The (Seemingly) Undying Appeal of the Money God

by Fauvenoir

If we assume that money is not a mere product of capitalist relations but rather its vehicle for actively and systematically tying actors within a social web of interdependence (and starvation, and submission), it constitutes a powerful and pervasive tool in the perpetuation of relations of domination and how they get entangled in our daily lives, starting at a very young age.

First there’s mother’s breast, then there are the toys and the candies, ten the cartoons, then during our entry to «adult» age, through the period being called «teen-age», we become progressively sold to the idea that all those goodies come with a price tag, that everything as to be paid for, therefore, yes, like honest citizens, we gotta work hard to get it. This new, inculcated process then becomes associated with a quest for personal «liberation» within society.

The accumulation of capital is the more or less assumed doctrine of emancipation. This is pervasive, as not only this is the source of personal survival but also well-being. We can’t get our weed without money and working for it- we can’t move from one place to another without it, nor dwell in any place without paying for a stupid rent, to an entitled landlord under a usually mandatory 12 months lease. They used to call that «freedom», but I’m sure that, by now, nobody cares about how it’s called. In a shallow world driven by facade identities, that no longer requires any clear rationale behind our choices, where a rationale itself may be seen as irrelevant or pointless, we just do it, we just serve, being too lousy or shit-scared to critically analyze and deconstruct our practices. But after all why should we, anyway... it doesn't pay, right? Conformity is being reproduced, in broad daylight, as people keep reproducing themselves like mindless drones. Society keeps winning, but we all know, deep down, how we aren’t winning, just like the rest of the living. That we’re in fact being continuously pushed, pressured, pressed, oppressed, repressed, used up, sucked dry, wasted, and, of course, forced to comply.

But like some suburban idiot once shout out loud at the Tim Horton’s, in regards to some new rule I don’t remember, «ain’t got NO CHOICE!". The web of inter-dependencies is just damn too strong to us, anyways, for being boldly resisted, or negated. Sometimes, even the most radical of us may see it as a reasonable compromise, in order to push projects or sustain lives without having cops breaking in the next morning. We’ve (some of us, have, okay) come to accept a diluted notion of radicality, one that is best contemplated through writings, fiction, «anarchist theater», even TV series or film. It is especially a comfort zone for writers and artists to be fantasizing, just as typical libcom would, about anarchist romantics from 100 years ago, who always had a long string of justification for any acts they were accomplishing. The experience, for how it thrives away from the pretty ashes of spectacular representation, is unworkable to both the producers just like the spectators. It is functionally a taboo. It all cannot be, as it is not being seen through a screen. Therefore what still eludes us is a look at the radical of the here-and-now, on what it means to be an anarchist in today’s society, where we live. This is far too close for narrative comfort, to be looking into activities we’ve been led to rule out as "illegalist", criminal, devious, immature, impetuous, «triggering», filthy, violent or just foolhardy.

We used to say that anarchists are those who burn money as a symbolic ritual, of showing how it’s all fake. It is, truly all fake. Yet the common men’s morale, the calculating, sober, cosmopolite men, will tell us a sharply different take on such an act; it will describe it as insanity, or idiocy... as a nonsense waste of valuable commodity. They will not be seeing it exactly as sacrilege, but more akin to an expression of madness.

Yet to the view of today’s anarchist, these practices are very rational and well-rooted. They are reflecting, or expressing a desire to live outside of the all the fake, useless, tiresome crap. To reject the bullshit cultism that the adult world has been led to serve, mindlessly and heartlessly, to a point of betraying and destroying their own relatives, just like themselves.

As the appeal of the «money world» doesn’t cease to perpetuate itself, after all the strikes and protests and riots and occupies, at the end of the day many of us are led to the conclusion -less than consciously- that this is an empire that cannot be overcome. An empire that has taken hold of our personal and collective lives This is how the radical migrates to the conservative pole of thinking. Because no matter what we tried (which means very little anyways in the context of the comfiest parts of the Western world), the system wins anyway. The highway’s the only way, as we didn’t try anything else... and why should we!?

So let’s look into asking the question before answering it, as opposed to what the dear, dear moral cowards among us tend to do.

How can you live without money, or at least without money as a primary means for a living?

