. We owe it to ourselves to neither participate nor consent to law and hierarchy. We owe it to ourselves to die before we are incarcerated.

The number one rule, and I seriously want this to catch on, is DON'T GET CAUGHT. A sit-in full of arrestables is fun at first, but tomorrow begins the day where they are no further use to uprising. You cannot multitask submission and rebellion. One or the other, or you do a shit job at both. I cannot be a cop and also throw things at cops. I cannot testify before a grand jury and also promote rebellion.

To not get caught, to have that as a rule, brings about good secuirty culture. It brings about drive, a level head, and good habits for freedom. It may mean that you have to run out of some horrible situations that you feel shitty about for leaving, but you must know that if you had stayed, your freedom would be gone. If you had stayed, you would only have met a similar fate. If you had stayed, you'd be out of the loop, and out of the rebellion. You can, however, fight tomorrow. You can keep going. The same cannot be said for those in prison, at least not in the literal, physical way. For a prisoner, it is a everyday struggle merely to maintain your sanity, individuality, and freedom in a concrete mesh of tyranny and oppression.

What I think the original writer had alluded to was that we owe the rebellion more than this. If we continue to bow to the grand jury, if we continue to bow to the CAPR, if we continue to contradict our own lives, sacrifice principle for ease, and choose safety over potential... then we not only commit counterrevolution, but we deserve no bounty of freedom. If we continue to bow, we should just bow out. Go away. Get the fuck out of the way of the people who are just about to sling arms and get dirty. It is the same crime to steal limelight and cloud the revolution here as it is to throw up a starbucks in Chiapas Valley. It is the same as to put a Wal-Mart in Allepo. It is the same to build a detainment camp in Athens. We, they cannot afford this shit. We, as those who are edging open rebellion, cannot afford to keep dealing with this grand jury shit. I stand in solidarity with the resistors, but the truth remains. They cannot stand in solidarity with me. They cannot fight by my side. They cannot help me plan a battle. They are done and out of this. I wish it weren't so.

What this is, isn't cruelty. It is reality. It is what it looks like to break down sensationalism. That is something we should have been doing long before Leah.

When is enough enough?

I have no golden answer.

But I know

tl;dr: DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as always, ACAB

Oh for fuck's sake, this idea that you are not a resister if you don't go underground is so ridiculous. Basically, you're saying that caregivers should never get into anarchist work because they should wouldn't be able to go underground forever and be on the run the rest of their lives in case someone they once knew is up for indictment. HOW TERRIBLY ROMANTIC and everything, but really. Come on.

Given the choice between the rest of my life in the prison of being a fugitive and 18 months in federal lockup, I'd take the 18 months like most people would, so that I could one day return to my family and start political work on the outside.

I swear, I have seen more stupid ass ideas about what people should do with their lives on @news since this Leah story broke...

rather than start political work, I guess that should say return to political work, but w/e, you get what i mean.

Mad props to you for doing ~political work.~ You really deserve praise.

oh shut up

Get back to work, comrade.

  1. Resisters are best above-ground, I don't think anyone suggested otherwise. I think it was suggested that rather than walk in to your hearing you run far, far away.
  2. You cannot and should not go underground forever. Similarly, the state cannot hunt you forever. Just don't throw a ME party.
  3. There's nothing romantic about uprising and civil war, and if you disagree, please write a book about it and stay indoors.
  4. "Given the choice" - can't you make your own choices?
  5. You always have another option, that's the whole point. Run for your life. Or buy more ammo and get ready.
  6. There's no anarchist work. There's no political work. That's what liberals call it to justify profiting from social movements. Anarchism is an ideology. It's not even really a government. It's not even really an economy. Anarchism tends more to offer things like democracy and communism to make that clear rather than lend to primitivism or futurism... In my opinion, anarchy is a habit of belief that freedom is an inalienable human right, and that any order or hierarchy above nature is null and unnecessary.

huh? cool reading comprehension, bro. Play your semantics game with someone else.

All of you are fucking crazy!!!

It's not a matter of 18 months or the rest of your life runnin and gunnin. It's a FUCKING BENCH WARRANT. Thats all folks. Failing to appear is not a felony it is simply the process of putting your name in a computer so if you get rolled up on and they run your name, they can and will arrest you (if extraditable, which this will be) only to ensure that you show up in court. Like I said, thats fucking all. For fuck's sake, if you wait out the GJ, your looking at 30 days tops (probably in county) for failure to appear.

Where the fuck do you guys come up with this crazy shit?

Can you site your sources on that? Seriously, I'm curious.

Actual experiences with law enforcement?

Right now Kteeo and Matt are being held civilly for contempt of court. Once the 18 month period is over, they can be charged criminally with contempt of court. Do you not understand that?

In most insurgencies, only the fighting soldiers (the "teeth" of the cat, not her body) are underground! They are supported by far larger numbers of people who continue what lives the regime and the economy may permit them. Some of these folks must conceal their resistance, as it is dangerous to admit to feeding food or intelligence to insurgents. Others may operate political parties allied with the insurgents in the classic Sinn Fein/IRA model. Still others may simply tell only those they trust that the insurgents are the good guys and must be looked out for.

There is nothing underground about spreading the word about police movements in such a way that those who are underground will hear them. There is nothing underground about keeping a suit and tie on your clothesline in your back yard near the prison for the use of any escaping prisoner as camoflage. There is nothing underground about leaving barrels of clean drinking water in the desert near the US border(yet...)

In short, the underground is the tip of the spear, it is not the entire spear.

Fucking this. Seriously. If the movement was composed solely of a handful of Nechayev supermen with no emotions or weaknesses who were 100% willing to sacrifice everything in their lives, there's no way we would have seen the kind of large-scale militancy that got the state rattled in the first place. The state is going through with this Grand Jury shit because it wants to put people off being involved with subversive activity. If your reaction to the Grand Jury is to say "oh, well people who are X, Y or Z shouldn't be involved in the first place", then you're pretty much giving them the result they want.

but it's more than 18 months imprisonment.
when the grand jury is over (in 18 months), kteeo and matt can be charged with CRIMINAL contempt charges. This is what happened to Jordan Cade Halliday in Utah

"the gays"


i was waiting for someone to comment on that. the fucking language that this person used is actually really creepy and it makes me hate them.

Ok, so on first reading I found this argument quite compelling. This is likely the author of the article, but definitely literally the same or an affiliated person with the person who posted this:

Mostly, based on similar arguments and the little tilde thing.

But the more I read on, I find I have both strengthened my critical thinking skills a bit and wasted a great deal of my time on shallow, think-tank, type arguments, that are mostly part of a broad strategy and have no basis in anarchism as an end, only a strategy towards a different end, i.e. maintaining capitalism.

So, others were tipped off by subtle homophobic language, the snitch apologism, and other things. I found the truth (yeah, actually I do believe in that) in their criticism of anarcho-syndicalism and the so called rejection of volunteers because they were not union affiliated. Guess what, it wasn't the unions, it was the company, who in fact refused to allow the volunteers to affiliate. Fucking liars.

