From a Syrian anarchist

  • Posted on: 6 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Sol... Federation</a>

I am Mazen ******, a Syrian anarchist . I want to inform you about the difficult humanitarian situation in my country, Syria ; due to the brutal oppression of the regime against the revolting masses. A group of young Syrian anarchists and anti – authoritarians from Aleppo – Syria, contacted me asking for urgent help. Their community is in urgent need for everything : medical drugs , tents , children milk , etc; almost everything. We hope that you can help them to alleviate the sufferings of Syrians in these difficult days.

About the actual situation in Syria, it is deteriorating rapidly. After the killing of the some high rank generals of the regime (defense minister and his deputy , which is at the same time the brother – in – law of the president himself ) by unknown force, even that the Syrian free army claimed responsibility for the attack ; the armed opposition groups attacked the two main cities , which were reluctant to join the revolution before : Damascus and Aleppo. A fierce battle started , after some early gains of the opposition forces, the Assad army gathered its remaining forces and started a counter attack using his available conventional forces including jet fighters , beside canons and tanks that he was using since months ago. Many civilians had to flee in very harsh conditions, hundreds massacred.</td><td><img title="Doesn't get more real than this" src=""></td></tr></...

In fact , the Syrian revolution is caught now in an open armed fighting. The peaceful demonstrations lost their significance now, and almost nobody bother to mention them or think they can have real impact on the outcome of the struggle . what started as a spontaneous mass revolution has become an armed struggle between the regime army and its armed opponents. This happened mainly due to the brutal oppression of the regime, using its army, its tanks and guns against civilian neighborhoods , but also because of the intervention of tyrannies like Saudi and Qatari monarchies.

Due to the strategic position of Syria, the revolution was caught in Iran – Saudi rivalry for regional domination, and even between Russia and US , each supporting one part , but only for the sake of their own interests : we can't believe that the Saudi monarchy bother about the freedom of the Syrian people , they just want to weaken their opponent : The Iranian Islamist oppressive regime. Saudi Arabia and Qatar did all they can to divert the Syrian revolution into sectarian struggle between Sunni and Shiaa sects of Islam , cynically , the Syrian regime did the same.

Just recently an influential Saudi journalist described the Arab spring ( this term is used to describe the sequence of Arab revolutions) as a Sunni spring that threatened shiia Iran. The other competing camp of oppressed regimes are using sectarianism for their sake also. The Syrian regime is trying to do the same by promoting himself as the "protector of religious minorities" in Syria .

We saw it very differently, we saw it as it happened and as it started, a spontaneous mass revolution against dictatorships and their neo – liberal policies and "reforms", and in this difficult moment for the masses; we count on the masses, on the oppressed, from every religion , sect , or ethnicity to unite against their oppressors, whatever their religion. We count on organizations like our comrades from Aleppo and other initiatives done by young students and some workers. It is a difficult struggle that could descend into sectarian civil war, and there is no guarantee but the masses' determination (and ours) to continue the struggle for real freedom and justice , for free self – organization of the oppressed .

In fact , there is very big divisions now in the Arab and Syrian left : the Stalinists stood beside the regime as an "anti–imperialist" regime ; as usual , they can neglect the oppressive nature of the regime , it is so natural for them . There are three Syrian "communist" parties , supporting the regime fully very shamelessly . Other prominent Stalinist parties in Arab countries support the regime also. On the other side Trotskyites stood against such regimes but they see Islamists as a possible "allies" is such struggles , denying the reactionary, authoritarian and capitalist , even the neo – liberal, nature of the Islamists ' project. This is so true for Egypt where Trotskyites had strong organization: Revolutionary socialists.

Another thing, brothers, I am going back to Syria this august in order to join the struggle of our comrades and masses. Some Syrian activists organized a campaign named WE ARE COMING BACK . We will enter Syria in August from *****. It is expected that the regime will arrest us, and they could torture some of us, or even kill some. I might need your solidarity that time. Some comrades might update you about such developments when it happen. For the time being I am still in *****, Egypt. If you can arrange any support for our comrades inside Syria you can contact me here till that time, and before leaving to Syria; I can give you contact details of our comrades inside Syria or some Egyptian comrades here to send your contributions to. Thanks a lot for your solidarity.

For revolution, and freedom, for Anarchy !! mazen *****

Some details have been redacted for the safety of the comrade concerned.


My thoughts exactly worker.

You kiss ass. Yes, worker! I agree with you, Worker! Everything you said, worker! Your rollovers are the expression of my inner being, Worker!

How is simply agreeing kissing "ass"?

You are obviously some sort of idiot or not very effective Assad troll, or Assad worker, rather.

