Stay Calm: some tips for keeping safe in times of state repression

  • Posted on: 21 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" of Rage</a>

<p><em>pdfs for printing and viewing below</em></p>

<p>The spectre of state repression has been growing over Bay Area radical milieus. Grand juries in the Pacific Northwest and in Santa Cruz, threats by police of using gang enhancements against activists, the recent string of mass arrests, the profusion of political divisions and threats, abundant conspiracy theories, surveillance of our social spaces, FOIA paperwork that references a confidential informer--The list goes on and on and on.</p>

<p>Murmurs of imminent repression can be heard everywhere. Even though everything we hear cannot be entirely proven or disproven, recent events underscore the importance of preparing for a possible crackdown. The state seeks to isolate us with repression, as individuals and within our tendencies. Against that, we can prepare together, support each other and continue actively struggling against the oppression and misery of this world.</p></td><td><img title="Scratch the earth
Dig the burial ground
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For the ones who defend
Pretend too
Breakdown is a final demand" src=""></t...
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<p>Repression always exists and now is the time to take security very seriously. Without knowing the exact form repression will take, there are some likely scenarios to prepare for, as well as some precautions that can be taken to reduce the ability of the feds and police agencies to monitor, divide and prosecute our networks.</p>

<p><em><strong>Sound the Alarm if an Agent Knocks . . .</strong></em></p>

<p>. . . or if an agent calls your parents, shows up at your place of employment or is waiting for you at a BART station. Don’t say anything to the cop, except that you will remain silent and that you are going to talk to a lawyer. Request the agent’s business card to give to your lawyer and share with comrades. They may threaten you, your friends, and your family or they may seem genuinely concerned for your safety: Whatever they say, their intention is to send you and your friends to prison. Don’t tell them anything.</p>

<p>Let your friends and comrades know that you were visited and what, if anything, the agent said to you. Spreading this information will help others prepare for the possibility of getting visits, frustrate the state’s ability to isolate people, and help you get the support you might need.</p>

<p>Preemptively, it could be useful to talk to your parents, employers, and housemates about the possibility of police or FBI visits. Tell them not to say anything at all; even the smallest slips of the tongue have totally fucked people over.</p>

<p><em><strong>House Raids</strong></em></p>

<p>As has happened recently in the Northwest, and in countless past investigations, houses of active activists and antagonists might be raided by local police or the feds. In the selection below, remember that “sensitive material” has, in the past, meant everything from black clothing to anarchist literature to shoes to a pack of tampons. Keeping in mind the events of the past year here, remove materials from your house that could be construed by the police as evidence.</p>

<p><em>Some advice on preparing for the possibility of house raids, from the Practical Security Handbook:</em></p>

<p>Keep all sensitive material in your house together so that if you have to remove it in a hurry, you are not wasting time searching for that elusive but damning piece of paper. Planning a process to deal with the risky information in your house will make this much easier; it helps prevent you losing material and gives you a greater degree of control over it. Remember, if you are being watched, any panicky action will be noted, thus bringing further attention yourself. This is one reason why police knock on activist doors – they may know you are not going to tell them anything, but if they can rattle your cage enough so that you slip up then they may be able to get something on you.</p>

<p>Sensitive material should be removed from your house on a regular basis in a calm manner – not furtively! This does not prevent you from practicing counter-surveillance techniques, but do so discretely. […] If you get wind that something has happened and you suspect you may get a visit as a result, stay calm and prioritize what you need to get out of your house. Get friends to call around and take stuff out for you, or ‘take back their possessions’.</p>

<p><em><strong>Grand Juries</strong></em></p>

<p>Right now, there are Grand Juries targeting radicals in the Northwest. Three people have been imprisoned indefinitely for refusing to testify against themselves and their comrades. Treat this situation as if it is actively threatening your city as well. Because it is. It has been confirmed that one Grand Jury was convened in March of 2012, and is not limited to (what was publicized as) investigation of the May 1st demonstrations in Seattle. It will continue through March of 2014. The comrades who have been subpoenaed are from all across the northwest and it is entirely possible that additional subpoenas will be delivered to others.</p>

