South Side ARA Annual Zine #6 (2014-2015)

  • Posted on: 1 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Readable version here:

For a printable version, email us at

ARA and other antifascist groupings have existed in Chicago since the late 1980's. For the most part, the organized antifascist presence has continued to exist and have typically been amongst the more active and successful antifascist groupings in the US. The most recent incarnation, South Side Chicago Anti- Racist Action (now of the TORCH network), are celebrating the end of our 5th year of antifascist activity. Starting back in 2009 we set out with extreme dedication, to destroy organized fascists in our state, eventually expanding outward and doing serious work in the midwest and elsewhere. When we first started, the group to beat was the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF), descendants of Bill Whites ANSWP, led by Phillip Anderson. At this time, there was also a huge call out by the ARA network to shut down David Irving's US tour. This first year saw not only some very successful confrontations between south side ARA and the INSF, but Irving's speaking event held at the Edelweiss restaurant in Chicago was immediately shut down when a violent melee ensued between antifascists and neo nazis in attendance. Shortly after, in 2010 the INSF was scheduled to march in downtown Chicago, a bold move and an obvious challenge to Chicago antifascists. After tons of pressure from our side, the INSF had a pathetic turnout of 4 unprotected nazis who were quickly attacked leading not only to the end of the march, but the arrest of two of the attending neo nazis. These 2 major victories, along with several other smaller successful battles, and an impressive ability to expose white supremacists, strengthened our resolve, and solidified our reputation as an antifascist force to be reckoned with.

Over the next 4 years, we would face many more internal and external hardships, always coming out stronger and more intelligent than before. We managed for the most part, to keep our excitement and dedication and went on to have several more noteworthy successes. A few of these successes include the eventual end of the INSF, the shutting down of the local NSM unit before they even began, the forming of the TORCH network, the hosting of 2 national antifa conferences, the shut down of the White Man march in Centralia, IL, the infiltration and exposing of the local ANP, successful clashes with the Trad Youth Network, continuous pressure on David Irving across the midwest, antifascist benefits and prisoner support for several people including the Tinley Park 5, the publishing of 5 (now 6) annual antifascist zines, home demos, and several street confrontations and disruptions of neo nazi individuals, groups, and events in Illinois and across the country. With any action we have been part of we have always tried to critique ourselves and be honest about our successes and failures. This being said we genuinely believe that our presence in Illinois has helped to create a fear and paranoia amongst the fascists that we hope will last for years to come. A fear that has led the once seemingly hopeful neo nazi activist community into a state of disarray and inactivity. To say that their own failures and the role of the state hasn't also helped to create this dysfunction would be a lie. We also realize that repercussions are always a possibility and more importantly that white supremacy and reactionary tendencies are festering and live beyond the confines of flag waving organizations.

Since our forming years we have seen friends go to jail, we have suffered scrapes, bruises, state harassment and spying, but yet we are still here and are still active. We have outlasted any rival crew that has existed in this city since our inception. It has always been our dedication, brains, strategy, anonymity, and eventually our experience that helped lead us to constant victories over those who in some instances were more physically intimidating. Over the past year we have continued to expose and confront the fascists and white supremacists who have tried to rebuild or form a new and we will continue to do so.

We hope you enjoy our 6th annual south side ARA zine! Thanks to everyone who is or has been a part of south side ARA. Thanks to all who have supported us.




Compared to what victories of yours? That's a serious question. What have you ever accomplished? Tell us something. Just one thing you did off the keyboard. One. I doubt you will.

I accomplished not being a dumbfuck squadist.

and instead you regimented yourself to the keyboard troll armies of Big Brother.... wow. What else do you have?

I was jerking off to my favorite picture of a panda bear (Panda Anarch) reading Ernst Junger when I saw this comment. I must say, good sir, that I had to take off mein fuzzy fedora to scratch my lumpy head in confusion.
n. Why fight nazis when you can read them ?

(Commenting my LoLs)

That being coloured and all it's not in my interest seeing an uptick in this kind of thinking. There actually has been an uptick in this kind of thinking. It appears to be an emergent character of the millennial generation that New Right has replaced New Left to a certain degree. There has undoubtedly an interest in rightist, reactionary, nationalist politics that has me fairly disillusioned for the coming epoch. I have more or less given up on this generation being a bohemian one akin to the baby boom epoch. As Strauss and Howe point out, we're in a hero generation right now not a profit gen, and these gens tend to be conservative.

