SF: Report From Anti-Columbus March (6/10/12)

  • Posted on: 6 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/10/06/18723189.php">Indybay</a>

Around 150 people gathered in Justin Herman Plaza. They were against everything: the military jets making metal of the air, the hordes of tourists thoughtlessly awing at the spectacular display of death above the city, the office towers and malls hanging above the waterfront, the unrestrained and uninterrupted reign of capitalism, slavery, colonialism, the empire.

At 3:30 pm they left the plaza carrying a banner that read RESIST GENOCIDE - DESTROY WHAT IS CIVILIZED . They headed towards the streets behind the Embarcadero Center mall. The riot police immediately began to follow alongside the march, and just as quickly the first paint bomb was thrown at them. The police declared the march illegal before it had walked a block. Along the route several luxury cars had their windows smashed and their tires deflated. The cops continued to get hit with bright paint as people proceeded towards Market Street.</td><td><img title="Herein is the precursor to something horrific" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/doublerainbowelectric.jpg">...

They attempted to stop the march at one point but were outmaneuvered and the march was able to continue another two blocks. It was not until the police attempted to apprehend a single individual that the march was halted and a brawl began. The police swarmed in, two dozen of them on motorcycles, and began to isolate lone individuals and smaller groups of people. A Starbucks had its windows smashed as people were dispersing and in the end at least 19 people were beaten and arrested as the military jets thundered overhead.

The hordes of enthusiastic and wonderstruck tourists and baseball fans coursed through the metropolis, unaware of what was taking place behind Embarcadero Plaza. The virus that was planted in San Francisco hundreds of years ago was still expanding, neutralizing all resistance, and keeping itself alive. To all those marveling at the war jets in the sky, it is difficult to make sense of a mob of people who are against the colonial system. To be against colonialism, capitalism, and civilization are not popular causes—at least in affluent places like San Francisco wherein most have been convinced by the virus that its glitters are to their benefit. But this was why people went onto the street, and this is why they were attacked so severely.

The Colonial Machine, with their cops, laws, and order, attacked in order to silence our resistance and solidarity with others against a toxic system created to keep us in cages. From the belly of the beast, people rebelled against everything that fuels this empire. Cops attack to maintain order with their guns and badges, people attack with paints to liberate walls and brighten the darkness. There is no freedom in Amerikkka, there is no justice on occupied land. 520 years later, Indigenous people resist genocide and slavery through occupations. Decolonize the Empire, rebel for life. Decolonize the New World, liberate all walls, brighten the darkness.

More updates to come after Columbus Day...


A paint bomb?...really?...hahahaha come on, wtf is some shit like that going to do?...Thats just as dumb as what Occupy's bull shit does...Take up mother fucking arms and shoot back, they aren't scared to shoot us, they don't hesitate to shoot us dead, why not us shoot them bastards back?...Fuck the pigs, fuck the Gov., we need to take up arms and this is truth people...stop being cowards.

"Take up mother fucking arms and shoot back"

Widespread civil unrest would have far fewer casualties than conventional warfare. Insurrection, specifically street fighting, creates situations that are fare more conducive to anarchist and other anti-statist struggles. A symmetrical confrontation would be counterproductive, to say the least, and would easily play into the hands of the state.

What a pantload. Widespread anything would have more affect on anarchist struggles. Anything that's widespread is going to be effective because it all comes down to numbers. Widespread conventional warfare would be the most effective, and by definition wouldn't therefore be asymmetrical.

Capitalism is a numbers game. That's what's destroying the world. Ours is not a battle against objects, but the relations that produce the thingness of objects (hierarchy)

Against the reactionary and the continuation of the spectacle under any banner.

For relations without measure!

Bulshit dumbass. Since when did anarchist ever have sufficient resources to symmetrically match the firepower of a world superpower? Even with mass defections there would still be a considerable amount of senseless bloodshed. Anarchists would also be stuck with the problems associated with military discipline and all the authoritarian baggage that goes with that as well. Your beloved warfare fantasies are joke!

A small group of well organised and strategically minded militants could inflict a lot of monetary damages on state and capital. I only typed in the words 'wide spread' to signify what may be a preferable situation to anarchists (if, and only assuming, the quality of strategic rebellion were not to be sacrificed to quantity, as in the numbers game). Maybe you are too damned clueless to have noticed yet but the economy is getting worse, not better, and pissed off people are increasing in numbers, not decreasing.

bring back natural selection. that's all i have to say at this point.

and that's the last thing. besides thanks so much for the education in phony politics. it may come in handy at some point.


"phony politics"?... as opposed to what, maybe, authentic politics? Isn't all politics "phony" fool?

I'd be satisfied to find even a single well-organized and strategically-minded militant.

"and would easily play into the hands of the state."

Typical pacifist argument! I heard it soooo many times from authoritarian hippies and lefties that you just can't fool me on this one.

The Black Liberation Army. That was in the '60s-'70s. THey shot quite a few cps, and I really don't see where and how it "helped" the State. NYC was a mess, to social control agent's perspective for like two decades, and no fucking cop dared to set foot in places like Harlem and probably even Brooklyn!