<p>Comrades and radicals in the Bay Area should be prepared for the possibility of a grand jury here. In-depth information about Grand Juries can be found in the pamphlets If An Agent Knocks and Grand Jury Investigations. Both are full of valuable information about how grand juries work and how to resist them.</p>

<p><em>Some basic advice for dealing with Grand Jury Subpoenas, from If An Agent Knocks:</em></p>

<p>Grand jury subpoenas are served by law enforcement agents, usually police officers or federal marshals. A grand jury subpoena must be personally served on you, meaning, it must be handed to you. If you refuse to accept it, it must be placed near you.</p>

<p>A grand jury subpoena does not give an agent the right to search a home, office, car or anywhere else, nor does it require you to relinquish any documents or say anything at that time. A grand jury subpoena only requires you to do something on the future date stated on the subpoena.</p>

<p>If an agent shows up and tries to serve you with a subpoena, take it and do not do anything else. Do not answer any questions; do not consent to a search; and do not invite them into your home for any reason.</p>

<p><em><strong>De-escalate Interpersonal Conflicts</strong></em></p>

<p>Stop publicizing interpersonal conflicts and de-escalate the conflicts within your milieu. Rumors, personal drama and gossip have always been an exploitable tool of the state. Contradictions and tensions are obviously an important part of our shared political and social spaces but this is probably not the best time to pick fights and draw out divisions. Let’s find ways to continue to explore our political differences, acknowledging our common commitment to liberatory struggle against the state, capital, patriarchy and white supremacy.</p>


<p>It should be no surprise that phone calls and text messages shouldn’t reference illegal activities. Beyond surveillance of the content of messages, care should also be taken in the pattern of calling and text messaging. I.e. if a house raid were to happen, the investigators could look back at the patterns of calls from confiscated phones to map social networks. Having unmediated (real world) ways to find people and have conversations is very important in our hyper-mediated world.</p>

<p>If your phone has a screen lock, use it. If it has full or partial encryption, use it. Delete your text messages regularly. Be careful in both the content and pattern of your phone calls, especially during or after actions, raids, and the like. Apps like TextSecure (for SMS) and RedPhone (for VoIP) are useful end-to-end encryption tools for cellular communication. If you have an Android phone, turn USB debugging off.</p>

<p>While it is possible for cellular phones to be used as surveillance devices, don’t let the absence of phones lull you into a false feeling of security. It is much more common for houses or cars to be bugged then for phones to be used to monitor conversations. That is to say, it is meaningless to put away one’s phone and still have a conversation indoors.</p>

<p>Regardless of any encryption or anonymity, always assume that your phone’s security can and will be compromised at some point. Accordingly, keep important information elsewhere and have sensitive conversations in person.</p>

<p><em><strong>Social Networking</strong></em></p>

<p>Limit your internet/electronic social networking interaction. Facebook, websites, Twitter, blogs, emails, etc. are becoming a favored sources of evidence for the state when they seek to destroy our networks. See: the RNC 8, the Asheville 11, the Latin Kings, the SHAC 7.</p>

<p><em><strong>Computer Encryption</strong></em></p>

<p>We all use computers to communicate about our activities and this makes us vulnerable. Having a working understanding of computer security and encryption could save you and others a lot of grief down the road. That said, don’t assume the absolute safety of encryption. There shouldn’t be any directly incriminating information on your computer, encrypted or not.</p>

<p>If you chat online, use encrypted instant messaging. For Windows and Linux, use Pidgin with the OTR (Off The Record) plugin. For Mac, use Adium.
Use encrypted email. Install Thunderbird and the Enigmail plugin. Or, set up PGP encryption, using GnuPGP for Mac OSX and GnuPG for Windows.</p>

