Slogans, Yo

  • Posted on: 10 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Anarchist graffiti is generally boring and repetitive.
Since I want better graffiti and am a genius, here's a long list of possible slogans to write:

'Wrong' is the name that power gives to all that we need to destroy it.
Cash ruins everything around me.
A cause not to die for.
A day of normality is more violent than a month of insurrection.
A limit is only something we haven't destroyed yet.
A mask is a face you can trust.
A prole is anyone who doesn't control their life and knows it.
A rupture a day keeps submission away.
A world of play to win, and nothing to lose but boredom.
ACAB: All cats are brilliant.
Act your rage.
Actually fighting for your freedom.
ACϟAB</td><td><img title="Adorable!" src=""></td></t...
Against all moderation. For the victory of the proletariat.
All freedom is chaos in the eyes of power.
For emile.
All policing is brutal.
All power to everyone.
All that continues to live, lives against this society.
All things are nothing to me.
All we want is the world and ourselves.
Already the foreboding sky grows dark and silent.
An icepick for every Trot.
Anarcha-feminists. U mad bro?
Anarchist theory: Lumpen prose.
Anarcho-hipsters: For nothing, against Arial.
Anarcho-hipsters: Against everything, for Helvetica.
All prisoners are political prisoners.
And morality helps me how?
Antifa say: Daloy politest.
Arise, ye wretched of the call centres.
Arm yourselves and play.
Asymmetric warfare is best warfare.
Attack fails sometimes, but waiting fails always. Attack.
Attack something.
Americans against America.
Today, [suburb]. Tomorrow, Exarcheia.
Become a threat.
Be ruthless and rebel.
Be the antithesis you want to see in the materialist dialectic.
Be the attack you want to see on the existent.
Be the biopolitical tear you want to see in the social tissue.
Be the cancer you want to see in the social body.
Be the crisis you want to see in the world system.
Be the destruction you want to see in the world.
Be the negation you want to see in the dialectic.
Be the war you want to see in society.
Be the means of destruction.
Because doing bad feels really good.
Because we don't want the assurance of not starving to mean the risk of dying of boredom.
Before I attack banks, I ask myself: What would Jesus do?
Beneath the concrete, the void.
Better sorry than safe.
Better to try and fail than to live the regret of not trying.
Bite the hand the bleeds you: Maul the state.
Blind the police.
Bloc is the new black.
Boil the police.
Borders and prisons. Bosses are guards.
Bordem is counter-revolutionary.
Brazenness in everything.
Break and enter a new world.
Brighten your day with arson.
Brighten the world with arson.
Bring the war home.
Bring your A-game.
Bringing Greece to the world.
Bringing London to the world.
Bringing Oakland to the world.
Brutalise the police.
Burn your bridges to light the way.
Burn the police.
Burning desires. (both meanings lol)
Call of Durruti.
Calling cops pigs is rude to pigs.
Castrate rapists: Make Scrotal Destroy.
Change you don't have to believe in.
Charity? Never. Solidarity forever.
Childhood friend called something 'gay'. They're dead to me now.
Citizens against democracy.
Civilisation's discontents.
Claim the streets.
Climb more.
Colour my life with trouble.
Come and see the violence inherent in the system.
Come drink from the cup of destruction.
Coming soon to this location: Charming ruins.
Communists against the community.
Community is important. It takes a village to start a riot.
Community is shared difference, not enforced sameness.
Community against The Community.
Comrades, Let's purge the Leninists.
Produced by power relations this way.
Cool story law.
Create and live your own terms of beauty.
Destroy the world. Create yourself.
Crime pays.
1. Critique 2. Destroy 3. ??? 4. FREEDOM
Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble, should ever the reds turn black.
Daloy politsey. D-, D-, Daloy politsey.
>damaged our city >'our' city >implying
Damned if you do, bored if you don't.
Dear police, We'll stop when you do.
Dear police, Quit while you can.
Dear racists, Go back to where you came from. No, seriously. I will cut you.
Dedicated followers of nothing.
Defend and expand anonymity.
Demand nothing. Take everything.
Democracy is hemlock.
Desire reality. Realise your desires.
Destroy playfully. You have a world to gain.
Destroy something. You'll feel better. Really.
Destroy to create. Create to destroy.
