Spanish State: Destroy What Oppresses You

from anarchists worldwide

Assemblies, occupations, direct actions, demonstrations…are increasingly mediated by new technologies. Thus our emotions, experiences, feelings, meetings, relationships…in anarchic environments are conditioned by these technologies. Giving place to these spaces and places to follow the logic of the techno-industrial society: immediacy, superficialization, efficacy, order, efficiency…without a doubt the system has colonized our spaces and times of struggle. To break with all this, to meet again and fight in the streets, without virtual spaces, without the tyranny of image and immediacy without the possibility. To stop and think, to criticize, to attack, to live without the agony of speed. For anarchic relations without mediations or technologies. To change our way of understanding the world in order to destroy it.

Death to progress and long live anarchy!

Destroy what oppresses you.

Against social networks, new technologies and their world.

The use of social networks and technologies mediatizes our lives, conditions our way of seeing and understanding the world, modifies space-time turning it into virtual, commodifies and superficializes social relations by atomizing us even more. All this takes us away from our dream of freedom, turns us into alienated beings and modified according to the needs of the industrial world. All this is not a neutral process. It is a conditioning of the techno-industrial system so that the programmed world functions at full speed, is efficient, effective, superficial, virtualized and fragmented. There is no place for “alternative social networks” as they have exactly the same characteristics. We must destroy their world, go out into the streets, take back our lives, fight for real social relations far from any technological and authoritarian mediation.

Death to progress and long live anarchy!

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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“contra toda nocividad @“

against all harmfulness? unironically anti-bad as slogan?

as in... noxious trolls, living noxious non-lives

noxious = bad, if you dumb it down to its essence of what’s being said

im not saying im for bad living conditions, im saying it’s a lame slogan

It's not exactly a slogan - it's the pen-name of [a person/some people?] that writes lengthy articles mostly focused on analysis of oppressive developments in technology/"progress" on spanish indymedia quite regularly for many years now.
I agree that they could have thought of a better handle anyway but even if they wanted to they probably figure that it's too late to rebrand now!

Maybe the new technologies are making it apparent that politics is a narrow, joyless confinement, and not at all the full expression of what it means to be human. Use imagination. The old ways of isms will betray you.

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