Your day is ended, your regime was dead the moment the imbecile son took over 20 years ago.

Someone finally blew the cover of the highly secretive network of Assad agents who have been posting comments on anarchistnews in order spread misinformation and to score political points amongst the A's. Delusional much?

"Your day is ended, your regime was dead the moment the imbecile son took over 20 years ago."

By dead you must mean still in power? Blind idealism much?

CIA troll.

Gotcha, dawg!

And I suppose you don't care much about the prospect of all this war-mongering ending with one major catastrophic world war with eventual nuke exchange. Just an unimportant detail, eh? Where's gonna be your anarcho-islamic praxis under the rubble and piles of burning corpses?

wow, way to dismiss the grim realty of anarchists and other resistance fighters in Syria. kudos! hope ur summer is rad, have fun swimming and writing shitty comments.

Sorry I meant to say something like "that shit is so real" really sincere like. So now that meaningless internet condolences are out of the way do we seem responsible enough to go swimming, please?

What the fuck is your problem?


Huh... that call looked fake from the start. Like a desperate attempt to rally anarchists around a bunch of dubious Jihadi fighters who've been shooting in the streets with machine guns from the start. I mean, why should we put our efforts into supporting some rebels groups with very questionable allegiances (read: the fucking NATO) while we are already struggling with State repression here and now???

I suppose the best answer to this, one way or another, is simply to raise the intensity of our attacks against the capitalist tyranny here... where people go into solitary confinement for months, years, for over some fucking property destruction!

Do these commmunists in Syria do this as well?


Is that all you had left in your bag of insults? No but really... if you're for real you could probably address the issue of hardcore, murderous racism of Muslim fanatics in Lybia towards darker-skinned people from the lower country. Or the FSA's views on Jews too.

I have never seen the Syrian conflict as a "people's uprising", the very fact that is is financed and armed by Saudi Arabia an Qatar, two despot fundamentalist regimes, hardly marks it out as an attempt to bring people power to Syria. It is nothing but a power struggle between two or more authoritarian factions. Sadly it is the Syrian people who will suffer no matter which bunch of power hungry "leaders" wins. ann arky,

so what's the next call... that anarchists should join the Marines in the "liberation" of Syria??? Then who's next... that guy in Iran? Putin? Chavez?

First off, why the fuck would anarchists be expected to fight against the enemies of Western "democracies"???

This call is epic fail from the start.

If by fight you mean put newspaper boxes in the street than yes that should be expected at all times!



I dunno. I always kind of thought that anarchism had something to do with opposing tyrants and tyrannies wherever they exist, regardless of their relations with our own local depots. Or maybe I'm missing something. Is that why Russian and Ukrainian anarchists stopped fighting the Bolshevik state when the Western "democracies" intervened in the civil war? Or why the Spanish anarchists stopped fighting Franco when the Western "democracies" started bombing the fascists? I'm going to have to go back re-read the Russian Revolution wikipedia page. I think I remember hearing something about a place called Kronstadt.

And first off, at least have a second off.

Second off, your version of History is all messed up. The Spanish anarchists stopped fighting Franco because they made the mistake of collaborating with democrats who told them to drop their guns at a time where Madrid cold have possibly been defended. And the Allies bombed Nazi Germany years later.

Yeah, Kronstadt revolt was against a centralized tyranny from the Bolshevik. There was no involvement of Western democracies during the civil war at the end of WW1. Western armies were almost kaput, with most of their soldiers found in many parts on the war fields.

The undercover war of destabilization that NATO is waging in N-Africa and Middle-East is against all the regimes (most of them being old-school socialist) that don't wanna deal with their despotic financial oligarchs. Look at what happened in Lybia... now all the oil is owned by British/French capitalist overlords. I'm not going to defend socialist regimes, but to attack our enemy's enemy is supporting the enemy.

Rebel against your fucking capitalist State, and come back to me talking about liberation struggle and "revolution".

The FSA is nowhere near anarchist or even progressive. These men are gong-ho about brutally repressing women, homosexuals, Jews and free thinkers of all sorts. Their terrorist attacks talk by themselves... that really ain't the stuff of the FAI/ELF/CCF!

No involvement of Westerm democracies in the Russian Civil War after WWI? Do you really want to stand by that one? Are you being willfully ignorant or are you purposefully trying to mislead people? Try googling something like "French and British intervention in the Russian civil war" and see what happens. In fact, the Bolsheviks still try to tar the Kronstadt martyrs as French secret agents.