<p>If you can full disk encrypt your computer, it will help reduce the amount of useful evidence it gives in the case of it being seized by the police. Know, however, that if your computer is on when seized, the encryption is compromised. For Windows, TrueCrypt provides an easy utility for full disk encryption. With Linux, LUKS is a built-in utility that encrypts the most sensitive information on your computer. Use Truecrypt to encrypt all or part of your hard drive (OSX or Windows) and overwrite the disk’s free space at regular intervals (CCleaner for Windows, Disk Utility for OSX).</p>

<p><em><strong>Analysis &amp; Practice</strong></em></p>

Let’s understand our current moment and why we are seeing the forms of repression that are currently unfolding. In most places, that mass movement of 2011 has now largely dissipated and the participants have gone home. In some places, such as the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest, radicals and militants have continued publicly and socially organizing. It might be that the state has been waiting for this moment, when they perceive us to be fractured and isolated, to pursue legal action; our response must show the strength and vitality of our networks.

<p><em><strong>Dealing With Sketchy Behavior</strong></em></p>

<p>Those who are driven to paranoia and desperation by the threat of repression can be as dangerous as those that make no preparations whatsoever. Encourage your friends, gently but firmly, to to go the extra mile to practice security culture. Encourage practicality. When someone seems overworried or paranoid, extend yourself to them for reassurance.</p>

<p>Bad security culture or naivete often lead to accusations of someone being an informant or undercover agent. Address the practices, not the accusations. If someone does not take the safety of themselves or others seriously, it might make sense to distance yourself from that person. Accusations of collaboration with the state, though, are to be taken very seriously and not thrown around lightly.</p>

<p>When it comes down to it, if someone is doing the work of the state then it doesn’t necessarily matter whether they are actual paid infiltrators. If they are spreading paranoia or being disruptive or putting comrades in unnecessary risk then the important thing is to deal with them on those grounds and not based on loose speculation as to their role in a government plot.</p>

<p>However, if there is strong evidence (usually court paperwork, public records requests, etc.) suggesting one’s cooperation with the state, still be careful about putting it on blast. Talk to people in private to vet the accusations beyond any shadow of a doubt. If there is great degree of certainty, spread the information far and wide. If there isn’t, deal with the situation privately. Either way, talk to a trusted lawyer.</p>

<p><em><strong>Solidarity Against Isolation</strong></em></p>

<p>Repression functions to isolate individuals. Our solidarity and support to those facing repression should affirm our shared lifes and projects. Our safety lies in one another: When people are arrested or subpoenaed, our support and solidarity is a reminder not to snitch or cooperate. On another level, our safety lies in the strength of our connection to the world around us: If our networks respond to repression by becoming insular, we lose social insulation, risk becoming irrelevant and make us more susceptible to demonization.</p>

<p><em><strong>Stay Calm</strong> </em></p>

<p>The looming possibility of repression, sometimes more than repression itself, can often send people into a whirlwind of panic. This sort of stress can prevent people from taking the necessary steps to take care of themselves and their friends. Beyond whatever specific preparations for house raids, FBI visits, or providing arrestee support, it is important to encourage our friends to take care of themselves and remain levelheaded. In the Bay Area, people have varied levels of experience with government repression. Some people need to be encouraged to take the possibility seriously, others need to be discouraged from becoming paralyzed in their paranoia. This active support also needs to extend beyond our immediate circles; political divisions, while important sites of dialogue and constructive conflict, cannot become fault lines that tear apart our solidarity against state repression.</p>

<p><a href="• Imposed 2up on 8.5x14 for printing</a></p>
<p><a href="">• Reader Spreads for viewing online</a></p></div>


So, we're not allowed to read? Fuck my library, what about AK Press?

Time to re-strategize and move forward with a new model.

dude, security culture, reading ain't cool no more. being a hard bro who only reads 4 books is. wait which is my left and my ultra-left hand?

ITS not hard to defend an anglo-anarchism regularly confused and conflated with left-communism. Its impossible!

Seems like this is a job for Aristotle!

Full throttle Aristotle fuck yeah!

There is some bad advice in the section on phones:

- If your phone has a screen lock, use it.

Sure, fine, not bad advice in and of itself but if it makes you feel secure in any way, don't:

- Delete your text messages regularly.