So there you have it folks. Fraud. How exactly do we fight this sophisticated state machine? It does seem to be learning, and at least I, who prefer a relatively relaxed skepticism, was at first drawn in and almost duped.

Let's see if this gets deeper, or if it appears to be what it actually is. My guess is the latter.

I'm the one with the huge long comment with the tl;dr and no, I'm not the original author and no, I'm not the tilde person.

Firstly, I'm extremely anticapitalist. I advocate for barter economy, communism, and time share rather than wage slavery or capitalism. I don't know how you could lead into capitalism with what I wrote.

Next, this isn't about anarchism as an end, this is about cooperation, the CAPR and other such movements or organizations which take it upon themselves to favor cooperation rather than actual non-cooperation and resistance. The strategy is not a jam session about the merits of anarchy, it is about the value and weight of alternatives. I personally suspect Leah has snitched, but without proof do not damn her, rather, I just want nothing to do with her and until we have proof either way I think she needs to gtfo. The original author seems to have sparked people to think that she's doing snitch apologetics, but on the contrary I found that it was meant sarcastically and for the intent to make people realize that this isn't a goddamn game and if we're going to look at the grand jury as a direct action of resistance with the pro-PNW Resistors and CAPR on one riser and the state on the other riser, then we need to realize this isn't football. This is real life. Rooting for the underdog is a waste of time, and I'm tired of people sensationalizing solidarity to the same extent that people wear team colors for their favorites. That's bullshit. The truth is that the people who are now subpeonead are inept and infantile in that they considered that cooperation was non-cooperation and that the only options afforded to them were submit or submit, with no regard that GTFO'ing is a noble and useful practice at not being caught and actually getting to fight another day. To this end, I don't sympathize with the resistors at all. They're not really resisting, their just in contempt of court. As for Leah, it may be more than that, but again, I don't know, so I won't say "leave her alone" or "burn the witch" because I JUST DON'T KNOW.

I am not a homophobe, I had meant to imply that it is not my decision to have laws that enact prohibition on diversity such as DOMA and the late DADT. It was not my decision that we kill almost all the natives here so we could steal their land, throw them in concentration camps, fuck with their education, and then make a Redskins team just to poke fun at them. If I had it my way, you could marry a goddamn shoe, and fuck the shit out of it with the same sanctity as a breeder and not have people come up with laws and stigmas to who and what you want to screw and be in love with. I didn't vote for DOMA, is what I'm saying. So why should I abide it? Why do we abide it? Why is it expected that I take homophobia lightly? Why is it expected that I be content to live the "american dream" at the behest of the first nations who rightfully prospered here before we shot, stabbed, and infected them all with our diseases?

I didn't say it was the unions. I said that un-unionized volunteers were barred from volunteering. That's not a lie.

What else here is fraud?
Work with me. Don't sit around and call BS like a crow caws for attention.

I am a cop. Please work with me. Let's talk. What do you know? Maybe I'll tell you something. I'm not an idiot. I read, I've read anarchism. To be honest, I am somewhat sympathetic to your views. You are idealist, but that really shouldn't be a crime. The problem is that a crime was committed and we need to get to the bottom of it to make sure the real criminals are brought to justice, and we both know who the real criminals are, right - wink wink nudge nudge, name starts with the letter "O" and rhymes with "yo momma."

So, admittedly speculative, anywhere close?

The only thing I dislike here is that you are using language that denotes "us and them". Cops versus anarchists. There's a million and one reasons why we have this tension, but if you want to engage with us then let's change the conversation. We're all people. Humans. For some, it's hard to see that humanity. Either way. If you want to truly support freedom, if you truly want to protect life, then find a way to plug into the world where the baton, badge, gun, and pretense of vanguardism are left with the squadcar in an alley. Let's be clear and honest, "crime" isn't happening everywhere all the time, and a community can, 9/10 take care of itself without needing any form of outside support.

We are mixed in our ideology, but we are not all ideologists. Many of us are practicing. That is why communes exist. That is why affinity groups exist. And sites like this. These are places not only to have dialog, but also places to live, ways to work, and methods to survive. People live like this everywhere - and whether they identify as a ghetto or a commune, the practice of survival and community is the same. When it comes to self-government without hierarchy, reference direct democracy and even portions of the late Occupy as examples of how decisions can be made in a community without ballots, superpacs, and politicians. Occupy, however, which also was an example of accidental yet efficient barter economy, was destroyed in the international combined effort by police to "evict" all encampments, thus removing our right to assembly for redress of grievances, which is protected under the 1st amendment, though rendered moot by the federal privilege of constitution-free zones (the area 100 miles outwards and inwards of the US border is legally viable for suspension of all constitutional rights. It so happens that the majority of the US population lives in these zones. Read about it at the ACLU).

The problem is not that a crime was committed. For you, you are trained to identify breaches to the laws. If the marijuana thing gets passed in Washington, then smoking MJ over age 21 is legal. It's not a crime anymore, right? Well, fuck the feds, we're talking about local. And so if laws are that fickle, and crimes are so changeable, then doesn't that call into question the validity of what is right and wrong? We know that gay marriage is fabulous, however the feds say its illegal. So it's a crime to be married, right? Doesn't that violate ethical and moral standards? Sure, it's not particularly enforceable by any means but policy standards, but what if tomorrow you received the directive to arrest all the married gay couples living outside the law? Aren't they criminals? Aren't they subject to law?

That's where we got tired of the laws. The laws are expressly written to outlaw any form of political violence that does not boil down to a ballot. However, we are not truly empowered by voting, as the electoral college eliminates the power of the popular vote, and except for the rare public referendums, we actually don't get a say in the laws that are drafted, abolished, or held. Most of those decisions are made by representatives, right? But we're smarter than your average bear. We have the internet, and facebook, and computers. We have cars and reading skills and drive. We don't need people to decide for us. Haven't you ever used the poll on this site? That's direct democracy - you voted what you thought, right? Wouldn't it have been weird to trust somebody else to answer for you? That's the feeling we get. We want to live without that cloud overhead called federal government. That's not to say we favor no government, because most of us don't actually want chaos. Personally, I want direct democracy. And the only thing that has to change in that regard is for all the votes to be directly taken by the people. It's not difficult. But then we must take into consideration that if we have the power, as the people, then there is no need for the state. I suppose we are all the state, at that point. And if you want to change a vote, then change yourself, right? We do need to figure out how to eliminate the oppressiveness of majority decisions, in favor of consensus (what can we live with). Then we can start stripping away the things we need and don't need as a informal union of people. Like perhaps one big commune. Or perhaps, we can start realizing that decisions don't always need to be national. For instance, if Washington legalizes pot, then shouldn't that be their deal? Why do we have the fed DEA to tell us "oh no, you voted for x, but we're still holding you to y".

And so here's the thing. If we can't change the system except by reform, then what does that leave us with? Nothing. We, the people, see no great benefit from reform. Some take to it in a metaphor... that the United States is like a cracked window. We can use reformism, and then put bandaids on all the cracks. Takes a long time, lots of resources, and besides being temporary, the window IS STILL CRACKED! Or, we can take insurrection, and then smash the window, and put up a shiny new one that we all can actually like. But smashing windows is a crime, if it's not yours, right, officer?

