Shit Has Got To Go: May First NYC

  • Posted on: 5 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Everyday, by it's design, the disease of capitalism grows at the expense of the world.

Everyday, the political system, using hierarchy and violence, exploits & oppresses people and the environment.

For the entirety of its existence the state, as a front for global capitalism, has been waging class war
on May First, Fight Back!

If we refuse to be pacified, we can clear a space to breath, to become human.

We cannot resist hard enough. On May Day let's become visible and physicalize our rage and resistance.

NYC DEETS TO FOLLOW.</td><td><img title="Visualize Rage DDR" src=""></t...


boston comrades, what are we doing mayday?

anti-capitalist bloc

occupy boston is hosting some "financial district block party" at government center. will this be the gathering area for the real BLOC PARTY?

i dunno but the other cops will tell you as soon as it happens

reading books

book blocs

facebook group chat book reading. once we start to get hot and heavy transition to group sing session. joint climax to solidarity forever.

Boston "comrades"? Are you referring to me, a working class loser, as a comrade of yours? Occupy Boston has made a pathetic effort towards a general strike on may 1st, mainly because those who are calling for a general strike are mainly students, democrats, and progressive yuppies--------not workers. I know there are a lot of students in this town who have radical beliefs, and I am a worker who (based on my living experience in the homeless, lower, and working class) has strong anarchistic tendencies which coincide with the academic approach to anarchism. However, I don't identify with occupy Boston nor have I observed any outreach from that movement to compell me to strike and concede my wages for a full day to benefit the preconceived thoughts of the privileged sons and daughters of the middle-class.
I am living week to week. Why should I give up 20% of my weekly earnings for your movement when you have made absolutely no effort to convey a sense of comradeship with working and lower class peoples?
Hey Boston! I am willing to strike on mayday, but not for democratic party principals.....if there are anarchists in Boston since Sacco and Vanzetti, don't be overwhelmed by Occupy Moderate Boston.

Damn. I guess the trust fund children of Steve Jobs are now considered "working class losers."

haha you are the same poster who complained last month about how many students there are around harvard square

boston is a big city where the majority of the people are caught in an entrenched 3-way fight between: an oversized (if often downwardly mobile) professional-managerial class, and a working class split hard along the color line. this is a result of its particular history (capital pulled out of the city from the 1920s to the 1950s and then came back in to redevelop it around research/info/service sectors at the same time as its black and immigrant population arrived in large numbers; basically the great migration came late and post-industrial gentrification came early, which is why there were race riots in the '70s). starting out from one of those three groups it's very hard to make bridges into both of the others; you usually have to pick one and work for a long time to overcome the suspicion or distrust.

if you are white working class in boston people, even if you are poor as fuck, people assume you have ties to older family, neighborhood, parish and union structures and have reactionary beliefs about race, immigration, welfare, lumpen and precarious service work. depending on where you live, any limited outreach trying to build ties between the other two social factions is probably going to skip over you.

occupy boston seemed pretty boring and student-dominated when i visited but i keep seeing stuff about them being involved in the T fare hike fight

you are probably one of the only people in boston, statistically speaking, that wants and supports a general strike. why aren't you one of the ones doing the outreach, and defining which principles are at play? why are you waiting for some occupy boston team to happen across you? a general strike is a bigger and better idea than occupy, anyway...

Well Boston white rich bastards are CLEARLY the offspring of all the current liberal yuppies in North America. I've been there in the early '90s, and that was more or less the only place where they could be found... aside from the West Coast yuppies in Seattle.

Burn Boston! Burn the cafés... FOR FREEDUM!

why black clothes? a fetish? a fashion statement? can do all these things w/o dressing in black, right?

sure, but enjoy having a warrant out for your arrest after being identified by police surveillance

In Montreal, arriving at demos dressed in black is a cop magnet. And there's a division who do just that.

Not that you can't change clothes once in the crowd...

