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In this episode I talk with author & musician Margaret Killjoy.  We start off discussing her new project Vulgarite, the musical approach and the concept behind it.  We then get into a podcast she just launched called “How To Live Like The World Is Dying” based around an essay of the same name.  Margaret is an interesting guest for the solecast because not only is she an anarchist artist and a writer but also lives off grid in a home she built herself on a land project shared with comrades.  We talk about some of the challenges and joys of homesteading and how all these things tie into her politics.  We also get into some discussion around science fiction tropes that we see in modern times.

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Tho I doubt these medieval weapons -if they're even usable for real combat- will be useful before a little while, other than for looking edgy. I think there's a lot of gun ammo all across the US...

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