Destroy what destroys you.
Destroyers of everything. Lovers of life.
Attack doesn't alienate. That's what capitalism does.
Direct action gets the goods. Particularly when it involves stealing.
Direct action speaks louder than words.
Disarm authority. Arm your desires.
Disrespect your surroundings.
Disturbing the peace to disturb the war.
Don't die waiting.
Don't let it be.
Don't wait.
Doubt is power.
Egoism: The GTA revolution.
Egoist unionists.
Egoists: Unionise.
Egypt was a riot.
End the reign of gold in a rain of fire.
Eve was framed.
Even cops hate the cops.
Every arrest hits a hornets' nest.
Every teargas canister lands on a swarm of wasps. [lol double meaning]
Every baton swing lands on their chances for mercy.
Every day I wake up on the wrong side of capitalism.
Every day I'm rioting.
Every day I'm rupturing.
Every day a Saturday, and never a Monday in sight.
Every kind of nihilist.
Everyone is illegal.
Everything for everyone and everyone for themselves.
Faith doesn't give you answers. It stops you asking questions.
Feeling… powerless? Angry? Alienated? Attack one of our many vulnerable targets.
Fetishising peace is more dangerous than fetishising violence.
Here, there, everywhere. Fight where you stand.
Find out what you want. Destroy everything in your way.
Find each other and communalise violence.
Fire your boss. Preferably out of something.
Flambé the police.
For a world without Mondays.
For a hung parliament.
For community, against society.
For difference and presence, against this world of sameness and absence.
For ourselves. Against all else.
For wrath and ruin.
Force copulation upon the constabulary, deriving directly ex subterranean.
Free the prisoners; jail the cops; burn the prisons.
Free thugs.
Freedom grows in the rubble of empires.
Freedom is insurrectionary.
Freedom isn't given. It's taken.
Freedom plays on the rubble of empires.
Freedom is a void.
Freedom is addictive.
From [location] to Greece: Fuck the police.
FTP: Fire to prisons; Free the prisoners; Fuck the police.
Fuck forever. I'll take now.
Fuck God. Believe in yourself.
Amorality. Because who wants guilt?
Fuck managed struggle. Fuck the red police.
Fuck medical power. Health is a war of the state.
Fuck rape.
Fuck the rapists. Fuck the gender police.
Fuck suicide. Those who dig their own graves make only half a revolution.
Fuck the police with scissors.
Fuck the police with a rake.
Fuck The Police. Sting's solo albums are better.
Fuck the police upside-down and sideways with a chair.
Fuck the superego, coming straight from the id.
Fuck salt.
Fugitives welcome. Police, fuck off.
Get stopped by police. Let them off with a warning.
Give no fucks, Take no orders, Kill the cops, Burn the borders.
Give class war a chance.
Glamdalism. Take that, assimilationists.
Glorious exposition, comrade.
God less.
Grow strong, not up.
Guilt is counterrevolutionary.
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Help all fugitives, even the innocent ones.
Hi. We're the negation.
Hope is worse than despair.
[things being attacked] are the health of the state.
Hope less.
Hope is counterrevolutionary.
Hope: Despair's leading cause.
Humanism: The awesome choice between delusion and misanthropy.
Hunt the police.
I believe the children are our future. Arm them well, and help them fuck people up.
I blame society.
I don't always riot. But when I do, I prefer to in a horrifyingly violent manner.
I don't always riot. But when I do, I prefer terrifying ruthlessness.
I have heard that in war haste can be folly, but have never seen delay that was wise.
I need Jesus like I need nails in my palms.
I still feel like rioting.
I support the troops when they kill their officers.
I get why riots start. I just don't understand why they stop.
I want to live beautifully, not die beautiful.
I want to abolish myself.
I'd rather risk prison than live it.
I'm going to hell in every religion.
I'm vegan, except when it comes to cops.
Iconoclastic fantastic.
IDE(A)S for blocking the reproduction of society (add your own):
If God was real, it would be necessary to abolish him.
Its not my revolution if I can't troll.
If it ain't broke, break it.
If you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing.
If you want a brighter world, try setting this one on fire.
If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.
If you're considering suicide, why not try destroying the world first?
Imagine there's no countries, It's easy if you declare war on the nation-state.
In a society that abolishes adventure, the greatest adventure is abolishing society.