But the other commenter was asking the right questions. Why do we have to be so formal? Anarchists in these tense Mediterranean cities get dress up in any ways imaginable, especially casual.

Please point me to a Mediterranean city in America.

Sorry I failed my geography class... ;)

To the person who said this, "But the other commenter was asking the right questions. Why do we have to be so formal? Anarchists in these tense Mediterranean cities get dress up in any ways imaginable, especially casual."


The person who wrote the original post question the dress-code.

you're an idiot. it's because they have TONS more people fighting in the streets so the clothes they wear don't matter as much. and they have TONS more anarchist infrastructure in general: autonomous squats, mutual aid ways of surviving, and way more people willing to defend each other from the cops if they come for you.

here we just have losers whining about what clothes people are wearing, when they need to wear them to help avoid arrest and express a willingness to engage in solidarity and defense of their comrades (a willingness which is a given in the Mediterranean, and not such a scarce position so as to make signaling one's readiness to help one another as necessary. here most of the fucking anarchists run the other way when the cops attack their comrade. until that changes, the bloc is necessary. so shut the fuck up and support people in the streets or fucking die you pathetic whiny piece of shit.)

calm down, dude! you'll hurt yourself.

Cut the rhetorical bullshit. We wear black because we're anarchists. Because black is a color of negation and negation is what we bring to this world we want to end. That's our contribution to the system, its negation. We have no positive political program to offer, no reforms to advocate for. And no, this is not nihilism, this is anarchism, the bulk of which is an incredibly negative project of destruction. If it isn't, then explain which negative aspect should be missing: Standing against the state? Against capital? Against the authoritarian structuring of society? We want to destroy all these things and that is what makes us anarchists. Everything else is added fluff.

Anarchists wear black and are violent and angry because we have a lot to be violent and angry about. No, neither we nor anyone else NEEDS to wear black. That is not a necessary component for our project, but it is in line with our historical lineage of struggle and when we wear black, we are also standing in historical solidarity with those that have raised the black flag before us, and those that will raise it after us, should we fail. It's not a fad, it's an established practice, so get used to it already. I'm sick of seeing and hearing comments like this every single time there's reference made to wearing black. You're just trying to be cute asking questions like this, and after the first 50 times, it's not cute anymore, just ignorant.

Didn't mean for this comment to be as epic as it turned out, but I mean every word of it.

fuck yes! thank you. people have been black blocing since the early 1980s because that is when surveillance equipment started being small enough for police to walk around filming shit and catching you later.

STFU anarcho-liberal morons!

So are you scared? Maybe we need this kind of reaction from the state. Polarise their reaction so we see where the people stand. Im not afraid. I protest the military industrial complex in an occupied territory. When they're done taking my picture they can kiss my ass.

you mean KICK your ass.

"Maybe we need this kind of reaction from the state."

Maybe you need a hug, Mr Angry. Or attention from your daddy. Or medication from a shrink. But NO REIGNS OF POWER for you.

Yeah for being slaves to tradition!

Oh come ON! Stop praising a tactic like it's some kind of faith...

Anarchists have existed for like 200 years as a movement and yet it's only since the '80s that the black bloc exists. Of course, the association with black is about 80-90 years old, but symbols are not ideas, even though we make them into.

It's not because the black bloc is anarchy (although not everytime), that anarchy is the black bloc!

And it's also only since the 80s that high-tech security systems have existed. Wise the fuck up; black bloc is to avoid being identified.

Identification is not a problem for the cops if they swoop down and arrest everyone wearing the all-black costume-fetish.

PS I have found that people who say "wise the fuck up" are generally quite stupid.

if they do that they can only charge people with petty charges because they can't identify who in black did what smashing or rock throwing or whatever.

that is not hard to understand. you are either a troll or a fucking moron.

wise the fuck up.

or a cop trying to break our sense of solidarity with one another. either way, fuck off to them!

wise the fuck up

fuck up the wise

wise potato chips fit up my nose

"if they do that they can only charge people with petty charges because they can't identify who in black did what smashing or rock throwing or whatever."



and cops continue to use identity politics to try and divide and demoralize radical movements....

