Solidarity Callout - Domino's Pizza Drivers Dispute

  • Posted on: 26 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Dear friends:

The Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA), in solidarity with the Australian General Transport Workers Association and the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation-IWA, is appealing to you and your members to support the delivery drivers employed by Domino's Pizza Enterprises in Australia.

The Domino's drivers have been engaged in a dispute with management since 9th of April. The key issue in this struggle has been an overnight 19% wage reduction. Meanwhile, the drivers have been sold out by their current union, the SDA, which has done nothing to fight the cuts. The GTWA and the ASF-IWA are calling for an International Day of Solidarity with the Domino's Drivers on Saturday, September 15, 2012.</td><td><img title="@news stands in solidarity with the organizing under the GTWA, IWA, WSA, and everything else awesome" src=""></td></tr></tabl...

The aim of the Day is to alert Domino's management that workers and
members of the community in North America and elsewhere stand in
solidarity with the Australian delivery drivers in their struggle
against the wage cut and in support of their right to organize under
the banner of the General Transport Workers Association (GTWA). The
GWTA Facebook page can be viewed here:

The Australian friends are asking that folks engage in informational
picketing, informational leafleting and other peaceful activities
aimed at informing local management and workers about the Australian
dispute. It is hoped that the local stores will report to corporate
headquarters about the informational activities and this would put
pressure on the company.

The goal is informational actions with the main point to have Domino's
restore the 19% wage reduction and recognize the GWTA as the drivers
union. Please contact us if you are interested in participating with
us in a coordinated effort to support the Brisbane and Adelaide

We can be reached at: <b></b> & <a href="">

We look forward to your positive reply and cooperatively working
together to make this Domino's Drivers Solidarity Day a success here
in North America.

Yours in solidarity,
<b>Workers Solidarity Alliance</b>


whoa @news rulez

everything around me

W.@.R.E.A.M get the money!

What the fuck is this shit?

I mean, fuck a Domino's Pizza, but also, who gives a shit about "organizing" pizza drivers?

Wait, so what does this mean for Dead Prez, who, in the song/video "Hell Yeah" they see robbing pizza delivery drivers as a revolutionary act? Yet they also want socialism? Oh boy! This will prove to be conflicting for them!

As long as the pizzaboy is white, you should still rob him

I will rob a Malaysian pizza boy

way to be the change you want to see maaan

he has the change i want to see in my pocket.

he wants to see in your pocket?

Sp race war not class war, eh?


space gloop. bunch of poop. sitting on a concrete stoop. jumping around for a loop.

Y'all don't understand the basics of Solidarity Unicornism.

Ummm, so you think syndicalists have a copyright on the usage of unicorns?

Ummm, NO U!

other pizza drivers give a fuck about organizing pizza drivers.

The Anews community will be in a state of crisis as pizza delivery boys go on a global strike. No more cheese sticks while typing comments.

Implying half of us don't work in the service industry anyway?

Implying you are a prostitute?

Implying half of us don't work. *fixed


Seriously - what does organizing pizza drivers have to do with anarchy? NOTHING! Keep this ideological leftist stuff on libcom or CPUSA where it belongs.

Yeah totally if anarchist don't like their job, they should just start their own businesses and run them in an ethical way. A-News is for middle class anarchists and adventurist liberals.






damn this makes me wanna order a pizzzzzzaaaaa!!!!!

Oh I'm sooo fucking hungry, who the fuck took away free food from nature's parallel Eden, THE FUCKING CHRISTIANS!!! As punishment for eating a free amoral apple we must PAY for food until judgement day!! Just another take on hunger and moral servitude.


stop using teh symbolic communication, oppressor!

The goal of is to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists. It is also to provide a location for discussion about such news.

How's that been working out for y'all?

were any of the pizza boxes thrown into the street?

haha next time I get pizza, the box is going in the fucking street!

If this union makes my fucking pizza anymore expensive than it already is, I'll be fucking pissed.

listen, if you're claiming gangster you've got to be ready to take on the system by organizing something or something.

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