What's funny is that non of your antifa bullshit has put any dent on this. You idiots have no powers of affection whatsoever to stop these historically objective factors and you have done nothing for anarchy in the backyard. Your entire movement is a waste of time and part of an overall faux radical extra column of liberal universalism. Antifascism can't even be said to be down hill since Durruti. You're downhill FROM Durruti rolling his stone and unlike Sisyphus, you can't even roll it up a hill so that it can roll back down on you. This is how pathetic antifas are in the grand scheme of things. Their little street skirmishes have done nothing to stop the greater flow of these righward movements nor have they done anything good on an anarchic scale.

What you actually need is strong, quality flavored anarchy to weather the storm, you idiots and your non controversial non radical positions are not part of this anarchy.

Stop trying to project your obsessions onto "millenials". You're the one constantly pimping new right theories and griping about how popular/successful/non-controversial leftism has become.

How does a post-leftist non-ideologue like me, who just said that these emergent rightist traits are what I don't don't like about the current gen, pimp new right theories? Are you really this retarded? Also leftism is both unpopular AND non contraversial, that's why it's such an impediment to anarchy.

My comment calling Einzige stupid was removed. How is it OK for him to call people retards, but we can't turn that around on him? You can't possibly argue that all of his comments here are pristine high-quality contributions to anarchist discourse. It seems to me that someone who titles a comment "Question Retard" and continues in that vein should either be rewarded by having his comment deleted, or by being hassled by the people he is personally insulting. Leaving his insults in place while deleting our responses encourages his insulting and childish behavior while creating the illusion that the rest of us appreciate it, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Yeah same thing happened to me when I posted a mocking comment in response to ziggy refering to black people as "negros". I'm not one to complain about moderation, but what the fuck a-news?

Multiple people moderate the comments. Reading every comment for nuance is incredibly challenging. I (for instance) tend to remove comments with particular racial, sexual, coded terms. Others for other reasons. This is the reason for the inconsistency. Either that or it's a conspiracy...

i remove posts that are nothing but name calling, and that only refer to another poster. SirE calls names plenty, but there is almost always some larger point that they are making besides (whether one agrees with it or not).
thanks for asking.
and if i'd been keeping up, much more of this thread would've been removed. just so's you knows.

"SirE calls names plenty, but there is almost always some larger point that they are making besides (whether one agrees with it or not).
thanks for asking."

Just so my detractors know, I'm not down with any deletion for the most part and would prefer the old 'wilder west' approach came back. Really call me what you will as Metallica would say.

Do the TORCH and ARA still do the smug non-replies to emails not sent to them from within their circles?

Assuming you do, will you ever be at least considering taking it to the level of international solidarity. by using your potential agianst real, dangerous fascist scum (not just the fringe clowns) that are tangibly tied to the establishment, like the Banderists of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America?

How do you not reply to an e-mail smugly? How do you know that they're not, like, casually or lazily not responding? Or apathetically? How do you read adverbial intention into not receiving an e-mail response?

T'was just a generalization based on my experience attempting to communicate with that type of militants, from my area (which isn't Chicago but very similar socio-culturally speaking).

Yeah I know.... PLEASE DON'T GENERALIZE. Hey guess what... I'll just be sending them the same reply by email and see if they've answered. Come back in a week to check for updates.

Wait... so based on your experience "attempting to communicate" with OTHER people in ANOTHER area, you jumped to the conclusion that these people don't respond to e-mails (and somehow do so "smugly"), and when asked how someone can non-reply "smugly," your response is to "send them the same reply" (reply? what reply?) and then "see if they've answered" (you are going to see if they have answered already a "reply" you haven't sent? what?)???

I think I can see why you have communication problems with others.

Hell yeah!

I think I've done more antifa activity on a weekend at a Nascar funded bar-b-que back-talking to rednecks than what this group have done in a year.

You think a lot of things and constantly tell all of us about them, assuming we care.

About this 'we' that doesn't care.

Yeah, all two of you egotists, presuming that you're not just all sock puppets of the same single asshole. Structurally, your comments are indistinguishable from the work of a very low-level bureaucrat paid to spread invective and discourage anarchists from actually doing anything of substance.

If you and the biceps troll are actually different people, it's fucking crazy that you would endorse someone who's contributions are 100% pure troll trash. If that's your only friend, you are hard up. Sad.

This is why you paranoid idiots are not taken seriously. You really think that a paid bureaucrat is as well read into the stuff that I am? Anarchists are discouraging on their own. They don't need trolltelpros to slick the process.

It's hilarious at this point how many posters/people I have been. Bob Black, Gunter, Le way, biceps, ect. I don't think you know what actual trolling is, it usually involves anonymous commentating, something me and him don't do. Pouring cold water reality on anarchist binary hubris is not the same thing as trolling.