We riot, not because we came to riot, but because you come with your riot clothes on, and then we have a showdown. If it weren't for that, there wouldn't be many riots. But, your directive is to make a show of us. Filling the corporate media with black scare tactics, running black hoodies on the street, smashed windows, people saying "oh it's so sad" and then justifying a grand jury and any number of other things which the true crime is what?

In San Francisco on October 6th, a police officer rode his bike into the middle of the street, alone, shouted at people, and stayed put even though he was directly in the path of the march. In trying to get around him, he started trying to point, then got caught in a banner, shouted obscenities, and then started flailing trying to punch people. Being tangled, he just looked ridiculous. 5 minutes later, they smash in about 26 skulls and charge everyone for felony assault on a police officer. Why? Because the cop got tangled whilst being a dick?

If you didn't work so hard to protect capital, like the windows of Starbucks, then maybe we wouldn't be so chilled out of making a difference that we have to only smash windows. Perhaps we could smash capitalism if humanity could stay your baton and let us change the world.

But that sounds impossible... criminals right?

We're not criminals. We don't accept that. We didn't accept these laws, we didn't create them, and every broken window is maybe a millionth of a percent of the damage that the state has done to us. Us, being everyone. Including the first nations people who have experienced genocide, had their land seized, and then be "re-educated" through forced assimilation to the point where when a native stands up to speak, nobody sees or hears.

We will not help you get to the bottom of crimes. The truth is that society gets the criminals it deserves. If there were no more possessions, then there would be no more theft. If the money in the prisons went to hospitals instead, perhaps we'd cure the mental ailments that drive one to serial murder or rape. Instead we divert it to what works least, to either thin the population of undesirables, or to thin the appearance of them on the streets. When I say we, I mean you, since you've got the handcuffs, but I imply us, because decolonizing our minds is a constant process in which we constantly battle our learned racism, learned distrust and privileges that so easily drive people to avoid "certain people". It is the same education that taught you to beat an anarchist in the streets that we fight, because when you're beating anarchists, you're not beating people. You're beating anarchists. It's justified brutality, because we're no longer human.

Similarly, the word terrorist has been used to legitimize murder, genocide, rape, and theft of others, and even imprisonment, because people have been so finely taught that terrorist is a bad thing (not a human) that must be eliminated at all costs. Even at the cost of freedom. See the patriot act, or even NDAA for more details.

Osama bin Laden, right?

Let's talk about that.


Once upon a time, these two countries hated each other and wanted to kill all of each other, maybe even the world. They liked this one country because they could use the people and the money to spread their influence, but they both wanted it so bad, neither could truly have it. So one country gave big guns and training to all of the biggest and most ugly gangs in the land, so that the gangs could shoot the other country out so that only one country really owned everybody. But when the other country had left, the gangs still had their guns! So these gangs started to kill all their brothers and sisters, and started to destroy all the big buildings and fancy things so that the gangs had the power. When all the people said they loved the gangs, then the gangs shot each other! They shot each other so much that eventually only a couple gangs were really left over. One of the gangs stayed in their home country, but the other gang grew alongside them, working together. They both were so sad that their country had now been torn apart. In fact, the country was now the poorest one on earth! Where there used to be hotels and movie theaters, now they were rubble! The big country that gave everyone the guns in the first place had long since left, because without another country to fight, they didn't have much interest in the poor country. Instead, that country moved on to a super small one, pretending to fight a big bad guy while actually stealing all their oil! Years later, the big country even went back to both places, just to make sure they had control, and killed all the people they didn't like with even bigger guns until the country was so poor and uneducated, that nobody would ask questions about where the oil was going.

Let's grow the story up a bit. I'm talking about Afghanistan, the US, and Soviet Russia, oh, and Kuwait and Iraq at the end. Now you see, if somebody comes in, destabilizes your country, kills your friends, makes a rich country poor, violates human rights, and then to boot, steals all your resources, you might be angry. In fact, you might be really angry. So you have the Taliban, which are the only thing holding these small villages together (the means are not savory, but it is the only form of government they know in the outlying areas), and you have Al Qaeda who are the angriest of all. Now, in reality, how often do we get even vs. turn the other cheek? Fuck, no, we fuck the other people up. What the government and media failed to mention was how much we really deserved 9/11. I know I'll catch flak for this, and know that this in no way is descriptive of anarchists as a whole (just me), but we really deserved it as a country. They took out a fraction of the property destruction and loss of life we inflicted upon them. You really need to understand the rage. You can only understand it though, if you realize these are people. Al Qaeda is a organization of very angry people. While some may not know why they're angry, the people leading it are perfectly clear on why they hate America so much. I don't blame them. The difference? They're willing to die for their hatred, for vengeance. Us? We're not quite that far. Most of us don't REALLY want to die for freedom, and most of us are Athiest, so that deal is right out!

So who was Osama Bin Laden? He was a man. He was a family man. He was a religious man. In any other context, we might assume he was a conservative right-winger, no? But he was very angry. He watched his home be turned into a pile of dust, sand, blood, and where the life used to be, only despair remains. He watched it. Before his eyes. And he had the means to get vengeance, thanks to the Bush family, the CIA, and Lt.Col. Oliver North. He also wasn't stupid. The leadership of Al Qaeda is not stupid. They are as brilliant as the best of us. They are surely religious, but that does not blind their genius. So long as the retribution is due, they will exist. So long as the US oppresses people, anarchists will exist too. In fact, every group which has ever been labeled a terrorist group actually only exists because the federal government is JUST THAT SHITTY. I don't know how else to break it to you. At some point, you need to realize that there is no such thing as a terrorist. Then you can start to see whats real. All these terrorists? Yeah, they're real human beings with thoughts, desires, emotion, passion, love, and tenderness. And when Russia touts killing 29 of them like a week ago without a trial, and the people still dance in the streets about it, you wonder how the fuck people are so blind. How do we know they were terrorists if they were never tried? So Russia just decided to kill 29 people. 29 people. Citizens. 29 of their own people. Well, we do the same here all the time? Why else, Mr. Officer, do you carry a firearm? And then try to focus on CNN sometime and listen when they say "200 dead in a bombing" and actually think about your parents dead 200 times over. And perhaps you will break your desensitizing and actually even have a bit of grief. The drone bombings for instance... why the fuck are we shrugging it off? How many need to die before we get concerned? 1000? 5000? More than that have died in Syria recently, and we're still arguing over whether to support the FSA or the loyalists. Isn't that actually really fucked up?

