System Fail #2

From It's Going Down

System Fail #2: An Airborne Virus Called Freedom

SubMedia.Tv returns with a new episode of System Fail, which looks at the COVID-19 pandemic and features an interview with Peter Gelderloos.

A look at the social and economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the incompetent state responses of the UK, Brazil and the United States.

Featuring an interview with anarchist writer Peter Gelderloos, author of Diagnostic of the Future: Between the Crisis of Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy.

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slightly better than the first episode. at least this show features an interview with an anarchist.
maybe that shouldn't be a complaint, the show didn't claim it was anarchist right?
still, stale news narrated with a dry and dull robot voice over a stock video footage montage is not the most compelling content ever. i'd take one person with a charismatic personality and sincere expression, engagement, conversation, over flashy video editing any day. being more charming than this robot stand-in for a host is a very low bar, i trust any of you can do it, and i don't even know any of you. hopefully by the next episode the advance a.i. figures out how to download a more human sounding voice emulator or something.

this is unbelievably painful to watch, shrill, cheesy, and simplistic. yikes.

i must also that due to the quality of this production i could not finish it, though try i did. is the image here from the episode? i can confidently say that covid-19 is not 'racism.'

>> A look at the social and economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the incompetent state responses of the UK, Brazil and the United States.<<

So there are competent and incompetent state responses? how ridiculous! I really don't get it why Northern-American Anarchists go berserk for this progressive narrative. What would be a competent state response than? Full-blown cybernetic surveillance for a overblown influenza-like disease that has a case fatality rate between 0.1 and 0.4%? But yeah, let's conquer death because it has to be banished.

The crowd of activists who orient their anarchism around whatever Trump/Biden/New York Times/Fox/the alt-right/etc does inevitably accept the premises of the state. They are so obsessed with the goings-on of the state that they can't imagine a world without it. This has been the drift of much anarchist media over the past four years, accelerated by the constructed "fascist threat" of the Trump presidency. It will be depressing to watch these media channels scramble to maintain their sense of urgency once the Democrats take power and fewer people are susceptible to antifascist fear-mongering. Hopefully other, more diverse and complicated, sorts of anarchy will flourish after the activists are subsumed by the Democratic Party machine.

said the big brain anon … in mid 2020 … when Trump is threatening to cancel the election results and using backwater mercs to snatch people in unmarked vans … that's so cute!

"...has a case fatality rate between 0.1 and 0.4%..."

because deaths are the only thing that matters, debilitating illness over many months, and long term cardiovascular/pulmonary and neurological damage, doesn't matter.

i think the goal of avoiding death at all costs is absurd. but so is perpetuating the flip side of the "over-reaction" coin. fuck the state, and fuck everyone that tries to get others to think and/or behave the way *they* want.

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