Solidarity Demo for Jeremy Hammond at His Next Court Date

  • Posted on: 27 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On the 23rd July 2012, the Jeremy Hammond Support Network will sponsor a rally in NYC to show support for the accused hacktivist. Friends, family, and supporters of Jeremy Hammond will gather at Foley Square for a brief march to the Metropolitan Correctional Center where we will pack the courtroom in solidarity with Jeremy

We wish to make it clear our intent to peacefully fill the courtroom. We are there to support Jeremy, and the more people that actually make it into the courtroom, the better. In this light, we have also been informed that sadly, individuals with any items identifying them as Anonymous have, in the past, been denied entry to the court. This is not something the Support Network agrees with, however, if you intend to actually sit in the court room, you will need to take this into consideration.</td><td><img title="SSN on the forehead" src=""></td></t...
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The event will be covered live on #freeanons courtesy of the the Freeanons Solidarity Network.

Jeremy is accused of taking part in compromising the computer systems of Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (aka “Stratfor”) and providing information gathered to the website Wikileaks. This information, released by Wikileaks under the name “The Global Intelligence Files” ( ) revealed even further corruption within the U.S. Intelligence community – including plans to target and infiltrate domestic popular movements such as Occupy.

A social activist himself, Jeremy was deeply in support of some of the very movements targeted. A longterm anti-war, anti-capitalist activist, Jeremy was arrested for involvement in the Stratfor hack on the testimony and actions of FBI Informant, Hector Xavier Monsegur. Monsegur himself was facing 105 years in a Federal Penitentiary if he could not assist the FBI in identifying and apprehending other alleged members of Anonymous and Lulz Security ( ).

We feel there is ample evidence to show that the Stratfor hack was organized, planned, and allowed to happen by the FBI, through the agency of Mr. Monsegur, for the expressed purpose of entrapping alleged Anonymous hacktivists. We understand that Jeremy's years of organizing for social justice show him to clearly possess a more noble character than that of his accuser, Mr. Monsegur, best known as little more than a Twitter troll and internet blowhard.

We demand that charges be dropped pending an investigation into the methods used by the FBI to entrap all alleged Anons and Lulzsec members. We demand that Jeremy be taken off lock down and be granted visitation. At the very least, we demand that Jeremy be moved to a cell providing a view of more than another wall.

Free Jeremy Hammond! Free all accused Anons! Amnesty for all political prisoners!


down with this

Thank you! Hope to see you there!

The rally for jeremy is 2 PM. Come bring the noise!!!

Starts at 2pm

kids who took on the church of scientology, ATTTTTTAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

I wish you luck, but unfortunately I'm on a different continent than the court involved. :O

Do you have an institutional state apparatus there?

trapped inside michael alberts dream state. "typing" these messages with grass leaves I freely exchange with a capitalist who's found a way out. Will write again after I meet my next work quota.

i mgot all tyhj fduckin billuy idols fuckin music yeah i fuckin rules liker white fuckin wewdding an d night time on teh bus trippin yeah.,.,8ball

"We demand that charges be dropped pending an investigation into the methods used by the FBI to entrap all alleged Anons and Lulzsec members"

Making demands on the justice system and propagating the myth of entrapment...reform much?

Oh seriously FUCK OFF.

you purity must be lonely. not even the most "hardcore" militant is stupid enough to think that legal strategies to challenge entrapment and contelpro tactics are reformist.

brodude, this isn't entrapment. entrapment has a narrow legal definition and this ain't it.


Actually a lot of people do think this is reformist, by definition. I might even suggest the "hardcore" militants would feel this way, but I'm not really sure who they are.

Well legal support inaction because the way the issue is framed is too 'reformist' might be ideologically purer but tactically it helps out the state.

what is:

"the myth of entrapment"?

The myth of entrapment is that there exists a legitimate legal system which prosecutes and convicts people who deserve it, but sometimes the authorities get overzealous and entrap people who would otherwise be innocent. It poses a "good" legal system against a "bad" one. Real entrapment happens everyday, from people getting arrested for stealing the food they need to live, to people getting arrested trying to make a career out of selling drugs.

The real truth of entrapment is that all crimes are essentially entrapment.

I would say while ideologically that is true functionally most people I know doing legal support work and trying to spread the word about state processes of entrapment understand that about the legal system. One can respond pragmatically to state tactics of specific political entrapment without implying that's the only time the state entraps people. Your comment reflects ideological purity I don't see in the support more than engaging in a useful conversation about how to resist these practices.

doing prisoner support almost always means making reformist arguments, because prisoner support almost always means working within the system.
it (working within the system) might be the best thing to do sometimes, but people's "understanding" is irrelevant. working within the system is reformist.
avoiding the label (or trying to) is just semantics.

it is possible to change the meaning of prisoner support; people have been expanding that meaning into solidarity attacks, but attacks and legal defense are in the short term at cross purposes... one attacking, the other attempting to ameliorate.
no need to be moral or defensive about it.

face of a loser

Yeah, computer monitors can be very reflective.

I don't know if this applies to Hammond since I never met him but:

Anarchists categorize people based on their level of privilege. Those who are assumed to have more privilege, such as white males, typically feel more guilt than those who are assumed to have less privilege such as women, people of color and queer/trans people. White male guilt causes anarchists who are white males to do illegal acts because doing these illegal acts for the goal of anarchism, social justice, revolution, peace or anti-racism reduces the feeling of guilt. Anarchists view the world as being divided into two broad groups: people with privilege and people without privilege. According to anarchists people with privilege are the residents of the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. According to anarchists people with privilege are white, male, middle class and educated. According to anarchists people without privilege are the residents of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. According to anarchists people without privilege are people of color, female, queer/trans people and the poor. I don't think the world is divided into these two groups. I don't think that white male privilege exists. Privilege is much more complex than that. The world is much more complex than that. The idea of white male privilege will become less believable in the future because the income gap between men and women is decreasing and because the income gap between white people and people of color is decreasing. China is getting richer while the West is getting poorer.

You obviously haven't met Hammond. But you clearly wanted to use him as a prop in your silly little straw man argument against anarchists.

Thank you...I could not have said it better myself. Clearly this person does not know Jeremy. Idiot. I hope to see everyone at the rally on 7/23 and thank you so much for the noise rally on 7/13. His lawyers have been told so they can let Jeremy know. Thank you very much. is the Facebook support page for Jeremy. Please consider joining us there and thank you again.

You must be kidding, right? Facebook = CIA.

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