Solecast: Black Rose Federation Building Grassroots Working Class Power

  • Posted on: 22 September 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Solecast

On today’s episode of the Solecast, I speak with a member of the Black Rose Federation. Black Rose Federation has chapters across North America and utilizes an anarcho-communist tendency called “Specifismo:” which (according to wikipedia) has been summarized as:

Listen and Download HERE

  • The need for a specifically anarchist organization built around a unity of ideas and praxis.
  • The use of the specifically anarchist organization to theorize and develop strategic political and organizing work.
  • Active involvement in and building of autonomous and popular social movements via social insertion.

In this interview we discuss:
-Their organizing principles
-Their approach to building working class power from below
-Grass roots power vs local politics vs electoral politics
-The need for a rigorous educational program within movements
-Discussions on anarchist infrastructure projects
-Thoughts on “protest,” their limitations and what they are good for
-The life of Bakunin much more

Fore more information… visit and sign up to their newsletter.



Yet another anarchist horse-drawn buggy with square wheels. Instead of the Professor Irwin Corey approach touted here, read Marx. Read the Situationists. Read Dauve -- then act.

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