When society destroys community, all community is antisocial.
In a world gone mostly capitalist, most destruction is revolutionary.
In the streets, at school, on the job. Everyone hates a snitch.
It's a man's world. Let's fuck it up.
It's fun to be against things.
It's happening.
Je ne suis pas Marxiste.
Journalists are cops with cameras.
Journalists are cops with degrees.
Journalists are snitches with deadlines.
Juries, do your duty: Always nullify.
Just no.
Justified true nonbelief.
Kafka for Pres.
Keeping it real since 1872.
Keys [picture of boltcutters] to [picture of a crowbar] the [picture of wirecutters] city.
Kill people. Burn shit. Fuck school.
Kill the accountant in your head.
Kill the public in your head.
Kill the boss in your head.
Kill the clock in your head.
Kill the cop in your head.
Kill the cops. Burn the prisons. C-o-m-m-u-n-ism.
Kill the journalist in your head.
Kill the photographer in your head.
Knights of doubt.
Knowledge is power. Become anonymous.
Knowledge is power. Be secret and learn.
law =/= morality =/= worth obeying
Less gadflies, more wasps.
Let's abolish ourselves.
Let's bend gender 'til it breaks.
Let's break the law so hard it can't be fixed.
Let's destroy gender. Let's destroy patriarchy.
Let's destroy God. Let's destroy morality.
Let's destroy mass. Let's destroy democracy.
Let's get together and destroy alienation.
Let's not chance rulers. Let's change life.
Let's queer gender. Let's queer violence.
Let's queer sexuality. Let's queer violence.
Liberalism: Changing nothing, one protest at a time.
Pacifism: Make total annoy.
Liberals, Your children are with us.
Life is short. Let's no waste it in submission.
Life's too short to play by the rules.
Life's too short for taking orders.
Live fast. Die old.
Live deliberately.
Lose hope. Take freedom.
Active minorities, not silent majorities.
Love is not nonviolent.
Lumpen pros.
Lure and ambush the police.
Main causes of rape: [ ] Flirting [ ] What I'm wearing [ ] Drinking too much [ ] Rapists [X] Objectification [X] Sexism [X] Rape culture [X] Patriarchy [X] Every moment not spent in revolt
Make more mistakes.
Make trouble and influence people.
Marxists: Be more materialist.
Marxists: Be more radical.
Species-being is an essence. U mad Marxists?
Marxists, Your children are with us.
Our occupation is ending all jobs, and the cocktails we make are all Molotovs.
May we meet one day in burning streets, and warm our hands on the old world.
Live the lightness of negation.
(middle) CLASS WAR NOW
Migrants welcome. Police, fuck off.
More Marxian than Marxist.
My dreams are the nightmares of politicians.
My gender's clear: Genderqueer.
Colton/Ned Kelly/Zapato/[local folk hero outlaw] had the right idea.
Negate more.
Negation starts creation.
Neither slaves nor masters.
Never serve The People. Help people, serve yourself.
News cameras are police cameras.
Next time a man says 'smile!' say 'frown!'
Next time you see the fash, let your boots do the talking.
Night time is the riot time.
Nihilism makes the whole world a pleasant surprise.
No demands. No compromise.
No gods. No masters. No pants.
No gods. No masters. Only manTICORE.
No heaven, hell, or future. Only here and now.
No love for nations.
No one is more endangering than a moralists.
No one talks, everyone walks.
No one can represent us.
No peace in capitalism.
One solution: Revolution.
No violence is mindless.
No war but the soc war.
Non serviam.
No pasaran.
Not gay, as in happy, but queer, as in fuck you.
Not peace, but a sword.
Nothing is more alienating than pacifism.
Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
Nothing to lose means a whole world to gain.
Now you're thinking with ruptures.
Objectivists, Please do go on strike.
Occupation is our occupation.
Occupy all streets.
Off the footpaths, into the void.
Omnia sunt communia.
One big union of egoists.
One direction: Insurrection.
One world, one struggle. Solidarity with all rebels.
Only Riot Dog can judge me.
Opportunities for attack are everywhere.
Our hope is with the hopeless.
Our oppressors have names and addresses.
Our problem is less with what capitalism gives than with what it takes away.
Out of the closets, into the streets.
Outreach fails sometimes, but silence fails always. Reach out.
>'outside agitators' >implying an outside to capitalism
Pacifism assumes we aren't already in a war.
Pacifism is impossible in capitalism.
Pacifism is the ideology of passivity.
Pacifism is passivity.
Pack-rape the police.