I'm not trying to be cute. I am cute -- even when I don't wear black to indicate my revolutionary ideology.

Well, you had your chance for a green bloc on St. Patrick's day, but it doesn't sound like any anarchists were creative enough to do that, myself included.

That would have been truly epic on so many levels.



But but but... there's always room for improvement in the anarchy department!

The Anti-Humanist Bloc will be wearing dark charcoal. If that alone is not enough to locate us, you can probably recognize us by our smugness.

Why does it particularly matter what your stance on humanism is in that situation?


shit is fucked up and bullshit

wear black clothes because it's New York City and EVERYONE IN NEW YORK WEARS BLACK ALL THE TIME!! When in Rome..

i almost wrote this exact same comment. i mean c'mon... jay z wrote a song about it.

Exactly. The secret is out. Why keep pretending that it isn't?

"physicalize" is not a word.

It's way too late to start calling people out on making up words. We've lost that war, comrade.

Can we just negate the made up words? Because I'm so tired of the imitations of bad translations from french.

aren't all words made up??

No, they are gifts from G-d.

If only the gods would give us the gift of communism instead.

In China and some parts of Latin America, they did.

That article is only good for the headline.

It's Donny! Hi, Donny! What happened over at libcom? You got banned for trolling?

No, some come from other words through a natural evolution. Not through pretend revolutionaries, or even real revolutionaries, aping shitty translations of theory they think they understand.


jesus. fuck off.

Typical MANARCHIST response!!

The COINTELPRO campaign is starting up again.

it stopped?

i hope none you commenters live in new york, otherwise your mayday is fucked.

wat u mean?

our mayday is fucked regardless of whether or not we commented, or whether or not we live in new york.

everyday is fucked.

Viva anti-capitalism...that's it??
Leftism has FAILED. How about about opposing mass modern techno-insanity
and its necessary industrial cancer basis??

Sweet, let's do the same thing over and over again, accomplish nothing, wonder why everyone hates us, and be annihilated in isolation.

This is what we're doing? Really?

If it was productive, such as mass looting, maybe, but petty vandalism? At the first real moment to prove that Anarchism has, y'know, substance?

Fuck all of you who think this is a good idea.

"Sweet, let's do the same thing over and over again, accomplish nothing, wonder why everyone hates us, and be annihilated in isolation."

I somehow have the impression that this is what leftists have been doing for 20 years in my area.

And no, that's not the only thing that we do. We also, just like recently in Barcelona, carry an open destructive offensive against the banking system and its hardcore defenders, the cops. We also create other forms (or non-forms) of life outside of the system as well.

Vandalism is sabotage when done the right way. And yeah, sabotage DOES have an negative effect on the system, as opposed to the spectacular actions and slogan-chanting rituals done by the leftists out there.

Have any better idea?

Being a system slave-enforcer? Petitions? You nerk...


what does?

If that's your mentality then AT LEAST stop calling yourself an Anarchist. Nihilist, narcissist, insurrectionist, whatever you want to be, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Just stop calling yourself an Anarchist right fucking now.

no srsly, what does??

nothing thats why we do everything

fucking this. nihilism nihilism nihilism it's not just the cool new thing it's the cool new thing that is also old and is also the fucking bomb

i heard rumors of a funeral march for capitalism is in the works in boston. night time nightmare for the rich!

Now you do funeral marches BEFORE capitalism has died? Woa... it's like time-reversed symbolic action Terminator stuff!

yeah copley square. bring the ruckus.

Dont let the Feds, 15 year olds and anarchists who have no respect for onlince communication (which I understand) get you down - Get people and DO THE DAMN THING! --Solidarity from OAKLAND!

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