Solidarity needed for Barcelona anarchists!

  • Posted on: 25 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>During the day of the general strike, the 29th of March 2012, police made 79 arrests throughout Catalunya, mostly in Barcelona. Three of those arrested have been locked up awaiting trial, the rest are out on bail or provisional liberty.

<a href=" link</a>

On Thursday the 19th, they carried out 4 more arrests in Barcelona, mostly targeting anarchists. They also raided several houses, seized computers and clothes, and stole thousands of euros in solidarity money. The same day, they announced that the following week (this week), they would carry out 80 more arrests and launch a citizen collaboration website to encourage and enable citizen snitching on those photographed participating in rioting but whose identities are not already within the police database. They have also claimed they have taken the measure to make sure this website is safe from the spamming and hacking that have sabotaged similar attempts in other countries, however that claim has not yet been tested.
That website is here

<a href="">Gen cat</a></td><td><img title="I get it! You'd like us to do that." src=""></td...
The four arrests of last Thursday show the police using a more sophisticated integration of surveillance to be able to track masked rioters on the basis of shoes or other characteristics, and match these images with other images that show the same people at other times and other locations without their masks, enabling identification. Such techniques have already long been used in Germany and other countries, but their use in Catalunya is new.

Heavy new laws of repression will also be passed soon, and for May Day and the upcoming European Central Bank summit in Barcelona (2-4 May) city authorities will invite several thousand Spanish police into the streets to help the mossos d'escuadra maintain order, another unprecedented move.

The Catalan and Spanish governments are especially concerned about their international image as they are tourism-based economies whose ability to inspire investor confidence is shaky at best. Additionally, the comrades in Barcelona will be facing enormous legal fees and long legal processes that will most likely result in many prison sentences.

The possibilities for solidarity are limitless. Spread the word.

update: A few days ago the total number of arrests went up yet again when the organizational secretary of CGT Barcelona was arrested and accused of an action that included setting fire to the front entrance of the stock exchange.


Several of those pictures are ripped straight from YouTube. Next time you are wilding out make sure to take a hammer to the face of anyone with a camera.

How to black bloc.

I used to be a photographer like you. Then I took a hammer...

and then what happened?

i am curious, because i am photographer.

and then i held the hammer quite firmly in my hand...

was there a photographer there?

yes. there was, and he was telling me to hold the pose with the hammer clutched firmly in my right hand...

while my left hand held a knife

and everyone in the room cracked up laughing...


and was no longer a photographer, but something MUCH MUCH WORSE

a corpse

and then i DESTROYED my corpse

and became a camera


gtfo with your FAIL memes

No. Just rip those smart phones/cameras from their hands and tell them to fuck off. Then get as many useful infos from the devices, in the case they'd be cops, then burn the damn things. That'll teach those yuppie imbeciles (or undercovers) to stop bringing Big Brother at protests.

They rip our identity? Rip their cameras!

those smart phones and cameras are also worth some $$.

not sayin or anything, just sayin, you know.

what in the hell are you tryin to say???

what in the hell are you

a troll. derrrr

what about yourself?

never shed cover, friend!

Nearly everyone of those kids are on YouTube smashing up, looting, and burning down a Starbucks.

Solidarity actions worldwide against Starbucks would be appropriate.

solidarity actions could also be EXpropriate, if you know what i mean... more profitable than smashy...

1. Spain rioters burn Starbucks
2. @s here do solidarity
3. ?????
4. Profit!!

Interesting proposal...

tell me what you really think

i allude with the ellipses, friend. go from there

sing this shit to the pigs.

solidarity from the UK.

ive got a better idea

for a song to sing to the pigs

its the big pig song!

What about this song?

you forgot the link, bro

nah brah, its like John Cage's 4′33″, the song consists of all the sounds of your environment that you are in right now, not any deliberate music.


also, when i read that comment, this is what came on:

That is a bunch of sexy people. Stay free, sexy people!

that is a really fucked up comment.

there's this thing called looksism, you should look it up coz you have a seriously fucked up views if you think that supposedly "good-looking" (social construct) people should be free from imprisonment but others you don't care about do you? what do you think "ugly" (social construct) people should all be locked away so you don't have to look at them and can live in your pretty-people utopia? oh, while you're at it look up eugenics, too!

i cant believe comments like this are allowed on this site! it is supposed to be anarchist news, not sexy-fascist, lock-the-ugly-people-in-prison news!

yo dawg ur trapped in a box dawg shoot urself all the cool kidies are doing it

Ugly people can nibble my clit.

Uhhhh, thinking that these people are sexy (duh, mostly because they are obviously badasses... plus they're hot) and wanting them to be free, doesn't mean that I don't want people who I don't personally find physically attractive to also be free. I don't think my mom is hot but I want her to be free. Same with grandpa. And everyone else who's not an asshole. You need to chill the fuck out.

It would have made more sense to critique my comment for being silly when the situation is actually really serious instead of pulling out some boring argument that sounds like it came from a boring student/identity politician in 2003.

you're saying that critiques of looksism in our communities is boring and/or identity politics and/or old-fashioned?

this is pure deflection to avoid working on your shit!

it shows how deeply internalized looksist ideas are that people can't even hear concerns about how this form of oppression affects our own communities without dismissing them as identity politics or whatever.

Ugly people will be reeducated in the grave.

Worker, can you push this to the bottom?

You trollin? If not, shut the fuck up already.

no, you're just wrong.

Work on your shit, manarchist!

Worker, can you bump this comment to the top?

A few days ago the total number of arrests went up yet again when the organizational secretary of CGT Barcelona was arrested and accused of an action that included setting fire to the front entrance of the stock exchange.

Oh, bump your comment to the top, huh? What the fuck do you think this is, buddy?!

You don't get to go to the fucking top just because you think you have some "important information" or something.

Fuck it, I'm going to leave more reply comments further upthread in hopes that your ass gets bumped to page 2! See how you like that!

why, yes, we can, dear comrade-prole! your comment is full of wisdom/is obviously the One that was Posted to Rule them all etc and in the Darkness Bind them, also "bumps" work on @news comment threads

Worker, can you bump this story into the data decay issue that you said you were experiencing?

It is really important, because of, like, important stuff. kthx.

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