Same as above. This advice is irrelevant when it comes to security against forensics. All police departments are equipped with software that retrieves deleted texts from phones.

- While it is possible for cellular phones to be used as surveillance devices, don’t let the absence of phones lull you into a false feeling of security. It is much more common for houses or cars to be bugged then for phones to be used to monitor conversations. That is to say, it is meaningless to put away one’s phone and still have a conversation indoors.

Sure, phones are rarely used (as far as we know) as microphones for law enforcement, but it is much more common still for phones to be used as surveillance devices generally than for anyone's home to be bugged. Phone are used commonly by law enforcement to track people, much more commonly than people being bugged:

Texts on security are valuable but even small mistakes on such vital matters can impact people heavily. Sorry if this feels nitpicky but I don't understand why you would consider publishing a text on phone security and include such incomplete recommendations.

Pre-paid, month to month phone plan. Requires no real name, and you can get it set up for any area code. That's how I've handled phone paranoia. Also, change it every few monhs... Anonymity is always good.

It's anonymous until you call your friends with non-anonymous phones and then it ain't anonymous no more. If you're really going for that both/all parties need a burner phone that doesn't call known people.

Yeah. I guess I was thinking more like the whole crew rolled with burners. Actions over. Burn em. Not the cheapest way to stay anon but I think itd be more effective than screen locks. Also, no texts ever!!! Maybe you could work on a code language too...I dunno. Its all in the organization I suppose.

Burn phones work

And for the value of one billable hour of your pro bono attorney's otherwise usable time, you can get anywhere from 5 to 15 burn phones. Be sure to buy them one at a time, and WEAR SUNGLASSES AND A HAT if you are in a large department store that takes a photo every time the register rings something up.

Even the US and the Israelis have been able to do nothing about burn phones that are used once and discarded. When used in a crew, if one person is captured, the whole set of phone numbers can then be reconstructed, but only after the fact. Use code words, and while they can say it means anything they want in court, they can't tell what you are REALLY doing nor who has the rest of the phones. Replace all burn phones if anyone is arrested, and if you are arrested with your regular phone destory it and get another with a new number-every time.

On non burn phones, SHUT OFF TEXT MESSAGING if you can. All texts pass through recoverable media, while voice does not get saved as an MP3 unless they are going to a lot of extra trouble at the provider end. Batteries out when not in use!

A word on smartphones-Don't use them at all, you can't encrypt them and they store entirely too much data, including on many of them a continuous log of your position.

Hey thanks!

"Burn phones work"

Unless you're trying to make friends and makeout with that cute person you met at the bar.

a burner is not meant to be a primary use phone...

a burner is not meant to be a primary person.

I lol'ed....

Your unique voice was already recorded in some NSA data bank, and they got all the tools to track and trace you, no matter the telecom device you're using. Only use of a prepaid phone is to not have monthly bills. NSA has been spying telecoms for decades.

...and your cell phone most probably has one of those nice lil embedded mics connected straight to the battery.

So, please, in respect to all your comrades and the others... GET THAT CELL PHONE AWAY, OR GET THE BATTERY OUT!!!


Yeah, Text from you from burn-phone rather than talk.

And yeah, take the battery out when it's not needed.

And don't do this all paranoia-crap anyway if you are simply engaging "political expression". Know the costs and the benefits...

And actually read the original article which has more useful advice than paranoia-crap, unless that's really needed.

from what i understand text from burner phones is pretty unreliable.

Although it's true that paranoia can create psychological walls between me and others, its absence can created concrete walls between me and others... in jail.

And yeah, there's also a DHS program aimed aimed at predating over telecoms to look out for potentially violent dissenters... and you only got to criticize any State policy for having your name on their list. I read the document, it's for real.

All I'm saying is to be aware of what we do, instead of assuming that Big Sister doesn't care about repressing dissenters of all kinds. They got some VERY good reasons to get rid of people with a radical critique and praxis.

Is there a link to this document? Or a title at least.