Parents tell you to go to bed. Tell them freedom never sleeps.
Party like it's 1871.
People aren't stupid. They're stupefied. War on school and the media.
Philosophers with hammers.
Philosophising with hammers.
Plagarism is necessary. Insurrection demands it.
Play more.
Poetry of the deed.
Police can't catch you [picture of a black bloc] if you're ninjas.
Police don't protect us from sociopaths. They take their order from rich ones.
Police the rapists. Rape the police.
Police, Your children are with us.
Police, You just mad cause I'm rioting' on you.
Police and rapists have names and addresses.
Politics is the opium of the masses.
Post-Left: Don't get left behind.
Post-grad lumpenproles.
Pour un monde san patrons, ni flic, ni prisons.
Power concedes nothing without a threat.
Privilege: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Prohibit rules.
Property is theft. Therefore, theft is property. Therefore, this is my wall. (deal with it)
Protest is saying 'I don't want this.' Resistance is stopping what you don't want.
Protest is the opium of the masses.
Proudly un-American.
Put the gun down or turn it around. Frag the war.
Queers welcome. Police, fuck off.
Question all answers.
Quit the grumpen proletariat. Join the lumpen proletariat!
Radical analysis: Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
Rapists, Quit while you can.
RE(A)DING LIST (add your own):
Reach out and light something.
You say 'bomb throwing nihilist' like it's a bad thing.
Rebellion doesn't alienate. That's what capitalism does.
Recreationalise attack.
Refugees welcome. Police, fuck off.
Report all sightings of police to your nearest fugitives.
Repression breeds resistance. U mad police?
Research and destroy.
Leftism is the opium of the anarchists.
Resistance is fertile.
Retract personhood from the police.
Revolution ceases to be the moment it calls for self-sacrifice.
Revolution is a series of moments worth living.
Revolution starts when faith ends.
Revolution starts with disillusion.
Right wing scum, Your time has come.
Riot like an Egyptian.
Rioting makes me unemployable. It's a vicious cycle.
Riots are the socialest parties.
Sabotage. Your right to make things go wrong.
Scabs, ye be warned.
Seize the means of destruction.
Shank a bank.
Self-negating subjects, selfishly negating subjection.
Shoot the sheriff.
Slow-roast and communally distribute the police.
So farewell hope, and with hope, farewell fear.
So nihilist that I'm actually a very positive person.
Social contract? I didn't sign shit.
Society is like a stew. If you don't stir it up, a layer of scum floats to the top.
Society must be offended.
Solidarity with all prisoners. We will storm the gates together.
Solidarity with Guelf anarchists. Keep counselling mischief!
Solidarity with all prisoners, even the innocent ones.
Solidarity means attack.
Speak fire to power.
Speak knives to power.
Speak nothing to power.
Speak lies to power.
Speak rocks to power.
Statism: people are bad, so we need a government made up of
Stay queer and revolt.
Steal, strike, trespass, squat. Destroy out of self interest.
Still not loving police.
Stonewall was a riot.
Stop hoping and start taking.
Stop taking orders. Start taking over.
Stop believing.
Strike everywhere.
Submission is more dangerous than violence.
Freedom plays on the rubble of empires.
Take back your life.
Take back the day.
Take that, society.
Take what you can. Give nothing back.
This is what democracy looks like: [an image of something particularly horrendous in US politics] This is what autonomy looks like: [an image representing something pretty awesome that people are doing autonomously]
The antisocialest party.
The blood of every cop. The rising tide of revolution.
The economy is stumbling. Let's kick it down.
The global south will rise again.
The horrors of this world can only be overcome by more horror.
The horrors of civilisation can only be overcome by more horror.
The horrors of the bourgeoisie can only be overcome by more horror.
The joy of not being sold anything.
The Left has passive aggression. We have aggressive passions.
The Left: Shouting 'Wait!' while the world burns.
The Left: Recuperating everything since forever.
If you thought we we're provocateurs, wouldn't that make you want to fight the police?
The Left: Recuperating everything since forever.
Marxists have only changed the world; The point is to destroy it.
Masses against mass.
The no-state solution.
The only good parliament is a hung parliament.