Okay Btc is digital gold and attracts the Paultard scum of the earth but there is the germ of a good idea there. The promise of a global electronic money supply that keeps getting topped up from below and ( like the internet ) has no ' off switch '.
I would never ask any anarchist to invest in any crypto-Krugerrands but I bought nearly one Btc in 2014. Then I volunteered to write an article hear about cryptoanarchy in late 2016 or early 2017. I also anticipated something close to anarchic money back in 2001.
Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin
If you think the anarchic net is good and blockchain can make it even more anarchist ( eventually ) then you will be following this ' anarchic news '. Even if its on a purely defensive basis for there are some actual known fascists trying to steal and abuse the good name of anarchy in this ( Paultard dominated ) area.
Yrs etc. Pro2rat

But what about Marxism rat? Don't you think it's cool? If not, it's because you don't understand comrade Karl cuz he's too smart.

Oh wow Protorat you are sooooooo freakin smart can I join your freak show? I'll be your clown on the tightrope juggling Marxism,Anarchism, and crypto-dementia with a great big freakin smile painted on my face!

Go join the professional anti-capitalists. Go hang with Marxists.
I just don't think its *that* smart to recognize most people think having a common convenient means-of-exchange is a good thing ( or at the very least thinking its more trouble than its worth trying to go all khmer Rouge on it )
Nor is it that smart, in my book, to attack an anarchic internet that most people think is a good thing ( And those who bomb computer stores are murderer's who belong in jail or should be executed )
Is this what being ' smart ' looks like to youse? I read a lot - but don't claim to be any smarter than average.
You may be a fucking anti-social moron, you know. Maybe try and get some pro-fessional help?
If you have any friends they should be arranging your intervention.

The issue with money is the quantified affects overtime that mediate potentially anarchic species being relationships. Money is more the freedom of things and alien information then any kind of corporeal psychic qualia. I know you like the anarchy of things but some people actually want the relations first.

I actually think that the all or nothing approach to money must be reevaluated. I think that money should be looked at the way germs are currently looked at as a commensal quality which might give marginal benefits. Money might be necessary for certain acute desires and the manifestation of magical reifications(Maus). While I agree with the underlying idea of need before deed, some individuals might want to deep dive into some sort of acute deed process to get and satiate a specific desire. Money might have a marginal place in this regard but quantified relation mediating exchange(much like germ overgrowth) needs to be washed out. You can come at this from a Marxian communist angle or a Stirnerian egoist one(though I suspect the latter leaves that question open as Max talks about things like competence in regards value).

The anarchy of things is fine insofar as it satiates individuated desire, difference and divergence, but it should not be a default over the anarchy of relations.

You might learn something from your countyman.

Then how are blockchain currencies any better, or different, than paper money? It's just a liberal improvement over it, a "better, cooler, edgier money system"... nowhere near answering to the question of a radical negation of the money god, in our interpersonal relations. Blockchains have value as anarchistic currencies, yet they're just currencies. That's not exactly where the above text is going.

It is true that all currency is slavery as it can never be anything but a dupe to make you trade things of value (Labour and the fruits thereof) for something of non-value.
The New Global Communist Party no longer appears on Google searches dispite the protests. Please explore their solution to currency addiction and their presentation of Anarcho-communism that actually works. HOMEPAGE

Online manifesto free to copy and distribute.

Or copy to purchase

Another wingnut plan started by some guy in his basement while he was high on something... then nobody noticed or even dared to? Also, pretty much every site your reference on Google will appear in Google Search. That site just wasn't referenced from the start... it's not "capitalist censorship", you silly.

I suggest you leave those grand fantasies aside for a while to interact with people IRL... and play some D&D to cope with your mind's need to fly some place else.

I'm playing my regular game on Friday! We're going to use crypto-currency+2 to slay all the dragons!


Just another random @ nerd, sry

I usually don't bother with naysayers but you are so pathetic, hiding behind your anonymous posts only to insult people and generally degrade any attempt at having intelligent discussion. You work for Fox News? Please apply with them and give everybody else a break. I am shocked that an administrator has not deleted you inane remarks.

Yeah, you could be shocked and appalled OR you could ask yourself if this an-cap bullshit is a pipe dream that suffers from classic failure to understand the problem.

More like wingnut Red cap bullshit. Guy just designed a government before even seeing the light of day outside.

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