Keyword or voiceprint search?

It's a lot easier to program telecom spy computers to look for keywords than to look for a voice. Once a keyword hit comes up, that phone number can be flagged for further surveillance. Obviously, avoid using likely keywords on burn phones, and it would be good to find a way to insert them into spam emails.

What is in that document you read, concerning the modes of surveillance used.

I'll get it to you shortly, it's hidden in my endless pile of PDFs. Document was made public over the last few months, and it's just a one page with diagrams and stuff, about a 3-step strategy to keep potentially violent militancy from even happening.

If this was so easy, the US and Israel would be able to see through the use of burn phones in the Middle East, and Mexico would not have tried to ban them.

Audio samples are probably kept for a limited number of high-profile people, but to effectively audio "fingerprint" ALL phone users is much less likely. Otherwise, the Mexican government (allied with the US) would not have bothered with their failed attempt to require "registration" of every cell phone in the country due to the use of burn phones by drug cartel barons.

Also, no two spoken syllables are ever alike, so a "hash" match comparison of two audio files won't connect a speaker to a name, This kind of analysis is much less precise, the same way Youtube has a much harder time IDing a copyrighted song in a video where you talk over it and include live sound than if you don't. Not impossible, just harder, slower and less reliable. Also made less reliable by shitty audio from cheap devices in noisy conditions I suspect but cannot verify. This is after the fact, courtroom shit if they FOUND your phone, much less likely to find a phone fast enough to figure out a network of burn phones during the realtime of an action lasting no more than an hour or two.

Lastly, some top-level NSA shit will not readily be shared with law enforcement over broken windows or fur farm raids so long as they want to hide them from armed US enemies in other nations. The local red squad, police gang units, and FBI pukes that chase the ELF probably don't have Top Secret security clearances! Therefore speculation about tech toys NSA may have but which have never been introduced in court should not stop us from using reasonable security levels for moderate risk actions.

Shit-they don't NEED that stuff when half of the participants in what they are used to going up against are carrying running iPhones anyway,..

Hey these are all good additions and edits to the original piece. Thanks for that. maybe we can put out a revised edition soon here.

But the point of this was not to give a thorough run down of electronic security culture. A lot of comrades can geek out on this and talk about it for hours. But then when it comes to social practices and ways of interacting with people in potentially dangerous situations that unfold in the real world, they are completely clueless. Spreading around useful tips that help us all think through these kinds of scenarios was more the focus of this piece and probably more important in the long run.

-someone who helped write this

I think the criticism is less that it was not thorough and more that some of the "security measures" don't actually have any effect on one's security and can just instill a false sense.

This is a bad primer on security.

No mention of Tor? Really?
No mention of cell pohone tracking? Ughh.

Those people still got their heads stuck in the '90s... when DHS did not exist and the NSA was still pretty much of a conspiracy theory for those "right-wing nuts", and Apple was not caring about spying on you any way imaginable.

I know i know... those were the good ol' days. But get fucking real, people.

I am glad people are talking about this so I am not gonna nitpick. Although, some advice:

Watch your friends back, specially new folks who get involved, younger people. Don't act like an idiot and put mentoring new folks at the bottom of your list because you have more important things to do. Which you probably don't.

Don't accuse people of being cops because you don't like them. People that do this do not take themselves or their beliefs seriously and shouldn't be taken seriously in return.

That said, if you find that something is amiss with another human, get to know them. If they refuse to give you any information about who they are, what they do, where they hang out, who their family is accept that they shouldn't be hanging around anything but the most public situations.

People need to make sure not to call out "cop" unless they are certain. Even the notion that someone may not be who they say they are should be kept between close confidantes. I'm speaking from personal experience. You can seriously hinder your projects and your community by spreading unwarranted distrust, even when only discussing it as a possibility, semi-publicly.

Do 9/11 truthers pretending to be me constitute a security threat? I still don't get it..

Prepaid phones....

Calenders/address books kill

In the spy trade, the first thing that cops do when a suspected spy is captured in search pockets and bags for scraps of paper that might hold names, addresses, place names, phone numbers. Everything found is checked out.