Street fighting is somehow pacifist now? So the riots in Athens, Toronto, Cairo, and Quebec are because of pacifists? When did "leftists" and "authoritarian hippies" ever advocate free direct action as such? It's one thing to be lacking for nuance but you're just outright incoherent.

And what lasting effect did the BLM have on society at large? Armed urban guerrilla groups ironically tend to inadvertently (if not intentionally) bring about situations of total pacification of the struggle. Decades after the sixties and seventies were like deserts, nearly void of any meaningful struggles when compared to whats been happening in the last few years. There is a world to be lived in beyond Harlem and Brooklyn. That was then, this is now.

I don't see how it really helped the black militants either...

Costs are the Achilles heel of state repression. Costs can be imposed by insurgents, militants, rebels, vandals, and other assorted street riffraff. It shows how anyone of meager means can contribute to the overall struggle against state power and utilize insurgent strategies as a means of self defense. Cops are only effective when they are clustered together in one place, vandals can draw them outward thus rendering them ineffective everywhere. That's but one way to outmaneuver them. The state may opt for a different strategy by tolerating the property damage but this too will cost the state in various ways.

Cop may not be scared but the rich and powerful capitalists most certainly are. Elite intellectuals and strategist are operating behind the scenes and have intentionally helped to prepare and condition security forces in anti-insurgent tactics to minimize civil unrest. This is as much of a sign of weakness as it is of strength. People are just too scare right now, but courage can come via necessity.

The paint balls obscure the riot cops vision through the face shields.

if you take up arms right now with some small group of people, you will be destroyed by the state in about three seconds flat. you will likely be put into prison if you are not killed. your community will be destroyed, and the possibility of future struggles completely nullified because of the chilling effect and the trauma inflicted on your comrades.

the reason why people use paint bombs instead of ar-15s is that fighting the cops with the former has a chance to grow, to spread. it's not a military conflict, where the greatest force wins. in such a conflict, even ar-15s and pipe bombs would obviously lose. it's a conflict in which our goal is to generalize resistance, generalize struggle. it's a question of which means will do that.

shut the fuck up.
like your "shooting back"!

There are some who may not be cops, but whose actions have the same effect regardless. Can we came up with an acronym for them, please?

Completely Out-of Perspective Sympathizers. C.O.P.S

Hate to tell you this, but when you threw the "paint bomb" and then smashed car windows and destroyed other peoples' stuff, the cops had every right to come after you. Let's say that there weren't any cops, that you all had won the war against the cops and people were free to defend their stuff as they saw fit. It wouldn't be riot batons you'd be facing, it'd be a pissed off car owner with a loaded gun, and since there aren't any cops to run to, you'd probably end up shot. How about the guys whose cars got fucked up coming over to your house and doing some urban renewal and some demolition? What would you think about that? The answer is leave people's shit alone - and don't throw paint bombs at cops. And remember to be careful about what you wish for - you may get it.

Rights? Really?

The "...war against the cops..."? Really?

The infrastructure for cares would eventually stop functioning without them. Also, remember that scene in V For Vendetta when the undercover thug shot the child and then was rushed by an angry mob? Didn't things like that recently happen in Egypt and Tunisia?

Do you think the people engaged in these kinds of struggles own houses? What 's the difference between people's shit and people that are shit?

if we won the war against the cops we would institute some alternate mode of living not based upon private property, dipshit. people wouldn't need to *defend their stuff* because their would be a)no need to fuck other's shit up b)people would have access to what they needed to survive...

It all works fine until you get someone in your area who takes the stuff you are using to live your life, like clothing, the tools of your trade, and decides that they are his or her private property, regardless of whether you think you've abolished private property. If you have an anarchist society, you have to figure out a way to deal with people like this. If you have a bike collective, and someone takes all your tools and won't let you have them back, what do you do? Some people just don't cooperate, they're stuck in a competitive mode of thought and can't or won't break out of it. What does an anarchist society do with such people?

Survival of the biggest, the meanest, and the shadiest. The weak go to the wall (and get their tools stolen) because they've put their faith in human nature.

Once upon a time in San Francisco, there was a "summer of love." Heh. Guess what happened?

A whole lot of thieves, charlatans, and carnivores saw the "summer of love" on the news and beat a quick path to San Francisco for easy pickings. Fools on the hoof, man, and trust funds ripe for the taking. Like fish in a barrel.

Excellent point. Today's fearless, indestructible anarchist "hero" will just be one more old man in 25 years. And the teenaged anarchists 25 years from now won't be interested in us Old Folks' explanations or excuses. Smash first, ask questions later, right? As far as they will be concerned, if us Old Folks really gave a damn, we wouldn't have created such a fucked up world for them to live in.

Create a "movement" around despising all the people who aren't idealistic enough, pure enough, poor enough, fuckable enough, strong enough, or quick enough, and soon enough you'll be elbowed the hell out of it by people younger, faster, angrier, healthier, and more single minded than you are, old man!

i, for one, welcome our new younger, faster, angrier, healthier, and more single-minded overlords.