Whatever, the point is that I'm not going to shed any tears when Assad is strung up in the streets. (BTW socialist? Please). I've also got no illusions about the Saudi and Qatari backed FSA and I'm going to oppose whatever state that emerges afterward, because that's what anarchists fucking do. "Attacking our enemy's enemy is supporting our enemy?" I really hope you don't identify as an anarchist because if you do, you've missed something very important, the part about opposing all state power.

Now you can take your Che Guevara t-shirt and crawl back into your anti-imp cave, troll.


Attacking your State's enemy is supporting the State, of failing at attacking it.

As I wrote in the other comment, the best way to answer that call is to fucking attack the established order in your Western place. That's the answer an anarchist can give, not supporting fascist rebels paid/armed by foreign despotic regimes. Even making an anti-NATO communique about it would be cool... like for messing up the mainstream media's rhetoric.

I always kinda felt like the tendency of anarchists to also denounce the "enemies of Western democracies" was one of our greatest theoretical strengths. It's not about picking a side and then downplaying all their crimes. All states are bad, not just those on one side of some conceptual international divide.

Or, to put it another way: if I have to read another fucking commie pamphlet about how Saddam/Gadaffi/Assad is a "victim" in any sennse, I'm gonna fucking puke.

They aren't victims. They were cases of a small dictator getting bullied and eventually overthrown by bigger, international despots. They were just sovereign leaders in a world that's leaning towards global tyranny, or the corporate socialist (fascist) kind. And the proof of this is that all those you mentioned refused membership with the IMF/World Bank.

Of course Nation-State autonomy is a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean anarchist should support military interventions by supranational tyrannical regimes, fer chrissake!

A tip: get the bigger guys first, then the smaller ones will crumble in fear.

regardless of trolls, I would not want to be an anarchist in Syria right now. you're basically fucked from every direction.

Why would one want to be an anarchist, anywhere? I wish I had some mind bleach.

for realz, but this dude seems to have a clear head and knows exactly what the fuck is up and what he's getting into. cynical as fuck but I still doubt that a year from now I'll read he's testifying at a grand jury having been faced with 6 months of contempt or that he's opening some boutique shop in hipster land while the dude he flipped on rots.

Who's opening a boutique in hipster land? Must have missed that one.

Kinda true... only outcome for anarchists there is just to leave the country for a while. But would Turkey would take them?

Actually the region has an ancient 4,000 year old tradition of religio-anarchist presence.

Why is this either pro Jihad or pro CIA? Sounds like super binary thinking. Sounds like a not super well translated piece of info saying that Syrian anarchists are in a bad spot right now and could use friends. Personally I think it's shitty that the @s in the US get tons of support (that part's great) and ones in a couple of Latin American and European countries get some consideration, but the ones in the middle east, whose numbers are rapidly growing since last year and are facing death on a pretty regular basis... must be tools of the Islamists or CIA (depending on the government they're fighting). I for one think it's cool that the middle east has legitimate anarchist communities given how much shit depends on that area. Maybe that's just me?

Well if there really are anarchists there they'd sure need support, like a boat ride to Greece of something. THing is that anarchy isn't much known to be very present or active in those Middle-Eastern areas. Best thing to do for anarchist around there would be to assert themselves more, even though that means possible execution or life imprisonment.

This all looks so very fucked up in a bad way. Only like 2 years ago Syria was a somewhat decent place.... but I suppose that the grand "democratic revolution" has to make a push forward and everyone has to submit! (sighs)

The Grand Market and bartering will continue,,,,

You mean "the Grand Market and the battering"?

Yeah, it will, but not without us battering it back!

I've been speaking with a group of people who call themselves the Syrian Anarchists and they sure as hell need help. Not getting out of the country, either. Running away from the situation isn't going to win a revolution now, is it? (not that they want to leave regardless..)
Also, anarchism isn't very active in Syria? Really?
Find out where the USSR sent their anarchist dissenters.. pretty sure Syria is on that list buddy.

What *we* need to do, as Anarchists (hell, i'll broaden that to Libertarian Socialists) internationally is two-fold. First we need to get the message out about the conflict, and propagate the best info we have in regards to the struggle. Secondly we need to ramp up our own struggles. International action is effective for boosting morale with our comrades, which could very well prove to be the push in the right direction the people are looking for.

Only like 2 years ago Syria was a somewhat decent place.... but I suppose that the grand "democratic revolution" has to make a push forward and everyone has to submit!

What is an Assad loyalist doing on this page? Fuck you and your centralized-loving totalitarian sympathy you fascist Assad-loving piece of shit. You guys only understand the language of guns, so we'll speak to you with guns.

Fucking nationalist statists on an anarchist site? Read Stirner you Syrian basterd!

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