There is absolutely no requirement to be non-anon for being a troll. The standing proof of this is YOU being a troll and still being anonymous, or at least pseudonymous (which amounts to the exact same thing form the perspective of my bat).

You keep spewing the most twisted, incoherent, baseless, impossible nonsense (like anarchists aren't being targeted by cointelpro type of tactics, because they're so irrelevant politically... duh! What were those Grand Juries and FBI entrapments really about... secret network of FSB spies!? Thwarting a shadow resistance to the alien overlords?), and that's why people like me and others see a relationship between you and Biceps Critics, LeWay and other trolls alike.

The paranoid are known to be the exact contrary of idiots, even though their insecurity may cause some level of intellectual limitations.

Oh bozo, I'm not denying that these things happen to some degree, only that you over assume the activity of state agents who don't have the resources you think they do. You will get your 'Anna' type filths here and their(though to be honest a lot of that is retrograde activist activity which makes for low hanging fruit). Do you really think some Anna bitch is likely to build up a body of discussion over a period of years on anews anon? What they tend to want is provocation toward something illegal. That's where their time and energy goes. Not some anarchist site with 4chan elements.

A lot of those problems you speak of could be ended by taking Andrew X's advice, GIVE UP ACTIVISM!

"You really think that a paid bureaucrat is as well read into the stuff that I am"


No, I think a paid bureaucrat would at least articulate coherent thoughts, unlike, say...

"No, I think a paid bureaucrat would at least articulate coherent thoughts, unlike, say..."

"over assume the activity of state agents who don't have the resources you think they do" (in other words, the NSA was just a lie to spook the leftists)

Okay let's say you'd make a decent humorist, if you wouldn't be taking yourself so seriously.

The NSA Revelations don't take away from the fact that they only have so much time and resources to waste time on an anarchist web site talking theory. They may peek in here and there, but to assume anything beyond that is just paranoid idiocy.

This confirms it! Individualist anarchs are an endangered species, hunted ruthlessly by redundant leftoid propagandists clinging to 19th century humanist egalitarian doctrines. If only you could comprehend my Creative Aesthetic Insurrection we wouldn't be having this boring discussion about 'substance' whatever that is,,,?

Now who's clinging to 19th century doctrines?

After anarchist.

I'd like to think anarchs are an emergent species not endangered(though they will never amount to numbers and affection). I wouldn't attach the word individualist to anarch either as I think we need a post hyphenated definition for the 21st century. For me an anarch is synonymous with individuation. It's post leftist and individualist but definitionally concise and thorough going.

An anarch takes the best of the individualists, Stirner/Nietzsche/Novatore and subsumes them forth in a genuinely post ideological direction.

"takes the best of the individualists, Stirner/Nietzsche/Novatore"

To quote the above commenter, now who's clinging to 19th century doctrines? You two are the only ones in your tiny club, and the only reason you're still on speaking terms is because you haven't met in person.

Yes anon, because liking certain thinkers from the 19th century(or even an ancient century like Lao Tzu or Heraclitus) and adjusting them for today is 'clinging to the 19th(or an ancient) century'. I'm not the one still calling myself an anarchist after all. Also, these thinkers, by their very approach, were non doctrinal.

If you're not an anarchist, maybe you really should shut the fuck up and get off this site.

-anonymous person #361 who is, shall we say, unimpressed by you

You'd want that wouldn't you:). No I am not an anarchist, I'm an anarch who wants anarchy unfiltered by positions and solutions.

Feelings mutual

Well explained, yea individuation is the most concise and eloquent term for the 21st century. I'll use this within the context of my aesthetics concerning the emergence of the new epoch.

"individuation is the most concise and eloquent term for the 21st century" he enthusiastically types into his keyboard as he sips his mountain dew. You can almost feel the jubilation in the air of his mom's basement. He then stands up from his computer chair and loudly proclaims "I'll use this within the context of my aesthetics concerning the emergence of the new epoch!" Then as the echoes of his voice quickly fade away through the floor boards he looks around and realizes that he is all alone. He is the individual. He is ego.

This pulp fiction is totally incorrect, like calling black white, a binary cognitive value scale.

I know you are but what am I?

No, we're all into a submergence. Into a dark puddle of shit. Your ego won't stop it, the leftoids neither.

No who's being openly paranoid? Leftoids attacking you form all sides! Get MDMA quick!

You're a flaming ego-maniac in the States? Nobody cares. Except in some leftist circles. Put shiny colors on you and oversized glasses nobody will see the difference with a self-absorbed hipster. lol

You're overcomplicating douchebaggery.

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