Too bad so many people got arrested, but at least the Oregon State Beavers beat the Washington State Cougars earlier this evening at Reser Stadium. The Beavs had a slow first half with all those penalties and a stalling offense, but their defense held up in the second half and they pulled through with a victory. The Beavers have had a phenomenal season this year upsetting many top caliber teams like UCLA and Wisconsin, but their real test will be next week at BYU. That's when we will see if this Beavers team is Rose Bowl caliber. Anyhoo, solidarity to those arrested, let this Columbus day be one of uncompromising resistance and great college football. GO BEAVS!!!


Step 1) throw paint bombs at cops.

Step 2)?

Step 3) industrial civilization collapses

"More updates to come after Columbus Day..."

Drop a banner... OH sweet lord I hope you drop a banner for Columbus day.3

okay, so real quick:

i don't give a fuck about the cars that got their windows smashed

i don't give a fuck that someone threw a paint bomb - or a road flare, which actually seems like is what brought the pigs down on folks today

fuck the sfpd

solidarity to everyone that got fucked up and arrested, especially the out-of-towners

but really though, this was by far one of the worst blocs i've seen in years

i wasn't there but watched it on video. the bloc did look really disorganized, which is something that's been happening in the bay lately. really undisciplined blocs. people not organized into affinity groups. people not watching each other's backs and fighting back in a coordinated way.

You got a link to the video? Can't find it.


real lulzy at that moment. not so lulzy a minute later.

Fuck, acab.

learn how to fight, dumb fucks.

If your banner says "Destroy what is civilized" and/or your bloc is in the middle of the day with no simultaneous liberal mega-march to be a distraction, don't expect any sympathy. Hopefully their jail sentences will be long enough to toughen them up.


waah waah, we got our asses kicked by the police, everyone who thinks what we did was fucking idiotic is a cop

WE WON!!!!

All the haters on this thread can go fuck themselves. It's fine to be critical, but have some love for those facing serious felonies over a 10 minute march.

The police response to this bloc was crazy. They had way larger numbers than usual in SF, and they were far more aggressive than usual.

I got mad love for those in jail and on charges. I really do.

But hey, even the Bay isn't exempt from the laws of gravity. it was the biggest tourist day of the year and they weren't gonna fuck around forever.

Solidarity. Let's get our friends out, and when we're done licking our wounds, let's learn.

Are you saying police crush dissent with violence, because that is news to me. This has never happened before.

That's what you get for poor organization.
by, Anarchist

Sunday Oct 7th, 2012 11:25 AM

"I knew this was going to happen because I knew this was a poorly organized event and that's why I chose not to show up. I won't show up to anything unless there is a well concerted effort that assures me that the mobilization will be massive. If the people don't have faith in them selves to orchestrate a mass presence and believe in taking on the cops in small numbers, I WILL NOT SHOW UP! Not trying to massacred let alone get captured and go back to jail. At least if we're organized we would have a few thousand with the power to fight back. Why are you going to throw shit at the cops when you are such a small group of people? STUUUUUPID! What is up with these random call outs for anti-capitalist action on indybay and facebook. It takes a lot more work to bring people out in large numbers that are a force to be reckoned with. Idiots!

I feel sorry for the people who came out and decided to go out with a bang knowing full well the risk. Now you have have battery on an officer charges pc 69 and a whole bunch of other shit. When are anarchists going to get organized? There is such thing as horizontal power you know? You can have an organization with out leaders or leader. Why not adopt a new model for once and stop with the calls outs for anti-cap actions. sigh"

WEBSITE LINK: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/10/07/18723206.php?show_comments=1...
AREEST VIDEO: Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

^This website needs to be formatted for video in html.

Duh, organization = civilization. Can't have that.

"Organization = civilization" = fail in anarchist studies^

You must be pretty disorganized. I bet you're the type of guy who loses his wallet quite often.

Event though I fully support those arrested I couldn't agree with the above statement more. Throwing shit at a ready police force when you are at 150 people tops? People have to believe that a call to action and organizing will create a situation where a decent amount of folks show up for things like this. That is A, B is if you show up to an action wanting a confrontation and this is the action you show up to you might want to rethink your individual strategy.

"People have to believe that a call to action and organizing will create a situation where a decent amount of folks show up for things like this."


You assume that one day, a magic number will show up just because you made a call to action on indybay, facebook and anarchistnews. That is the most half ass attempt at insurrection build up ever. And if your goal isn't insurrection because you think any good can come out of anything else but insurrection, you may as well believe in the political system and start voting for Obama.

War is a matter of economics. What are you doing to build capacity?

What will happen to these comrades?

Some of them are being charged with serious offense. Felony Resisting an Officer Penal Code: PC 69 Assault and Battery on an Officer Felony! Better hope the NLG is working hard. Again. This all could have been prevented with better planning and anarchist organizing. That's obviously no t our style.

This happened? I was checking the (local) news all day and didn't see a single mention of it

that's called a media blackout my friend.

Bay news has anything always been like that. All corporate media is garbage but west coast media is the worst. Hit em up? Wait wrong coast.


So I'm a member of a "criminal street gang" now? Neat!

lol they gave out telephone numbers

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