TFSRadio: Kevin Tucker on Anarcho-Primitivism (pt2)

  • Posted on: 8 October 2017
  • By: Bursts

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This week we air the second half of Bursts conversation with Kevin Tucker. Kevin is an anarcho-primitivist, author and publisher of Black & Green Review. This week we air Kevin's views about tribal-bro-ism in the white supremacist and macho approach to historical misappropriation, upcoming issues of the journal Black & Green Review, Collapse, Rewilding versus Revolution and more. For a free look at some of Kevin's writings, visit, and to check out his publishing project, journals and books you can visit

For part one of Bursts' conversation with Kevin, you can visit our noblogs site!

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If you found this conversation interesting, you may enjoy the interviews Bursts conducted with two other anarcho-primitivists on the show over the years. Check out his chats with Layla Abdel-Rahim pt 1 (Layla begins about 40 minutes in) & pt 2 as relates to her philosophy and her book "Wild Children - Domesticated Dreams" and with John Zerzan on the subject of anti-civilization anarchism more widely.


"White Lives Matter" rally in Shelbyville TN, October 28th, Editorial

Online platform The Tennseean has recently been reporting of several white nationalist rallies (called White Lives Matter rallies) that are planned for October 28th in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro TN among perhaps one other town. These spots were chosen by the event organizers, most visibly Brad Griffin, who writes under the alias Hunter Wallace on the blog Occidental Dissent, because of the state's Republican and red status coupled with a mistrust of law enforcement in what they're calling "more Democratic towns". According to a statement that they released on Saturday, The National Socialist Movement, a pro-white organization based out of Detroit, MI, said the group's "street action" would be broadening its scope to include other small TN towns in the vicinity of Nashville. This same statement claims participation by other groups such as League of the South and the Traditionalist Workers Party. It's not known how many people will be attending at this time, though the organizers are predictably posturing that it will be a well attended event. The stated purpose of these events is to protest the changing demographic of middle TN, silence from the White House regarding a fatal church shooting in Antioch last month (in which the perpetrator started his early life in Sudan but was a US citizen) and probably some other white nationalist nonsense as well.

According to interviews posted a couple of days ago by WCVS, residents of both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro are both angered at this groups' presence and confused about why their hometown was chosen. Many statements include disgust at the very message of white nationalism and white lives matter. It's believed by residents that these groups are outside agitators who are descending on them to disrupt their town and their already scheduled community events, and by doing so are making implicit assumptions about their way of life and of thinking.

All the organizing information is attempting to draw a clear link between these events and the by now internationally famous events in Charlottesville Virginia of August 12 this year, even though that day was a clear loss for those on the side of the alt right. Despite claims, also by the organizers, that the event "will not be violent", police are gearing up in those cities to prepare for the rallies. Just last night (October 7th), in that same city of Cville, Richard Spencer showed his face and formed a 30 strong, 10 minute long torch march around the doomed Lee Monument (scheduled for removal) in Emancipation Park, the site of their previous defeat. Predictably, police were heavy allies to the Nazis and escorted them away under police protection. If you are disgusted by this, you can call the folks at the CPD and ask them why they're still helping Neo Nazis do their thing. They can be reached at 434-970-3280. In this post Cville landscape of frenzied and often disorganized white nationalist activity, it is perhaps important to keep these things in our sights and oppose them as best we can.

The exact location of the event has not yet been released, but it might be reasonable to assume that the information will be posted on Griffin's blog a day or two beforehand. For more information about developments, keep eyes on your favorite anarchist and antifascist news sources!

You can see here the article from which much of this information was pulled.




Good to know that Bursts reads comments made about FSR podcasts and has included Layla AbdelRahim as part of the notes accompanying Part 2 of the KT interview. I would urge people to hear a very inciteful interview with Layla, where you hear Layla be firmly against the "institution of hunting" as she defines it. Why? Because, her research has informed her that once hunting became established (institutionalised), men (yes,men) then wiped out large land mammals on continent after continent as hunting enabled ('man the hunter' aka KT) to dominate the land, sea and air which is supposedly something KT is against??? Layla, on the other hand would describe humans (including homo sapiens) as a scavenger/gatherer and definitely not a hunter. This has to called out for what it is: a schism within anarcho-primitivism. It cannot be any coincidence that Layla has never written an article for Black and Green Review and/or KT never mentions her as far as I know. John ocscasionallty will mention Layla but, then again, JZ is not as fixated on 'man the hunter' as KT. Interesting stuff all in all.

