TFSRadio: A Conversation with Cascadia Forest Defenders

  • Posted on: 5 November 2017
  • By: Bursts

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Cascadia Forest Defenders
This week William had the opportunity to speak with someone who works closely with the group Cascadia Forest Defenders, which is based around Eugene Oregon. This crew has been opposing logging in the Willamette National Forest, and was recently driven out of the camp by forest workers and employees of Seneca Jones Timber Company. We talk about this incident, plus much much more in the way of contextualizing and re-contextualizing forest defense in a time of climate change, plus some important things to keep in mind if you are looking to join established political movements like this. More on this group, this struggle, and the many ways to get involved can be found at

To follow up on something that I said toward the beginning of the interview, about logging around the Asheville area, there were plans in place to log in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests as of 2014. The stated reasons for this logging were environmental and maintenance minded in nature, but it's thought that those endeavors would help literally pave the way for future commercial logging by establishing a roadway system through the forest.

As promised, here are some links for further reading:

USFS proposes opening most of Pisgah-Nantahla National Forest to logging
Forest Service logging plan draws criticism
Logging on the Nantahala and Pisgah
Logging in Pisgah, Nantahala forests hanging in the balance
Defend J20, Upcoming Trials
The J20 inauguration arrestees case is starting on November 15th. There is a call out for court support including note takers, as well as folks to fill the court in their finest black dress clothes, also for fundraising and any legal support you can muster. For a really good article on the topic, check out . Despite the good news that 2 of the Felony "Riot" and "Conspiracy To Riot" charges being dropped down to Misdemeanors this case still has a long way to go.
And a few local announcements from Blue Ridge ABC
For those in the Asheville area coming up Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross has 3 events we'd like to share with you. Firstly, today from 5pm to 7:30pm BRABC will be hosting it's monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night. The first Sunday of every month, join BRABC, who'll provide stationary, stamps, pens, camaraderie and the addresses of political prisoners with upcoming birthdays you can write to. Or, just take the time to hang, or write to someone you know behind bars. This month, they'll also be showing TROUBLE #7 about anarchist disaster relief in the Western Hemisphere plus maybe another film.

The pre-registration for BRABC's benefit Ping Pong Tournament is coming up fast. If you wanna play and help earn some money for legal support coffers, send an email to by November 12th and then show up November 15th at 6:30pm at the Standard Pizza at 755 Biltmore Ave in South Asheville to battle for a good cause. If space allows and you miss the pre-register, show up the day of and there might be a spot.

On Friday, November 17th at 9pm at The Mothlight in West Asheville, get ready for a #ItsARiot benefit comedy show for autonomous disaster relief efforts in Mexico City and Oaxaca in the aftermath of 3 deadly and destructive earthquakes this year and an incredibly inept government response. Door donations will go to some of the folks on the ground in those cities. The night of comedy will be hosted by Moira Goree, featuring the stylings of Kira Magcalen, Chesney Goodson and a special
guest. More info on these and other events from Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross can be found at
Sole and Bursts Podcast Eminent
Also, keep an eye on our website,, this week for a special podcast conversation between Bursts and the anarchist hip hop artist, podcaster and rad dad outta Denver, Sole. Should be dropping Tuesday. We talked about Channel Zero Network, about prisoner support, the J20 inauguration case, the Situationists and a bunch of other topics. You can hear some of Sole's work including his podcasts at his website.

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Never ceases to give me a twitch in my eye when I listen to hippy activists say stuff like "we blocked a road and they just attacked us! We were shocked!!!"

I admire the efforts, don't get me wrong but how the hell do you organize a blockade without considering that hostiles will use force on you?! Blockades need to be able to defend themselves by definition.

LOL, yeah, people need to open up their eyes and see the liberal lies! Its not about violence or non-violence, its about creating a confrontation by stopping the authorities from doing something they think is important. If they didn't and you still did a blockade, the police still might clear you out, but nobody really would care either. If the only authority you are fighting is the police, you already lost. Imagine Nazis on the other side. You want to throw some rocks at them, in spite of a police line and the possibility of a police riot to defend the Nazis. The police are like the environment in the game. They are an expected force that will respond to enforce *order*, using law as justification for this role. What are they defending? That is what anarchists are targeting and wanting to effect.

The hell are you on about? This blockade got attacked by loggers.

LOL, I didn't read the thing, I'm talking to the sheeple you twit! This blockade would've been better off reading The Ego and His Property and not doing it. *FACE* in your *FACE*

... It's a podcast. You listen to it. Are you like, 13 or something?

Please, my mom wouldn't let me on the Internet when I was 13. You should listen to Doug Standhope and smoke a joint.

So you're bored and typing gibberish cause you think anyone cares? Cute.

WHAT? I can't hear you over the laughter! I'm dying. I'm dead. Have you ever considered that maybe you *are* the logger in this situation? Did I just block your AIDS, my dude?

I just wanted to let you know that your lack of response is a clear sign that I have defeated you are your reactionary point of view. Stirner would've had a giant orgy in the area involving lots of booze, then he'd of slit the throats of the loggers and everybody would hate Stirner, not knowing he saved the world. That is the story of Stirner. Block AIDS are tired crap anyways.

Do you even know what reactionary means?

REACTIONARY: A person that is into the old ways, like from the 70s. They enjoy killing abortion doctors, hurting gay people and oppressing the people of colors. They think Napoleon had it right and support the U.S. control of the world, even if they don't realize it. That;s you

I enjoy how every child of social media thinks their opinions matter. It's hilarious.

Oh, you think you are so big and strong, throwing around some fire, but you don't got fire, here's my fire!

P.S. I'm ANoNymOUS!!!!
P.P.S. Guy Fawkes, never forget V for Vendetta

So when a significant portion of hipsters today look exactly like their '70s counterparts, this makes them reactionaries... Hums.

Not sure you know what reactionary means. Or if that matters to anyone.

Just some kid who think they're super clever. Dicky for them but sadly, nobody cares :(

What we need to do is get off the Federal Reserve's dick and go back to gold standard!

So anyway, part of organizing a blockade is having a way to defend it from attacks by force. This isn't just my opinion, it's literal.

These activists opted for a classic Earth first platform that dumps one of their bravest and most inclined towards martyrdom to injury or death. I hate most of the dickheads around here who never stfu about Nietzsche but this is definitely Christian moralizing AS A CONFLICT TACTIC.

You're throwing yourself on the "mercy" of the police and/or sociopathic dudebro loggers?! Hard to say which of these options is better ...

Wouldn't training some of your people in basic selfdefense be preferable to this doomed-to-fail insanity?

If you listen to the podcast, some people tried to bring in Redneck Revolt for armed self defense, but a bunch of people blocked it during the consensus process.

Hopefully not the same fools from the LA bookfair. I'd rather see generalized discussion and training in self-defence than LARPers in tactical vests. I must have skipped the part where the hippies blocked any serious discussion, guess they insisted on learning the hard way?

Don't want to be too hard on RR either, presumably there's different levels of training and experience. Oh well, lessons learned I hope?

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