And if the government can at any time call somebody a terrorist, suspend their rights, throw them in a jail and fuck with them until they squeal, isn't that just as alarming? It's happening all the time. It's what we're fighting. As a police officer, you know you're on the "right side of the law". It's that thought that makes you so dangerous. Why? Because you are so confident, you never look over your shoulder. If you did, you might see what we see. Your side of the law is not accountable to law. When the feds looked at Oakland and Seattle PD's, they said "just work on it, okay?" and let them go. You are accountable to no authority, unless you fuck with your department bureaucracy. That's the only thing you can get fucked over on. You can shoot a homeless guy tomorrow and still be a cop next week. This is why we loathe what you do. You spend so much time looking for criminals, that the real criminals are getting off free. No, I'm not talking about Osama. No, I'm not talking about whoever's leading the Crips n Bloods. I'm talking about the President, who has signed more threatening executive orders than any other in American history... I'm talking about the DHS director, who's making a business of the phrase "for your protection". I'm talking about the Murdoch empire, who's deceiving millions. I'm even talking about your battle buddy, who may just be bashing skulls for a vent and talking shit about us just because we what... keep coming back for more? We're always going to come back for more.

The only change might be that sometime soon, we hit back. And not with sticks, flags, or rocks. With a AR-15 quad-rail tac system, complete with all the fixin's and even a scope so we can take the shot from a distance. Police brutality will end the day that people fight back at the level that brutality is dealt. If you intend to shoot us, and suddenly we intend to shoot you, then that really becomes a mindfuck, doesn't it? If tomorrow civil war broke out, now how relevant is that badge? Will you fight for the communities that commission you, or will you fight with the government that couldn't give a fuck less about you? Well, why wait to make the choice? You read the books, you know the politics. What's holding you back? Training. Well, you're not trained to think critically, so I have to trust you can do that. You're also not trained to engage with people the way you engage with criminals. You're also not trained to fight in civil war. So... what would you do? And now, apply that. Be consistent. Either smash the most anarchist skulls and be satisfied, or drop the badge and room up in a commune and start training those of us who have no idea how to handle police tactics, how to deal with them. Start with the roman phalanx adaptations, because a lot of us want to do de-arrests, but we have no idea where the arrestors are coming from and we also have no idea where the attack will come from. Many also don't know where the command is stationed in the formation, so we need to know where to take them out. Some of us already know. Some of us are just throwing off the old cloak of liberalism that said to trust the cops, trust the ballot, smile, rinse, and repeat.

We're smarter than that.

Think twice about being a cop. If you could never say the words "terrorist", "criminal", or "enemy" again, how would you then describe the people you've been trained to engage? If tomorrow civil war broke out, would you jump in your cruiser and patrol the streets against the rebels? If tomorrow your family was murdered by the hands of the police, would you proudly wear your badge to the funeral? These are questions we, as anarchists, are challenged with - by self and community, every day.

We get asked all the time the most stupid and asinine questions. Why do we answer? Because we take the time for humanity. That's what sets us apart from fascists and Marxists. You are not this or that, there is nothing that is mutually exclusive. It's a trip, and it's difficult, to begin decolonizing yourself and turning anarchist ideology to practice, but I'll tell you what.... it's incredibly fun.

And then you can say things like "poop on cops" and be hilarious.

Whatever. Anytime you say things like we're smarter than that, or we know better, or we're better prepared, or anything like that, you are ignoring the obvious fact that none of that is actually true, and the reality is simply that you have more resources at your disposal and perhaps better organized.

If anarchists had the resources, the numbers and power that you have, I don't think you'd last a day.

And, just to be clear, I'm abandoning pretense. I think you're a cop, maybe CIA actually, all the bun Laden talk and some subtle phrases, and I found it very difficult to read your post from that perspective because it seemed just threatening. And I'm sure there's some good information there, so I might reread it later in a different light.

Haha, you're good with saying nothing while fear-mongering, but the focusing on the syndicalist part was too obvious

*"Ok, so on first reading I found this argument quite compelling. This is likely the author of the article, but definitely literally the same or an affiliated person with the person who posted this:*

*Mostly, based on similar arguments and the little tilde thing.*

*But the more I read on, I find I have both strengthened my critical thinking skills a bit and wasted a great deal of my time on shallow, think-tank, type arguments, that are mostly part of a broad strategy and have no basis in anarchism as an end, only a strategy towards a different end, i.e. maintaining capitalism.*

*So, others were tipped off by subtle homophobic language, the snitch apologism, and other things."*

Nope, no argument, just fear-mongering. And now you actual "argument":

*"I found the truth (yeah, actually I do believe in that) in their criticism of anarcho-syndicalism and the so called rejection of volunteers because they were not union affiliated. Guess what, it wasn't the unions, it was the company, who in fact refused to allow the volunteers to affiliate. Fucking liars."*

That part was too obvious. The original text, with the syndicalist part highlighted:

"I think we're not so opposed to liberalism for the principle, as it is because we have to constantly battle ourselves for our anarchist or our own identity in some internal struggle to avoid liberalism. We may be anarchists, but so many of us still buy and eat GMO's, still go to McDonalds and others, still sip lattes and discuss highlights of the EZLN, and then go home (to a real home) and troll conservatives until we get to do it all again the next day. And perhaps some of us still have jobs, even though there have been presented very real alternatives to wage slavery, and very compelling reasons not to sell your labor (for a summary, look at CrimethInc. but please do not assume that is a be-all-end-all for labor). **And then maybe some people are anarcho-syndicalists and contribute to the latest gaffe of hurricane Sandy, where only unionized volunteers are allowed to participate in New Jersey.**"

And then you go on, fear-mongering

*"So there you have it folks. Fraud. How exactly do we fight this sophisticated state machine? It does seem to be learning, and at least I, who prefer a relatively relaxed skepticism, was at first drawn in and almost duped.*

*Let's see if this gets deeper, or if it appears to be what it actually is. My guess is the latter."*

IGTT: 6/10

In Latin America they torture. In the US, they point to Latin America and say, "You see that shit hole. This is what we're willing to do to secure that shit hole. What do you expect will happen if the US proper is threatened?"

Fuck you assholes, burn in hell, and die slow.

Can you please elaborate? I don't know what the message was.

CAPR I don't think is a non-profit. I think possibly some people might be trying to push it in that direction, though, but a few minutes of googling turned up a wordpress blog and a paypal account. Nothing much else.

You're right, they're not a non-profit. They just act like one.

Why, because they raise money for legal fees and commissary? So, it's a non-profit because they're not hoarding guns planning a bust out? Well, noone's stopping you from planning a bust out, go right ahead there tough guy. It's easier to criticize the people actually doing things isn't it?

If there is a specific accusation, a specific person or group of people tying to derail CAPR into a non-profit reformist direction, then please, point them out and be specific as to what they're actually doing. But from here, the accusation doesn't seem clear except as interpreted above.

Oh wow, it's fucking nothing.

Well guess what you meanie: The one who wrote the comment you're replying to lives in latin america.

IGTT: 0/10

WTF, That's a bunch of meaningless words strung togather. You even had to go anti-union. Most o this crap is simply the noise that comes out of the mouths of wealthy white subburban kids without a real identity.

Did you ever consider if the working class did rise it may be you that takes a bat to the skull?

Snitch apologist bullshit. Go to a country with a real anarchist movement and try saying this bullshit about how you're playing into the state's hands by disowning someone who cooperated against their comrades. You will be laughed at or beaten, depending on how fervently you make your pathetic point.