Layla is against violence. I don't think she would emphasise herself as being a vegan as such, although she is. It is a question of her being against violence....unnecessary violence? Acknowledging the 'community of life' as Layla would say. Humans, particularly men, do not, at present, appear to have this acknowledgement and for some reason, in the not so distant past, began hunting, organised hunters, methodical killers, and in doing so spread to all corners of the planet. Unless this mentality is purposefully stopped, I think Layla is claiming, this is no chance of humanity calling a halt to the destruction we have started? KT and JZ have a very different perspective to this and it would very interesting if these three got together and discussed their very real differences. Layla does cite JZ from time to time in her own work I notice.

Are there particular writings of Layla's that discuss the anti-hunting position? Has she engaged with people like Paul Shepard who argue against hunting as the origins of our crisis?

Search Layla AbdelRahim on DuckDuckGo and you will get her website which has loads of her work on it. Also, Ian Smith of 'Uncivilized Animals' blog claims he is full on vegan yet, get this, he supports the work of JZ (AP not vegan) and there is nothing by Layla (AP and vegan)!!! Also, Ian writes for Black and Green Review, possibly with the caveat he never mentions Layla or his 'support' for vegan/unnecessary death. KT does have plenty of decent info but his unwillingness to consider or accept we don't need to be hunters is ridiculous.

Life and death are a part of the same process.

What exactly is scary about this besides the mental disconnect you have going on, that really you're already a part of the continuum of transformation unfolding around you?

Veganism contains its own set of ideological blinders, and a hierarchical mindset relegated to puritanism.

As if food were the sole contributor to a person's mindset. We are strands in a web of complex relations.

The vegan religion has very little to say regarding what most cancers feed on: glucose.

All we can really be sure of is that the human gut is adaptable to a variety of foods in given circumstances. Now, why would adaptability be optimal for creatures with nomadism practically written into their dna?

There's a point when being told humans are evil (destructive), and that the only thing on offer regarding this is 'the whole world's dying!' gets fucking tiring. There's no vision of how to change the world being offered by such sentiments. Instead, a rebranding of religious guilt, and a deep pessimism that puts us in self-imposed retreat from reality into the world of nostalgia.

Let's have rape and murder too as this is also part of the life/death cycle, is that what you're saying, really? Layla, I think purposefully, chooses to not call herself a vegan because her whole argument would be hijacked as your comment proves. Instead, Layla, through her research, concludes humans, including homo sapiens, are not flesh eaters and never were: that 'something' happened in our very recent past and we changed our ways: from eating fruit, berries, nuts etc, scavenging bits from fresh kills and eating small insects leading to institutional hunting which resulted in the extinction of many land mammals. Layla is emphasising this transformative mind-set and the impact it is having to this day: domination of nonhumans and each other including ourselves. It is NOT about being vegan. Layla believes we didn't choose domestication but we adapted to it out of circumstance. Why did the first 'art' appear on the wall: that of a human hand??? Then, later, 'art' included nonhumans. Was it a case of we were the first to be domesticated? The world has suffered greatly from unnecessary violence, non more so than ourselves!

The story Layla tells resounds with me truly,/inspires but; isn't this scapegoating the reverential hunter or herdsMAN -as one lacking communal acknowledgement- a convenient shift-of-blame away from the more-recent onset of a sedentary, confining, manipulative trans-human, civil paradigm-Fascist riding on our coat-tails to plague the world? couldn't empathic humans inclusively -perchance thus more immediately- call a halt to the violent mentality of industrial-agriculture and property-boundary as prior to carnism ?
Unyoke the Ox!
No-Till Gardening, ftw!
Long Live Abel!
No Borders! No Nations!
For The Gathering Scavenger Community!
the pursuit Ought be-held sacred and A better world is possible.

how to so purposefully reintegrate/reconcile our human-culture (or one-self) within the singular web of life?
i think; not by condemning or stopping a mentality per se but, rather through offerings of encouragement in the visionary quest toward comm-unity, by demonstrating/sharing/mingling life-processes during feral-transition from this prolonged exodus back-in toward our unique origin, to intuitively cultivating pathways with stepping-stones between quasi-domestic, sanctuary nodes of a raven's-brood-Humanity. in a welcoming-acceptance and ambiant conversation, telling our own stories -listening to each other and following in the folly and foible of our endless passionate song- is prudence, a dynamic strength-continuum.

I'm sick of the privileged intelligentsia's anthropocentric - so and so lives matter- ! I want a return to Animal and Other Non-Sapien Lives Matter


Meant in an holistic framework of empathetic considerations *sigh*

Lol...I like how there is a disclaimer at the beginning.

When was this recorded?

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