Southern Illinois Courthouse Attacked In Solidarity

  • Posted on: 3 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The Madison County courthouse located in the Metro East St Louis city of Edwardsville, Illinois had a door defaced with spraypaint with another message of solidarity on the early morning of Friday. We take this opportunity to remind comrades of the radical history of the Metro East of St Louis, which saw the General Strike of 1877 in East St Louis, Illinois.

After careful deliberation amongst ourselves we have determined that to continue a weekly attack would exhibit discipline that we consider death. Death that is the state and it's institutions which are formed out of discipline. This is not a resignation of militancy, however. The purpose of these actions is the endorsement and encouragement of wildness. If we determine the time is fitting for another action of solidarity we will be inclined to take it.</td><td><img title="take it all!" src=""></td></t...

Our action is also a call of solidarity with Russia's feminist punks Pussy Riot. It's an action to call attention to the death of the Argentinian squatter in Barcelona. We mourn for comrades who have had their life ended early with viciousness by the state and are filled with contempt for those that have imprisoned behind walls, bars, barbed wire fences and guards, our comrades we organize, meet and take action out of solidarity with.


discipline = the state.

Are you fucking kidding me?

wha? i think that's a nice formulation
citizen = cop, discipline = statism, etc. are pretty solid math equations if you ask me

knuckle tats

Yeah, works also for 6=9, nice lateral thinking dude!

I feel that feel. <3

Okay I'm sorry i have to say this. A weekly attack on a target is not stupid because it's "disciplined" (which it hardly is) it's stupid because it's completely predictable.

I love being disciplined, and as long as it is a discipline that you define the contours of I fail to see how that is authoritarian. A simple "cops are disciplined, therefore discipline is authoritarian" is just fucking lazy, and is an example of why North American anarchists have such terrible analysis.

no you lazy undisciplined bastard, it's an example of *how* North American anarchists have such terrible analysis.

OP here. Some clarifications. I do use Tor. I also think any anarchist that believes discipline to be a positive is not someone I would consider an anarchist at all. Secondly, we wanted the article to sound more insurrectionist then saying, for instance, "Yeah, this town's pigs might have found out about the information being leaked online so we decided actions that have an announced timely occurrence seem strategically impractical. Sorry for giving everyone hope that we could make the state seem so vulnerable on a regular basis." Again, the thought of an "anarchist" valuing discipline is strongly disconcerting to us.

Clearly you do not understand what "discipline" means, especially the concept of SELF "discipline". If I get up, at the same time every morning and run for an hour and a half, out of my own will and determination how the hell is that authoritarian? I don't drink, because I don't want to. That is a form of self-discipline, is that "counter-anarchist"? I train three times a week in Ju-jitsu/some systema because I want too. I value my ability to will my body into action, to commit to something a project, a training regiment whatever that gives me value. How is that anything other than liberating.

You wanted you're article to "sound" more insurrectionist so you made up some shit about a critic of discipline (if you call that shite a "critic") to cover your security leak instead of owning up to the fact? And finding out that you had to cancel an action because of a security leak isn't "discouraging" and it certainly doesn't make me want to give up hope. It just makes logical sense.

Jesus fucking christ...I hate this fucking Continent.

original commenter here here, "gives me value" should read "gives me joy" sorry.

Definitions of Discipline gotten from who thus got them from American Heritage Dictionary.


1: Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
2: Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training; self-control.

1: Control obtained by enforcing compliance or order.
2: A systematic method to obtain obedience: a military discipline.
3:A state of order based on submission to rules and authority: a teacher who demanded discipline in the classroom.

4: Punishment intended to correct or train.
5: A set of rules or methods, as those regulating the practice of a church or monastic order.
6: A branch of knowledge or teaching.

tr.v., -plined, -plin·ing, -plines.

1: To train by instruction and practice, especially to teach self-control to.
2: To teach to obey rules or accept authority. See synonyms at teach.
3: To punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience. See synonyms at punish.
4: To impose order on: needed to discipline their study habits."

Yes obviously discipline is used as a tool of authority. School is used as a way to form a specific type of individual through disciplinary actions. Prisons work in the same way.

But again, these definitions (are, by the way, a form of authority) rest upon a very important question. Who is dictating the discipline. If I want to be in better shape, I discipline myself into a better regiment in order to attain that specific goal, if I want to write a critic on something I do research, bounce my ideas off of other comrades, and certainly don't just look up a word in a dictionary and leave it at that. If the form is self-direction, enforced by free association, that is not the same as if it is being direction or forced by someone else. So again, yes discipline CAN be a destructive tool, "self-discipline" (when voluntary, which I can't really see how self-discipline couldn't be voluntary) CAN be liberating.

I've noticed that you (assuming that you are the OP responding to me) haven't actually answer any of the questions i laid out. In fact, you're basing your argument on an external authority instead of an argument. It's a fallacy called Appeal to Authority. I also get the feeling that you haven't actually READ the entirety of my posts, as I specifically make a distinction between self-discipline and discipline.

Here...because I'm a fair man...I'll help you. Here is a critic of discipline that a comrade made that i happen to disagree with but I think was still quite good. Discipline within affinity groups can lead to informal or in some case formal hierarchies, because it creates a system of values in which one can judge another comrades merits based on preformance I.E how disciplined they are. What forms is a structure similar to peer pressure, forcing people to constantly demonstrate their discipline.

There you see. Much better than a dictionary definition and a vague "well that's just not anarchist" statement.

I am not the person who you were responding to, so thats why i didn't respond to your actual conversation with the other commenter. I was responding to this; "Clearly you do not understand what "discipline" means, especially the concept of SELF "discipline". You were insinuating that that person has no idea what 'discipline' means and acted as if you if hold the only true understanding of discipline was, so I gave you some definitions of what is commonly considered be the meanings of discipline and many of them fit into the other commenter's understanding of discipline.

Dear knuckle tats, stop accusing real activists of being racist, when the only person being excluded was you because you're an idiot.

pls continue, who are real activist?

they are the activists of Pure Imagination. a magical land where no one is a racist, capitalism is anarchy, and everyone is a glorious, famous troll.

to start, people who do not out themselves to the pigs by posting pictures of themselves on @news and in the same post talking about punching cops at NATO..... you have no concept of security culture. So, you are either dumb as hell or an FBI informant. I will just assume both and avoid you like the plague.

OP, I find it ridiculous that you are attempting to define anarchy, by setting RULES for it. According to you, one is not an anarchist if they believe discipline to be a positive. I hardly think that is for you to decide.
Does your constant capitalization of the word "I" disqualify you from your little anarchy club? Please stop using the phrase "us" when you spout this BS. Because that is what it is. Not all anarchists think the same, that is why it is such a beautiful thing.


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