Support the Bloomington ABC Anarchist Prisoner War Fund

  • Posted on: 1 September 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Since October 2015, Bloomington Anarchist Black Cross has been providing consistent monthly funds to anarchist prisoners throughout the United States via our Anarchist Prisoner War Fund. We are now asking for help keeping this project going strong into the future.

We have specifically chosen comrades who were receiving very little money or support from the outside, who have no familial support, or who were otherwise in need of monetary aid. These funds have been essential when some comrades did stints in solitary due to activities surrounding the September 9th prison strike, aiding their survival in the most oppressive conditions. We also emphasize support for rebellious prisoners who have maintained the struggle behind the walls. We want to make it clear to our comrades in prison and those taking action on the outside that they can continue to struggle without fear of abandonment if they are caught.

Currently, we provide $40 each month to five anarchist prisoners:

- Michael Kimble (, a gay, Black anarchist and long-time prison rebel imprisoned for the self-defense killing a racist homophobe.
- Sean Swain (, an anarchist prison rebel in Ohio.
- Eric King (, an anarchist doing 10 years for attempting to firebomb a Congressman’s office in solidarity with the Ferguson rebellion.
- Jennifer Gann (, an anarchist trans woman and long-time prison rebel in California.
- Andy H., a local anarchist comrade in prison for assaulting a cop.
- In addition, we have sent substantial amounts of money to other comrades and projects on a temporary basis: Casey Brezik, the Cleveland 4, Marius Mason, prison rebels facing repression for organizing and revolt, an anarchist social space in Malaysia in need of repairs after a fire, and imprisoned fighters of other social struggles.

Thus far, we have raised this ourselves through fundraising, exclusively through the support of local friends and comrades. This constant need for funds means our other efforts (two prison zine distros, a monthly anti-prison info night, letter writing events, a widely-distributed prison newsletter, correspondence and visits with our imprisoned comrades, sending monthly packages of zines and books to anarchist prisoners, maintaining anarchist infrastructure in Bloomington, etc) sometimes have to take a backseat. We live in a small town, and the pool of people willing to give money to anarchist prisoners isn’t large. In an effort to alleviate this, we’re asking people elsewhere to help us keep the War Fund going.

All money sent to us will go directly to imprisoned comrades: consistently to those on our list, and periodically to others who need it.

If we can meet our goal, we will begin sending consistent funds to additional imprisoned comrades.

We thank anyone who donates, and we carry forth the promise of expanding and deepening our efforts to set our comrades free and destroy the prison society that keeps us all confined.

Bloomington ABC



site appears to be down.

Okay not anymore.

Related: dr. Bones recently sold a bunch of shirts saying he'd donate the money to the anarchist black cross. After collecting the money and contacting the abc,he received no response for one measely fukkin week, so he donated to the iww instead (supposedly the iwoc but the photo of the transaction posted on the conjure house facebook just says iww). Either way, he, a supposed anarchist, took the money of anarchists who thought they were donating to other anarchists and gave it to an explicitly non anarchist organisation. Instead of like, doing some research, reaching out and being patient, coming across this article and clicking the donate button. Another example of how he is a product of the internet.

A facebook comment aptly states: "remember in spain when illegalists used to donate money to syndicalists who went on to thow them in jail for robbing banks?"

This is the second instance of complete shit behaviour by dr. Bones towards anarchists in the past two months. Just wanted to spread the word.

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