Alright then, you're free to go there, tough guy.

Seriously she made a huge dealof this herself. A website specifically for her, a video she made claiming she would never cooperate... It just seems like she talked big but couldn't deal, I'm sick of all these "tough guy" "manarchist" call outs over people saying she broke. I've been in solitary. I've been questioned, prosecuted and seng away a few times, some people can take it some can't.

I get that, but that isn't the point - nor am I questioning your commitment. Because it's not about going abroad or comparing/contrasting experiences. Unfortunately geopolitics vary and we're not living in a vacuum: in the US/Canada/Britain/Western Europe you are tainted by (neo)liberalism, period. It's a life's work to undo the damage and you can't expect people to harden up just like that because of what happens elsewhere. And no, people in other countries aren't necessarily going to laugh or "beat out" the bullshit you're talking about. Many of them are aware of the flaws present abroad and are just as conflicted/confused as some of these people.

And I'm not apologizing for Leah. It's obvious what she's done and what the implications are for her comrades.

It doesn't play into the states' hands, it plays into the non-profits wallets. That, or it just sensationalizes the fuck out of serious business.

Look at the comment above. See how your false idealism, and I'll call it that because if someones life gets ruined you'll be eating your words, (IF) calls out the crazy. See the bubble above....crazy. Use the CAPR as a middle man and let it be. Seriously, unless its your ass on the line or you have direct contact with her or you've done real solidarity work for her shut the fuck up.

And to the idiot above, there is a real Anarchist movement in the U.S., just as beatiful and inspiring and just as vapid and crazy as everywhere else.

Solidarity with resisting resistors and anyone scared witless by all this from the middle east.

it has become painfully evident over the past few years that the only human beings that anarchists (in north america at least) are capable of destroying are other anarchists. this needs to be considered as a serious question. if anarchists cannot treat one another as friends it is inevitable they will fall into the all too typical definition of 'community' as a circle of enemies held barely at bay. this isn't a question of apologetics but of realism. what does one have to defend when one doesn't have a territory or even a real community? when did anyone ever doubt that power could eviscerate - could, thru its effects, turn our 'comrades' into other beings entirely?

ftp for sure and for ever. but if attacks are to be launched it isn't because that is what the cool kids in europe are doing but because it is the logical next step. the person who said something about rifles and pop guns had it right. when you threaten the empire with a toy gun and get shot by a real one, don't act surprised, and don't blame above all others the person who fell first.

"it has become painfully evident over the past few years that the only human beings that anarchists"

Apparently not good enough because literally every anarchist snitch in the past 15 to 20 years is walking around just fine very very few were even subjected to a single punch.

Make impotent "tough guy" jabs all you want, but while there should be a supportive anarchist community that one wouldn't want to be alienated from, the movement needs to instill some fear as well into the minds of snitches. This isn't like fighting with your parents and the worst thing that could ever happen is that they kick you out of the house and don't "support" you anymore. Your parents aren't going to hunt you down and try to harm you. A movement you betray, on the other hand, should and must if we are to deal with what inevitable repression that goes down. Of course, there is less cooperation in countries with strong anarchist movements not only because of the threat of violence to snitches (Which certainly exists) but also because of people's convictions in their ideas being stronger and less wishy-washy in general. That is a larger discussion.

that's kind of what i'm saying except the opposite. anarchists have fought each other lately not over snitchery but over sometimes very murky claims about personal behavior, in relationships, in groups, in their choice of terminology or positions, etc. with all this acrimony over bullshit scene drama it is hard to see how there could be any such thing as a 'radical community' capable of supporting its POWs - much less not actively destroying itself every time it moves forward even a tiny bit...

someone who snitched on me and my friends years ago (like leah, a young, white, middle class, female lifestylist anarcho scenester) was never, to my knowledge, confronted, went on to start a vegan bakery or some other small business bullshit like that with money from her family. her story and the location of her business were all a matter of public record when this happened (altho it was before tumblr and @news so basically like in the stone age). and not too much later after she turned i got caught up in some bs scene drama that eventually led to me leaving any kind of association with the 'movement' in general, organizing etc because i just cannot deal with the histrionics.

people constantly stab each other in the back, as anarchists, and then act shocked and appalled when someone does it when they have the whole weight of the state bearing down on them. do i still feel bitter and disgusted about my snitch? of course, but now it's less so than towards everyone else, because she only picked up where they left off (and vice versa).

as usual jawbreaker said it best, "bad scene, everyone's fault."

wow... kind of can't believe there were no other responses to this...

Scene anarchism is bullshit. It's one of those things there isn't much to say to.

Stunned silence
Awkward shifting of position
resigned sighs

Take your pick

I'm pretty sure they shoot defectors in Syria. I don't believe where it is makes a difference.
bring a real gun.

heh... silly pricks.

I wait for those who have no where else to go.

then i'll know who my sameplace fighters are.

the rest is mouthy bullshit.

when the fight is for survival, and it is... who 'chooses' to leave! who fights and rails about 'snitches', what the fuck is that! you make the enemy look appealing *laughing*... cause this bullshit reminds me that for those of us who are ALREADY EATING FRONT LINE FUCKING SUFFERING, ... listening to this coffee house fucking chatter is wasteful... I happen to agree with the poster with the looooonnnnnnnggg ass responses. cause the responder seems to get it... that we have to KNOW the FUCKING details now. anything less is of the I-have-somewhere-else-to-go ilk.

I am the author of the original piece posted here... and most of the responses didn't get it. I don't give one small fuck about Leah... I don't know her... all I know is what I read about her, and none of it is reliable in the same sense that my fellow fighters, those I've been to the dance with, are reliable. She thought what she thought, she self assessed and found herself in a place where deciding to act ... occurred. Now who is she? She is someone who is gaining far to much attention for what no one knows. Move on.there are those who have maintained the posture, they will tire, .... where is the active show of support that they can hear... so outrageous that even the guards who guard them can't keep from telling them...

where are you.

anything else is wasting time.

Where do you get this shit....its (a) If that's your point you did a piss poor job of illustrating it. How about a shout out to people to calm the fuck down and use the CAPR as it was intended? Criticism of celebrity culture in the Anarchist community? I didn't get your point. NOBODY did. And who are we? I don't need to know. Maybe YOU need to know but IF don't know this girl from Adam. My day moves on.....Maybe more time should pass before we post

OK... i'll type slowly.