The pen is nothing without the sword. Or the brick. Or the Molotov. You know, whatever works for you.
People against The People.
The police say we'd miss them, but I have pretty good aim.
The revolution is a cocktail party.
The risk of prosecution is nothing next to the risk of submission.
The risk of repression is nothing next to the risk of submission.
The social without society.
The Spectacle will make us look terrible. We intend to be much worse.
The start is nigh.
The system isn't broken. It was built this way.
The time is always now.
The world will ooh stable on the morning of revolution.
The A-team.
There's no government like no government.
There's no planet B, but there is plan (A).
They steal our dreams. We steal their sleep.
Think the 1% is bad? Wait until you hear about capitalism.
Think we're bad? Wait until you hear about capitalism.
This faggot hunts fascists.
This society isn't the product of 'human nature'. Our natures are the product of this society.
The system is burning. Let's fan the flames.
Those who make only half a revolution still have a pretty fun time.
To change yourself, you must first change the world.
To the void.
Today. Mayday. Everyday.
Today's empire. Tomorrow's ruins.
Trust your struggle.
>Building mass before rupture when people are constructed by capitalism
BAHAHAHAHA Leftists. (but srsly)
Under 18? Here's your vote: [then an image of a Molotov, or a rock, or better an actual pile of rocks under the message]
Until prison burns, we're all on parole.
Unwrite the future.
Use and expand anonymity.
Use argots. Speak a negative dialect.
Vandalism is my favourite ideology.
Vandalism. Beautiful as a rock in a cop's face.
Violence doesn't alienate. That's what capitalism does.
Violence isn't the answer, but it is the question. And the answer to that question is fuck yes.
Violent queers queering violence.
Voting is the opium of the masses.
War can be fun when you're fighting for you.
War is the health of the state. And social war is its cancer.
War is the health of the state. And we are its terminal cancer.
We are an image from the future.
We are everywhere.
We are the first drops of a flood.
We are the lightning on the horizon.
We are the sound of the coming storm.
We are the wolves at the door.
We are barbarians at the gates.
We are the victims of the rules we live by.
We can't get to peace through pacifism.
We don't notice our chains until we pull on them.
We fap to Americans. They fap to Greeks. But everyone faps when we fuck the police.
We lead no followers and follow no leaders.
We shoot the sheriffs.
We wear masks to show ourselves.
Wearing a mask isn't cowardly. It's smart.
We will be satisfied with our rulers when everyone is their own.
Open trolling, not clandestine lurking.
We will be satisfied with our rulers when everyone is their own.
We will be satisfied when the last policeman is hung from the guts of the last rapist.
We will not convert. We will only disillusion.
We will not lead. We will only detonate.
We <3 riots in Oakland, they <3 riots in Greece. But everyone <3s when we fuck the police.
Let's make it better.
We'll stop attacking. When they stop controlling.
What they call chaos is order they don't control.
When life gives you oil spills, make Molotovs.
When nothing is sacred, everything is ours.
If your boss fires you, set fire to your boss.
Because shit is fucked, and nothing else has worked.
Without money, we'd all be rich.
Women unfree will never be at peace.
Workers against work.
Women against gender.
Wrath and compassion. Love and rage.
Wukan clan ain't nothing ta fuck with. Solidarity with Chinese rebels.
You can't be a pacifist and help the cops.
You can't be a pacifist and call the cops.
You can't be peaceful in capitalism.
You can't be happiness. Steal it.
You clearly have no understanding of Tiqqun.
You don't need bosses. Bosses need you.
You had me at 'Burn it all.'
You have absolutely no understanding of Tiqqun.
You say 'anti-dialectical negation fetish' like it's a bad thing.
You say 'petit-bourgeois nihilist' like it's a bad thing.
You say 'reckless adventurist' like it's a bad thing.
Your analysis: Keep it classy.
Your body isn't disgusting. Society is.
ASAR: All shirts are masks.
Anti-medical critique. Putting the ill in pillage.
Reach out and cut someone.
No fear of ruins.
Marx is the opium of the radicals.
Smoke blocks teargas. Set more fires.
Make your own dinner.
Do your own dishes.
Explore more.
Anti-oppression means attack.
Soy antisistema proque el sistema es anti-yo.
I'm antisocial because society is anti-me.

