TFSRadio: Free Kara Wild plus Conflict in Movement

  • Posted on: 20 August 2017
  • By: Bursts

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This week, we're featuring two segments.

Kara Wild

The first conversation is with a supporter of Kara Wild. Kara is an anarchist, a trans woman, an artist and is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial in France for participation in the Nuit Debout protests that swept across France in 2016 against changes to labor laws in that country. Kara was arrested on May 16, 2017 and will finally be going to trial Sept 19-22nd and so could use some immediate support. More information on Kara's case can be found at
* Here's a little background on the Aachen robbery case referenced in the interview.
* And here's a guide to writing to Lisa of the Aachen Case
* Solidarity to Aachen from International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces
* Info about the Kalimero Solidarity Group
* An article about Damien's release
* An article about Damien being beaten
* Kara retracts her apology that she was weaseled into giving to the judge by her previous lawyer. She really regretted it and after K was arrested, she decided to retract her apology.

To write to Kara:
BRAULT, David (Kara) #428682,
MAH de Fleury, 7 Ave des Peupliers,
91705, Fleury Merogis, Cedex, FRANCE

Conflict in Movement

Next, we do something a little experimental. We present a conversation with a member of an anti-authoritarian movement in Europe. We don't say what movement. We talk about conflict internal to their movement, but we don't name the parties involved. The conversation was conducted from an anti-authoritarian perspective, in the interest of creating heterogeneous communities of struggle. The purpose of this recording is to promote a mental exercise on the part of the listener to plug in their own experiences in movements with many different trajectories inside of it. The anonymous nature of the conversation was in part to not contribute to internal conflict to the movement, conflict is better addressed between parties involved than with an outside party (our radio show) who's interest may not be the same as the movement. I hope that this conversation is helpful, for all of it's purposeful vagueness.


Katie Yow

If you are in Asheville, there will be a benefit for North Carolina grand jury resister Katie Yow on Tuesday the 29th of August at the Double Crown on Haywood Road in West Asheville. There will be bbq of the vegan and non vegan sorts, plus a great lineup of bands including Margaret Killjoy’s Nomadic War Machine, Snake Musk and Wyatt Yurth and the Gold Standard.

Yow, who is a social worker with a professional past in education, has been an anarchist for over half her life. Her commitment to resist this grand jury shows a bravery in the face of the kinds of trauma and isolation that only the state can instill, yet she has named this resistance as "the easiest decision I have ever made".

Stay tuned for an interview with Katie Yow and a supporter on next week's Final Straw!
For more information on Yow, updates on her resistance, and many resources on grand juries and grand jury resistance, you can visit

Cvill, AVL, and Calls for Solidarity

It's been a week and a day since the events in Charlottesville, and for me it is a bit difficult to know what to say. There have been many excellent report backs - from Solecast, It's Going Down, CrimethInc Ex Worker, and Radical Underground podcast - definitely check those out for in depth analysis and on the ground perspectives from anarchists and antifascists. Since Cville there have been very well publicised resistances to fascism and ongoing white supremacy in Durham, Boston, and right here in Asheville where four brave community members attempted the removal of a plaque commemorating Robert E. Lee at downtown's Vance Monument. These four folks put themselves and their safety on the line to fight white supremacy and racist, revisionist history by engaging in this act. If you want to read a statement from these folks or donate to their legal fund, you can visit and search for "Asheville Monument Removal Legal Fund".

Activity seems relentless right now, with elements on both sides galvanized by recent events, marches and calls to action are coming fast and furious. It is important to mobilize, but mobilize wisely, in the spirit of complete honesty about your capacities and energy. We cannot fight longterm unless we fight alongside all our comrades, support those who put themselves or are on the frontlines, and help prioritize all levels of antifascist engagement and accompliceship.

With that in mind, I want to say that if you are interested in keeping up with these calls or solidarity keep your eyes on for announcements and updates.

One that'd like to mention right now are a call for solidarity in Phoenix AZ. This is a "call for an anti-fascist & anti-colonial contingent against Trump’s rally on Tuesday, August 22 at 6pm at the Phoenix Convention Center.

We will converge, in the spirit of solidarity and hostility to the current order, and as a physical body ready to act in self-defense and mutual protection of each other from cops, fascists, and liberal/radical 'peace police.'"

This rally is a reaction to Trump's suspected decision to pardon former AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio who was recently found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected undocumented immigrants. Those patrols were kept in place by Arpaio for 17 months after the order was issued. This same sherrif rose to infamy for his intentionally cruel and sadistic treatment of incarcerated people.

This rally will be held on Tuesday, August 22 at 6pm at the Phoenix Convention Center at 100 N. 3rd St. in downtown Phoenix. It's recommended that people arrive and look for the black flags.

For a complete anti colonial antifascist analysis of this day and the liberal response to it, you can visit "Phoenix, AZ: Call for an Anarchist Anti-fascist & Anti-colonial Presence Against all Presidents"

Vouched Fundraising Efforts

As always, keep vigilant about sources of fundraising! White nationalists are capitalists too, they will coopt anything including revolutionary momentum on the far left.