There are those who now have relinquished their active participation in the resistance by getting caught. Those who remain silent, now have only one gift to give it... continue to be silent, AND stop cooperating, (to show up was to cooperate). The system is down, why did anyone believe that there was something useful to resistance to show up?!
But, they did, and several have remained silent. New day.
Stop eating. Stop allowing your muscles to respond to their commands. Stop cooperating. Will they have the courage to do that? remaining silent is only one element of noncooperation.
think about it. What other options do these 'comrades' have to continue to make the anarchist move... (it is not a movement)
Who works to know what they (prisoners) are doing? Who has sought out the employee (guards) that will give up some information to a grieving 'relative', who knows who's schedule in their jail? Is anyone doing this work?!
sit on the damn computer and bitch about someone's opinions and insight to how we address the strongest, meanest, nastiest, wealthest power in our free country... really?
this is a check in tool, a means of communicating in these early days... it IS NOT A TOOL that will do the job.
Leah is of the generation that thinks they fuckin know something.
infuse some of those of the older generations who know, they know nothing.
or, wait for the blood to spill, like most americans, and then you'll have a jump in place. and, that was sarcasm.
as a matter of fact, I exercise my opinion... we all do now at great risk, to just 'reply' for the sake of emoting... well, that day is gone.

long gone. control our emotions and then spill the results in the street, where it will do the most good.

and .... for all those who play the part, fuck you, fuck off.

Wait...bitch about peoples actions and olinions on a computer, like you saying people who actively resisted a grand jury should "fuck off.". Sorry to be a dick, but this article sucks. Its cool though, I write shitty half thought out things barely on a whim...ALL THE TIME.

Somewhere in between "maybe we should knife the bitch," and "meh, she was sexually assaulted where's her justice who cares," the truth lies.

fuck all you idiots who don't understand there is a dichotomy between cooperating and snitching

is it worth rotting in prison for something as irrelevant as a black bloc action in 2012? No? Then don't blame anyone who found a way out (minus directly informing on someone).

Someone outlined legit reasons someone may have for not making a statement earlier in this thread. Read them.

The two are totally different things. While they both imply submission, snitching is going above and beyond the call of cooperation. Cooperation includes showing up to a grand jury via subpoena. Non-cooperation means getting the hell away from the spotlight so you can fight another day. Soon, not 18 months from now.

If you don't want to rot in prison for standing up for what you believe in, I certainly do not blame you. However, a bloc is a bloc because they work together. The bloc never dies. Tactics come up, and go down, but the bloc doesn't die. There's a long, long line of people willing to harbor you underground style and would welcome you, should your presence be requested at a courthouse. Whether they take you in cuffs or on paper, DON'T GET CAUGHT leads you to a better life than "making the best of it". I will NOT buy the resistor shirts, I will not buy them silk pillows or argyle socks. I would team up and break them out, but I'm not going to support a decision to cooperate by appearing before the jury. I never will. And I certainly won't aid an up-and-coming solidarity industry like CAPR promotes. If I want to stand in solidarity, I should do it by direct action, not by throwing money at people for shirts and pats on the back. If they need money in their commissary funds, tell me how to do it myself and maybe I'll do it. Why would I want to give money to anyone else?

DIY rebellion. Means we don't need non-profit CORPORATIONS and their offspring to do shit for us.

choosing to be in a bloc, and getting subpoenad by a grand jury, are also two different things.

But those who recruit/invite for black blocs have also not taken your advice, they do not invite with "join us, but only if you're willing to go underground and/or go to prison for standing up for what you believe in." Perhaps they should.

god fuck off with the black bloc shit already. that shit is soooo played out, and yall get out maneuvered every time in america. THE COPS AND THE MEDIA AND EVERYONE ELSE KNOW ANARCHISTS AS THE ONES IN BLACK AND THEN YALL SHOW UP TIME AND TIME AGAIN IN BLACK.

stupid anarchists are always trying to create rupture as if 1) rupture is something that can be produced and 2) that rupture can actually get us out of this shit hole world. guess what? that shit gets spectacularized and recuperated instantly every time.

lose the black is good advice... stop allowing who is coming by what you fucking wear, the original idea is to know who is the ally... who is with you in an action/response. anonymous is now taking off the signifying element that gets you caught.

fuck all you idiots who don't understand there is a dichotomy between cooperating and snitching

This. Fucking this.

People "cooperate" all the time. Serious fucking militants up on terrorism charges "cooperate". For some that means giving their names, others pleading guilty for a lesser sentence, and sometimes it just means not kicking and screaming every time the guards try to move you somewhere. This isn't a fucking game, and "making a heroic statement" very rarely gets you anywhere when you're locked up.

Fuck anyone who wants to call me an apologist. There is no apology for snitching. That doesn't mean she fucking "snitched". Just because you don't know what she said doesn't mean she said anything incriminating. Seriously, what kind of standard does that set? Who would be spared if we actually applied this twisted logic to people who aren't Leah?

"Who would be spared if we actually applied this twisted logic to people who aren't Leah?"

Next to no one. And just fucking remember ITS NO ACCIDENT that this shit happens 'most' to the person everyone wants to kill or fuck. It's a sad fact that maybe people like that should not get involved with angry nerds like anarchists especially.

The amount of focus on Leah here is really fucked up, pretty clear that people are way more angry about their fallen idol than about any named, documented snitch who's actually put people in jail. I'm sure it has nothing to do with her gender or appearance...

'everyone wants to kill or fuck'

so creepy but really hits the nail on the head as far as people who wind up at the center of various maelstroms of controversy in the @ world


Yeah and well verify that ONCE SHE MAKES A STATEMENT

Can we all just agree to stop with the fucking speculating ad nauseum on Leah-Lynn Plante already?

We can't agree on that. I agree with you, but I don't think everyone can.

The problem here is that because it's a grand jury, we can never actually know what they say or don't say, unless we track down and torture the jurors themselves.

I think speculation is pointless, but I see value in dialog. Not dialog about who dun what, where, when and why, but about what cooperation is, what we can do while this shitstorm is happening.... and I think the most important thing here is to know that the Grand Jury is a state distraction, a chilling effect for direct action and anarchists here. I'm actually sick of talking about grand juries and Leah. Fuck, what does it matter? Didn't we know beforehand that the state would fuck with us? Didn't we know beforehand they'd come after people? Why are we so surprised? And it's not like the most organize-y people have been caught up in this. The people who ran occupy seattle, the people who run the wildcat, the grrl army... all that shit is clean from this. There's a reason. They don't actually want to try anybody. They just want to test some weak links and see what comes of it. They have subpeonead people who aren't the die-hard smashy-smashers. They chose people who kinda float around the periphery. That's on purpose. If they did it to the people that run the wildcat, we'd already have personally shared cocktails with every SPD police officer, every Fed and juror. They chose people we would be more upset about on the principle than upset about the person. So. Fuck this.

This article isn't about Leah. It's not about grand juries. It's about alternatives, and noncooperation. That is relevant 24/7 and is a topic that people keep tainting to use as a platform for more pro and anti Leah speak. That's bullshit. Stay on topic. What is cooperation? What is resistance? How do we fight, and how do we continue to fight another day?

it seems to me like the targets of the investigation are butthurt and are using CAPR as a sounding board to amplify their butthurtness.

...Because maybe they have the feeling that Leah is the only one whose destiny their failed apparatus can change? By making her simultaneously a target and a pariah? You dragged her whole life through the mud because you wanted to smashy smashy, and you think she owes you anything beyond what she owes her own moral code? Deal with it.

Targets: If you want someone to blame, blame the feds. If you want someone to save you, save yourselves. If trust isn't good enough for you, you're playing the wrong game.

