TFSRadio: Defend J20 Resistance & Hamburg G20 Invite (Welcome To Hell)

  • Posted on: 11 June 2017
  • By: Bursts

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In this week's episode we feature two interviews. In the first, we spoke with Em, a supporter of the mass arrestees from the January 20th inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington DC earlier this year. We also speak with Jay, who was one of the arrestees. The two share first and secondhand experiences of the arrests, detention, denial of medication, rough rides and arraignment that accompanied those arrested at 12th & L that day. We also talk about where the court case is now and how to support the over 230 people kettled as Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff and other state agents attempt to give everyone 80 years in prison for alleged property destruction. More info on the effort at

To hear some interesting and entertaining musical approaches to resisting the repression of the J20 arrestees, check out . Some of these tracks will be featured in the podcast version of this show, up soon at

In the second portion, I chatted with anarchists in Hamburg, Germany about the upcoming protest against the G20 summit that is scheduled there between July 6th and 8th. The guests speak about the history of resistance in Hamburg, the state ramping up repression, it's impacts on marginalized folks living there and on the planned protests and how to get involved. More info on this initiative can be found at
Our blog and podcast will also host links and audio from a few songs in German meant to bring folks out into the streets of Hamburg. Here's a video for one.

If you're listening still on June 11th, happy day of Solidarity with Long Term Eco & Anarchist Prisoners, Marius Mason and beyond! Whatever your solidarity looks like, don't get caught. Local events can be found at Don't forget to submit your anonymized and proxied exploits to Also, check out the awesome series of interviews with prisoners, former prisoners and their supporters done by the June 11th crew that are up at It's Going Down by searching for june 11th.

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson
New Afrikan Black Panther, Kevin "Rashid" Johnson is a long term prison organizer and published author. Rashid is being retaliated against for his prison organizing. According to the blog PAPS Texas, "He had a shank planted on him which was used as an excuse to take away his legal materials and typewriter.

Please call the following numbers.

William Clements Unit
(806) 381-7080 – ask to speak to the warden’s office or if unavailable to property
open 24/7

Region V Director
Phone: 806-296-4500 or FAX 806-296-4521
Ask for Captain Ramirez
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Ombudman’s office
Phone: (936) 437-4927
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Follow up by emailing:"

more info, including a script you can borrow from and more in-depth descriptions of what happened to Rashid can be found at

As in many locations yesterday (June 10th 2017), Raleigh NC saw immense opposition to the Anti-Sharia Law marches, for the most part called for by Act for America which is a far right islamophobic group that alleges that the US is slipping into Sharia Law via whatever wingnut influence they think is going on. Like pretty much everything in this vein, this notion belies an extremely poor understanding of what Sharia is and how it functions, basically transforming it into yet another proxy for islamophobia and "patriotic", white supremacists zealotry in the mouths of racists. Yesterday saw (as I mentioned before) nationwide opposition to this farce, with battles from Seattle and Portland to our very own North Carolina, where the anti-racist crew outnumbered the racists by about 4 to 1, demoralizing them into an early dispersal and hopefully a lowered self esteem. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and report backs on your favorite anarchist news sites, like It's Going Down!

To editorialize for a second, at the start of this Pride month 2017 there were seemingly a lot of LGBTQ people joining the Act for America shindig in the name of protesting the alleged homophobia and misogyny under Sharia. As a gay person myself, I would say to any LGTBTQ individual who joined Act for America yesterday that you need look no further than your own home country to see brutal and systemic attacks against women and queer folks any day of the week without resorting to otherising and racist rhetoric to express your so called rage at homophobia. And before you start crying, wringing your hands, and trying to derail this statement, it's true that patriarchy and homophobia exist everywhere, it would be ridiculous to say otherwise. That's not what I'm talking about tho. What you did yesterday and what you are continuing to do by joining the right is lending them another facet by which they justify their own bigotries (plus I daresay expressing your own as well), and by lending them numbers. What in any case is the point of protesting this phenomenon, which the right neither understands nor knows how to interpret, other than to oppress an already beleaguered demographic of people in the States?

In closing, I'll say that make no mistake that the far right will throw you under the bus at the first opportune moment. They historically always have. So if you like that kind of thing, then knock yourself out. If not, check your shit and examine who is telling you what, why, and at what cost to you.




The correct address for "Now That's What I Call Kerkophony, Vol 1" is:

On January 20, moments before Trump was sworn into office, MPD and the US Park Police indiscriminately detained and arrested over 230 individuals on the corner of L and 12 NW. Lawyers, reporters, EMTs, folks of all ages were arrested, held in jail for two days, and charged with felony riot. A number of reporters, attorneys and a handful of folks subsequently had their charges dropped, but the state is pressing on with the recent superceding indictment of 209 individuals. These 209 comrades are now charged with at least 8 felonies; 2 counts of felony riot, 1 count of felony conspiracy to riot, 5 counts of felony property destruction; and face 85 years in prison – a veritable lifetime behind bars.

At the forefront is Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham, whose leadership in the 2002 Pershing Park arrests resulted in a settlement costing the city millions, ordered the mass arrest.

But, in the wake of the shitstorm MPD initiated on that fateful day, a new leader has emerged in the attack on resistance in the city, and across the nation.

Assistant United State Attorney Jennifer A. Kerkhoff, along with her boss Channing Phillips, is responsible for prosecuting over 200 indicted comrades.

For context, AUSA Kerkhoff comes to her role with a background in corporate law, starting her career at Troutman Sanders LLP. where she met her lover, Nathan J. Muyskens – who just got a new job.

It was during that time that she made a $250 donation to the Bush-Cheney campaign. The FEC subsequently hid her donation sheet.

After her stint in corporate law, Kerkhoff then moved over to prosecuting low level misdemeanors. She worked her way up through the ranks to prosecute murder cases.

Now, she’s prosecuting the L12 defendants.

In her free time, she occasionally enters 5K road races and can maintain an okay pace. She had her best showing at the 2011 National Police Week 5K where she landed a 23:35 for the US Attorney’s Office team, but it was still bad enough to put her last place on her team. She is a somewhat frequent participant in the Arlington Police and Fire 911 5K. In 2009, her team name was Misdemeanor Milers. She’s certainly got Newsham beat, but we’re confident Antifa could outrun both in a fair race.

Outside of her lifelong work of putting people in cages, Kerkhoff resides comfortably in her Alexandria, Virginia, home at 100 W. Braddock Rd with Nate. They share a detached 2-story, 3 bath, vinyl-sided home worth $870,000.

John Borchert, her sidekick, helps in the malicious prosecution of over 200 comrades. He owns a home at 2226 39th Pl NW, Washington, DC 20007 worth $732,900.

But wait, there’s more: in the days after the Inauguration, Detective Greggory Pemberton took it upon himself to investigate DC-based folks and violently raided a local activist house. He lives in the Petworth neighborhood at a home that’s lost almost a third of its assessed value.

Finally, this malicious prosecution doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Jeff Sessions oversees all US Attorneys including Channing Phillips, who in turn oversees Kerkhoff and Borchert.

This is a public service announcement: We are providing this address so that you don’t go anywhere near there. We strongly advise you to stay far away from this neighborhood and especially this address.

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