If you are in a position to donate, you can look at the sources below, all of which will directly benefit those who fought and were injured in Cville:

* ASH Medical funds:

* Richmond Medic Collective Funds:

* ASH General:

* Seven Hills Autonomous Queers gen funds:

* Alexis Noelle and her 14-year-old daughter:

* Natalie Romero:

* Dre Harris:

* Star Peterson:

* Two UVA students:

NYC GDC & MACC benefit for CVille

On August 12th in Charlottesville, many IWW and GDC members from across the country were present. Members of Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Committee, or MACC, from New York City also had members present at the vehicular manslaughter that occurred that day. The NYC GDC and MACC stand in solidarity with all those who oppose the growing wave of fascism around the world. Cowardly attacks will only strengthen our resolve to fight back and defend ourselves. An injury to one is an injury to all!

To support all those injured by fascist violence in Charlottesville, NYC GDC of the IWW as well as MACC are holding a fundraiser and screening of the latest episode of “Trouble” by SubMedia at Rebecca’s, at 610 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn on Sunday, August 27th from 8pm to 10pm. “Trouble” is a new monthly documentary series that broadcasts first-hand accounts of struggles for community self-defense. Previous episodes have explored topics like water protectors fighting the construction of the DAPL pipeline at Standing Rock, anti-fascist organizing, solidarity efforts for refugees and resistance to state repression. SubMedia has encouraged groups to host screenings of the show to bring communities together and provoke discussion of tactics, struggles and movement dynamics.

The best defense against fascism is a strong and supportive community, based on principles of mutual aid, solidarity and self-defense. Heather Heyer will live in our hearts forever!

If you'd like, here's the fedbook event



I'm anarcho-curious. I've listened to a number of podcasts focusing prisoners. However, no 'solutions' are discussed as to how prisons could be done away with. I'm sure there must information out there on 'instead of prisons' so to speak? Recently, I listened to '3 Positions Against Prisons' which was against prison abolition and was basically arguing for people having a no-prison psychology!! Imagine, there are no prisons and there is this no-prison psychology, what would these advocates do with anyone who commits rape, commits murder, commits paedophilia? What about recidivists? Or are these advocates so delusional that such 'crimes' would no longer exist and so no crime committed, or indeed, all crime is abolished? It's easy to slag off the prison psychology but there appears to nothing by way of what could be instead?

Disregarding the whole 'prison in ones head' issue and getting straight to the physical prison you are concerned about, that's easily done away with if one is multi-talented and has skills in being a witness to or analysist of evidence, judging upon actions and motives, and finally dealing out punishment. But I don't wish to sound like an inquisitional authoritarian in describing these tasks, there is always rehabilitation and restitution before punishment, and also for minor offences, I'm quite amused by some of the fairly harmless 18th Century punishments such as putting people in stocks and throwing excrement at them. The kids back then really had the opportunity for some serious payback.

Here ya go: and this is just scratching the surface. Enjoy!

It comes down to the division of labor. There was a time when there was no prison industrial complex or police and communities protected themselves. Nowadays people are distracted by their diversions and nobody watches or cares, let the police do it. If they let everyone out of prison people would perk right up again and we'd have a community based solution instead of a militarized one.

To protect society from murder and rape, they were made to enforce property and taxation. That's really all you need to know about them. When it comes to the things listed(and at least one of them is not an issue in all societies) humans have handled it for most of their history without a system of confinement. In the worst case scenario humans should simply opt to murder an actual pathogenic psycho not lock them up. If it's not on that level then restoration or banishment will do.

Not that prison-abolition is an exclusively anarchist position but from a hard-line anti-state perspective, it's worth reminding other perspectives that no state implies no prisons, which is why the issue doesn't get addressed that much.

There would be no large institutions to confine people against their will and the theoretical arguments about deterring antisocial behaviour go with it. Therefore, it would behoove everyone to practice enthusiastic self-defence in an anarchist society, or at least associate with people that do.

As for punishment, like ziggy said, there's exile or death for the most extreme scenarios and if that seems unpalatable to you, perhaps you're too squeamish for full self-determination?

Anarcho-curious here again. Thanks for the replies thus far. More replies the better because when I get into debates about 'how to live' and I mention anarchism, I get questions about what to do about 'crime' or whether 'crime' would still exist. Surely banishment would require informing the surrounding communities that a rapist etc was now on the loose and that it's now up to them to be watchful/vigilant?

It gets very tricky to discuss these things as hypotheticals because context is everything and broad, prescriptive solutions (that miss nuance) are part of the problem that you're trying to abolish.

In my humble opinion, you wouldn't use banishment if it meant a very dangerous, predatory person (with no doubt of their guilt) would become the next village's problem. You'd feed the scum to the crows.

10.06: A-C here, I think you're right about context, nuance, hypotheticals etc. Still, it has got me thinking about it. On the '3 Positions Against Prisons' Audio zine, it says that even community 'surveillance' of probable 'wrong doers' ought not to be considered: that such neighbourhood watch-type mentally ought to be scrapped too and we should have anti-social/criminally behaviour for its own sake, so to speak?

Yeah, "probable wrong-doers" is pre-emptive logic. It's the top of the slippery slope to the logic of the war on terror, broken window theory, etc.

"Probable wrong doer" translates as, a person who hasn't actually done anything I can prove but I'm projecting my biases on to them.

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