Solidarity Means Tabarnak! Quebec Students Strike Against Capitalism

  • Posted on: 11 April 2015
  • By: stimulator

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This week we look at the student led mobilizations that have rocked the streets of Montreal and Quebec City. From large scale marches, to occupations of university buildings to direct actions, the spring 2015 coalition has re-energized radical organizing in so called Quebec.



Solidarity means fuck?

No, solidarity means a ornate church armoir used to contain some curses that only non-programmed people from past generations still use.

Feel lonely on a Saturday night? Go have a walk or something, maybe you'll meet people. Or birds.

I see you are on here on a Saturday night too. Did your mom kick you out of her basement?

Anarchist gentrification of mothers's basements is a serious issue, you person

To get the joke, you need to know the slogan "solidarity means attack", which I first started to see during the 2008 insurrection in Greece.


Oh goodness! It's the Anarch in person!!! How hath thou haveth missed thee since the heydays of teh Greek anarchies in Pizzatown Saloniki!?

I love this stuff but if you're confused by Frank Lopez's sense of humour, you're thinking too hard

Strike's already crumbling. Sucks. Hopefully the small yet consistent movement of resistance in and off campus will remain and amplify. Those small riots and brawls within university walls got really interesting though it's kinda hard for me to take part with my big muscles since it's all too hush-hush (for an obvious reason). Proles should find ways to communicate what they do more, instead of letting State media tell everything, because it's all too sketcy from the outside.

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