Instead of posting on tumblr how scared you are and how much you hate this maybe-a-snitch, how about taking some concrete steps to protect your own situation? Like leaving the NW/USA?

Also: joke is going to be on ya'll if you throw Leah under the bus for something short of snitching and it turns out there was another actual paid informant in your scene all along. How stupid would you feel? Wouldn't be hard to infiltrate anything in Portland, all you need is the right identity politics mixed with faux-militarism...

Spot on.
I dunno about leaving the country though. Unless you're running, just jumping onto another sinking ship isn't going to make life better.
Besides, I've been an informant for years, and all I had to do was eat organic food. Instead of FTP (fuck the police) I just think FTP (file transfer protocol).

Your retarded, of course their are informants, those fucking pig suckers have been around for years, all over the place.

Most informants are fucking stupid though, I don't think they always are but for the most part they are dumb as shit and the informants don't even notice when they are just being allowed to be around because they are so dumb, and dumb informants are really convenient and easy for smart anarchists to mislead.

Snitches get stitches, we really do never forget by the way.Ⓐ

oh good, im glad anarchists think it's cool to pejoratively refer to people who have mental disabilities. no really, i am just making a big deal out of nothing, cause people with MR or down's syndrome are just kind of symbolic imaginary referents of stupidity, they are not actual humans who might be our friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.


"Buckled"..ya i guess you can say that. She fucking cooperated, WITH A FUCKING GRAND JURY!!!!!!!!!!! and she still hasn't tried to explain her actions.

What is wrong with all you soft ass Anarcho-Liberals? Yes of course the state causes fucking trauma, thats what it does.

If we can not figure out how to harden ourselves and be resilient to that trauma were gonna get fucking crushed, we probably will get crushed anyway but I rather get crushed fighting and not selling out my comrades by saying anything to a grand jury when our whole resistance strategy is based on silence and solidarity to that silence.

No silence,no solidarity in my book. Toughen the fuck up and realize that were in a god damn war and not some activist play time when you can just leave when ever shit gets hard. If we start making gains shits gonna get real hard and were gonna have self identified anarchist (the soft liberal ass ones) snitching those of us who don't play the fuck out left and right.

Hey anti authoritarians, prepare now, toughen yourself up, harden your mind and prepare for war not for protest

What about the folks that were actually arrested for the action at the Federal courthouse in Seattle and gave up everyone within hours?

The movement thought they could clean every grand jury person up, take out the dreads, remove the piercings, and put them in straight clothes. Pictures were taken and it was determined by the group to use one of them as a photogenic face against the police. The movement exploited Leah in the same way any advertising agency would. The movement expected her to act a specific way and she didn't. So fucking what? What is really lost anyway?

For most people anarchy is just a fasion statement, I can buy all my revolutionary attire at any mall in the United States so lets not act like there is some real revolution going on. What is going on is called bordom

All the naysayers and the nitpickers should realize that casting Leah away from solidarity will result in destroying this growing new anarchist movement.

Even if she cracked under the pressure, she deserves to be warmly supported. Kindness is what gives a person faith and longing to others, but exclusion is the sharp, cold blade of any social division that, as you should know by now, only serves Power.

Support Leah, even if she may have failed!

I think trivializing concerns folks have over Leah's cooperation is pretty shitty. There are some real fucking idiots on both sides of this issue, and at this point I'm pretty sick of reading about Leah because Matt and KteeO are still in prison, and subpoenas are still going around, and those are the people I want to support right now.

I will say this: Leah does not deserve to be warmly supported right now. Not until she clears some shit up, and certainly not when there are people that have actually remained silent still in prison. THEY are my priority, not Leah.

To those making distinctions between snitching and cooperating: yes, I agree with you. There is a distinction between the two. And in many cases, showing up and saying "I don't know" or "I don't recall" can be a solid form of resistance and solidarity with comrades. Not in a grand jury. (I don't even know why folks have to say this, to be honest. Like, how many fucking law collectives and support groups have written about grand juries, for Christ's sake?) Grand Juries are closed, and answering ANY QUESTION AT ALL (like Leah's acknowledgement that she knows Dennison) can be used against you or the targets of the GJ. Or if the state can prove that you do know something you denied, that's a five year prison sentence for perjury under federal law.

The other bullshit being brought up elsewhere in the comments on this (pretty shitty) article about GJ resistors not being real resistors is foul.

"The other bullshit being brought up elsewhere in the comments on this (pretty shitty) article about GJ resistors not being real resistors is foul."

Totally agree. These people that demand the resisters go on the lamb, and die in a blaze of glory if and only when the law finally catches up maybe have watched Thelma and Louise one too many times.

They don't realize the importance and necessity of space, of claiming space, and how in fact, maintaining one's position in space and place, not running, is just as much resistance. Indeed, by definition, resistance means holding ground against an upcoming force, slowing it down or disabling it.

Going on the lamb may be romantic, but it is not resisting, it is avoiding. In some cases, it may be advantageous. In others it may not. It is a matter of context.

It's worth noting that from my understanding, the subpoenaed are not violent, black bloc, window smashing anarchists, but rather, in that milieu. Simply put, they are being used, and it shows the brutality and callousness of the state. These people want simple lives, building community and growing as such. If this is indeed the case, then running is not resisting, because running means losing. Resiting means standing one's ground and that is what they're doing. NOT being driven our, NOT being chased away, NOT being moved. No Pasaran actually means something...

(Please, if you can make this point better, I'm feeling inarticulate right now)

I agree in principle. Although I wonder what actually happens if one doesn't appear for one these grand juries? Do the Feds or local police come to your home looking to arrest you? Or is it that a warrant is issued but maybe police don't follow up on it unless you happen to interact with them?

Can anyone speak to this?

I asked my queer Native American woman lawyer friend about snitching and she said it's permissible to snitch on your comrades, but only as long as you treat your comrade with respect before you snitch on them. I think activists should take that kind of wisdom seriously and not resort to vicious horizontal hostility towards informants/snitches.

I like to think of grand juries appearances as being like a school of salmon swimming up stream to spawn. Sure a few of the salmon will be caught by fisherman and few will be killed by dams, but eventually some of the salmon will spawn and the species as a whole will continue to the next generation. Much like appearing before a grand jury you may have to roll over on a few people and betray close comrades, but at the end of the day you can walk free--much like the salmon who make it upstream. Even if you have trouble reintegrating back into the activist community (though the comments on this site make it seem like that wouldn't be a problem) DGR is always here to welcome you with open arms.

-Derrick Jensen

^salmon fucker

How dare you make fun of a disabled man like that. Derrick Jensen suffers from crohn's disease and dogs won't even eat his shit anymore because of it! Fucking ableist manarchists!

So if Derrick Jensen was to fuck a salmon in the forest and no one was around to hear it, would it still make a SLAP SLAP SLAP sound?

Nah it's more of a SQEESHIE SHEESHIE SQUEEK sound, but close enough.

You know, I consider myself a professional comedian, but these responses make my routine look pathetic. LOL.