Do unto it whatever you like.


For an updated list with spelling mistakes corrected:

i have yet to see any actual anarchist 'graffiti'....most white cis insurrecto dude bros can't do shit with a spray can.

>white cis insurrecto dude bros
I am disappoint.

Ooooooh. So I guess u think if you spray painted "KISS MY BIG FAT TRANNY FANNY! SMASH THE PENUS!" on the wall, it would be real profound or somthing. watever dude.

These are corny but if you had written them on walls instead of on the internet asking other people to write them on walls, well, then they would be corny AND criminal.

Get over yourself.

Also you're well aware that if I had written them on walls I wouldn't admit to a crime on a well known anarchist website.
I don't think that you're a cop or anything, but that kind of boast-baiting is a bad habit.

You would be better off doing the crime and keeping quiet about it than making this embarrassing list and asking others write your dumb slogans.

Yeah, you're not going to goad me into claiming crimes.

Nobody is trying to tell you to admit to anything; they're just saying shut the fuck up because your list is terrible.

I believe I wrote 'Do unto it whatever you like.' not 'Write all of this, all of this is the best.'
Diversity of tactics means that I don't tell you to write my lame slogans and that you don't construe me offering them to you as me telling you to do them.
Also I'm not claiming that you're trying to tell me to admit to anything, I'm claiming that you presented a false opposition between my necessarily only posting this and my necessarily only writing these on walls. One that I couldn't reply to without:
1. Helping exclude myself from a suspect pool, if the police care and these have been written in places I've been, thus making it easier for the cops to catch any other hypothetical culprit(s) to these purely hypothetical crimes.
2. Confessing to (a) crime(s).
Someone with a bigger ego than me (Difficult, but possible.) or worse security culture could have easily slipped up on that, and whether for your own ego or for the lolz, you were basically helping the state. (Albeit in a rather minor way on some charges that would likely result in a fine.)
I'm just pointing out that it was a fucked up statement to make, because it amounted to confession-baiting, and if you did it with anything more serious it could potentially contribute to people getting jail, which I would hope is something you wouldn't want to happen to them.
I also wrote that I was a genius, not that the slogans were.
Get some nuance, cunt-knuckles.
And share your own graffiti. I'm genuinely curious.
God damn you.

so, did you do it or not? srsly duuuuuuuuuuuude!

It's like Schrödinger's crime.


i will update you all daily to remind you that i have not gone to jail for this abstract confession to nothing. this is ridiculous.


"Pics or it didn't happened", says officer bob.

The last part is so true.

yo fuck helvetica!

-the Haas Unicateriat

left out "I hate dogs."