If they crack down on us, we can effectivly respond the same way spies serving nation states do-by not keeping data anywhere a third party can detect its presence or read it. We need to start working on our "tradecraft," right now.

If you take notes on paper, move them to a text file in an encrypted computer the same day and burn the notes. Destroy all fliers after their subject has come and gone for the same reason.

Do not write on calenders or maps-these are routinely listed in search warrants, and marked maps and calenders are beyond dangerous. That means no more "slingshot organizers" use only encrypted computers or learn to keep in in your head

Do not keep phone numbers or addresses on paper, and remember that cell phones record them when dialed even if not "saved." Phone directories and address books, like calenders and maps, are routnely added to many if not most search warrants. Again, keep this in your head if you can, otherwise on an encrypted device.

Remember, you can resist or escape arrest, but you cannot protect your house, car, or bike when you are away from them unless you are in a situation that calls for booby traps and does not expose innocent people to them.

Speaking of which, in Iraq during the war with the Americans a favorite resistance tactic was to booby trap an abandoned house and then spread rumors of a meeting inside it.

By comparison, spies would not boobytrap but instead would use "telltales" such as hairs glued across doors or drawers to indicate covert access and the need to abandon a site. This is because that sort of thing is done with a need to avoid anything showy, usually by either side.

"hairs glued across doors or drawers to indicate covert access"

I do this with my weed stash so my teenager will quit stealing my buds.

"By comparison, spies would not boobytrap but instead would use "telltales" such as hairs glued across doors or drawers to indicate covert access and the need to abandon a site."

I saw that James Bond do that in Dr. No.

Train pigeons and other animals to carry messages back and forth, they leave no electronic trail and always keep their mouths shut. Eat the paper messages. Only poop in public restrooms. Change toilets every two weeks.

This is really dated information, the FBI already has hawks to catch your pigeons. Snails are much more effective; once their fluids touch they form a telepathic connection that can be used to transmit telegraphs across any distance.

"Bay of (adolescent) Rage" -- the place to go to for non-stop delusions of grandeur! Pssst! Hey, bub -- here's a helpful hint to a navel-gazing adolescent narcissist subculture with zero real-world visibility or credibilty; if the only audience for you current activity is the police, it's probably time to find another audience.

With disgust,

"Max Crosby"

poor ad hominens. try again

Let's just condense it:

"If the only audience for you current activity is the police, it's probably time to find another audience."

What ad hominems?

That comment is a spot-on characterization of a scene that has been psychologically annexed by the core pathology of consumer society. Your delusions of grandeur exist solely to keep yourselves entertained. Nothing you do is of any relevance to grown-ups in the real world outside of your subcultural coccoon. All power to the power fantasies of the disengaged and the inadequate!

Kevin Keating folks! always reminding us how sad and isolated he really is.


Keating commenting about how his other comment is spot-on. This washed up moron talks about how irrelevant BoR is, and yet who cares about him?

that's right... nobody.

If the only audience for your current activity is some people who you regard as "a navel-gazing adolescent narcissist subculture with zero real-world visibility or credibilty", it's probably a sign that you're Kevin Keating.

Hold your phone upside down. This will make your voice harder to decipher for anyone tapping your phone. Call people you don't know, often, and quickly. Also, when watching porn on the internet, consider browsing over to porno that actually doesn't arouse you. In the world of counter-espionage, this is called false leads.

When you think about your friends, consider whether any of them are always stepping out to smoke but curiously are non-smokers. Wonder about this but do not ask them about it. One day when they step out to smoke, discreetly place gum on the bottom of one of their shoes. This is the origin of the term "gum shoe."

Consider renting a private tuxedo.

In the event that your dog should become suspected of having an intestinal wire, act quickly to disembolwer. Also pick out cops by telling this joke: "Entrapper keeper." Who laughs?

Don't facebook with anyone who has liked Tasers page. When you are paying your taxes remember that the government will see that. Google plus is securer than facebook and in G-chat you can "go invisible" for extra sneak.