When did A-News turn into the personal blog of everyone who feels like musing/masturbating in verbose language about how the revolution ought to have a safe house for snitches because if we don't aren't we all just the actual cops for realz?


Define "snitch"

Listen, I'm not for condemning this girl, but until we know what she said, defending her is ridiculous. Seriously, we have no way of knowing to what extent she cooperated. Defending her is just as obtuse as condemning her and using the CAPR to snd a message that the pNW community NEEDS TO KNOW sounds pretty substantial and the most ethical way of going about it to me. Snitch apology sounds kind of on par with....I'm not going to finish that.

If she couldn't stand a year, her heart was never in it. She can go find her calling somewhere else. Unconditional love and solidarity are two different concepts.

What i took away from this article is that some anarchists are really frustrated liberal social workers/therapists.

Why is there so little direct action supporting those who are still sitting in jail since this conversation started?

There has been dozens of actions since the first subpoenas were delivered. Banks have gotten smashed, security vans torched, cop cars/stations vandalised, and the ALF even liberated some birds, this was all done in solidarity with the subpoenaed.

These actions occurred from the time of the first raids and subpeonas until Leah Lynn-Plante was released. The last one I remember was the day before she was released. If they are still going on they are not being publicized here. Could all this other stuff have driven off the communiques, or did it actually stop the actions themselves?

So the alternative is to continue to offer someone their resources, who has made it clear that they are refusing to be transparent with support networks that she once engaged in connection with? While there are 3 others will very likely stay behind prison walls? Get real. Leah is irrelevant at this point. Forget her. Sorry kids, but it's straight truth. Cant handle it, then sit the fuck down.d

Your response missed this part:

"You had several options. It is hoped that you considered them at the very least. If Leah was unprepared to tolerate the machinations of the state, it is preferred that you gather round her, debrief, and then either send her on her way to have some semblance of a life, or should she choose, use her as disinformation. She could lead these cowboys on a merry chase. If however, the damage done has crushed her soul, it is only humane to send her off to till a garden, pick the fruit so to speak, and prepare to endure the visits of said pricks whenever they need a patsy.

Should you ignore the options and simply plunge on in your ignorance expect the next weak link identified to undergo much the same. Will you ‘disown’ all who find themselves done in by the bastards? How very corporate… you’ve learned well how to cannibalize in the same manner as the state, so tell me now how this makes you different?! Explain this ‘new world’ you wish to fashion in such a manner?"

You're all tools doing the state's work for them. Your ignorance, inhumanity, and misogyny is theirs.

I have never seen so many repulsive human beings in one place. I will avoid you all like the fucking plague. The only thing that makes me 'a weak link' is being a single woman who doesn't work for the state. Let it sink in. You are all utterly repulsive.

This is honestly the worst topic I've ever seen on @news.

Making uninformed and hateful comments about trials in process has very real consequences for the people involved, and not just Leah. Did ya think to put yourself in her place? Now, if you're targeted for state repression, you also have to be worried about being randomly attacked by your alleged "comrades" if you don't go completely along with their hair-brained trial strategies.

Can you say "cultish"?

Irrelevant. There's 3 others facing prison time, and a lot of us are so collectively naive that we still argue within the context that directs most attention towards Leah, someone who is out of prison, and nowhere to be found in the northwest. She was right that she's getting an excessive amount of support/attention than the others; She still is, even outside of the prison bars. Fuck this bullshit discussion. It's time to discuss ways we are going to support and show total solidarity to those in who remain in the pen; Not speculate and argue over someone who is currently out of the picture. Lets get fuckin' real before we consume ourselves with division, and diversion. The authorities are laughing their asses off at our "struggles" immaturity right now; Anarchists aren't so hard to break after all, huh?

tl;dr Lets get it together before this all becomes pointless and redundant. or are you all too heart broken over Leah to move forward?

I know this site is inseparable from anon internet subculture, but I think it's bad form to publish anonymous articles pertaining to situations like this. It feeds a sort of venomous circle of gossip and accusations.

I think the admin of Anarchist News need to finally decide what the purpose of their project is.

What would you do? Would you have shut down the comments on the 300+ comment thread? I don't like these threads all that much but people do want to talk about these topics, and not everyone lives in a town where they can have f2f chats with good people.

Editorializing on these topics (anon and not) seems to be an informed way to speak on them from different perspectives. That seems like the core @news project. If you don't like it, you should contribute to the broader discussion with a strong argument from your perpective.

But that gets a bit harder when your perspective is "no-one can actually make a strong argument because the evidence we need to make a strong argument isn't there, so could people please just shut the fuck up for the time being rather than writing pointless editorials based on complete speculation?"

I don't understand this "don't speculate" stuff. We know that Leah was released after appearing before the grand jury, and hasn't told anyone whose interests are involved how or why. That in itself is not right, especially not from someone who publicly asked for and received broad support from the movement, and swore they'd never co-operate with the grand jury.

If she found a way to get released without co-operating or putting anyone in danger, she needs to explain this brilliant and so far undiscovered legal strategy to everyone, right away.

"We know that Leah was released after appearing before the grand jury"

How? Maybe I missed something, but I haven't seen a statement from really any credible group or individual saying this. All I've seen is anonymous Tumblr posts and anonymous Anarchist News articles/comments.

Well the main public support group said that in their statement. I don't see how they could have any reason to lie. If anything their statement was carefully worded to minimize suspicion:

"Leah was released from prison on October 17 after appearing before the grand jury investigating anarchists."

I stand corrected.

I think publishing anonymous articles suggesting someone talked to the state, when there isn't really any concrete evidence of this yet, sets a bad precedent. It also seems obvious to me that not publishing them is a no-brainier. Leave this to people's blogs, not one of the most visited anarchist sites on the internet.

all the gnashing of teeth probably has something to do with politics. anarchists dream of a world without politics. it's understandable given everything today. but it is childish in the worst sense of the word.

someone who is charismatic, energetic, and outspoken will rise to the top of any organization or at least gain our attention. the question is whether the organization is enmeshed in a culture that will prevent "a leader" from separating herself from everyone, prevent her from securing resources of power--whether the power to speak, to make and enforce law, to obtain illegitimate wealth, or to pronounce judgment.

that will be a POLITICAL culture for sure just one that understands power on a non-hierarchical fashion. and anarchists will have to have some pretty tight politics to get from here to there. i doubt that it will have much to do with the various identities and more to do with a subsistence economy and a restricted vernacular that constitutes "political speech."

surely the tendency is to "be pure" and to just blurt out platitudes about how "we want nothing to do with politics" and then expect, by some miracle, for an anarchist society to result.

a clearer politics would generate a more consistent response to grand jury and other similar legal issues.


how's about Yekaterina Samutsevich

You know, when my son joined the army (bless his little heart ... argh) he wanted to get into psych warfare, but had to settle for being a combat medic instead. thank goodness.

And I'm sure he's all bitter now that his beautiful wife cheated on him with a dirty, unemployed, white manarchist.

Poor guy, he just wanted to do good for his country, and prove to these rednecks that he's not just another spic.

Seems like that's how it would go, anywhere close on this one?

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