From St. Louis To Those Who Hold Us In Their Hearts

  • Posted on: 20 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Most of you are already aware of what transpired this past Thursday on the south side of St. Louis. The accounts have been written and so many late nights have been full of traumatic recollections. We moved collectively to take a park, meet new people and confront the dogma of the old. This was met with a brutality that few of us have occasion to witness. This specific confrontation ended with our eviction, many arrests, one smashed cop car, and three of our comrades horrendously beaten. Not to mention that the powerful momentum that had been gaining in Saint Louis over the last eight months had been torn open.</td><td><img title="I can't visualize momentum being torn (open or closed). Please help!" src=""></td></t...
In the interest of sharing our experiences, we would like to begin where others left off (1), by telling of the Friday that followed the eviction. Despite everyone being soaked in emotion and wrecked with new fiery hatred, we made sure to stay focused on the task at hand. To regain the beautiful company of those who were taken from us. Through our efforts, starting from the late hours of Thursday long into the earliest of Saturday, our friends filtered out of the downtown jail and into our arms. Amidst this focus, a street demonstration had been planned for sometime and was set for 11PM. Profusely shaken we met once again at the intersection, all immobilizing fears resting at the surface. We pushed on and with help of those brave enough to take that first step, we rallied our fury and conquered that trepidation once more. The streets were taken.

During this ardent time, the pigs came and went hardly stepping foot outside of their transports. After a powerful and somewhat disorganized dance party, we concluded our festivities and with new confidence headed towards downtown. Rallied outside of the jail, we waited for our final two friends to be released, they were those who had taken the worst beating. Each of them had been taken from us bleeding from their faces. Tonight they returned to us with black-eyes, stapled skulls, broken bones, bruises, major swelling around their eyes and cheeks, and bandages all around. There just isn't the proper expression for what we felt when finally saw their faces.

The damage inflicted on the bodies of our friends and comrades is difficult for some to comprehend, but as it has been said a thousand times, the despicable actions of these enforcers of empire, the literal tools of the prevailing order, unfortunately come to us with little to no surprise. It has been made apparent time and again that the pigs beat, maim, and kill those who resist, and that they do such in accordance with their own existence, to uphold the dominate order. We know our broken bodies do not stand as reason to lay down, or scatter without intention of regrouping, instead they overwhelm such rationalities and respond in desire for revenge.

In Saint Louis we have also seen this through the efforts of new groupings who have met in occupations. Our ability to find enough traction to move toward something together. Something that takes form in public demonstrations that we would have deemed impossible just a year ago. There have been many successful collective actions and because of this we keep coming back. Could this mess, this structureless chaos, lead us to spread a current of resistance, one that can rally and replicate itself throughout empire? This gaining momentum we have felt over the last year has not come without great difficulty. The occupation's tendency towards bureaucracy along with the ideologically charged and ever incessant debate on violence has lead us at different times to cynicism and withdrawal. Our shared experiences though, and pure hatred for those who would harm our friends, will not allow us a full retreat. The dichotomies once seen must be broken. The back and forth between individuals is a vapid point when our comrades blood still stains the concrete.

Especially in this moment when we have regrouped, let our intentions be clear. We write to those who hold us in their hearts, as we do them. For those we have met, and the future comrades we yearn to encounter and to anyone who is enraged by the violence of capitalism. We are calling on you now, those who feel the necessity to respond, to show them that they will pay. In this plea we resonate with those in Oakland, with your friends or even alone: smash, attack, expropriate, blockade, occupy. Nationally and abroad they cannot beat us into submission. Together we can extend ourselves beyond the limitations of language, in whatever form we find ourselves capable. We will see our gestures solidify and begin to speak. Let us generalize our sentiments, and echo to one another, that friendship truly is a weapon.



So much love to y'all.

<3 from Atlanta


Solidarity from Oakland

<3 y'all. solidarity from olympia.

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