If you get a hot tip that your house is about to be raided quickly rub raw meat on your fingerprints. Put all of your incriminating evidence that links you to crimes near the trash can in a pile right now so you can throw it all away in a moment without having to look for it later. If you don't have any incriminating evidence for your emergency pile consider what crimes you can commit quickly at a moment's notice. Many crimes require more than one person so considering making friends or calling them comrades.

Wearing a mask all the time might make you seems suspicious or maybe not. Try to enter as many accountable processes as possible; this builds trust, highly important to not being suspected as an infiltrator.

Try to place yourself as close to the heater as you can without burning yourself. This makes your body harder to see through the walls with infrared scanners. Go out to your mailbox, take your mail, and drop it immediately into your recycling.

Never text more than three people with one message. In the world of Law Enforcers this is called "looky see" and indicates suspicious activates. Go to the movies and immediately leave through the fire exist, still paying for your tickets.

Look better. Pay for the bus using pistachio shells. Find some dirt and use it, or save it for later. Pay less, or more, but never exactly.

Read something from crimethinc and then something from Wondering about it, write a review, the best you can, rip it up into fourteen piecs, and thor each piece in a different receptable. Never read it, the most beautiful you can. This is called "Extolling Thunder."

Rub cayenne pepper over your face so it becomes obscured to the dogs watching the cameras.

Always sleep facing north, so that the light of the moon obscures the sound of your breathing.

When walking, be sure to wear two layers of socks so the cops can't taste the sweat buildup on your shoes. This works best in the summer time because of the longer daylight hours.

If you're prone to vomiting, make sure you do it inside a trash can that you can then dispose of by having your friends "take back their belongings."

And lastly, NEVER take a taxi cab ANYWHERE. It's been shown that 96% of cab drivers are actually FBI agents, and by sitting in their car, a tiny microchip will become attached to your clothing.

If you have a car, "car phone it in." Put your cell phone in the tail pipe and wobble the car. Say outloud to yourself, "what? you sound wobbly!" Workerisms are less suspicious to federal agents.

"Try to place yourself as close to the heater as you can without burning yourself. This makes your body harder to see through the walls with infrared scanners."

This is the best.

If you suspect one of your friends is an flubbler (code for undocover) check hair bookshelf. Agamben, Berkman...WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?! Move it. Bonus points for exposure alongisde "who moved my who moved my cheese?!""

If you think your phone is bugged try "strobbing it" with your friends. While you talk about sensitive polydrama, take the battery out, then in. Out, then in. Out, then in. Out, then in. See who gets anxious. Lick the battery.

When buying burners, remember not to say, "where do you keep the burners," "I would like to pay cash for this burner," or sexually harrass anymore.

But never NEVER *NEVER* ask "Who cut the cheese?"

The best way to be safe is to spread a broad revolutionary movement comprised of as many overlapping circles and crews as possible. ("Multiple zones of opacity.") While many of these "security culture" tips are useful, they do not make you safe. Revolt makes us safe. Keep going and don't circle the wagons.

"...Consider renting a private tuxedo..."

these are too damn funny! The laughs I get from them outweigh in revolutionary wit and credibility all the keystrokes involved in everything ever posted on the (apropriately Weather-underground, leftiod-sounding, Black Panther-groupie) "Bay of Adolescent Rage" website.

Signed, non-adolescent, non-subculture guy Kevin Keating

PSSST...aspire to hardcore heavy-duty credibility without doing anything that is remotely credible. This, too, will way-hella keep The Man guessin'.

FBI agent here. You guys are fucked, and will be secretly shipped off to gitmo in 2013.

what a jimmy rustler!

Other that whatever is left of Occupy Oakland, what "Bay Area Radical Milieus" are there? There's nothing in this part of the world other than little groups of people who spend fuckloads of time chatting with each other.

The author of "Bay of Rage" obviously spends a phenomenal amount of time on the internet and has all the cyber-delusions of grandeur to show for this.

Define 'fucklosd'

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