No dogs, no masters?

dog is dead?

thank you. i got some shit to do now

Citizens go home
(With picture of peace dove) under the feathers, the bugs!
Destroy everything--especially what you love
Fighting (insert enemy) makes me cum
smash it; take shit
Cheesy chant as follows:
No more smiles, no more care. Abolish service everywhere

Two that I write often are "We collect things because our hearts are empty." and "Can't sleep. Must warn others." Both with a nice (A) next to them.

So you're a crazy hoarder?

This is some Hot Topic shit.

I like those. Thanks. Haters gonna hate, least until I catchem in the dark.

There you go with the corny one-liners again!

'Til I Catch 'Em in the Dark

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

One-Liners: Gotta Catch 'Em All in the Dark

All yall some toys

Anarchist murals are the only true radical act!



Naw, seriously, Sting's solo albums have nothing on the Police. Don't fuck around about that.

Bringing adderall to the world

here's some more you can write on teh wallz:
-write slogans on walls
-i got away with this!
-where's the cops when ya need em?
-arrest me if you can
-are these cops blind? i'm doing this right across the street from them and they don't even notice!
-be a good citizen and call the police if you see me doing graffiti like this. cell phones make every citizen a cop.
-the barbarians were here.

From teh thread:
Stop police brutally.
We only sleep to dream.
I'd rather suck and fuck on my knees than spend my youth on reformist politics.
Anticuts stuff:
-Rocks vs. Scissors. Fuck the cuts.
-Make cuts, get cut.
A-news related:
-'I' 'did' 'it' 'for' emile. -Nietzsche
-Do a deed for emile.
-For the commentariat.
-Prolin', strollin', outta controllin'.
Media related:
-Good press = bad action.
-The worse the press, the better the action. Don't be a tool for the right/left reactions.
-Good press means obedience.
-Freedom of speech is freedom to snitch.
-For the BBS. For all destroy.
-News is the voice of the rich.
-We burn cars to burn car culture.
-Warming the streets to cool the planet.
-Roads are the arteries of money.
->implying we care what you think
->implying we obey majorities
-Can't have mass without rupture.
-Rupture makes mass, not the other way around.
-Against all businesses. ['Small businesses' pun. Do you think this would work?]
->implying morality is real
-lol no

That should be 'Warming streets to cool the globe.'

Also, 'The worse the press, the better the action. Don't be a tool for the coming reaction.'

Most of these are meh, but some of them are awesome.

All nations are dominations.

kind of confusing. you want to 'queer violence' but 'leftism is the opium of the anarchists'? who are the 'gender police' - are they 'manarchists' or are they the pc punx that actually police gendered behavior in every 'anarchist community' i've ever come across?

Queering violence (taking it outside of its normalised, expected forms) is the opposite of leftism.
In the case of that slogan, the gender police are rapists. Rapists police the boundaries of gender roles by raping people who step out of line (the most obvious example being women getting raped for perceived sluttiness or invading men's spaces and men getting raped for being effeminate or gay).

What do we want?
When do we want 'em?

Three Word Chant! Three Word Chant!

Free the prisoners. Shank the screws.

>When I say Something, you say Something! Something!

Social justice?
Social war.

Peaceful protest. Who are we kidding?
Riots not rallies!

The higher they sit, the harder they fall.

Something burns, something grows.

Crime is my freedom.

Meekness is weakness.

The revolution will not be democratised.
The revolution will not be liberalised.
The revolution will not be recuperated.
The revolution will not be pacified.

Thou shalt do whatever the fuck thou want.
Hope? Nope.

Too nihilistic to be a statistic.

Add cop to any phrase=instant brilliance.

Add the cop in your phrase?

So, what you're implying is:


I like >Flowers will grow here again one day< then a nice fat @ with flower pedals all around it. Uglier the place the better.

Up the ante. Rep the anti.

Find your lines of flight.

No gods, no hipsters!

Artisans of destruction.

Let's make the world a playground, and make our lives a game.

Religion is here so the poor don't murder the rich.

Writing on walls doesn't make you an anarchist, but it's a start.

Non-standard English: [sic] and siiiicckkkk.

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